Sunday, July 30, 2017

Sunday's Safe Word Shelf: Kiss of Leather by Morticia Knight Part 1

Kiss of Leather is the pet project of close friends and Doms, Gavin, Derek and Josh. As business partners, they envision the gay BDSM club to be the premiere destination for both demonstrations and play in not only Los Angeles, but the entire country. Designed to attract the most elite of players, Kiss of Leather is built from the ground up to their exact specifications.

Take a peek behind the gates which guard Kiss of Leather. It’s the club that promises a completely decadent experience to stimulate your senses–and that leads unsuspecting Masters and subs to their Happily Ever Afters.

Building Bonds #1
Kyle’s a natural sub who builds dungeon furniture, yet has no interest in BDSM. It takes a hunky Dom to show him just what he’s been missing.

After Kyle’s partner of five years leaves him for another man on the night of their housewarming party, the shy, early-thirties carpenter needs to do a major reassessment of his life in addition to raising some serious cash. With no one to help him pay the lease on his Los Angeles condo, he worries how he’ll survive. His best friend sets up a meeting with one of the Doms and partners at Kiss of Leather, a gay BDSM club being built as a premier destination for those who want the best of the best.

Master Gavin not only wants the best—he demands it. When he meets Kyle, he assumes that part of the builder’s reticence to share anything personal with him must be due to his experiences with an abusive former Master. Not one to back down from a challenge, Gavin determines to break through the walls surrounding the beautiful man he can’t get out of his mind. He’s hopeful that once he convinces Kyle to sign an initial contract, Kyle might be the first sub to open up his heart.

Misunderstandings and accusations almost destroy everything between them before they have a real chance to begin. However, the true obstacle becomes not only whether Kyle will embrace BDSM as a lifestyle, but also whether he can handle a full-time D/s relationship with a big, bad, scary Dom who’s as sexy as hell.

Safe Limits #2
The men from Kiss of Leather gather together to rescue a terrified young sub. But it’s Master Derek who wants to keep him for good.

Master Gavin and his boy, Kyle, are celebrating their newly established bond when Master Josh calls requesting their help. Josh’s sub, David, needs the men to help his best friend from childhood while they’re away at a BDSM convention in San Francisco.

Corey ran away from his Master after a horrible scene, but he blames himself for everything that happened. No Master would ever want him if they were to find out what he did. Corey’s not sure if he’ll ever feel safe enough to give himself to a Master again anyway, even if all he’s ever wanted was to belong to somebody.

Master Derek agrees to watch over Corey until Josh and David return from the convention. All he needs is another pretty twink messing with his head and his heart, so the older, growly bear of a man determines to keep his distance. But when Corey wakes up screaming after a devastating nightmare, Derek is more drawn than ever to the young sub—the need to keep Corey safe from whatever or whoever has hurt him becoming his main priority.

Kyle and Corey develop a friendship when Corey assists Kyle in the dungeon furniture workshop. Kyle has his own fears—the ones that make him feel he’s broken because of the things he desires to do with Gavin. Through helping Kyle and receiving his own help via Derek, Corey decides he’s ready to let go of the demons from his past and move forward into a new life.

Now if Corey can only get Derek to believe that he’s ready—and to finally do something about it.

Reader Advisory: This book contains a flashback scene of rape by multiple aggressors.

Publisher's Note: This book is best read in sequence as part of a series.

Bondage Rescue #3
Kyle’s best friend Marshall resurfaces and he’s in a lot of trouble. Can the men at Kiss of Leather convince a former Dom to take on the mouthy sub?

Master Derek and his new sub Corey have signed a contract and enjoy their first scene together. The love between them is strong and Derek is as protective of his boy as ever. The only thing left that would make their world perfect would be to bring Corey’s ex-Dom and abuser to justice.

The legal firm that represents Kiss of Leather is charged with hiring a private investigator to flush out the man who orchestrated Corey’s gang rape. Stone Manning is hesitant to take the job, though. He was once wrongly accused in the death of a sub and swore never to enter a BDSM club again. But he owes attorney Glen Sharp his life after the lawyer got him acquitted.

Their meeting is disrupted when Kyle’s missing friend Marshall calls for help. Master Josh promises to help the mouthy Marshall get back on his feet under one condition—Marshall must sign a six month D/s contract as a full-time sub and prove he can fully submit to a man as well as learn to respect those around him.

Stone Manning suddenly finds himself charged with taming the brattiest sub ever. In truth, the bigger the brat, the more his heart races with excitement. Marshall promises to be just the type of challenge to inspire Stone to be a Master again. As Stone learns more about him, he sees the pain that Marshall has always tried to numb with drugs and alcohol. Stone also sees a man he could love—if he can ever reach him.

In the meantime, Stone and his investigative partner, Chuck, continue to search for Corey’s attacker. The abusive Dom appears to have gone underground. But what they don’t realize is that the closer they get to their prey, the more dangerous he becomes.

Reader Advisory: This book contains references to drug and alcohol abuse.

Grand Opening #4
The men of Kiss of Leather celebrate a beginning, but will the price be another ending?

The grand opening of Kiss of Leather draws near and the pressure is on to make sure everything is completed in time. Master Josh is a perfectionist, so no detail is too small in order to enhance the quality of the prestigious club they’ve all worked so tirelessly on. Unfortunately, the endless demands on Josh’s time have caused him to forget the more important things in life.

David’s love for Master Josh is overpowering at times, but lately, that love has been constantly tested. How can a sub in a fulltime D/s relationship serve a Master who’s never there? As things continue to deteriorate between him and Josh, David wonders if maybe his Master has tired of having to care for a sub full time.

By the time the grand opening arrives, Josh and David seem to have worked out their differences and David is hopeful for their future. The emotional collaring ceremony between Gavin and Kyle is a beautiful reminder of the power of love. But when an unexpected party crasher intrudes on the evening’s festivities, the men are reminded that there are still too many unanswered questions related to Corey’s kidnapping.

More than ever, the men of Kiss of Leather need to stand strong together. Will Josh and David be able to do the same?

Building Bonds #1
“Thanks again, Marshall. This is going to help out a lot.”

Kyle glanced up at his friend of over ten years. Marshall wasn’t any taller than him, but Kyle had a tendency to keep his eyes lowered. It helped to control his annoying tendency to blush at the slightest provocation.

When Kyle had worked for Marshall’s dad—a house flipper who’d always needed a good carpenter on hand—Marshall had burst into Kyle’s life one summer on a break from college. Despite having completely different personalities, they’d immediately clicked. Once Marshall had graduated, he’d settled in North Hollywood, just over the hill from Los Angeles and Hollywood, and not too far from where Kyle had lived most of his adult life. Marshall had stopped by Kyle’s condo to give him the news that he’d gotten him some work on the side.

Marshall busily texted who Kyle assumed was one of his many friends and—or—admirers, his fingers flying over the screen. No doubt the social dynamo had plans for the evening. If Marshall had a shift at the trendy Galaxy Bar, where he not only bartended but possessed the title of mixologist, he probably wouldn’t have been nearly as excited. Kyle watched in amusement as every inch of his twinky body threw itself into the task of communicating with the mystery person on the other end of his phone. The way he bounced and twitched and swayed was like some sort of dance where only he could hear the music.

If I even had a tenth of his spirit, his outgoing personality, I probably wouldn’t be so lonely.

