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King Arthur's Sister in Washington's Court by Kim Iverson Headlee

Title: King Arthur's Sister in Washington's Court
Author: Kim Iverson Headlee
Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy
Release Date: November 1, 2014
Kindle Cover Design: Natasha Brown
I am Morgan, Queen of Gore since the dawn of the 6th century. Title me “the Wise” if you wish to, as is so quaintly worded in your century, suck up. Title me “le Fay” to my face, and we shall see what your chroniclers write about you.

Furious over being denied vengeance upon my hated brother King Arthur and even more furious that the uncouth Hank Morgan destroyed my world, I cast the mightiest enchantment of my entire magical career: I assayed to travel forward in time to the year 1879, to the village of Hartford in the district of Connecticut in the realm of America, for to prevent the Yankee from traveling back in time. My spell misfired by 300 miles and 200 years, landing me in Washington, DC of 2079. And I had no idea under heaven how to correct the error.

I am, however, a creative woman. I forged a new kingdom as owner of the London Knights world-class baseball franchise. I cultivated new allies, made new enemies... and I fell for a man who could have been my dead lover's twin. Even so, I would pay any price to return to my rightful era.

It is a dream I have.

SATURDAY NOON, THE day of Game Four, I shared luncheon with Ambrose, sans paramour. She had been such a fixture up till now that her absence piqued my curiosity.

“How fares your fair Lily?”

I had not thought such an innocuous query would have touched a nerve, but his brow darkened like a thunderhead. “Resting,” he grumbled. “For the remainder of the day…and night.”

Of a sudden I understood. Mistress Lily had grown so weary of Ambrose’s baseball sessions with me that the benefits of his company could no longer compensate. I smiled, for this was welcome news, and said:

“Then I pray she enjoys a pleasant rest. As for you and me, I propose that we make our game doubly interesting by doubling the stakes.”

He laughed heartily and long. When at last he could catch a breath, he said, “You do realize you owe me millions, don’t you?”

“My collateral is my team. If you win, the Knights are yours.”

“Or you win double what I’ve won from you.” He stroked his clean-shaven chin and gave me a hard stare with those cold gray eyes of his. “Something tells me I should cash in my chips and walk away now, while I can.”

“And yet the gamesman in you will not, for who can walk away from the chance to own a world-class ball club?”

By the cant of his eyebrows, I knew I had scored a hit even before he grinned and said, “It’s on!”

Please tells us a little bit about the main characters of your book: 
ALL CALL ME Queen. For my unparalleled skills in leechcraft, most call me “The Wise.” No man dares call me “le Fay,” lest he die. I hight Morgan. That is to say, my name is Morgan, so chosen by my mother, Duchess Igraine, to honor the Great Queen of the Old Religion, Mór Rigan, goddess of war. My mother never knew how prophetic her choice would prove to be. I am the daughter of Duke Gorlois, the sister of Queen Margawse and Queen Elaine, the wife of King Uriens of Gore, and the mother of Sir Uwaine of the Table Round. Blessed good fortune made me all of these things. By the capricious hand of ill fortune, King Arthur became my younger half brother, spawned upon my most virtuous and blameless mother by that demon in man’s raiment, Uther Pendragon. I am the only personage, kind reader, with whose biographical information you should concern yourself. What? You wish to learn more about some of the other minions—that is to say, individuals with whom I crossed paths during my sojourn in your century? Fine. Being The Wise does not always make me The Magnanimous, but you caught me in an agreeable mood today, and so I shall make an exception for you. The first person (of any consequence) I met after my time-travel spell went awry by 300 miles and 200 years was Clarice Centralia, a bright and talented young woman whom it pleased me to later name as my assistant in all matters political and magical. Clarice introduced me to the woman who would become my greatest ally in this era to which I did not belong, American President Malory Beckham Hinton, and President Malory’s husband, ex-Senator Ambrose Josiah Hinton. The less that is said about Ambrose, the better; I shall leave you to discover how he and I danced. Clarice also introduced me to the magnificent man who would become the love of my life—two lives, if you account for my shift in time—Alexander “Sandy” Leroy Carter. Sandy could have been the twin of my sixth-century lover, Sir Accolon, but he proved to be ever so much more, in ever so many ways. A renowned expert in all matters baseball, and a world-class player himself once upon a time, Sandy hired on as general manager of my team, the London Knights. In the course of helping me forge a team worthy to take on the formidable American juggernaut, the Connecticut Yankees, he not only taught me about baseball, but he taught me to look into my own heart. Our association was not all wine and roses, and I leave those details for you to discover too, but I must state unequivocally that Sandy Carter was, is, and ever shall be my Once and Future Love.

Author Bio:
Kim Headlee lives on a farm in southwestern Virginia with her family, cats, goats, Great Pyrenees goat guards, and assorted wildlife. People and creatures come and go, but the cave and the 250-year-old house ruins—the latter having been occupied as recently as the mid-twentieth century—seem to be sticking around for a while yet. She has been an award-winning novelist since 1999 (Dawnflight first edition, Sonnet Books, Simon & Schuster) and has been studying the Arthurian Legends for nigh on half a century.



