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Monday's Montage Mantlepiece: Too Taboo Anthology

In the dark, no desire is forbidden 

In this erotic romance anthology, a sex surrogate is drawn into a relationship with a client she wasn't expecting—and can't resist. Two rugged men show a trespasser just what happens when a good girl breaks the rules. And an experienced agent in seduction is captured by her enemy, who turns her worst fears into her darkest cravings.

This anthology includes:
Absolve Me by Morgaine Cameron 
Twice as Hard by Amber Bardan 
Seduction Squad: Captured by Amanda Stewart 

Stories also available for purchase separately. 

Absolve Me by Morgaine Cameron
Forgive me, for I have sinned. 


And again. 

Sex. Seduction. Intimacy. As a licensed sex surrogate, Liza Branscombe helps people overcome their sexual issues and find ways to thrive. When a colleague requests a favor for a client, she agrees without pause. But Dominic La Sera is unlike any client she's encountered before.

Dominic is handsome, funny—and celibate. He won't talk about the reasons why. He just wants her to help him exorcise the wicked desires he's struggling to overcome.

Dominic's dark desires parallel Liza's own—very personal—kinky fantasies, bringing out a side of her no man has commanded before. With each session, the line between professional and personal interest blurs. But it all comes to a crashing halt when she learns Dominic's secret. The reason he's long been denying his sexual hungers.

Dominic is a priest. And in order to stay true to his vows, he needs to play out his immoral thoughts or forever be a holy sinner.

Twice as Hard by Amber Bardan
They caught me. Naked, shivering and dripping after a spontaneous swim in the forest. Two rugged men whose hard gazes captivated and scared me all at once.

They warned me. Told me I was on private property and I needed to obey the law…or I would be punished.

The idea of them both punishing me, pleasuring me, kept tormenting me. I couldn't want them. I shouldn't. But I did.

I didn't mean to trespass again. I thought I could retreat without notice. But they're coming for me.

To show me the pleasure in pain. To show me just how right forbidden can feel. And to love me twice as hard as I ever fantasized.

Seduction Squad: Captured by Amanda Stewart
Introducing the Seduction Squad: because you can't get intimate details without getting intimate

As a top agent in the Seduction Squad, Inge knows she's got killer assets. A smile that entices, a figure with dangerous curves and a lethal talent that brings men to their knees—literally. Sex has a way of getting people to talk, and there's no secret she can't uncover.

But information is dangerous. When she's kidnapped and held prisoner, Inge must use every skill she has to escape…that is, until she meets her captor. Jake is unlike anyone she's met before: hard, cold and unresponsive to her charms. Tapping into his darkest, most illicit desires is the only way she'll survive. He'll force the answers out of her, but it'll be her pleasure that ultimately binds them together.

Falling for her captor is against protocol. But sleeping with the enemy has never been so satisfying.

Morgaine Cameron 
Morgaine Cameron is a California native who loves mountains and redwoods groves, and burns like fire if she so much as glances at the sun--which is ironic because she lives at the beach. She writes deliciously dirty erotic romance and loves to hear from readers! 

Amber Bardan 
Amber is a #1 Amazon Bestselling, award winning, author, and member of Romance Writers of Australia, Melbourne Romance Writers Guild, and Writers Victoria.

After spending years imagining fictional adventures, Amber finally found a way to turn daydreaming into a productive habit. She now spends her time in a coffee-fuelled adrenaline haze, writing romance with a thriller edge.

She lives with her husband and children in semi-rural Australia, where if she peers outside at the right moment she might just see a kangaroo bounce by.

Amanda Stewart 
Amanda Stewart writes erotic romance. 

Her favorite quote is from Terry Pratchett. “Just erotic. Nothing kinky. It's the difference between using a feather and using a chicken.

Amanda also writes paranormal romance and romantic suspense as Jane Godman.

Morgaine Cameron

Amber Bardan 

Amanda Stewart 


Misdemeanor by CF White

Title: Misdemeanor
Author: CF White
Series: Responsible Adult #1
Genre: M/M Romance
Release Date: July 4, 2017
Publisher: Pride Publishing
After his mother tragically dies and his deadbeat father goes off the rails, nineteen-year-old Micky is left to care for his disabled little brother, Flynn.

