Sunday, May 14, 2017

Sunday's Safe Word Shelf: Cherished by Two(Soul Match #2) by Morticia Knight

Destiny rewards those who embrace it.

Chris and his alien soul matches, Lasar and Nary, are ready to deepen their new bond as mates. It’s also time for Chris to begin his training as a Nasha, or sub, and for Nary to embrace his new role as Ahna, or Dom, to Chris. As three in the soul match, they are unique. Not only have Alasharians never matched with a human, they’ve never matched as three.

What makes them special also puts them in danger. The Supreme Soul Healer warned Chris that many changes were ahead, ones even more startling than the original invasion. They must keep their bond a secret until they know who they can trust.

As Ahna to both Nary and Chris, Lasar carries the responsibility of protecting his mates. A proud Alasharian warrior and commander, he’ll stop at nothing to keep them safe and to help Chris find his missing mother and sisters. To make sure that Chris’ cousin Morgan isn’t sent back to the slave cages, he’s also arranged for a fellow commander to take Morgan into his care when he returns from battle.

Lasar and Nary are invited to a pleasure party by the Alasharian’s leader, the Nall, and are forced to bring Chris and Morgan. But a terrifying turn of events sets in motion what might be the beginning of the end for them all, unless they can resist the void.

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of dubious consent, non-consent and violence.

Chris dropped his head in his hands, his heart still trip-hammering from the unexpected meeting with Sha Sha Ar, the Alasharian’s Soul Healer. He remained on the hotel suite’s couch, too overcome with worry, self-doubt and terror to move. Lasar and Nary, his soul-matched alien lovers, held him quietly, undoubtedly allowing him a moment to absorb the deeper implications of the Healer’s revelations before he’d left.

This can’t be real. Chris clutched at his hair, grimacing. The Healer has to be wrong. I’m just some unremarkable human, no one special.

The Soul Healer’s cryptic pronouncements about Chris’ integral role in the new combined world of Alasharians and humans played over and over in his mind. According to Sha Sha Ar, Chris was somehow meant to be part of a greater scheme. Thankfully, the love surrounding him from the two Alasharians who were his soul matches was more real to him than ever. Otherwise, he thought he might’ve gone mad.

A broken sob burst out of Chris and Nary scooped him into his arms, Chris embracing him in gratitude. Lasar, their Ahna—or Master—followed them both as Nary entered the main room where the large bed was located. It was where they’d bonded for the first time the night before. Nary gently laid him down on the jumbled bedding and Chris panicked the moment he sensed Nary was about to release him.

“No!” Chris clung tightly to Nary’s neck. “I’ll freak the fuck out.”

Nary didn’t let go, but gazed at Lasar with a puzzled expression. Nary was a formidable being, over a foot taller than Chris, but the equally muscular Lasar was even a couple of inches more in height than Nary. They were magnificent males who had already been matched before the alien Earth invasion. Chris counted himself fortunate in one sense. As long as he’d been captured as a sex slave anyway, it had turned out well for him that he was meant to be mated to the loving aliens. However, other elements of his new life with the Alasharians weren’t so awesome. Discovering that he was supposedly central to some destiny that involved the aliens and humans, and that it portended certain danger with possible death, didn’t exactly have him doing the happy dance.

Lasar considered Chris. “We don’t understand what you just said, Chris. We can feel your fear within us, but your words didn’t explain why.”

Seriously? Doesn’t anything ever scare these warrior dudes? Chris hated how afraid he’d been for the past month, how out-of-control his life had become. That’s what it is. This constant sense of impending doom that I’m powerless to stop.

Nary allowed Chris to pull him down onto the bed, but rolled to the side so that he wouldn’t crush him. He did, however, tug Chris flush to his body. “No, pet. There are many things you can control, even within the chaos.”

Chris frowned at him. “Are you sure you can’t read my mind?”

Lasar chuckled as he joined them both, lying on the tangle of covers next to Chris and opposite Nary. “I can’t speak for Nary, but even though my connection with you both is much stronger than I’m accustomed to since we added you as our third, I can’t literally see the words in my head.” Lasar placed a soft kiss on Chris’ neck and the barely perceptible hum of the soul match blossomed beneath his skin. “It’s more that I was thrust into a state of helplessness that I believed I had no control over. It was there in a flash, then gone, but it was very real.”

Chris winced. “Sorry. That sucks.”

