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Sunday's Safe Word Shelf: Purity by Faith Starr

Title: Purity
Author: Faith Starr
Series: Hilltops #2
Genre: Contemporary, Suspense, BDSM
Release Date: May 29, 2017
Publisher: Loose Id
Derek Dorian likes to party hard in the bedroom. After all, he is a Dom and co-owner of Hilltops, a club catering to those who like to play outside the box sexually.

Emily Jenkins is an assistant editor in the romance department at Dorian Publishing, the company Derek's family founded and owns.

Emily's unlike any woman Derek has ever met or been attracted to. She's pure, almost angelic, and even better, she's never been touched.

Their romance becomes one of teacher and student. Emily is eager and willing to learn everything Derek has to teach her. Derek is willing to show Emily the world, one which includes everlasting love.

Once again, he and I had the elevator to ourselves. After the door closed, I apologized for the gazillionth time. “I’m so sorry about the scene in the conference room. I didn’t mean for any of that to happen.” The flashback of the experience was just as bad, possibly worse.

“I’m glad it did. You did an excellent job today, Emily,” he raved. “You should be proud of yourself. The passion in your eyes while you shared your thoughts about the manuscript was evident to everyone sitting in the room. I found it absolutely intoxicating to see such desire.” He added his killer smile to his words of praise.

“That’s how I feel about books. I’m passionate about reading, and the fact I can actually be a part of the process from author to bookshelf is incredible. I’m so excited for the opportunity to work with Susan.” Luckily, my nerves had calmed to the point where my hands remained steady while I gently clapped them together in enthusiasm.

“And I’m happy to have you on board.”

I beamed with pride to hear him say such nice things about me.

And with that, the two of us stared at the metal doors in front of us, neither one of us speaking. It was an uncomfortably silence, the air suffocating. Shit, I had forgotten to speak to maintenance about the air situation in the elevators. My bad. Now I had no oxygen to inhale whatsoever, my lungs dying to take their next breath. It could be that the intense chemistry between us had depleted what little air we had left to breathe. It’s too bad the elevator didn’t have emergency oxygen masks like airplanes did. One might’ve been helpful about now.

I tried to think of something good to say, my body too afraid to move. And just when it came up with something, I turned to say it and found myself flush against the wall in the elevator with Derek’s tongue down my throat, my mouth openly giving him access while the rest of me screamed to push him away.

Holy shit!

What we were doing was so wrong, but at the moment I didn’t care, because Derek Dorian wanted me, yes, me. Besides, it was the hottest kiss I had ever experienced, his lips softer than I had imagined. The way his tongue took charge, a bit more domineering than any mine had ever played with. Mind you, I could count on one hand how many there had been. But my tongue loved every second of it.

His body caged mine, our movements desperate, frantic, as if we were long-lost lovers who had finally been reunited. We couldn’t press our bodies closer to one another if we tried, and yet, my mind and body ached for more, needing a deeper connection to him. The throbbing between my thighs became more intense as our kiss progressed, especially when he ground his hardness against me. Fuck my vibrator, I could tell Derek would satisfy me so much better. Screw that, beyond words better.

Shit. I couldn’t allow myself to have an orgasm from a kiss and simple rubbing. If I was being totally honest, suggestive, heat-induced, and mind-blowing better described our actions.

I melted into his touch. I’m talking pure goo, jelly in a jar. I held on to his arms, my legs too weak to keep me upright.

“You truly look beautiful tonight, Emily.” So much so I couldn’t take my eyes off her as I sat opposite her.

“Thank you, Derek.” She glanced down at the table, taking a deep breath.

It was clear she wasn’t comfortable with these types of compliments. Oh well, she’d have to get used to it because I planned on dishing ’em out left and right.

“No need to thank me. Thank your mother. She’s the one who blessed you with your good looks.” I popped a piece of the fresh sourdough loaf into my mouth.

“I think my mother would like you.”