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Pre-Release Blitz: Dealing with the Viscount by Clair Brett

Title: Dealing with the Viscount
Author: Clair Brett
Series: Improper Wives for Proper Lords #1
Genre: Regency, Historical Romance
Expected Release Date: January 31, 2017
Does she dare gamble on the one man who wants her to go all in, or risk losing her most important hand yet?

After making a wager of marriage to settle her father’s gambling debts, Ella Bowen-Thorn Renwick escaped the husband she foolishly began to fall for and disappeared into the Scottish countryside carrying a secret. Four years later, and the owner of her own bakery, she is still not free of the demands of men when a violent and anonymous blackmailer threatens her, her livelihood… and her daughter. And then, there is him…

Viscount Renwick still mourns the wife he began to love before her untimely death-- that is, until he discovers her alive and well living in Scotland. Now, Devon’s face to face with the wife he thought he’d buried and the daughter he never knew existed. He’d like nothing more than to welcome Ella back into his arms, but mysterious and troubling incidents and a history with an unloving father have Ella trusting no one.

Now he’ll do anything, even make a wager he isn’t sure he can win, to reclaim what he lost.

But, if Renwick convinces his wife he’s the husband she always dreamed of and the father their daughter deserves, will the scandalous secret the blackmailer is holding threaten their future together once more?

When he was finished he stood, swept her up into his arms and sat in the rocking chair with her in his lap. She only wiggled her complaint for a moment, then seemed to think better of it and rested her head on his shoulder. He drew his arms around her and just basked in the feel of her warmth, her life. Until a month ago, he thought this an impossibility. He refused to lose it again. Once in a lifetime was all a man could take.

In that instant, he understood his father. He knew why the man had never divorced and remarried. He loved her and the thought of losing another love was too much to bare. It made sense now. With Ella in his arms, her soft breaths warming his ear, everything in the universe made sense. Unwilling to let her go, he gave himself a few more minutes before Ella broke free to leave a note for Penny about what happened, then they made their way outside to his mount and made for the manor. He would be returning early and would explain things to Penny then.

Author Bio:
Dragon keeper and historical romance author, Clair Brett lives in NH with her hard working husband, and two teenaged daughters. Her office staff during the day consists of Cinta, a black cat and the matriarch of the fur babies, Mojo, a yellow kitten who spends his day holding Clair down in her seat to get her word count in, a boxer/beagle mix puppy named Willow, who sleeps next to her chair to make it hard to do an Oreo run without doing a pee run as well, a hermit crab who keeps to himself, and a bearded dragon, who is kind of upper management.

A former middle and high school English teacher, Clair has had a lifetime love affair with reading. Once she read Pride and Prejudice as an extra read in high school, she was hooked. Clair began pursuit of publication when she was a new mother in need of a hobby. Her oldest daughter will be graduating in 2017, so you do the math. Clair is a firm believer that a reader finds a piece of who they are or learns something about the world with every book they read. She wants her readers to be empowered and to have a refreshed belief in the goodness of people and the power of love after reading her work.


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Pre-Release Blitz: Pierson by J Kahele

Title: Pierson
Author: J Kahele
Series: Meager Boys Story #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Expected Release Date: November 24, 2016
After his father's passing, Pierson Meager is left with much responsibility, undertaking the running of the family business and the fathering of his three younger brothers. For all the changes in his life, things are comfortable, uniform, and exactly how Pierson likes it—until an agreement with a stranger turns it upside down.

Susan Coyle is a driven woman, so when the position of Marketing CEO opens up at her company, she will do whatever it takes to land that job, even if it means cutting a deal with an absolute stranger. What Susan doesn’t realize is that this stranger will not only show her the real importance of life, but he will also unearth a tragic past she fought so hard to forget.

The dress Lilly had chosen left little to the imagination: It was tightly-fitted, red, strapless, and barely covered my behind. The matching shoes were six-inch heels, which made them about six inches too high for me. I cursed as I wobbled, yanking the hem of the dress down, wishing I had worn one of my tailored business suits and comfortable flats.

As I walked up to the restaurant door, I contemplated driving back to my condo and changing, but I knew there was no time. Being late was not something I wanted to add to my already-long list of problems with trying to land this promotion.

I hobbled inside and tripped on the flower-print rug. Plunging forward, I grabbed onto a partition to avoid doing a face-plant on the ground. I regained my composure after the near-fatal fall and peered around the restaurant. I noticed a bar to the left and a man sitting, sipping on a drink. He was tall and I could tell in good shape, as his broad shoulders fit snugly to his dark blue suit. I looked him over before seeing his red tie. This had to be Mark, the escort waiting for me.

I made my way over to him and exhaled. “Hi,” I whispered.

He turned. I was taken aback as I got a good look at his face. He had these iridescent blue eyes, flawless skin, square jaw shadowed by a light beard, prominent chin, and high cheek bones. He looked unreal, like a model you would see in a posh magazine.