Kyle didn’t want to take it to the next level and add ‘boring’ to the list, but it was difficult not to. His closest friend never seemed to be without plans or a host of people wanting to be a part of those plans. Everyone craved Marshall’s company—he was the proverbial life of what seemed like a never-ending party. Kyle was just…Kyle.

At last Marshall’s fingers came to a halt, as if they’d become too tired to continue.

“What’d you say?”

Kyle couldn’t help but chuckle. Many of their conversations were carried out in the same way. It was difficult to keep the attention of a shooting star.

“I was telling you again how much I appreciate you suggesting me for the contract at your friend’s club.”

Marshall regarded him with a knowing smirk. “You mean my ex-Dom’s new, exclusive BDSM establishment?”

It didn’t matter how many times he discussed BDSM with Marshall—which was as little as possible, if he could help it—his cheeks would get even hotter than usual. One of his biggest wishes was that his shyness would leave him the way he’d hoped it would when he’d become an adult. At thirty-two, he despaired of it ever going away. He knew Marshall loved to tease him about it. Fortunately, he wasn’t a complete asshole and always appeared to know when to back off before he went too far.

Kyle worked extra hard to keep his tone and expression impassive. He’d be in trouble over the next few months otherwise. He had no idea how all the Doms and whoever else he might have to interact with would treat him. In his terrified imagination, they’d spot his vanilla ass from a mile away and maybe not want him to build any of the equipment for their club after all.

“Right. That.”

“You can say BDSM, you know. It’s not like you’ll conjure up the Bondage Fairy if you utter it out loud.”

If I didn’t need the money so damn bad… “That’s a relief. I was kinda worried about that.”

Marshall snorted laughter then jostled him with his elbow. “You’ll be fine, you idiot. You’re an outside contractor, that’s all. You’re building the shit, not demonstrating it.” Marshall grinned with an unsettling leer. “Although what I wouldn’t give to see that.”

“Marshall…” Kyle needed to make it clear up front that he couldn’t be the comedy relief for all the Doms and subs at Kiss of Leather. “You didn’t tell Josh… I mean, nobody knows…” He bit the inside of his mouth reflexively, a bad nervous habit he immediately chided himself over.

“Hey.” Marshall furrowed his brow, his expression as serious as it ever got. “Don’t stress, hon. It’s one hundred percent professional. I didn’t say anything one way or the other about you other than you’re reliable, easy to work with and have a fast turnaround. No comments on whether or not you’re in the lifestyle. All I did was show them the spanking bench and the suspension scaffolding you did for me, and they were crazy impressed. I also told them about the additional pieces you did for the other guys I hooked you up with, and they’re sold.”

Kyle almost choked getting his words out. “Hooked up? You literally said ‘hooked up’?”

“Would you relax.” He shook his head. “When Gavin comes over, I know you’ll have no problem sealing the deal with him.” Marshall smiled, biting his lip as if recalling a particularly delicious memory. “Josh was especially surprised that I had my own equipment. Subs don’t usually provide their own bondage furniture. But when I play, I want the best. None of the Doms I go to have anything as good as your pieces.” He sighed dramatically. “If I had more money, I’d build a huge dungeon and force all the Doms to come to me.” He wrinkled his nose. “Except those guys don’t want to be told what to do—or where they can do it.”

Kyle had stared at the floor for most of Marshall’s speech. Once he’d gotten to the part where Marshall had complimented him, he’d trained his gaze right back on the white Berber carpet he hated so much. He lifted his head. “Uh, I wouldn’t know what Doms would or wouldn’t do. But, shit. You really said all that stuff about me?” Sure enough, the heat crawled up his neck and into his face.

“Sure, hon. It’s the truth.”

“I seriously can’t thank you enough. I’ve already blown through my savings the last three months making up for Roger’s part of the rent. There was no way I’d be able to pay it otherwise. Especially since…” He shrugged.

It was so fucking embarrassing. Because Roger’s job as a lawyer had paid so much better, he’d handled two-thirds of their three thousand dollar a month rent. Kyle had been in charge of the household chores, the shopping and cooking as the remaining part of his contribution.

“So how much longer do you have on that lease?”

Kyle rubbed his forehead, screwing his eyes shut. He still had a hard time believing any of it had happened. “Almost nine months.”

Marshall frowned. “Wait. How long of a lease was it in the first place?”

Kyle let his head fall back, staring at the vaulted ceiling of what was now his incredibly overpriced condo. Roger had fallen in love with the newly built luxury unit in what had seemed like mere seconds before he’d then fallen in love with some guy he’d only just met at their housewarming party. It had been so bizarre—he’d still been uncertain as to whether or not it was some sort of joke even as Roger had been carrying boxes of his stuff to the car.

Roger had graciously left behind his hideous designer furniture ‘to make up the difference’ on the rent. From Roger’s skewed point of view, the household items cost so much more than the remaining amount due on the lease that it’d been a fair trade. Unfortunately, though, the leasing company wouldn’t take a postmodern dining set to cover the rent. Kyle could’ve taken Roger to court, but between not being able to afford an attorney and Roger being an attorney, it had seemed like a futile effort. He also hadn’t wanted to waste any more energy on one of the worst moments in his existence, so he’d decided to suck it up and move on with his life.

Safe Limits #2
He loves me.

Kyle was no longer lost. He might still be relatively new to the world of BDSM and what it meant to be a lifestyle sub in a D/s relationship—but he wasn’t lost. He belonged. Gavin, his Master, wanted him for the permanent contract, the collar, the everything.

“I can feel you thinking, boy.”

Kyle couldn’t help but smile against Gavin’s broad, sculpted chest. He was enfolded in his Master’s embrace, warm and safe in his arms. He barely remembered Gavin carrying him from the downstairs dungeon in their home up to the third level where their bedroom was. After his emotionally draining first session with the violet wand, he’d dropped hard—had panicked. Once Gavin had revealed his love, that knowledge had driven the terror from Kyle over whether he might lose the man who was, and who he knew always would be, the most important person in his life.

“Sorry, Master. Did I wake you up?”

“No.” Gavin squeezed him gently. “I’ve been awake for a while. But I didn’t want to disturb you after the intense session you had last night. I wanted you to get as much rest as possible.” Gavin angled his body back seemingly so he could capture Kyle’s gaze. “How are you this morning? Any more concerns or fears about us? About anything?”

Kyle stared into Gavin’s deep brown eyes, drank in his perfect dark skin, reveled in the sensation of being held by such a strong and solidly built man. He never would’ve had the courage to approach such a fine male specimen on his own—his over-abundant blushing would’ve made him faint on the spot. He was damn lucky that it‘d been Gavin who’d come after him when he’d been hired to build the bondage equipment for the new BDSM club, Kiss of Leather. Fate must’ve intervened by the mere fact that it was Gavin, and not one of his other partners—Derek or Josh—who’d been designated to meet with Kyle about the job.


“Huh?” He furrowed his brow. They’d definitely been talking about something important—he was sure of it. “Oh! Right. Thank you, I’m wonderful.”

An attack of giddiness crept up on him and he was reminded of how Gavin had warned him that his emotions would be erratic in the beginning of his journey into complete submission. He preferred the random laughter to the embarrassment of the crying jags. But the whole experience had helped him to discover that he held deeper emotions than he would’ve thought possible even a year earlier. Gavin had revealed to Kyle just how much he had to offer as a partner, friend and lover, and kept reminding him every day of their lives together that Kyle was so special to him.