Juggling college, a dead end job and Flynn's special needs means Micky has to put his bad boy past behind him and be the responsible adult to keep his brother out of care. He doesn't have time for anything else in his life.

Until he meets Dan.

"Amazingly gritty and raw. This slice of life is so realistic it flays you." - Pride Publishing

Mikey has to grow up fast when fate steps in, in the form of his mother's tragic death.  He has to go from a bad boy teenager to a man who needs to look after his little brother who is living with Williams Syndrome.  Dan on the other hand comes from a good home with support and stability, a great job, and is an all around well put together person.  When they come together there is immediate fireworks that both pop and fizzle, but will it be enough to create something meaningful.

First, I want to say that I love a good opposites attract story and lets face it, Mikey and Dan couldn't be more opposite.  Second, I really find stories where disabilities are huge factors to be be incredibly appealing having come from a family that has dealt with disability and major health issues, it's always refreshing to see that side of life explored even if it's not the main character with said disability.  As for the disability that Mikey's little brother lives with, Williams Syndrome, a developmental disorder that I must admit I had to look up, I found interesting and well handled.

One issue I did have with Misdemeanor is the fat-shaming directed at Dougie, a secondary character.  Seeing how this ends with a cliffhanger I am holding out hope that this is something that will be addressed and factor into the next installment of CF White's Responsible Adult series and I tried not to let it influence my final opinion too much.  Having mentioned the cliffhanger, I know that not everyone is a cliffie fan so if that is the case for you, I recommend waiting until book 2, Hard Time, is published in September to begin Mikey and Dan's journey.  Whether you read it now or later, I definitely recommend giving this series a read and/or place on your TBR list and as this is my first CF White read, I look forward to checking out her backlist and future releases.


Author Bio:
Brought up in a relatively small town in Hertfordshire, C F White managed to do what most other residents try to do and fail—leave.

Studying at a West London university, she realised there was a whole city out there waiting to be discovered, so, much like Dick Whittington before her, she never made it back home and still endlessly searches for the streets paved with gold, slowly coming to the realisation they’re mostly paved with chewing gum. And the odd bit of graffiti. And those little circles of yellow spray paint where the council point out the pot holes to someone who is supposedly meant to fix them instead of staring at them vacantly whilst holding a polystyrene cup of watered-down coffee.

She eventually moved West to East along that vast District Line and settled for pie and mash, cockles and winkles and a bit of Knees Up Mother Brown to live in the East End of London; securing a job and creating a life, a home and a family.

Having worked in Higher Education for most of her career, a life-altering experience brought pen back to paper after she’d written stories as a child but never had the confidence to show them to the world. Having embarked on this writing malarkey, CF White cannot stop. So strap in, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride...



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Dangerously Hers by AM Griffin

Title: Dangerously Hers
Author: AM Griffin
Series: Loving Dangerously #3
Genre: Science Fiction Romance
Release Date: July 4, 2017
Jess hates aliens. After the invasion that destroyed Earth, the extraterrestrial bastards sold her to a brothel as a sex slave. She may have escaped but the old memories and fears still linger in the dark corners of her mind. Supposedly Sonis is just the place for her—somewhere safe, where she can heal and start fresh. She’s almost hopeful…until she meets Rasha, her new boss.

Rasha, Captain of the Sonis Royal Guard, is a warrior through and through. He’s huge, sinfully sexy and could have any woman on Sonis—but the woman he wants is Jess. He’s very much an alien and Jess knows she should hate him or at least be wary, but whenever he’s around, she loses control. She tells herself it’s only sex—amazing, mind-blowing sex like nothing else she’s ever experienced—but there’s something about Rasha that shakes her soul. The feel of his skin against hers, the look in his eyes as he touches her—they make her want to believe it’s possible to find love and begin again.

The guards turned their way and pointed. There was no mistaking it this time. The guards were coming for them and didn't appear too happy about it either. Jess tensed, locked her jaw and balled her fists. JB moved to her side, partially blocking her view.

The group of three overly large males stopped in front of them. "JB and Jess?" The bass tones of the speaker's voice resonated in her chest.