Nary ran a hand underneath the loose garment Chris had thrown on when the Healer had unexpectedly shown up at the door. They’d all been naked and wrapped in each other’s arms, enveloped in an exhausted sleep as a result of their enthusiastic bonding. Nary caressed Chris’ stomach then let his hand drift farther down to skim Chris’ hardening length with his fingertips. Nary cupped Chris’ balls and he closed his eyes, biting his lip, moaning from Nary’s firm touch.

“What sucks, pet?” Nary rolled the sensitive orbs in Chris’ sac. “Do you need us to suck you?”

Chris groaned, the only response he could push out as Nary’s exploration continued with more fervor and Lasar captured his mouth in a bruising kiss. The soul match hum burst to life, growing, surrounding him and his lovers as if they were a single being. Nary slid down Chris’ body, shoving the robe higher until his heated breath wafted over Chris’ cock.

Chris whimpered as Nary flicked his tongue over the head of Chris’ dick. He arched his back as Nary encased his hardened length in the wet heat of his mouth.

Lasar latched onto one of Chris’ pebbled nipples and sucked while caressing and kneading Chris’ body. Within moments, his nuts tightened, and he was ready to shoot. He yelped as Nary tugged harshly on his sac and lifted his head off Chris’ cock. Lasar stopped torturing his nipples at the same time. Chris groaned in frustration as his erection slapped against his belly and from the loss of both of his mates’ mouths on him.

“No, pet.” Nary appeared in his field of vision again, but his large hand remained firmly in control of Chris’ balls. “I want you to understand what it’s like to be denied.”

Chris frowned. “It doesn’t sound all that great, but you’re my Ahna, so…” Then he remembered what Lasar had done to Nary with the sounds. Oh shit. Not that. His breathing picked up a rapid pace. “But we’re going to go slow, right? Nothing too extreme? Please?”

Lasar cradled his shoulders and brought their mouths together. He kissed him slowly and deeply before passing him over to Nary, who also took his time exploring Chris with his tongue. At last, Chris’ heart had calmed and his breathing had evened out.

“No panic.” Lasar smiled down at him. “You have nothing to fear in our care, boy. What I did with Nary was a result of many, many parcels of time spent together, training his body to accept what I choose to give. Within the soul match connection, I’ll know—as will Nary—when an act is too much for you to handle. Let us guide you to the utmost in decadent pleasure.”

Nary stroked his face with his free hand. “Yes, pet. Being the dominant male is also a new role for me.” He brushed their lips together before speaking again. “We’ll learn together. I must go slow, as well.”

Chris exhaled on a long sigh. “Okay. Thank you. I wasn’t trying to say that either one of you doesn’t know what you’re doing, but, uh…” He swallowed. “Humans, especially this human, are much smaller than you guys.”

Lasar arched his eyebrows. “Ah, I understand. Be assured that I’d already taken that into consideration. I’m also responsible for teaching Nary to master you. But I should have communicated and made that clear. Forgive me, boy.”

“That’s okay.” Chris glanced between them both, smiling so they could see that he wasn’t upset. “I still can’t believe I’ve finally had sex, let alone any of this other stuff.”

Both Lasar and Nary laughed lightly, then went back to nibbling and fondling him. Not helping. He writhed beneath their attentions, whipping his head back and forth as he attempted to kiss skin where he could or touch flesh where he was able to reach. On occasion, his fingers would drift over the hardened patches of skin on their shoulders or at their elbows. He wasn’t able to stretch any lower than that.

Lasar grabbed his balls in a firm grip right as Nary rose from the bed. Even though Chris was still cradled in Lasar’s arms, he immediately missed Nary’s presence.

Nary regarded him with affection. “I only need to retrieve a couple of items from the balancing room then I will return.”

Chris nodded, amazed at the power of their bond even as new as it was. Lasar nuzzled Chris’ neck and he reciprocated, his desire to remain physically close to his mate spurring him on. The mattress dipped as Nary rejoined them. Lasar released his sac and Nary grabbed it again.

Nary gazed down at him. “Raise your hands and hold on to the slats of the wooden board at the top of the bed.”

Chris immediately did as he was told. He’d enjoyed having his wrists tied the night before. The bondage aspects of being with Lasar and Nary didn’t concern him as much as the infliction of erotic pain or having various orifices penetrated with foreign objects. Not because he wasn’t interested in such things, but for the very reasons he’d stated to Lasar. He had zero experience and was tiny compared to the size of his mates.