“I love you, boy.” The corners of Gavin’s mouth curled into a smile. “Don’t ever doubt that.”

As had been typical in the few months they’d been together, Kyle’s giddiness transformed into a lump in his throat that had him swallowing down the threat of tears.

“Same here, Master. I love you—” He almost choked, but regained control. “So much. So very much.”

“Hmm.” Gavin seemed to search his face for some mysterious answer. “You know better than to hide from me.”

He kissed around the edges of Kyle’s mouth, soft warm touches that had Kyle’s piss boner turning into the real deal.

“I’m not—ow!”

Gavin had pinched his ass.

“I see you holding back your emotions from me. If we were at your workshop or picking up the dry cleaning, it would be appropriate. But here? In my arms? Both of us naked and alone? This is your sanctuary, boy. Don’t you dare hide from me.”

Gavin had a good point, as usual. Kyle was no idiot, but he’d spent so much of his life closed off and willing to accept whatever scraps of love or care that might’ve been thrown his way that he hadn’t known what to do with the explosion of attention and consideration Gavin had blessed him with from almost the moment they’d met.

“Okay. You’re right. But I don’t mean to.”

Gavin nuzzled his temple, placing tiny kisses along the side of his face. His Master knew exactly how to reduce him to a pile of goo.

“I know you don’t, boy.”

Gavin captured his lips with a firm closed-mouth kiss, then released Kyle before yanking him up from the bed. Kyle stumbled in the tangle of sheets and blankets, Gavin helping to extricate him.

“Let’s get rinsed off and ready for each other. I want to make love to you all morning. Then we can pack for a little trip.”

Kyle allowed himself to be led to the large en suite master bath of Gavin’s elegant home.

My home too, for real now.

The realization that Gavin had promised him a permanent contract seeped in. His cheeks heated from the excitement of it all. It had taken him until he’d hit his early thirties to find someone who made Kyle believe that he mattered. Gavin was that man. But then another part of Gavin’s statement jumped into his mind as he reached the doorway of the bathroom.

“Wait. What? Trip?”

Gavin chuckled as he dropped Kyle’s hand, waiting for Kyle to perform his morning task of readying the shower.

“Yes, Kyle. We need a few days to focus only on us after what we shared together last night. I want you at your best and it’s important that we don’t leave anything un-addressed after such a draining session.”

“But…” Kyle pressed his lips together to keep from blurting out anything else that could be interpreted as arguing with or questioning his Master’s ability to take care of him.

Gavin considered him. “Ask me anything you wish, Kyle. For the next few days, I want every thought—even the tiniest of concerns you have—given to me to carry. In light of what we revealed to each other, if you have questions about our future together, you need to present them to me.”

“Okay.” Kyle cleared his throat, his ever present flushing in full force as he prepared himself to challenge Gavin’s plan of taking them away on a trip. “It’s just that the club is due to open in three months, and there’s so much work to do and…”

As soon as he’d begun his reasoning out loud, he realized that Gavin of all people knew how much work there was to do—it was his damn club. Kyle was only designing and building the dungeon furniture. Yet, Gavin was still willing to put it all aside for a few days in favor of making sure that Kyle was okay.

Bondage Rescue #3
Corey couldn’t sit still. He jiggled one leg nervously as he sat in the large office located at the back of Kiss of Leather. The room had been one of the first to be finished off during the current, ongoing construction. Next to him was his soon-to-be official Master as well as lover, Derek. They held hands as they waited for Master Josh and Gavin to arrive. Derek’s partners in the newly forming BDSM club had agreed to witness the contract between him and Derek so that Corey would feel more comfortable, so that he wouldn’t be afraid that he had nowhere to turn if Derek turned out to be abusive. He held in a snort.

As if that would ever be a concern.

No one had ever treated him so well. The Master was nothing like his previous one, who’d snatched him up when he was only eighteen, had misinformed him regarding what a true BDSM relationship was like, then sexually abused him. In stark contrast, Derek had allowed him to live at his beautiful Malibu Canyon home free of charge and had never tried to take advantage of him.

Derek had comforted him during the recurring nightmares of the attack he’d endured at the hands of his former Master, helped him to seek counseling, had even gone out of his way to spend time and do fun activities with him. More significantly, even as their attraction had become so palpable it’d been nearly overwhelming, Derek had never once tried to press him for sex. If anything, Derek had kept his distance to the point where Corey had needed to be the one to make the first move.

Derek laid a gentle hand on his thigh, stilling his leg. “If you’ve changed your mind, Josh and Gavin won’t be upset. Neither will I. A contract between Master and sub is something all three of us take very seriously. We wouldn’t ever pressure anyone into going through with anything if they weren’t completely ready.”

Corey’s heart clutched. He peered up at Derek. “Are you having second thoughts? I know we haven’t known each other very long, only had sex once, but I’ve lived with you this past month and I thought…”

He swallowed down his emotion. Ever since what’d happened with Tony, when his former Master had tied him down then let all those men take him, it’d been too easy for him to cry at the slightest provocation. He hated it. Before he’d had a chance to take another breath, he was gathered onto Derek’s lap.

“Not me, Corey. Not even for a second. You’re my boy. Always will be if you’ll allow it.” Derek held him to his chest, his arm wrapped around his shoulder, the other supporting his back. “Don’t take this wrong, but I worry that after all that’s happened to you, and because of how young you are, that someday you might feel restricted by our relationship, that living a quiet life with me in the canyon would become too boring.”

Corey curled the fingers of one hand in Derek’s shirt, seeking to hold on tighter. He gazed up at Derek, meeting his eyes, intent on reinforcing what he’d told him the night before after they’d made love. He knew it was easy for things to get blurted out in the heat of the moment or in the warmth of the afterglow. It hadn’t been the case with him at all and he needed Derek to understand that.

“What I said last night? About how all I’ve ever wanted was to belong to someone? I meant it when I told you that you’re the one for me. Even when I imagined having someone to care for me, it wasn’t as good as the reality of you. And I love the quiet. I hated how crazy it was in San Francisco. All I wanna do is hang out with you, work on bikes and do scenes. I love you, Sir. Love you so much.”

Derek pulled him close again, kissing the top of his head, rubbing circles on his back. “Scenes, huh?” He gave a low chuckle. “Then I want to give you a permanent contract if you’ll agree to it. I’ve wished for that too, but never found the right man who I believed was completely right for me. Not until now, boy. It’s yours if you want it.”

Corey screwed his eyes shut, battling the tears. He squeezed Derek, used as much strength as he could to embrace the much larger man.

“Thank you, Sir. Thank you so much.”

Derek chuckled again, the deep timbre of his voice rumbling low in his chest. “Uh, trust me. Thank you.” He leaned closer to Corey’s ear. “I’ll be collaring you too. We’ll figure out the right time, but I didn’t want you to think I wouldn’t take the next step.”

Now would be good.

He sucked in a deep breath. He wanted it bad. Real bad. But he also needed to honor his new life with his Master by trusting and submitting. The growly, gentle bear had shown him over and over through his actions that he knew what he was doing, that he had Corey’s best interests in his heart at all times.

