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Re-Release Blitz: No Reservations by RE Hargrave

Title: No Reservations
Author: RE Hargrave
Genre: Erotica
Release Date: January 9, 2017
Selena and Dakota Derringer have been trying to get pregnant for a year without much luck. When their latest test is once again negative, they accept an invitation from old friends for an adult weekend away instead of letting it get them down.

Selena’s old college roommate Trinity Marshall, and her husband Joey, are both thrill seekers. In and out of the bedroom. When the couple suggest more than just wine and talking, will the Derringers accept their friends’ special proposition? What will come of their actions if they do?

Sometimes in life you just need to throw caution to the wind.

Let go.

Be adventurous.

Have no reservations.

My hand shook while holding the little test stick between my legs. We had a good feeling this time considering my period was a week late. This had happened a few times in the past, but there was something about this time which had me crossing my fingers a little tighter. After tracking temperatures and scheduling appointments to have sex with each other, Dakota and I were hoping we would be on the way to parenthood at long last.

This month marked one year since we’d started trying to grow our family. I was beginning to think I shouldn’t have insisted on waiting the two years we’d put this off. Daks had been ready and willing to start the moment we were married, but he’d only been twenty-four at the time—fresh out of college—and I thought I’d known better than him what we needed because I was older.

At thirty-two, my career as a kindergarten teacher at Manteca Elementary was established. The reasoning behind my request to wait? I wanted him to have a couple years of freedom and adulthood before he buckled down to being a dad. Daks had enough on his plate getting his foot in the door as the school’s new music teacher. For over ten years, Mr. Carmichael had been the elementary music teacher, so staff and parents alike weren’t ready to see him retire. Dakota had his job cut out for him. A baby was the last thing he’d needed to worry about it.

Now that it was clear we were having trouble conceiving, I blamed my somewhat advanced age. After some discussion, we’d agreed to give it one year of trying the old-fashioned way before turning to medical intervention or discussing adoption. Daks and his sister Dylan had been adopted as infants, two years apart, from orphanages on opposite sides of the country. Though you wouldn’t know it seeing the bond they shared. I swear they were always having silent conversations; it was almost creepy. Dakota was a big proponent of adoption, for obvious reasons, and I had no doubts we’d go that route someday regardless, biological baby success or not.

Wistfully, I set the test on top of some folded toilet paper then set the timer. I avoided looking at the stick while washing my hands. To cool down, I splashed some water on my face then reached for the door. Daks was waiting for me on the other side with his arms open. His dark eyes were understanding, and showed as much worry as mine.

I gave him a nervous smile and went to him. His scent, like sunshine and sage, filled my senses while I nuzzled against his chest. Daks rubbed my back then kissed the top of my head.

“Tell me about your day, Selena,” he suggested, distracting me.

We moved to the bed. Daks got on and scooted back to the headboard before patting the spot next to him. He was still dressed for work, the pregnancy test having been our priority the moment we’d walked in the door. I stood there, admiring how good he looked. Dakota cut his brown hair extra short, keeping his curls unnoticeable, and trimmed his facial hair so that it accented his jaw line. His habit of leaving the top couple of buttons to his shirt undone was something I appreciated with regularity. It was fortunate for me that he had a nice chest and liked to show it off.

I climbed up beside him, tucking my feet underneath me, then returned my head to his chest. My hand splayed out over the soft cotton of his dress shirt, and I fingered a loose thread hanging from one of the buttons. “It was a pretty quiet day. I don’t think the kids realize they’re off next week.” I chuckled without much feeling. “Oh, and Trinity called.”

“Yeah? Everything okay? Are she and Joey having a good time in . . . where are they this time?”

“Yep, I guess. She invited us to come up to the Napa property next weekend.”

“But I thought they were on a world tour thing, and weren’t due back for a couple more months?”

Joey Marshall was an extreme bicyclist, and his wife, my best friend, had the fortune of being a freelance photographer for Sports Illustrated. Together they traveled the world looking for remote, and in my opinion insane, locations for Joey to ride while Trin recorded it all for posterity.