But I trust them. I know they’ll take care of me no matter what.

Nary directed his words to Lasar. “I need your help, Ahna. I’m not sure how to use this harness for his cock and balls, but I believe it’s the only one that can be adjusted to fit his smaller size.”

Chris huffed. “Really?” He muttered to himself. “It’s not that small. Sheesh.”

They didn’t react to him, but instead remained focused on their task. Lasar took the clear, twisted strips that were attached to each other in a three-part configuration from Nary. “Of course, Nasha. Keep hold of his genitals and I’ll explain it to you.”

They both set about working on his junk, which featured a running commentary between them as Lasar instructed Nary on the proper usage of the increasingly tight contraption that was squeezing the shit out of his sac. His throbbing cock strained as it jutted from the strict confines as well. The bindings that seemed to be similar to a tough vinyl, cut into his flesh in an uncomfortable, yet strangely thrilling way.

Okay. Fine. They know what they’re doing.

Lasar rubbed the sensitive patch of skin behind Chris’ swollen nuts until he reached his entrance. He teased him, placing the barest pressure of one fingertip against his rim. Chris’ lips parted on a sigh, and his eyelids drifted closed as the soul match hum revved up between them again.

“That’s it, pet. Don’t open your eyes. I want you to enjoy every sensation without distraction. I love it when Lasar does this to me.”

A soft cloth covered the upper part of his face and Nary tied it firmly behind his head. Puffs of heated breath wafted over his nipples, then a tongue flicked against the hardened nubs. Almost simultaneously, his wrists were bound to the headboard. Chris became lost in the thrill of being caressed by both of his mates as they used their hands to knead his flesh, sparking the soul match so that it surrounded them all as one. He cried out, the sensation of his skin being nibbled and licked so agonizingly wonderful. Nary had been correct that it was unbelievable to anticipate what the next touch, kiss, or exploration might be or where it would land.

Chris started, his legs kicking out as his hole was slathered with moistener. The night before, Lasar had used a lubricant from a black, decorative jar, the lid adorned with a notched, alien cock. It reminded him what he could expect from the amply-endowed Alasharians.

“Lift your legs for me, boy.”

Chris obeyed Lasar and as he bent his knees, the pull on his sac got tighter. He let out a long moan as a thick finger breached him—he was certain it was Lasar’s—and his sac swelled even more against the confines of the vinyl ties, his cock straining for attention. The slightly spicy scent of arousal that he associated with his mates filled the room. With his cock and balls restrained, his own need took on a more pronounced edge than he was used to.

“I… Sir, Master…please…”

“Yes, pet,” Nary whispered against his ear. “You need relief, don’t you? But not for a while. Lasar and I will pleasure each other, will bring you close, make you beg. Then we’ll deny you your release until we decide you can have it. You’re ours to do with as we please.”

Chris let out another more agonized moan. Being at the mercy of his mates only jacked up his need that much higher. Crazy. I was meant for submitting. He struggled against the ties that trapped his wrists as Lasar lazily finger-fucked him. His gland was never quite pegged, instead, there was the promise of what he ached for, only to have it denied at the last second. Chris struggled to fuck himself on Lasar’s probing digit, but Lasar wouldn’t let him. His Master kept all the control.

Chris sucked in a sharp breath as something soft lightly brushed across his skin, almost tickling him, but not quite. “What…?”

He yanked on his restraints, kicking his legs frantically as he attempted to find an outlet for the puzzling, overwhelming sensation. He determined that it had to either be a feather or something similar. Lasar hadn’t stopped tormenting his hole, so Nary was the likely source of the erotic torture.

“Do you like that, pet? Every one of your nerves exploding to life, your cock so hard and leaking, yet no one will touch it? No one will put you out of your misery?” Nary licked behind his ear then barely skimmed his lips over the shell as he continued to trail the mystery item across his sensitized flesh.

“Join me, Nasha. He needs to be stretched, opened up so that I may fuck him later. I have yet to spill inside our mate.”

Chris whimpered. “This is too much, too much…”

“No, pet. Not nearly enough.” The touch of the item Nary had been teasing with him disappeared. “Yes, Ahna. I will help get him ready for your cock.”