Corey tipped his head back, an unspoken request for a kiss. He gazed into the blue eyes of his new Dom, Derek’s frizzy blond hair held at bay by the leather tie he typically wore, his tanned skin highlighting his brawn. To Corey’s eyes, he was the most handsome man in the world. Derek quirked a smile, then leaned down to give him what he’d silently asked for.

Derek dipped his tongue into Corey’s mouth as he parted his lips. With gentle swipes he probed deeper, and Corey let Derek take him with the kiss, gave himself over to the powerful connection they shared. Derek finished it off with a firm press against Corey’s lips as if to seal the intent.

Corey exhaled on a sigh. He jerked his head around in response to a light knock on the door. Josh entered, a delighted smile on his face.

“Gavin will be along in a few minutes. He and Kyle slept in late after last night’s session.”

“Oh no.” Corey squirmed in Derek’s lap, making him moan.

Derek whispered in his ear. “Take pity on me?”

At the press of Derek’s growing erection against his ass, Corey scrambled off Derek’s thighs then sat back in his own chair. He turned quickly to Derek, cringing. “Sorry.” He included both Josh and Derek with his next words. “I don’t want Kyle to give up being with Gavin this morning if he needs him after that demonstration he gave. That was such a big step for him.”

Grand Opening #4
”But why don’t you wanna fuck me in front of everyone at the grand opening?”

Marshall couldn’t help it. Not only was he genuinely curious, but he also had the insatiable need to rattle Stone’s cage. The man was like his name—hard as granite. Nothing seemed to get to him.

Except when he thought he’d lost me.

Marshall swallowed down the sudden rise of emotion threatening to clog his throat. Feeling his feelings—the way he was supposed to do as he continued his recovery—was way too scary sometimes. His chest hurt, literally ached from the memory of when he and Corey had been rescued, when Stone had been there to bring him home. It was then that Stone had gazed down on him with deep love shining from his eyes and it was a moment Marshall would forever hold in his heart.


Stone jumped up from the kitchen chair then rushed to where Marshall stood next to the stove. He’d been about to fill the saucepot with water for some linguine, but had set it down perhaps a bit too hard. Stone wrapped his large hand around Marshall’s nape.

“What’s wrong?”

The timbre of Stone’s voice would’ve likely projected complete calm and control to almost anyone listening in. But Marshall knew his Master. Stone was worried about him. The flutters that filled his belly whenever he remembered how lucky he was, when he embraced the love he felt for Stone, it was what anchored him. Having the gift of Stone’s love in return had also helped him discover that he was worth loving and that he was resilient.

“Nothing.” He let his eyes drift closed as he leaned into Stone’s touch. “I just get overwhelmed by my feelings sometimes.”

“Good feelings?” Stone gently pulled him to his side, keeping an arm around him.

“All kinds.” Marshall glanced up at his impossibly tall and hunky Master. Speaking of fucking luck. “I love you.”

Stone let out a small growl, then gathered Marshall fully into his arms. He pressed his mouth to Marshall’s, his lips firm, as he took command of the kiss. Marshall let his body go slack in Stone’s strong arms. He’d never been a particularly compliant lover, even when he’d subbed, but Stone had done something to him. Something delicious, and he’d let Stone do whatever he wanted to him.

Stone broke the connection a few minutes later, both of them breathing heavily. The curl to one side of Stone’s lip, as well as the predatory leer, set Marshall off. It started with a small chuckle, then a laugh, then got louder until he couldn’t stop or catch his breath. At some point, Stone joined in, and they held on to each other throughout their shared random hilarity.

Finally, Marshall got himself somewhat under control, both he and Stone sucking in gulps of air and wiping their eyes.

“Feels good to let go, right boy?”

“Yeah, Master. It really, really does.”

No drink, or drug, or envious admiration from fellow party boys or potential fucks could compete with the love and life he shared with Stone. Marshall knew he was Stone’s entire world and it was fucking amazing.

Stone cupped Marshall’s shoulders and took one more hard kiss before letting him go. “I’m starving and I heard rumors that you’re making a lemon butter chicken with linguine? Is this correct?”

“It is, Master.” He sighed dramatically. “Not Gordon Ramsay, but I got it from the online recipe site I belong to.”

His cheeks heated as he debated whether to continue with what he was about to say. He’d never dreamed he’d become so domestic. He even sort of enjoyed it, for fuck’s sake. Could be the dormant artist in me.


“What?” Marshall scrunched his eyebrows together.

“You were about to say something, boy. Tell me.”

“Oh, I…”

He pressed his lips together. Not mocking himself was even more of a challenge than not mocking other people or things. Primarily because he was so damn good at it.

“We have an agreement in our contract about hiding from each other.”

Shit. Why did I say okay to that? Marshall let out a sigh of resignation. He knew damn well why. It was a huge part of his recovery, and something that their relationship counselor had reiterated would be a vital part of their union.

He sucked in a deep breath then let out another sigh. He’d been gathering the ingredients that he’d need for the recipe, so avoiding eye contact had been incredibly easy. He’d also hoped it would’ve kept Stone from noticing that he’d been about to blurt something out.


Marshall smacked the block of parmesan cheese down on the counter a tad too hard, the same as he’d done with the pot earlier. Marshall turned around to face Stone, his hands behind him as he braced himself against the tiled work surface.

“Fine. Remember that lentil and turkey sausage soup I made a couple weeks ago? The one I came up with myself and you said you loved and I should make it again and you were really proud of me and—” He sucked in more air. “Well, I posted it online.”

Stone’s eyebrows had risen higher the longer Marshall had rambled on. “You did?” A grin slowly spread across Stone’s face. “That’s wonderful! What did you call it?”

Marshall groaned. Oh, the humiliation. “It’s…stupid. I should totally take it down.”

Stone gave him ‘the look’. It meant punishment was imminent.

Marshall rolled his eyes then fixed his stare on the ceiling. “Lusty lentil and sassy sausage soup.” Saying it out loud was even more groan-inducing than when he’d hit the upload button on his recipe page.

Stone sputtered out a laugh he’d obviously been trying to hold back, and anger bloomed inside Marshall before he could tamp it down. He defiantly crossed his arms, trying to decide whether he should throw something or stomp out. Maybe throw something then stomp out.


Stone’s voice was soft as he approached Marshall, his arms extended. Marshall turned his head, refusing to meet Stone’s gaze. He may or may not have been pouting as well, but he wasn’t keeping track. He was, quite simply, pissed the fuck off.

Stone wrapped him in an embrace with Marshall frozen like a statue.

“I apologize. I never want to hurt your feelings, and truthfully, I think it’s adorable.”

Oh Jesus. “Adorable? Really? Gag. I’m taking it down right now.”

Marshall squirmed in Stone’s arms, but the bastard wouldn’t loosen his hold.

“Let me go.”

“Boy, I want you to calm down and take a moment. You’re having a knee-jerk reaction. And rushing to take down something you’ve obviously put a lot of thought and work into, because you fear criticism, isn’t the best way to handle this.” Marshall kept struggling as Stone spoke. “Stop it, Marshall. Let’s go sit down and talk.”

“No! Fuck you. I don’t want to make up stupid recipes anyway. Just let me finish dinner. You said you were starving.”

Marshall gasped as Stone hoisted him up on his shoulders like a sack of potatoes. His world up-ended and it forced Marshall to clutch Stone’s dress shirt in surprise and fear. He started struggling again, but Stone had one meaty paw on his ass and his arm wrapped tightly around Marshall’s thighs. He couldn’t even get a decent kick going as they traveled down the hall toward the bedroom.


