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Re-Readables 2018: Josh Lanyon


I have never been one to do much re-reading, which is surprising because I can re-watch a movie or television show I love endlessly but books just never seemed to interest me for revisiting.  When they introduced audiobooks it gave me a chance to enjoy some of my favorites over and over.  The past few years I guess I've changed and there are some books that have become almost required re-reading, the summer wouldn't be complete without a revisit.


Overall 2nd Re-Read Review 2018:
(Technically, this is only a re-read review of the first three in the series as the fourth was just released a few weeks ago.) There is just something about Holmes & Moriarity that helps them stand out from the typical crime-fighting duo(okay maybe not "crime fighting" more like "crime stumbling" but you get the idea).  Is it their banter? Is it their mystery-solving abilities? Is it their chemistry? It's all of the above and so much more.  Kit and JX are made for each other even if Kit is reluctant to jump head first into the relationship like JX does but that doesn't lessen his want to be there.  I love Kit's devotion to his creation, Miss Butterwith & Mr. Pinkerton even when everyone around him is telling him the spinster detective and her cat have run its course.  As for the mysteries Kit finds himself in the middle of, well generally it's just dumb luck he is where he is but he still finds a way to get to the answers.  I hope we see Kit and JX stumble upon many more cases but whether Miss Lanyon brings us one more or a hundred Holmes & Moriarity adventures I'll be re-visiting them for years to come.

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Overall 4th Re-Read Review 2018:
I really don't know what I can say about Adrien English that I haven't already said but I'll tryπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰.  On paper Adrien "with an 'e'" English and Jake Riordan shouldn't work, they not only shouldn't work they really shouldn't even be in the same city but they do work.  Yes, you'll want to strangle Jake on more than one occasion but truth is he is protective and loving(okay the loving bit happens eventually but acceptance of oneself doesn't have a set timetable) he is just what Adrien needs and Adrien is exactly what Jake needs, even if their timing needs a little tweaking.  The mysteries are amazing and even knowing the outcome with no surprises anymore, I am still on the edge-of-my-seat and can't-put-it-down enthralled when it comes to this series.  This one has become a required annual read for me and I don't foresee a time when it won't be.

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Overall Re-Read Review 2018:
This is a new one to my re-read list.  I absolutely LOVED this trilogy as it was published but I never went back to re-visit until now.  I loved it nearly as much as I did originally, I say "nearly" only because I didn't quite reach the same adrenaline rush as I did with my initial reads.  There's something about Elliot and Tucker that just makes me smile.  Perhaps it's their past, perhaps it's how they reconnect, perhaps it's just who they are. Perhaps, perhaps, perhapsπŸ˜‰ Seriously though I think its a little bit of everything that makes them so strong and likable. The mysteries these two face are all kinds of WOW that will have you biting your nails trying to figure out the whos, whats, and whys.  Even though this is a re-read for me and not everything was new I still found myself at the can't-stop-till-I-hit-the-last-page stage.  This trilogy may not make my annual re-reads list but it is not the last time I'll be re-visiting Elliot & Tucker either.

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Author Bio:
Bestselling author of over sixty titles of classic Male/Male fiction featuring twisty mystery, kickass adventure and unapologetic man-on-man romance, JOSH LANYON has been called "the Agatha Christie of gay mystery."

Her work has been translated into eleven languages. The FBI thriller Fair Game was the first male/male title to be published by Harlequin Mondadori, the largest romance publisher in Italy. Stranger on the Shore (Harper Collins Italia) was the first M/M title to be published in print. In 2016 Fatal Shadows placed #5 in Japan's annual Boy Love novel list (the first and only title by a foreign author to place on the list).

The Adrien English Series was awarded All Time Favorite Male Male Couple in the 2nd Annual contest held by the Goodreads M/M Group (which has over 22,000 members). Josh is an Eppie Award winner, a four-time Lambda Literary Award finalist for Gay Mystery, and the first ever recipient of the Goodreads Favorite M/M Author Lifetime Achievement award.

Josh is married and they live in Southern California.


Holmes & Moriarity Series

Adrien English Series

All's Fair Series

Cover Reveal: Burning Fall by EJ Smyth

Title: Burning Fall
Author: EJ Smyth
Series: Frankfurt Hot Seasons #1
Genre: M/M Romance
Expected Release Date: August 26, 2018
Opposites attract, but can they ever work together?

Damien is an ambitious young lawyer. After moving to Germany, he doesn’t expect to feel quite so out of his element. Apart from hating his job, a rumor spreads that he is a homophobe.

To redeem himself, he is put in charge of the firm’s signature event Burning Fall. He has no choice but to hire Yannik, a gorgeous yet unconventional event manager.

But from their first disastrous meeting, everything possible goes wrong.

Can the two men find a way to work together, or will Damien’s career, Yannik’s future, and the most important client event of the year go down in flames?

Find out in this steamy and fun short novel, the first book in Frankfurt Hot Seasons.

EJ SmythEJ Smyth
Hi there! My name is EJ Smyth, I live in Frankfurt, Germany and I’m passionate about romance with other elements mixed in. Paranormal romance, romantic thrillers, gay romance, if it’s got two difficult characters finding each other, I’m on board!

I write at my living room table, usually covered with folded laundry because I couldn’t be bothered to tidy before sitting down. And my kids are teenagers, so not much help there either <eye roll>. I do love having them around and I’ve gotten used to writing with a background noise of Grand Theft Auto and teenage histrionics. Maybe that’s why I prefer writing action scenes over descriptive settings! Except for the 18+ scenes which I have to write in a separate room, because, well, embarrassing…

I’m currently working on a series of short stories Keith is Awesome about a young man exploring his sexuality. Not something I’ve ever written before but the research alone was quite a bit of fun. I love to talk to my readers, online and offline, so please feel free to drop me a line!


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