I shrugged, pressing the side of my breast into his muscled torso, which felt good. “All she said was that something happened while they were in Ireland and they decided to come home for a couple of weeks before picking the tour back up in Sweden. Anyway, they thought it would do us good to come have some wine, cheese and olives, and adult company. I believe her exact words were, ‘You two are overthinking this whole thing and just need to let go and be impulsive’.”

Trinity’s words had been no surprise to me. She’d always been blunt, loud, and on the lookout for the next adventure. Our sophomore year at UCLA, and second one rooming together, I became her next adventure. We were never serious about it; it was more of a friends with benefits situation. If one of us had an itch, and no current boyfriend, then we took care of each other. I’m not even sure that I could be considered bi-sexual as Trin’s kitty was the only one I’ve ever played with. Same went for her generous boobs—with the exception of my own, of course.

The egg-timer started buzzing in the bathroom, and I felt sick all of a sudden. My fist clenched the fabric of Dakota’s shirt, and I closed my eyes. “I can’t,” I whispered.

“It’s okay, Lena. I’ll go look,” he cooed by my ear.

We shared a quick hug then I leaned back, freeing him to get off the bed. While he crossed the short distance of the room, I pulled my knees up to my chest and wrapped my arms around them, holding my breath until he stepped back out.

Dakota couldn’t make eye contact with me when he did.

“A weekend away sounds like a good idea,” he mumbled then staggered out of the room, leaving me to my hopeless tears.

Author Bio:
Domestic engineer. Author. Burgeoning editor. And quite possibly certifiable. Believing every story can shine bright with a bit of tenacious tough love, R.E. Hargrave is thorough and to the point. An international bestselling author, she takes storytelling and manuscript polishing seriously, working with her authors and on her own creations to ensure they come to life, crawling from the pages and into the reader’s souls.

Hargrave lives on the outskirts of Dallas, TX and is married to her high school sweetheart; together they are raising three children. A native 'mutt,' she has lived in New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Alabama, Texas, and California. She is fond of setting her stories—which range from the sweet to the paranormal, to the erotic and horrific—on location in South Carolina and Texas.


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Dangerous Crush by Crystal Kaswell

Title: Dangerous Crush
Author: Crystal Kaswell
Series: Dangerous Noise #2
Genre: New Adult Romance
Release Date: January 10, 2017
With my money, my looks, and my rock star fame, I can have any woman I want… any woman except her.

My band mate’s baby sister.
The one woman I can’t have.
The one woman who won’t get out of my head.
Those big blue eyes, those sweet pink lips, the cheeks that flush at the slightest provocation…
I want her under me, groaning my name, shaking with desire.
I want her more than I’ve ever wanted anything
She’s too good for me. Too sweet. Too innocent.
She’s never even seen a naked man before.
I shouldn’t be the one to take Piper’s virginity.
But there’s no way in hell I’m letting another guy fill her with pleasure.

The bassist in my brother’s band.
The guy I’ve been crushing on forever.
The tall, dark, handsome musician who keeps everything to himself.
He looks at me like I’m an innocent flower.
We’re only friends. We’re only ever going to be friends.
I need to stop thinking about running my fingers over the lines of his tattoos.
I need to stop wondering what his tongue piercing would feel like against my–
I need to get over him.
But the more I get to know him, the more I want to get under him.

"I was just kidding about you kissing me." She sets her empty mug on the coffee table and presses her palms to her thighs. "I wouldn't even want to kiss you if you'd been kissing that trashy groupie. Not that I'm judging but—"

"You're judging."


"I didn't kiss her."

"Oh, so you just told her to get on her knees and that was that?"

"Pretty much."

"Oh." Her cheeks and chest turn red. "Well, it's just... if you want. It is a tradition, to kiss someone at the stroke of midnight. It's good luck." Her eyes go to the TV. "We only have a minute left."

I'm tempted to spend the entire minute seeing how nervous I can get her.

But I'm not that evil. "It's good luck."

She nods.

"It's just a peck between friends."

"Yeah. Right. We're friends." She forces a smile. "You swear you didn't kiss her?"

I chuckle. "You don't want some groupie's sloppy seconds?"

She nods.

"I swear on my left hand."