A sharp whack to his exposed ass made him yelp. “Hey!”

“Don’t pretend as if you didn’t suspect this might be the effect of acting out.”

Marshall gritted his teeth as he wriggled more. He received another stinging slap for his efforts.

Cooking naked sucks.

He was permitted to wear a long apron to cover his junk and chest when he cooked, but it did nothing to save his bare ass.

“I’m not acting out. I’m expressing my…dislike of…recipe names and Masters who think I’m adorable.”

Oh Jesus. Who was he kidding? He was totally acting out.

Stone had the nerve to snort a laugh in response and Marshall screamed.

Damn, that felt good.

He knew Stone hated it when he did that because of the neighbors, and he hadn’t really meant to disrespect the rule, but the jumble of conflicting and frustrating emotions hadn‘t had anywhere to go so he’d simply set them free.

Stone tossed him onto their large bed in the master bedroom. He landed with a small bounce then rolled over, ready to launch himself off the mattress. Stone encircled his waist, then angled his body in a way that hoisted Marshall over to him so that he was facedown across Stone’s lap. He had to admit that any display of Stone’s He-Man strength always made him pop a boner. Unfortunately, a hard-on wasn’t the proper message he wanted to send. Poor, underappreciated sub was more of what he’d been going for.

Stone held him in place with one hand at the small of his back, while he angled his body, fiddling around in the nightstand on Stone’s side of the bed. At the sound of the drawer opening and closing, Marshall momentarily gave up his struggles out of curiosity. He never could stand not knowing what was going on. It was the reason that masks and blindfolds were a soft limit.

Marshall groaned as soon as Stone placed the ball gag in his field of vision. He should’ve known. It was something he’d agreed to on their contract, with little resistance, because even he realized he needed to be shut up on occasion.

“Come on, boy. You know what to do.”

“Yes, Master.” He’d said it with a tone of resignation.

Marshall accepted the item, then placed the red silicone ball in his mouth from where he was positioned, his head upside-down. Marshall grasped the dangling leather straps, wrapped them around the back of this head, then fumbled with them at the awkward angle until he’d eventually buckled them. Once he had them in place, he became aware that the hand Stone wasn’t using to hold him down was gently stroking up and down his back. Marshall had completely forgotten all about fighting.

“That’s my good boy. I love you so much. Can you breathe clearly?”

Marshall nodded.

Stone leaned over him the same as when he’d handed him the gag. “Put this on.”

Marshall accepted the large round bell that was attached to an elastic loop. He slipped the item over his middle finger like a ring, then palmed it. All he had to do if he needed to safeword was to open his hand then shake it.

“You’re being punished because you refused to communicate with me. Our success as a couple together hinges on being able to discuss everything openly. If you’re afraid or embarrassed to say something, that’s okay, but you need to tell me that’s why you won’t talk about it. So that’s ten right there. Putting yourself down adds another five swats. Rudeness, screaming and foul language adds five more. Understand?”

Marshall nodded, tears already pricking at his eyes over how badly he’d behaved and how patient and understanding Stone always was. Josh was the only boyfriend who’d ever been as decent to him, but he hadn’t been able to master him the way Stone did. Every other lover? There’d been a lot of mutual screaming and object breaking. It’d been toxic, and undoubtedly fueled by his immaturity, combined with the alcohol and drugs.

“I expect you to take it well for me. Can you show me how sorry you are?”

Marshall nodded again, sniffing in a breath as more tears threatened. Stone rubbed circles on his back.

“Still breathing okay?”

Marshall indicated he could.

“Then I’m beginning.”

Marshall’s entire body stiffened as if to defend itself from Stone’s initial onslaught. Stone didn’t seem to be holding back, and as each whack stung his ass cheeks, the heated pain building in his skin, Marshall promised himself he’d remember that Stone loved him. That Stone genuinely wanted them to succeed as lovers as well as Master and sub.

I do too.

By the time Stone had reached the last volley of five smacks, tears ran freely from Marshall’s eyes and his nose had stuffed up, not only from being sorry for his actions, but from the ache in his ass. He wanted to hold out until the end, take it for Stone the way his Master had asked, but he couldn’t sniff enough to clear his nose completely.

Three more, two more…fuck.

He frantically rang the bell, no longer able to breathe in. The ball gag fell away immediately, and he sucked in a large gulp of air. Stone had purchased a custom one that had a release on one side where the strap connected to the ball so that it could break away during any situation such as the one that’d just occurred. It wasn’t something a sub could disengage, but a Dom could. Marshall knew that Stone’s extra precautions weren’t only because he was a responsible Dom, but were also related to when he’d been wrongly accused in a sub’s death years before.

Stone yanked him onto his lap so he was upright, cradling him. Marshall hissed at the contact of his bare, raw ass against the wool suit pants Stone wore. Stone brushed Marshall’s hair back from his face with one hand then kept it there, his features etched with worry. He gazed at Marshall with a furrowed brow.

“What happened, boy?”

“I’m sorry, Master. I swear I tried—”

“Don’t.” Stone frowned, pursing his lips before he spoke again. “You’re always allowed to safeword, no matter what. I only ask because, once more, I need to know what’s going on with you. Need you to communicate.”

“Yes, Master. It wasn’t the spanking, I would’ve taken it all. You can even spank me once more, get that last one in.”

Marshall twisted in his embrace, whimpering at the pain, but trying to get face down across Stone’s lap again.

“Mar… What the hell are you doing? Settle down.”

“But, I’m just trying to take my punishment. For you.”

Marshall couldn’t quite ascertain the expression radiating back at him from Stone. It was like a grimace, but it also seemed as though Stone might tear up too. He pressed his lips to Marshall’s temple, then hugged him close.

“Sweet boy.” His words had been soft. “Then if it wasn’t the spanking, why did you safeword?”

“I couldn’t breathe.”

Stone grasped his shoulders, then held him away from his body. “How long did you hold your breath? You could’ve passed out and I wouldn’t have known because the bell was attached…” Stone shook his head, his voice trembling when he spoke. “We need to go back to using the one you drop. If you’d lost consciousness, it would’ve at least fallen to the floor.”

Marshall had issues with hanging on to the bell when he was gagged. It wasn’t his fault. He’d simply get so distracted by whatever else was going on, he’d completely forget about it. It was very annoying when Stone was in the middle of fucking him, or doing some other delicious thing to his body, and he’d drop it by accident.

Funnus interruptus.

“I didn’t hold my breath for more than two spanks, I swear. I didn’t even get dizzy.”

Stone kept his frown as he seemed to search Marshall’s face for the truth. “All right.” He let out what seemed to be a calming sigh. “But you’ll still have to learn how to use the bell without the loop.”

Marshall pouted. “Oh, man.”


“Yes, Master.” He’d kept most of the sarcasm out of his voice.

“Your safety is at the front of my mind always, you know that.”

Marshall twisted in Stone’s arms again, but instead of trying to lie across Stone’s lap, he faced him, then positioned himself until he’d straddled Stone. He was pretty hungry for dinner too, but he needed his Master so damn bad.

“What about my hot body?” Marshall ground down on Stone’s unmistakable erection pushing against his slacks. “I hope that’s on your mind too. Like, a lot.”