Nary inserted a slickened finger alongside Lasar’s, spreading him wide, the burn the only thing real to him in that moment. His mates thrust into him in tandem then alternated with one finger pressing deep as the other one pulled away almost to the point of exiting before punching back into his ass.

They worked him over hard. His gland was no longer ignored, but instead was stimulated by both his mates. Chris wasn’t sure how much more he could take.

“Please. Anything. I’ll do anything you want if you’ll just let me come.”

“This.” Lasar banged into his prostate and Chris yelped. “This is what we want. Your body as our toy, our plaything. Our Nasha to please and to deny.”

Lasar blew on the tip of Chris’ dick. Tears fell freely over his cheeks and he wasn’t sure if he’d succeed in staving off a monumental orgasm, no matter how much he tried not to.

“Another finger, Nary. Use more moistener and ease it in slowly.”

Chris clenched. Lasar laid a hand across his abdomen, let it settle there without any movement.

“Breathe, sweet boy. We won’t give you any more than you can take, but we will take you farther than you might believe you can handle. Put your trust in your Ahnas. Give yourself to us.”

Chris exhaled on a long sigh as he let go. His body vibrated from the effort of keeping his climax at bay, sweat joining the tears that still flowed freely. The moment he accepted that Nary and Lasar had him, that he was safe in their keeping, the soul match brought him closer in spirit to his Ahnas.

He continued to breathe deeply, his mates and their love surrounding him as Nary stretched him more open than he would’ve thought possible. His legs remained bent, pulled back as he instinctively made his body as accessible as possible to their exploration. Gradually, his muscles tired, so he draped one leg over Nary’s arm, the other over Lasar’s.

If only I could touch them.

“Not yet, boy. When we allow it. Submit to us.”

He realized that it would take a while. It had become apparent that whatever game he’d hoped to play at the Palm Springs club, he hadn’t understood the true depth of what it meant to give himself to another being.

A fourth finger prodded at his opening and he tensed again.

“Let me in, boy. I have you.”

Chris whimpered at the intense stretch as Lasar pushed it in until he was next to his other finger and Nary’s two. They both softened his rim, widening him then finger-fucking him deeper.

“Nasha, use the smaller cone-shaped plug. That should get him fully ready for me later.”

Oh God.

It kept getting better and better.

Nary added additional slick to Chris’ entrance, and both his mates slowly removed their fingers. Almost simultaneously, one of them pressed a resistant object against his hole.

This is the smaller one? He shivered at the thought of what else they might want to stuff inside his body. As the plug was slowly worked into his passage, Chris tried not to tense. Lasar gently rubbed his abdomen, the back of his hand occasionally brushing against Chris’ overly sensitive tip.

“Breathe through it, boy. Accept it.”

The final, largest section stretched him to what he was sure was his limit before sliding all the way in. His rim snapped shut around it, with something he assumed was akin to a handle preventing the object from becoming irretrievable.

Both his mates went back to caressing him as he clenched and released around the plug, Lasar kissing his neck while Nary played with his nipples. Lasar took his mouth right as Nary rose from the bed again. Chris melted into the kiss, so lost in the closeness he was sharing with Lasar that Nary’s return startled him.

He cried out at the extreme coldness on his nipple, the sound muffled by Lasar’s lips still moving over his own. Chris yanked harshly at his restraints as Nary gave his other nip that same treatment. Nary repeated the action two more times on each one, then exhaled his hot breath on the cold bits of flesh. Chris thrashed with his legs, yelling as Lasar ended the kiss.

“Now his haro, Nasha.”

Chris let out a desperate gasp. “No way! Are you crazy?” He shrieked right as the ice touched his cockhead. “Oh my God, this is insane.”

Nary circled the melting piece around his tip, the tight binds of the harness confining his dick and sac, keeping him hard. Drops of water trailed down his shaft as the ice melted against his heated flesh, his breathing picking up a quicker pace while he struggled to get away from the frozen torture. Lasar held down his legs right as Nary ceased tormenting him.

Why is he stopping me from kicking after the fact?

“Holy shit!”

Nary’s fiery mouth encased his cock, sucking and pulling on the stiff length. Chris squeezed out tears that had filled his eyes from the severe contrast of iciness on his skin that had instantly switched to a searing heat.

“Yes, Nasha. Suck him good. Make him beg for release.”