"Which do you need more for the bass?"

"They're both integral."

"Okay. I guess that works then." She looks from the TV—down to fifteen seconds—to me.

I grab the remote to turn the volume up. I can't remember the last time I actually counted down to the New Year. Want to do it right.

The TV booms. "Ten, nine, eight."

Her cheeks flush as she scoots closer. "You don't have to."

"You telling me you don't want to?"

"Seven, six, five." The crowd at Times Square goes crazy.

Piper shakes her head. "I want to." She moves closer.

"Four, three."

I move closer.

"Two, one."

I move close enough to kiss her. My eyes close, my lips connect with hers. She tastes like cinnamon, salt, and sriracha.

She's soft.

She's eager and hesitant at once.

I want to keep kissing her. Want my tongue dancing with hers, want her body under mine, want her groaning as I make her come.

My hand plants on her knee. It's desperate to slide between her legs and stroke her to orgasm.

That is out of the question.

I pull back and shift to my side of the couch. Something about the kiss lingers. Not just the taste of her, but this feeling in my chest. I can't remember the last time I kissed someone sober.

It's different.

Good different.

She's bright red.

Fuck, she really is cute enough to eat.

Dangerous Kiss #1
He was supposed to glue my broken heart back together. Instead he threw me away.

Now he’s just another rock star asshole.

He gets everything he wants.

But not me. Not again.

Ethan Strong was the first man I ever loved. He was the one person who understood me, the one person who made me feel whole, the one person who set my body on fire.

We were supposed to be together forever. Then things got hard and Ethan forced me to choose between him and everything I’ve worked for.

Now he’s back in my life. He says we’ll be friends. It’s been a long time. I can forgive, but I can’t seem to forget. The taste of his lips, the sound of his groans in my ears, those calloused fingers between my legs– I’m going out of my mind remembering all the pleasure he brought me.

Worse, I keep thinking how happy he made me.

I can’t fall back in love with Ethan. It doesn’t matter how badly I crave his gorgeous blue eyes, his tattooed arms, and his strong guitarists’ hands. It doesn’t matter that his smile still lights me up inside. It doesn’t matter that I need him like I need oxygen.

I’m not giving Ethan another chance to throw me away.

Author Bio:
Crystal Kaswell writes scorching hot new adult romance. When she isn't writing, she is chain drinking tea, binge watching Law and Order, practicing yoga, or debating which fictional character would be the best in bed. She lives in Portland, OR with her husband.

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Dangerous Crush #2

Dangerous Kiss #1

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The Kingmaker by Gemma Perfect

Title: The Kingmaker
Author: Gemma Perfect
Series: The Kingmaker Trilogy #1
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy
Release Date: January 1, 2017
“I am sixteen years old and I will die on the morning of my seventeenth birthday. As tradition dictates, I will be sacrificed and my life’s blood will determine which one of my two brothers will be King. My blood will kill one and crown one. My name is Everleigh and I am the Kingmaker.”

The legend of the Kingmaker goes back millions of years. Their magic chooses the rightful King of the Realm and they all die on their seventeenth birthday.

Except this one.

Everleigh is special.

She is the Kingmaker who will live, the Kingmaker who will rule, the Kingmaker who will be Queen.

But not everyone agrees with an age old prophecy that says that a girl will rule the Realm and soon Everleigh is locked in a deadly battle for the throne.

The first time Everleigh’s mother, Isabella, Queen of the Realm, explained to Everleigh her duty, her role as Kingmaker, her cruel fate, she couldn’t stop crying. She started with silent tears, trailing down her beautiful face, as she explained both the age-old traditions and the potent magic that combined to make Everleigh’s life so special.

Then the sobs came, her whole body shaking, as she told Everleigh how she would live a short but very special, very important life.

Finally came the deep shuddering breaths as she fought to regain some control while she tried to make her daughter understand that she would die so that one of her brothers could become King.

Her father Henry, the King of the Realm, took over, letting her mother’s lady in waiting take her away and call the doctor for a sleeping draught. She was heavily pregnant and he wanted to spare her from too much upset.

Her father sat next to her; she was only five years old, and he told her about the magic that filled her blood, the sacred traditions that all Kings must follow, and the special, special little girl that she was.

