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Review Tour: Darcy by RJ Scott & Meredith Russell

Title: Darcy
Authors: RJ Scott & Meredith Russell
Series: Boyfriend for Hire #1
Genre: M/M Romance
Release Date: September 10, 2018
Cover Design: Meredith Russell
Darcy’s newest assignment is to play the role of boyfriend to a wealthy socialite, but never expected the intense attraction to his date’s brother. Falling for Adrian is dangerous and certainly not part of the plan.

Adrian has been as unlucky in love as his sister, but he doesn’t approve of hiring a boyfriend, whatever the reason. Until he meets Darcy. Then he comes to realize that love can happen in the most unexpected of ways.

One week. That is all the two men needed to fall in lust, but will they have a lifetime to fall in love?

When Abby walks in looking to hire a boyfriend for a week, she didn't expect someone quite like Darcy.  When Darcy arrives to help Abby keep her family off her back for the week, he certainly didn't expect to meet Adrian.  When Adrian learned his sister was hiring a boyfriend for a family wedding, he never expected someone like Darcy to walk through the door.  Darcy has a way about him that changes everything but will the three of them be able to pull it off and will Darcy and Adrian find more than lust once the week is up?

Darcy, both the character and the book as a whole is just brilliantly fun.  As October nears and my reading tends to veer towards the macabre, Darcy is a wonderful way to "close down" my "non-spookified" list😉😉.  There is just the right amount of drama that keeps this from being a full-on rom-com but only just.  If the authors had added a couple of pratfalls and slapstick scenes I could easily picture Cary Grant as Darcy, Irene Dunne as Abby, and Randolph Scott as Adrian(for those unfamiliar with classic films they are the three lead actors in My Favorite Wife from 1940, rom-com at its finest).  Darcy may not be all laughs and giggles but it left me with more smiles than frowns.

The chemistry between Darcy, Abby, and Adrian is automatic and natural.  What I found to make the story standout was Adrian being in the know from the getgo, it really helped the connection be so much more believable as well as fun.    I should probably mention for those who find insta-love a major turn-off then this might be one you want to hold off on for awhile but not forever.  Now for me, when done well, insta-love is exceptional and in Darcy its definitely done well.  I just want to point out that if you don't believe insta-love can last well I'm living proof it can. My grandfather was discharged from the Army on New Year's Eve 1945, met my grandmother in January 1946 when he dropped his sister off at work, by Valentine's Day they were a definite item, by July they were wed, and still devoted to each other when he died in 1994.  So I love a well written tale of falling fast and by "well written" I mean believable which is what Darcy is: believable, not something you may see happen everyday but still doable.

I don't usually make a point to mention the epilogue but this one is just so lovely I had to give credit to the authors for adding it.  I won't say anything about what's in it but it fit perfectly, having read it I can't imagine the story without it.  I can't wait to see what RJ Scott & Meredith Russell bring us next in their new Boyfriends for Hire series.  Whether future installments will be as fun as Darcy or more angsty won't matter, even if its only half as well told it'll still be amazing, that's just how good I found this series opener to be.  Simply put, Darcy is satisfyingly fun entertainment from cover to cover that put a smile on my face and I couldn't ask for more than that.


RJ Scott
RJ’s goal is to write stories with a heart of romance, a troubled road to reach happiness, and most importantly, that hint of a happily ever after.

RJ is the author of the over one hundred novels and discovered romance in books at a very young age. She realized that if there wasn’t romance on the page, she could create it in her head, and is a lifelong writer.

She lives and works out of her home in the beautiful English countryside, spends her spare time reading, watching films, and enjoying time with her family.

The last time she had a week’s break from writing she didn’t like it one little bit and has yet to meet a bottle of wine she couldn’t defeat.

She’s always thrilled to hear from readers, bloggers and other writers. Please contact via the following links below.

Meredith Russell
Meredith Russell lives in the heart of England. An avid fan of many story genres, she enjoys nothing less than a happy ending. She believes in heroes and romance and strives to reflect this in her writing. Sharing her imagination and passion for stories and characters is a dream Meredith is excited to turn into reality.

RJ Scott

Meredith Russell

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