He flashed a smile. “Well, hello.” Even his voice was sexy: deep, sultry, and smooth. I could have swooned over this gorgeous man, but this was business; I needed to keep it that way.

I extended my hand to him. “I’m Susan. You must be Mark.”

His blinked as he regarded my comment carefully. Then his lip quirked up on one side. “Yes, I am. Mark, that is.”

“Do you mind if I sit?”

He gestured to the chair next to him. “By all means, please.” I sat down and he rose two fingers up at the bartender, who walked over. Mark turned back to me. “Can I get you a drink?”

I nodded. “White wine, please.”

“The lady would like white wine, Frank.” The bartender reached under the counter, and placed a wine flute in front of me. He grabbed a green wine bottle, and poured it into my glass.

I lifted the glass. “Thank you,” I muttered to the bartender. He smiled, then walked over to another patron.

The picture of Mark flashed into my head, and I couldn’t help but take a peek between his legs. I could definitely see a bulge, but in my guesstimate, it was about seven inches. Not that I was an expert in penis sizes.

“Excuse me, can I help you with something?”

Shit. I was caught. I looked up at him and flushed as he rose his eyebrows. “Sorry, I was checking out your pants, they’re, uh… very nice.”

“Mhm.”  He shook his head.

Okay, so I will never earn a living as a detective, but can you blame me for taking a peek?

I took a sip from my glass before turning back to Mark. “So do you do this often?”

He cocked his head to the side, looking at me curiously. “I’m not quite sure what you mean?”

“You know, posing as women’s fiancés? I’m sure you’re use to being under the covers, more often than out of them.” I burst out laughing. “Sorry. I couldn’t resist,” I mumbled as I snorted.

He shook his head. “Susan, I really have no clue what you are talking about, could you please elaborate?”

I shrugged. “Your job as an escort. I mean, I’m sure this is odd, you know, just going to dinner.”

A sinister grin spread across his face. He chuckled and slid his hand up my thigh. I placed my hand as a road block, stopping him in his tracks.

“You don’t have to do that,” I said.

He pushed my hand away. “Oh, but it’s what you hired me for, isn’t it? I surely want to make sure you get your money’s worth, now don’t I?”

My throat went dry. “I just want you to pretend you are my fiancé to my boss, that’s all,” I practically choked on my words. He slid his hand down the bare part of my back, sending a shivering tingle throughout my body. I closed my eyes, embracing it.

I felt his hot breath against my neck. “If you want, we can take this to a more private environment? My apartment is just down the road. Or if you’d like, we could go to your place.” He blew into my ear and slid his tongue down my neck. Moisture beaded between my legs. Heat scorched through my body.


I whipped my head around. Standing behind me was Craig Sendical and his wife, Maggie. Talk about perfect timing. I exhaled with a smile.

Craig Sendical had salt and pepper hair and was fit for his age of 60. Maggie had dyed strawberry blonde hair with not a wrinkle on her face, from the many facelifts and Botox she received. So I heard through gossip at the office. She talked like a Marionette, her lips barely moving from all the chemicals.

I stood up.

“Hi, Craig, Maggie, I would like you to meet my fiancé—”

Craig extended his hand past me. “Pierson Meager.”

I stood stunned. Pierson? No his name is Mark.

“Hi, Craig, how are you doing?” Pierson responded with a shake of his hand. He dipped to Maggie’s cheek giving it a quick kiss. “Maggie, you look lovely as ever.”

So not only was his name not Mark, he knew my boss and his wife personally! Oh my God, how could I be so stupid?

“Oh, Pierson, such a charmer.” Maggie blushed.

Yeah, some charmer—more like a back-stabbing sneak!

Craig looked at Pierson, astounded. “I didn’t know you were Susan’s fiancé.”

Pierson draped his arm around my shoulder, giving me a light squeeze. It took all of my control not to push him off. “Yep. She is the love of my life.” His words sent a ripple of anger down my spine.

Craig cupped his chin with his thumb and finger. “Huh, go figure. What a small world we live in.”

“Well, it’s about time someone snatched you. Lucky girl, I’ll say.” Maggie waved her hand in the air.

“Actually, Maggie, it is I who am the lucky one.” Pierson looked down at me and grinned. “Right, honey?” I wanted to slap that grin off his face!

I glared back at him and mumbled, “Yeah… right.”

Craig looped his arm in Maggie’s. “Our table is ready, so why don’t we go have a seat so we can chat?” He turned and walked into the restaurant.

I was fuming. When Craig and Maggie were out of earshot, I leaned to Pierson’s ear. “You lied to me.”

“Oh, dear, I did, didn’t I? I don’t believe you want to discuss that right now, do you?” he asked, almost mocking me in a whisper.

I shook my head. He held out his arm to me. “Shall we?”

Hesitantly, I slid my arm into his and we walked over to the table.

Author Bio:
I am a proud mother of three daughters who are my absolute complete existence. I write to relieve the scattered thoughts that stream through my mind, constantly. My biggest downfall is that I am a huge procrastinator, which makes my life at times hectic!


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