JB hooked his thumbs in his pants. "Depends on who's asking."

The guards exchanged surprised glances and the speaker widened his stance. "Rasha, Captain of the Sonis Royal Guard." He folded his thick arms across his chest and stared down at JB.

The way he stood, his movements, his speech, all spoke of leadership. He was big, bigger than the others. His muscles bulged and glistened. All the hours he must have spent perfecting that body... 
A moan escaped her lips.

Shit. Did I just moan out loud? Her heart skipped a beat as eyes of pure amber locked on hers.

"It is you."

A nerve ticked in her jaw. She squinted. I don't remember him from the brothel. "Asshole," she said under her breath. He was probably one of them just the same.

"Do you have something to say?" the giant asked.

Of course she had something to say. She cocked her head to the side. "Lay off the free weights, Gigantor." JB nudged her but she couldn't stop there. "Or stop the prison-themed workouts."

Why couldn't she stop? Insults spilled from her mouth at will, especially when she felt threatened, which was now.

Before the giant could respond, JB interjected. "Please excuse my ward. What can we do for you?"

Jess snorted at JB's use of the word "ward". As if he actually had some control over her actions. Hell, she couldn't even control them.

The giant continued to watch her as he said, "I was sent to retrieve you both from the transport bay."

"Oh." JB ran a hand through his hair. "Sorry about that. Eva didn't meet us there so we tried to make our own way."

The giant broke eye contact with her and studied JB. "I am sure Eva gave you clear instructions to wait."

As if we're in the habit of following directions.

Jess rolled her eyes. "Pft."

The giant glared at her again. "Female, if I want to hear you talk I will ask you a question."

She straightened her back. Well now, this might get interesting.

JB grabbed her arm, tightening his grip. "Jess, cool it before you get us jumped," he warned.

Yeah, she would cool it all right. It wasn't her fault Gigantor hadn't met them sooner.

The giant nodded in her direction. "I advise you to keep your female in her place," he said, addressing JB.

Really. "Keep me in place?" Jess side stepped around JB. "What makes you think he can?" She thumbed toward JB. "Or that I'm even his to keep in place?"

"I swear your mouth is going to get us killed one day." JB moved in front of her and pressed his back against her chest. "Jess, I can maybe survive a fight with one, but not three," he whispered over his shoulder.

She should have been afraid. If she were a rational woman she would have cowered behind JB.

But she wasn't.

Dangerously Mine #1
After aliens invade and conquer Earth, Eva is transported to a distant slave-trading planet. Freedom and escape are her only priorities, but none of her martial arts training could have prepared her for enslavement to the warrior King Taio. Eva finds herself drawn to this sexy alien male who ignites her heart and body.

Taio is disgusted with the idea of owning a slave—until now. From the moment he sees her, he knows Eva is his for the taking. Torn between lust and duty, Taio discovers nothing will stop him from protecting his little warrior.

Dangerously Yours #2
Kane Epps divides his life into two distinct parts—before the alien invasion and after. Before the invasion, he had a pregnant wife and a high-powered job. After the invasion, he’s left with only himself and his hatred for all things alien. He channels his bitterness by captaining a vessel of renegade humans—space pirates who don’t think twice about taking what they need.

Princess Sa’Mya is on the run. She and a few trusted advisers fled her home planet only to be captured by the sexy, dangerous Captain Epps. He claims to hate aliens but can’t seem to resist touching her or kissing her…everywhere. As Kane introduces Sa’Mya to ever-increasing, unimaginable realms of pleasure, the princess becomes determined to earn his trust. She’s used to getting what she wants. And this time, what she wants is Kane Epps.

Author Bio:
A. M. Griffin is a wife who rarely cooks, mother of three, dog owner (and sometimes dog owned), a daughter, sister, aunt and friend. She’s a hard worker whose two favorite outlets are reading and writing. She enjoys reading everything from mystery novels to historical romances and of course fantasy romance. She is a believer in the unbelievable, open to all possibilities from mermaids in our oceans and seas, angels in the skies and intelligent life forms in distant galaxies.


Dangerously Hers #3

Dangerously Mine #1

Dangerously Yours #2

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