I drank some water to wash down the doughy bread. “And why’s that?”

“Because I do.”

Again, she peered down at the tablecloth, avoiding eye contact at all costs while mine, on the other hand, remained locked squarely on her. She said really sweet things, as pussy as that sounded. I’d never engaged in a conversation like this with any other women. Emily was right when she said she was different. In fact, she was in a totally different league.

“So have you decided if we’re entering together or separately this evening?” I figured I’d put her out of her misery and move on, taking another bite of the scrumptious bread.

“I’m good with whatever you’re comfortable with,” she replied, shifting uneasily in her chair.

“You already know what I’m comfortable with. I mean, I am the one who asked you to attend with me.”

She took a deep breath for what I assumed to be courage, practically spitting out her reply. “Then we’ll enter together.”

I beamed with pride over her choice, a dilemma she’d obviously been sitting with for a while.

“I’m pleased with your decision. I want you to know people are going to talk and to be prepared for it, because it’s going to happen. I’ve never brought a date to a Dorian holiday party.”


One would think I’d just admitted to robbing a bank, her shock evident.

“Don’t look so surprised, Emily. I’ve made it perfectly clear I don’t mix business with pleasure at the publishing house.” I took another bite of bread and another sip of water while she barely touched hers. Her bread lounged peacefully on her small dish right where I had placed it.

“And what about at your club?”

“My club’s a different story altogether. There it’s all about pleasure. Maybe you’d like to check it out sometime?” Then again, maybe not. Her face turned the color of the red tablecloth.

“I don’t think so.” She shook her head in case I didn’t comprehend her words alone.

“Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.” A little persuasion never hurt anyone.

“I think that may be one area where you and I differ.”

I got jealous of the tablecloth which received way too much eye contact from Emily. That didn’t stop me from probing though. She could stare at the intricate designs in the table covering all she wanted, but I wanted to find out more about her. “And why’s that? If you’ve never tried it, how do you know you won’t like it?”

“Because I’m not into public displays.”

Finally her gaze focused in the right direction—mine. “Then what are you in to?”

Bam. Her eyes went down again, and this time she smiled shyly, clearly amused. “Again with the sexual innuendos?”

“I’m just trying to get a feel for you.”

Her mouth fell open in surprise, another smile taking shape. “Was that another one?” she accused.

“No, baby, you’ll know when I’m making one.” She needed to close her mouth. It gave me too much food for thought.

“I don’t mind the talk, Derek, but walking the walk’s a totally different story.”

Her playful teasing ceased, replaced with seriousness. I didn’t understand the point she tried to make.

“What do you mean by that?”

“I don’t want you to get the wrong idea about me.”

Putting good manners aside, I rested my elbow on the table, leaning my chin on my closed fist. “What idea do you think I have about you?”

“I’m not too sure.” She shifted uncomfortably in her chair, leaning back, putting as much space between us as physically possible under the circumstances.

“Then why make the statement?”

“Fair enough.” She nodded, sitting forward again, matching my stance with her chin now resting on her fist, her version so much prettier than mine. The way her head angled down and her eyes gazed up at me made me glad my dick was under cover and hidden underneath the table. “Why don’t you tell me what idea you have about me then?” she asked curiously.

I had lots of ideas of what I wanted to do with her, but, sadly, that wasn’t the question she asked.

Author Bio:
When she's not managing her husband’s medical practice or taking care of her three kids, Faith Starr loves writing erotic romance fiction.

Faith is passionate about putting herself into the minds of her characters, giving them a life of their own with all of the emotions that go along with it. She is head over heels in love with each and every alpha male she creates and the confident women who steal their hearts.

Faith has found her passion writing in the romance genre. Creating heartfelt love stories has become key in giving her inner spirit the creative outlet it desires. She is a hopeless romantic, with a little spice, who truly believes in the “Once Upon a Time” and “Happily Ever After” ending.


Purity #2

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