Stone wrapped his arms around Marshall, ran his palms up and down Marshall’s back. The sensation of his Master’s strong hands on his flesh always melted him. If he didn’t like coming so damn much, he’d want to lie there for hours while Stone simply touched his skin over and over.

“You, Marshall.” Stone said it against his lips, his words soft. “You’re always on my mind.”

When Stone captured his lips in a heated kiss, he once again, let his body be manipulated however Stone wished. The kiss continued as Stone pressed Marshall onto the mattress, covering him with his large, muscled body. Stone took Marshall’s mouth again and again, angling his head differently each time, Stone’s late-day beard growth scratching his chin as he delved deeper.

Marshall’s ass still stung, but it didn’t bother him as much as he slid along the satin spread as it had when he’d been wiggling on Stone’s wool pants. Which reminded him, why was Stone still wearing pants?

As if reading his thoughts, Stone broke their connection then rose. He cradled Marshall’s legs with his massive thighs, not allowing his full body weight to rest on them. He knew that for certain, because otherwise he would’ve been crushed to bits. Stone smiled down at him as he unbuttoned his shirt.

“I want in, boy. Are you ready for me? Or do you need a punishment for that too?”

Marshall was about to make a snarky remark about Stone not having any faith in him, when his Master winked. One of Stone’s many requirements on their days off at home together was that Marshall should always keep himself slick and stretched in case Stone had the urge to bend him over the kitchen counter and do him quick and hard. Not that Marshall had a problem with that.

Stone climbed off him, and Marshall lifted his legs back to reach between them and remove the plug. Stone grabbed his wrist. “No. Let me.”

Marshall nodded, the heat in Stone’s eyes ramping up Marshall’s lust that much more.

“Hold yourself open for me, boy.”

Marshall did as he was told, Stone releasing a barely contained moan before twisting the plug, teasing him with it. It bumped against his gland and Marshall yelped, sharp spikes of electricity dancing up his spine. Stone fucked him gently with the toy, as Marshall’s body fought to hold on to the fat silicone object. Each time the plug placed pressure on the sensitive bundle of nerves in his passage, he slammed his head on the mattress, struggled to keep from planting his heels on the bed as the sensations overwhelmed him.

“So beautiful.” Stone’s voice was husky, raw with need. “I wish you could see how hot you are like this, your hole slick and stretched as you writhe under my hand.”

Stone needed to stop talking. Admittedly, Marshall did have a tendency to push for punishments, he knew that about himself. Liked to make sure he had his Master’s complete attention. In return? He got off on making someone as incredible as Stone a happy man. But he wasn’t in the mood for a reprimand at the moment. He was more focused on a good, hard fuck, and the last thing he wanted to do was come without permission.

“Mmm. That’s a very pretty flush spreading up your body. Your cock is leaking beads of pre-cum, the crown scarlet, the vein underneath throbbing as your dick jumps and twitches.” Stone chuckled. “I could watch this all day.”

I won’t last five minutes, let alone all day. He fought the urge to comment, to beg. He knew his Master well enough to realize that he’d only prolong the agony of enjoying Stone’s cock up his ass. Stone was in charge, not him. That had been his biggest lesson so far, and the one he failed the most often. He’d always been pushy, and certainly didn’t need anyone telling him what to do. Or so he’d thought until the drink and drugs had almost destroyed him.

“How are you doing, boy?”

Stone had leaned over, the action giving him a better angle to push the plug in deeper. He twisted it and Marshall let out a keening cry as his balls abruptly tightened.


Stone froze, keeping the plug buried deep. “Breathe through it. You’ll learn to control your body so well you won’t even need the cage anymore.”

“What?” Marshall jerked his head up, his aching cock and tender hole momentarily forgotten. “Why? Don’t you want me to wear the cage? I don’t understand.”

His voice had held an edge of panic and his heart rate had jacked up. He observed as Stone arched his eyebrows, a bemused expression on his face. Marshall narrowed his eyes at him.

“Were you tricking me into saying that?”

Stone frowned. “No. That’s not something I would ever do, I don’t agree with that as a tactic. But I’ll confess you caught me off guard. I mentioned the cage with the thought that it might inspire you to work on your control. However, it seems as if I might need to rethink my strategy.” Stone gave the plug a strong twist and Marshall yelped. “I think you need the security of knowing I have you.”

Heat filled Marshall’s face. Even he hadn’t realized, until Stone had said it, that having him control his cock at all times was something he needed.

Stone kept his one hand on the toy in Marshall’s ass, but leaned farther over to brush his lips over Marshall’s and to sweep his hair back from his forehead.

“It’s all right, boy.” He remained close enough, that when Stone spoke, the heat of his breath fanned across Marshall’s face. “That’s nothing to be ashamed of. I’ll always happily give you whatever you need, baby.”

Tears threatened again as Marshall’s emotions jumped all over the place. He knew Stone would always take care of him. When he stopped to consider the enormity of such a thing, it filled his heart to bursting.

“I love you, Master.”

The hint of a smile pulled at the corners of Stone’s mouth right before he descended on Marshall’s lips, his tongue pushing through the seam to deepen the kiss. The gentle motion of the toy in his channel as Stone fucked him with it soothed him, but also kept him in a high state of arousal.

As Stone broke the connection of their joined mouths, he gently pulled the plug from inside Marshall in one long move, even as Marshall’s body fought to hold on to the toy. Stone rose, his eyes never leaving Marshall’s. After setting the used plug on one of the hand towels he always kept nearby, he straightened then removed the rest of his clothing. The urge to grab his own dick and jack it while watching the muscular Stone undress was compelling, but Marshall had his eye on the prize. He was willing to wait a bit longer to experience the thrill of Stone ramming him until he couldn’t breathe.

At last, Stone shed his remaining garments and climbed onto the mattress from the end of the bed, crawling toward Marshall with a predatory leer. Stone’s thick cock swayed, his balls heavy and hanging low. Marshall licked his lips.

“Come on, boy. Hold yourself open for me. Show me that pretty hole, show me how much you want it.”

Marshall’s cock jerked, more liquid beading at the tip. Stone was going to send him over the edge too fast, before he had permission. He did as Stone commanded, exposing himself to his Master’s gaze. Stone dropped onto one elbow between Marshall’s legs, then used his other hand to jam two fingers into Marshall’s ass, spreading them, turning his hand to soften his rim even more than it already was. It seemed unnecessary, given the fact that he’d had the plug in all day, but he enjoyed it nonetheless. The toy had been toe-curling and wonderful, but it wasn’t the same as having Stone’s intimate touch in his passage.

“Feel good?”

Marshall lifted his head to gaze down at Stone. A smirk pulled at one corner of his mouth.

“Amazing.” He’d barely been able to push out the words.

“I enjoy knowing my touch makes you feel as good as any plug or dildo.”

Marshall swallowed hard, letting his head fall back on the pillow as Stone softly massaged his gland.

“Better.” He let out a small cry and gripped the sheets as Stone banged against his prostate a bit harder. “Your touch. Better.”

“Mmm. Thank you. Because I want to touch you all the time. Feel you from the inside out then back again.” Stone added a third finger. “So soft and hot, mine to pleasure. Mine to love.”

“Master…” It had come out on a sigh.

“What about when I fuck your cock with the sounds? Is it better than having your ass plugged? Is it something you crave all the time? Do you want the burn in your dick as it’s stretched and filled more than you’d ever thought possible?”