Chris lost control, the hum that connected them all swallowing him up as strongly as Nary did. The more he wiggled, the more the plug nudged his gland to the point where he doubted he could hold back, harness or not. His nuts tightened, but right as the spark of climax ignited at the base of his spine, Nary let Chris’ erection fall from his lips. Chris no longer had the strength to verbally protest the loss, the exhaustion of hanging on to his orgasm too overwhelming.

Lasar groaned. “You’re both so beautiful together.” Lasar tugged on the ties binding his wrists to the headboard. “I need your ass now, Nasha. You can finish him while I take it.”

Been waiting for that show. He’d be pissed if they didn’t take off the blindfold.

As if he’d picked up on Chris’ thoughts, Nary removed the fabric covering his eyes. He squinted against the sudden light, even though it was lower than normal. Nary kissed him while Lasar massaged his shoulders and wrists.

“Boy, help me prepare Nary’s ass to receive my cock.”

Chris couldn’t imagine how he could be that much of a help. He had no idea what he was doing—other than what he’d watched in the few porn flicks he’d seen—but he was more than willing to try.

“Where do you want me, Master?”

Lasar gave him a lopsided grin. “So obedient.” Lasar pointed to the other side of the mattress. “I want you there after you retrieve the moistener from the side table.” Lasar glanced down at Chris’ imprisoned junk then back up again. “And I would be careful once you do take your seat.” Lasar regarded Nary. “Nasha, on your hands and knees facing the end of the bed.”

Chris did as he was told, his focus on his cock and balls but forgetting about the plug until he was abruptly reminded as he sat down. He didn’t care for the smirk on Lasar’s face, however, he decided it was in his best interest not to make a remark.

“Very good.” Lasar’s voice had become huskier. “My Nashas both so eager to do my will. I’m honored.” Lasar indicated toward the black jar containing the lubrication. “Thank you, boy. Before I begin, would you like to taste Nary’s ass?”

Chris gave Lasar a jerky nod. He wanted to make Nary feel as good as Lasar had made Chris feel the night before. He rose onto his knees while Lasar pulled Nary’s cheeks apart, then dragged his tongue up Nary’s crease. He remembered how Lasar had teased his hole, so he did the same to Nary, flicking his tongue quickly. The spicy, sweet aroma of Alasharian arousal filled the room and Nary moaned, his hips gently thrusting as Chris ate him more enthusiastically.

I did that. I gave him pleasure.

Awareness of his own sensual power filled him as the distinct vibration of Nary’s frequency within the match surged.

Lasar pulled Chris off Nary by his hair. The sting gave Chris a sharp thrill.

“Now watch. I’ll have you add your fingers once I’m in.” Lasar scooped up a generous amount of slick before smearing it over Nary’s entrance, then pushed the tip of one finger past his rim to work some inside. Lasar sank the digit in as far as he could. “Now, you join me. Chris, do exactly as I did.”

Chris followed Lasar’s orders, but right as he was about to penetrate Nary, he paused. He chewed on his lower lip. It’s not like my small finger can hurt him, right? I mean, he’s hardly new at this the way I am.

“Boy, breach him now. Slide your finger in next to mine.”

Chris glanced up at Lasar, his worry obviously showing.

“You won’t cause him any pain, Chris.” Lasar smirked again. “Although I doubt he’d have a problem with that.”

Chris wrinkled his nose. He was definitely not Dom material. Nothing about hurting Nary, or Nary enjoying it, did anything for him. But I like it. He frowned. At least I think I do. Hair pulling and porn watching was one thing. It remained to be seen how he felt about pain when things got real.

Once he’d slickened up again, just to be sure, he urged his finger inside Nary. It slid alongside Lasar’s and he marveled at how Nary’s tight rim stretched around them, how it gripped his and Lasar’s fingers together.

“Now, we each add another one.”

Chris nodded, excited and fascinated by what they were doing to Nary. He realized that the act itself wasn’t that unusual. It was that he was doing it for the first time.

“Fuck him, Chris. Push in and out at the same time as I do.”

Soon they were in rhythm, Nary responding with low moans the deeper they went. Lasar twisted his wrist and Chris tried to mimic him. Nary rolled his hips, clenching around their fingers as if trying to keep them trapped inside his body. Chris’ cock throbbed, the sight of Nary’s hole being spread wide, his and Lasar’s glistening fingers driving in and out of Nary’s ass the most glorious sight he’d ever seen. Better than any Internet porn.