When he asked her if she understood, if she felt okay with it all, she nodded, as she always did when her father asked her anything. She always wanted to please him.

He was the most important man in the whole Realm and he loved her. He sought out her company. He tried to make her laugh. She had always felt special because of him and she wanted him to love her more. So, she always dressed prettily. She always tried extra hard at her reading. She practised sewing for hours, pricking her thumb repeatedly, just to initial clothes for his birthday. She didn’t really understand what being Kingmaker meant. But she nodded, because that was what her father, the King, wanted.

Her day to day life didn’t change after they told her. She was only five so she spent most of her days playing. A nurse looked after her and her two brothers, Macsen and Millard, and together they would splash in the river, trail through the forest and ride horses.

Her mother, Isabella, looked pained every time she saw her and didn’t spend a lot of time with the three of them, because of the baby; everyone in the castle knew she was hoping for another little girl to replace Everleigh. But with her days filled with laughter and play Everleigh wasn’t bothered that much.

The three of them were extremely spoiled because they were the royal children. That was their privilege. If they wanted something, then they got it. Macsen didn’t want for much, Millard’s demands were extreme and Everleigh’s were somewhere in between.

Their father indulged them all completely, and Everleigh always got special treats that she hadn’t even asked for. Firstly, she was the only princess in the Realm, and secondly, she was Kingmaker. She was doubly special.

A month after Everleigh turned five Queen Isabella had given birth to a perfect baby daughter and died after complications but, as it does, life went on for the family and on her tenth birthday her father gave her an important book, enormous and leather bound, called The Kingmaker.

Everleigh sat in her chamber and flicked through the pages.

It had all the information behind the tradition of the Kingmaker and it also had a page for every Kingmaker through the history of the Realm, with their likeness and story, the date they were born and the date they were sacrificed.

On the last written page was her name, the date that she was born and the day that she would be sacrificed.

She hadn’t known that word. She was only ten.

It was times like that she had missed her mother the most. Without her to turn to she asked Nurse and she had told her: it was the offering of an animal, plant or human life, usually to please the gods.

When Everleigh asked what an offering was, Nurse got a little teary eyed and had run out of the room.
And then Everleigh asked her brothers.

She could still remember the look on both of their faces.

Macsen had looked wide eyed and frightened. He bit his lip, and tears filled his eyes. He took a step towards her, he was so much taller, almost grown at fifteen, and slipped an arm around her shoulders.

Millard’s reaction was completely different. His eyes were bright, but not with tears, Everleigh was only ten and hadn’t been able to read his expression. But she knew it wasn’t sorrow. He turned his mouth down and tried to look sad, but his eyes were shining with something else.

With the sad look plastered on his face, he stepped between Everleigh and Macsen, “You’re the Kingmaker. You are the offering. You will die and one of us will be King.” Millard had been thirteen at the time.

And so, it dawned on her.

And once it dawned on her, it became the very beat of her heart.

From that day forward her first thought upon waking was that she was going to die. Her last thought before going to sleep was that she was going to die – but not naturally or at the random hands of fate like other people. Her death was decided when they announced she was a girl born and not another boy. She would die at the hands of someone on the morning of her seventeenth birthday. It was decided.

Everything was coloured by her role as Kingmaker.

When her father disclosed the girls that her brothers would be betrothed to – should they live and rule, she couldn’t stop thinking that she would never be matched, that she would never dance in the arms of the man that she loved while he gazed lovingly in to her eyes.

Her role and her duty defined her so completely.

And now the countdown had really begun, less than one week left of her short, special life.

Author Bio:
Gemma Perfect loves to write. She’s been doing it since she was nine. After a few false starts – self publishing children’s books, and being traditionally published with her romance novella, she has finally found her feet writing young adult historical fantasy books. She is currently writing The Cursed Princess, set five years after The Kingmaker Trilogy finishes, following the adventures of Everleigh's sister, Addyson.

Gemma lives in Wales with her husband Craig and their three boys, Sam, Corey and Oliver. She is happiest when writing, day dreaming and eating smelly blue cheese.



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