“Oh God.”

“I bet you want me to fuck that pretty cock of yours in front of everyone. You do, don’t you? You want a nice thick rod to stretch your slit and show everyone how much cum you gush after I fuck you like that.”

He’s driving me out of my ever-loving, fucking mind. “Master, I…I want everything you do to me.” Marshall screwed his eyes shut to ride the wave of bliss coursing through his body.

Stone added his pinky, but it barely registered with Marshall. “Should I fill you more right now? Not your cock, but your ass?”

Marshall fucked himself on Stone’s fingers, the stretch and burn so incredible, beyond anything he’d had with Stone before. Stone pressed deeper until his folded thumb stopped him from going any farther. Marshall pushed against Stone’s hand that rested flush to his opening, the knuckle where his thumb joined his hand digging into one butt cheek.

“Ask me for it Marshall.”


Marshall was along for the ride, had given himself over to Stone’s will. That was the deal. Stone Master, Marshall sub. Even if Marshall fought him or tried to direct things the way he wanted them to be, it didn’t matter. Stone ruled over all.

“Don’t make me wait. Beg me to give you my whole hand, to hold you from the inside.”

Holy shit.

Marshall froze, Stone’s fingers still stuffed in his ass, but neither of them moving any longer.

“Um, Master?”

He lifted his head again, his gaze meeting the intensity in Stone’s eyes. Stone crooked two of his fingers, rubbing his sensitive bundle of nerves. Marshall gasped and jerked, a sharp cry coaxed from him.

“Yes, boy?”

“I wasn’t expecting…I mean…” Marshall bit his lower lip, frowning. He kinda sorta wanted it, but didn’t at the same time.

Everyone should try it at least once, right?

He wasn’t so sure about his logic, but reason wasn’t entirely at work under his current circumstances.

“I love you, Marshall. I’d never hurt you, ever. But I want to touch you everywhere I can and I know how much you love being filled. This would be it, Marshall. This would be almost as much as I can give you.”

Marshall tilted his head. “What else is there?”

“Fisting you while I fuck your cock.”

Marshall slammed his head back on the mattress. “Jesus!” He swallowed without any spit, but he had to go through with it. Had to know. “Please, Master.” His voice cracked. “I want your hand, your whole hand, inside me. Please.”

“That’s my good, brave boy.”

Inexplicably, Stone withdrew from his passage.

“Master, what—?”

“Shh.” Stone placed his clean hand on Marshall’s belly. “Do you trust me, baby?”

Oh yes. Stone was very serious whenever he said ‘baby’.

“Yes, Master. I totally trust you.”

“Wonderful. Because even though you might feel as if you’re stretched and lubed enough for this, I don’t believe you are. I’d rather I overdo it than risk your well-being.” Stone cleared his throat. “I appreciate your rapturous comments on my dick size, but other appendages are rather large on me as well.”

Marshall’s butthole clenched. Stone was a formidable man—every part of him.

Stone leaned over to give him a soft kiss then patted his stomach. “Don’t move.”

Marshall watched, fascinated, as Stone retrieved a rather generous tub of lube and a couple of bath towels from the linen closet next to the bathroom. He focused on his Master, watched his fluid movements, graceful despite having such a big, muscular frame. Stone approached the bed.

“Lift your butt.” Stone laid one of the towels underneath him, then patted his hip, encouraging him back down. “Stay relaxed. Breathe steady. I could do this with you on your knees, but I’d rather see your face.” Stone gave him a wistful smile. “Be able to kiss you.”

Marshall couldn’t believe he was actually going through with such a thing. Seeing the jumbo container of lube and the thick towels draped over Stone’s arm made the whole moment scarily real. Stone regarded him with a contemplative expression as he slathered his hand with a glop of lube.

“Safewords, boy.”

Marshall couldn’t stop staring at what Stone was doing.


“Oh, uh sorry. Garden for stop, flower for slow down and sunshine for go.”

“And you’ll use them if you need to, right?”

“Yes, Master, I will.”

“Then hold yourself open for me again.”

Stone’s voice had been calm and soothing. Marshall was thankful. He needed it.

Marshall started at the first contact of Stone’s fingers in his crease. He laughed nervously, then inhaled a full breath before slowly releasing the air. The action was the same one he performed whenever he participated in any impact or pain play. He tried to do it during punishments too, such as his spankings, but it didn’t seem to work as well. He always managed to fuck with his own head over how guilty he felt and it threw his concentration off.

Hmm. Should probably talk to Stone about that.

Marshall sucked in a sharp breath as Stone pushed a generous, yet chilly, amount of lube inside him. He then inserted his thumbs into Marshall’s opening, massaging the rim, stretching as he rubbed the slick around the resistant muscle. Marshall wasn’t entirely sure what his opinion about the whole process was quite yet. It wasn’t as sexy as it’d been when Stone had been talking about it while finger-fucking him only moments before.


Stone had muttered it under his breath. He wasn’t given to swearing that much, particularly when they were on high protocol, so Marshall didn’t know what to make of his declaration.

“I’m so honored by your trust, boy. Your beauty. Vulnerability to me.” Stone lifted his gaze until their eyes met. “I want you for always.”

Marshall’s breath hitched, Stone’s words slamming into him. Stone removed his thumbs, but quickly replaced them with the four fingers he’d already breached Marshall with from before.

“I’ll be going slow. Part of it is to make sure I take good care of you. The rest is so we can both experience every moment of this together.”

Marshall wasn’t sure if he was supposed to be responding or not, but he doubted he’d have the ability to anyway. The extreme stretch was back, albeit sloppier than before. As soon as Stone nudged his gland, he jerked. With the loss of arousal in the interim, it was more annoying than pleasurable.


Stone had enveloped Marshall’s cock with the wet heat of his mouth, the easy motion of Stone’s hand in his ass as he sucked his swelling shaft quickly bringing him back to the edge. Stone teased his glans with the hardened tip of his tongue, flicking it while stroking his prostate. Any concerns over the lack of eroticism had been more than thoroughly addressed.

Stone continued to suck him, taking him to the hilt, then hollowing his cheeks as he drew off. He let Marshall’s dick fall from his lips.

“Hands above your head. Hang on to the frame the way you normally do.”

Marshall blinked a few times, then realized he’d had his fingers clutched in Stone’s hair.

Oops. My bad.


Stone winked at him as he reached up to grab the steel frame of the bed. Stone had explained to him that even though he’d given up on the lifestyle by the time he’d purchased the bedroom furniture, the modern square-block-styled metal headpiece had turned out to be perfect for attaching ropes and cuffs.

“That’s my good boy.”

Stone dipped his head, mouthing one of Marshall’s hairless balls, rolling it with his tongue before switching to the other one. Marshall held on tightly, but his legs were starting to shake from having to do all the work of keeping them open. As if he sensed Marshall’s distress, Stone sat back on his haunches.

“You can let go and hold yourself again.”

Marshall did as he was instructed, more comfortable once he was able to grip himself under his knees. Stone moved his hand gently inside him, and when he banged against his gland this time, it was definitely pleasurable. A flush of heat bloomed under Marshall’s skin, his hips moving in tandem with the motion of Stone’s hand. A string of pre-cum trailed off the end of his throbbing erection, the sticky moisture landing on his stomach. A moan escaped his lips.

