Saturday, January 12, 2019

Saturday's Series Spotlight: Best of 2018

Followers of my blog and reviews will have undoubtedly noticed by now that I am a huge series fan.  I have narrowed it down to 10 series that I read in 2018, some are yearly re-reads, some are all newly released in 2018, and some are just new to me.  They were all amazing and found a lasting place in my library and in my heart.  I've listed them in no particular order, just click on the link to take you to my original post and reviews.

3/8/18: Fire and Flint

8/23/18: Fire and Granite

*Books #1-3 were actually read in 2017*

*Book 1 read in 2017*

*Book 1 read in 2017*

4/7/18: Eyes Wide Open

7/30/18: Playing Fire

9/15/18: Snow & Winter

*Soon to be posted in After Christmas Holiday Reads post*