Sunday, December 17, 2017

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Sunday's Safe Word Shelf: Three Under the Christmas Tree by Silvia Violet

Title: Three Under the Christmas Tree
Author: Silvia Violet
Genre: M/M/M Romance, Holiday Romance
Release Date: December 4, 2017
Cover Design: LC Chase
Ace and Gavin haven't had a threesome in far too long. When Ace meets the perfect guy to join them, he can't think of a better way to kick off the holiday season.

Jonathan is charmed by the sexy couple, and he quickly realizes that what started as a fling has the potential to be a whole lot more.

Gavin feels their connection just as strongly, but even after weeks of the three of them hanging out, he's afraid to suggest they turn their friends-with-benefits arrangement into a serious relationship.

The joy and shared experiences of the season have a way of making magic happen, if only all three men could find the courage to ask for what they want.

Ace has a special treat for Gavin this holiday season: Jonathon.  When the three of them get together the lust is instantaneous but what happens when the lust turns to more?  Will Ace, Gavin, and Jonathon be open and honest about what they want or will the magic of of the season just not be enough?

I just want to start out by saying that I love a good ménage story and when better than Christmastime to add a little spice into the magic of the season?  There is a stigma that tends to surround ménage/threesomes/poly stories, the writers, and the readers who enjoy them and that is it isn't anything more than glorified written porn.  Yes, sometimes it can be and there is definitely a little more passion within the pages but when written well, you walk away with a journey of discovery filled with romance and heart.  Three Under the Christmas Tree is certainly filled with plenty of heat but there is a fair amount of heart as well.

Ace, Gavin, and Jonathon's journey begins quickly and is lust-fueled but its pretty obvious that they have a connection that goes beyond the bedroom.  Three Under the Christmas Tree may only be a holiday novella that is fun and meant to get your blood pumping but its also a tale of honesty and heart.  Could it have been better if we learned a little more about Jonathon's past? Probably, but its pretty darn near perfect as is for what the author set out to do.  Hopefully, this isn't the last we'll see of Ace, Gavin, and Jonathon because I know their holiday romp and romance is only the beginning of their journey, or the middle if we get to see into their past.


Author Bio:
Silvia Violet writes fun, sexy stories that will leave you smiling and satisfied. She has a thing for characters who are in need of comfort and enjoys helping them surrender to love even when they doubt it exists. Silvia's stories include sizzling contemporaries, paranormals, and historicals. When she needs a break from listening to the voices in her head, she spends time baking, taking long walks, and curling up with her favorite books. Keep up with her latest ventures by signing up for her newsletter.



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