“Yes, that’s it. You like this? Like it a lot?” Stone’s voice was deep and throaty, thick with desire.

Me. This amazing man is this turned on because of me.

Marshall never experienced such power as he did when he was in Stone’s care.

“Yes, Master, I do. Please. I want it. All of it.”

“My whole hand? You want me to fuck you with my fist until you’re so out of control with pleasure that you come, screaming?”

Marshall clenched his cheeks, the act of pulling air into his lungs difficult. “Yes, oh God, Yes.” Marshall’s eyes went wide.

“Breathe and let me in, Marshall. Don’t fight it, let it happen.”

His hole burned, a slight sting blooming from his rim as Stone tucked his thumb in with the rest of his fingers. It won’t fit. It’s impossible. He wanted to experience it the way Stone had described it, but he couldn’t fathom how it could ever happen. Stone lay his other hand on Marshall’s abdomen, circling his palm over Marshall’s skin, the touch sweet and calming. Marshall let his body go lax then gasped as Stone pushed his hand in past his knuckles, his rim snapping over Stone’s wrist.

“You’re in? It’s in?”

His mind was swamped in chaos as he tried to process the enormity of what they were sharing and how he felt about it. He whimpered.

“Shh, I’m here, baby. I’ve got you and I’m going to hold you from the inside while I make you come.”

Marshall gave a jerky nod, his spiky, sweat-soaked hair rustling against the pillow. “Okay. I trust you.”

“Thank you.”

Stone leaned over, then gave him a slow, tender kiss. The more Stone used his lips and tongue to explore, the calmer Marshall became. With Stone’s mouth covering his, Stone slowly curled all his fingers inside Marshall’s passage until he’d formed a fist. Marshall groaned into the kiss. The heat and throb at his overly stretched opening was so pronounced it was all he could focus on.

It wasn’t comfortable, yet it hadn’t stopped being erotic either. He definitely wasn’t ready to safeword. He wanted to know if Stone could really push him over the edge with his giant fist up his ass the way he’d promised.

Stone had stilled, wasn’t fucking him. He broke their kiss then sat up. He reached over Marshall then scooped up more of the lube. As he rubbed the cool slick around his sore hole, Marshall sighed with relief. Stone had never stopped being gentle the whole time, but Marshall thought his body might be at its limit. The temptation to safeword had surfaced and he began to seriously consider it.

But then Stone twisted his wrist, the movement barely noticeable, but there. He did it again, but added a small push. The hand Stone had used to apply more lube had rested on Marshall’s belly once again, but Stone moved it lower until it was right above the base of his softening erection. This time when Stone twisted his wrist, his knuckles brushed over his gland right as he pushed down with his other fingers. His prostate was stimulated from within and without and Marshall cried out, his cock jumping in response.


Stone increased the pressure, fucking him with his fist a bit faster while massaging the area above his pubic bone. He squirmed as much as he could under the assault of sensation. His hard, aching length leaked more pre-cum than Marshall thought possible, tears gathering, then spilling from his eyes. Never. Never had he been so overcome with sensation.

“That’s it. Taking it so good.” Stone never stopped the gentle motion of his hand, or manipulating him from the inside and out. He pressed harder, fist-fucked him deeper. “Close your eyes. Visualize my hand inside of you, filling you up, owning you.”

Marshall did as Stone instructed and the sensations heightened, the power of the act gratifying in a way he hadn’t thought possible. It was as if the love they shared was more intimate and complete than it’d been before.

“You’ll come when I say.”

Stone picked up a quicker pace, but remained gentle inside him. Marshall’s kept his eyes closed, still focusing on the fullness, burn and stretch. The unbelievable heat where Stone’s wrist kept his hole spread wide.

Marshall’s balls had been snug to his body for a while, but the foreign experience had kept him from losing control. However, once Stone had told him to close his eyes, had increased the fist-fucking, he’d rapidly begun to unravel. As an unexpected tingling at the base of his spine and a strong shudder through his body assailed him, he knew all hope of holding back was gone.

“Master! Please, oh God!”

“Come for me, baby.”

Stone’s words had been quiet but Marshall’s prolonged yell was not. His body spasmed, cum shooting from him in long, violent pulses. He clawed at the sheets, his heels pressed to the bed as he writhed on Marshall’s hand, whimpers and sobs falling from his lips. When he finally collapsed onto the mattress, panting hard enough that he was dizzy with it, Stone stilled, his fist still encased by Marshall’s clenching passage.

Nothing was said as Marshall lay boneless, helpless and in Stone’s complete care. His Master, his lover took his lips in a sweet kiss, sweeping his tongue through Marshal’s mouth, the action as claiming as the fisting had been. Stone broke the connection then straightened just enough that he could use his free hand to rub the copious amount of Marshall’s spent seed all over his chest and belly.

Marshall’s eyes fluttered open and he was greeted with Stone’s serene expression. He chuckled then leaned in again, swiping at Marshall’s forehead with his tongue.

“You came everywhere. I won’t lick up what’s in your hair, though.”

Marshall held in a snort. He wiggled on Stone’s hand, still amazed by what they’d just done.

“You were so beautiful, boy. Gorgeous and wanton as you squirmed and rode my fist. But I’m not done with you yet.” Stone intertwined the fingers of his cum-soaked hand with Marshall’s. “Breathe steady for me boy, and relax your hole. I need to take my hand out.”

Right. He’d forgotten about that part.

Stone slowly uncurled his fingers, the feeling odd inside him.

“Keep still. Let it happen.”

Despite being so stretched and slick, his body didn’t easily relinquish Stone’s hand. When they reached Stone’s knuckles again, he sucked in a breath, beads of sweat that had already formed earlier trailing down his face.

“Almost there. Push out a bit, but not too hard.” Stone’s hand slid the rest of the way from his body. “Perfect.”

Oh shit.

The emptiness was overwhelming and he started to cry.

The fuck?

“I…” His voice cracked and he had no idea what to say, how to explain himself.

“Shh. I’m right here. I always will be.”

Stone covered him with his body, his physical strength and bulk a balm, the act somehow holding him together, preventing him from falling completely apart. Stone’s hard cockhead nudged at his raw, sore hole, but he didn’t seek entrance. Marshall held his gaze, the expression radiating from Stone’s one of concern.

Marshall nodded against the pillow, then wrapped his aching legs around Stone’s waist. “Please. I need it.”

“I love you, Marshall. Don’t ever forget that.”

Stone circled his hips, his stiff length sliding inside the furrow of Marshall’s ass. Marshall encouraged him by rutting as best he could in his current position. After more teasing, Stone reached between them then placed the blunt head of his dick against Marshall’s opening before sliding it to the hilt in one long move. Marshall released a sigh. His ass burned, his body hurt, and he was filled with exhaustion. But he was content. Stone had given him peace.

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M/M Erotic Romance author Morticia Knight enjoys hot stories of men loving men forever after. They can be men in uniform, Doms and subs, rock stars or bikers - but they're all searching for the one (or two!) who was meant only for them.

When not indulging in her passion for books, she loves the outdoors, film and music. Once upon a time she was the singer in an indie rock band that toured the West Coast and charted on U.S. college radio. She is currently working on more installments of Sin City Uniforms and The Hampton Road Club, as well as the follow-up to Bryan and Aubrey's story from Rockin' the Alternative.


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