“That’s enough, he’s ready for me.” Lasar glanced at Chris as he removed his fingers from Nary’s passage. “And I imagine you’re also ready for some relief.”

Chris had no idea whether he should respond or not. He didn’t want to jinx Lasar’s decision.

Lasar raised his eyebrows. “If you’re not, you can wear the harness for the rest of the day.”

Chris almost choked. “No, Master. I mean, yes.” He cleared his throat. “Yes, I’m ready for relief.” He added a wide smile for effect.

Lasar barked out a laugh. “Yes, I’m quite sure you are.” He leaned down then swiped his tongue through Chris’ mouth before straightening again. “And I am, too.” Lasar smacked Nary’s ass. “Scoot back to give Chris room to lie on the end of the mattress.” Nary followed Lasar’s instructions as Lasar gestured to Chris. “On your back but prop yourself up on your elbows. That way you can watch me fuck Nary while he sucks your cock.”

I’m not gonna last.

“Yes you are, boy. Consider this the beginning of your training.”

“Okay, Master.” Chris hurried to do Lasar’s bidding, hoping he hadn’t just ruined his chances of coming that night.

Once he was in position, his knees bent and heels planted on either side of Nary’s arms, Lasar moved behind Nary. The moment he plunged into Nary’s ass, Nary grunted and jerked forward, his eyes rolling back. Lasar grabbed Nary’s hips and set up a vigorous pace of pounding him until a fine sheen of sweat covered them both. Chris clutched at the sheets, curling his fingers in the fabric at the stunning sight of his two mates fucking.

His cock pulsed within the confines of the harness and he ached for completion. A small string of pre-cum dropped from his slit, the head of his dick a deep scarlet from his desperate need.

Lasar plunged hard into Nary then paused, his breathing frantic. He gasped out his orders. “Swallow him, Nary, suck him good for me. When I tell you, release his ties.” Lasar locked his gaze on Chris. “Don’t come until he releases them.”

Chris tried to answer, but only whimpered instead. One corner of Lasar’s mouth twitched. “That’s my good boy.”

Lasar pressed down on Nary’s neck, and Nary clamped his lips around Chris’ heated length. Chris jerked his hips in response, slamming his head back on the bed. Nary rasped his tongue around the end of his dick, then pulled on it, the suction of Nary’s mouth an exquisite agony he couldn’t fulfill, yet couldn’t escape either.

Soon Lasar’s harsh thrusts shoved Nary onto his cock until Chris was being swallowed repeatedly. He wanted to fuck, needed it, but remained still, allowed Nary to have the control. Lasar rammed Nary harder as he leaned farther over him. He reached around with one hand and grabbed Nary’s dick.

“Nasha, remove the harness.” Lasar regarded him. “Fuck his mouth, boy. Take what you want.”

Chris rode the waves of pleasure that flowed between them, the soul match hum embracing them as they climbed higher and higher, connected as one being.


Nary swallowed around his cock again right as Lasar froze and roared out his release. Chris grabbed bunches of Nary’s hair and shot down his throat, the pulses of cum almost violent as he finally got the climax he’d been so anxious for. Chris slumped onto the bed, completely spent from their lovemaking.

He lay there in a dreamy haze, only vaguely aware as his body was manipulated and moved. Chris melted into the embrace of Lasar and Nary, both of them Master, or Ahna to his Nasha. It had been a trying morning, but his body was sated and his spirit rejuvenated from the physical bonding with his mates.

His mind drifted to the words the Healer had spoken. He tried to focus, tried to remember all that he’d been told—what little of it there had been. He fought the satisfied exhaustion pulling him under, but he had neither the energy to revel in the beautiful joining he’d just shared Lasar and Nary, or to ponder the fate of the humans and Alasharians.

He gasped, almost startled awake by a vivid picture in his head. He attempted to open his eyes, but sleep claimed him instead.


Author Bio:
M/M Erotic Romance author Morticia Knight enjoys hot stories of men loving men forever after. They can be men in uniform, Doms and subs, rock stars or bikers - but they're all searching for the one (or two!) who was meant only for them.

When not indulging in her passion for books, she loves the outdoors, film and music. Once upon a time she was the singer in an indie rock band that toured the West Coast and charted on U.S. college radio. She is currently working on more installments of Sin City Uniforms and The Hampton Road Club, as well as the follow-up to Bryan and Aubrey's story from Rockin' the Alternative.