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Liberation by Kate L Mary

Title: Liberation
Author: Kate L Mary
Series: Moonchild #2
Genre: Post-Apocalyptic, Young Adult
Release Date: November 1, 2016
From two-time award-winning author, Kate L. Mary, comes the sequel to MOONCHILD, “a much needed breath of fresh air in the world of YA fantasy.” After surviving the auction and a near death experience at the hands of Asher’s father, Scarlett Moon is more than ready for life to settle down, and with each passing day she starts to feel more at home in Columbus. Even with Asher ready for more than Scarlett can give, she manages to fall into a routine that almost feels like a normal life.

But one distress call is all it takes to destroy the serenity the group has managed to build.

As far as anyone knew, Paget had moved on with her life after storming out months ago, but the fear in her voice when she calls the warehouse tells a different story. Even though Scarlett never liked Asher’s ex to begin with, she can’t help feeling a little bit responsible for Paget’s situation.

Searching in the seediest part of the city, the group picks up clues as they try to piece together what might have happened. The more Scarlett learns about what the other woman has been through over the last few months, the more concerned she becomes. Even worse: there’s no sign of Paget anywhere in Columbus.

With all the clues pointing in one direction, the group leaves the city and heads for Hocking Hills. Only it seems the danger may have followed them, leaving nothing but death and destruction in its wake and putting Paget in more danger than ever before. As Scarlett learns more about the woman who used to hold Asher’s heart, she suddenly finds herself unable to deny how she really feels about him. Only, with Paget in trouble, Scarlett can’t help wondering if Asher might still have feelings for his ex.

“Does that make you jealous?” Asher’s voice comes out husky, and there isn’t an ounce of teasing in it. He steps closer to me, and the heat radiating off his body warms the small space. The desire I’ve been trying to hold off builds inside me, making my pulse quicken. I hate that he makes me feel this way, but I love it too.

“No,” I say, but the word is weak and shaky, and it wouldn’t fool the most gullible person in the world.

Asher’s smile disappears, and I try to tell myself to stick to my guns. That it doesn’t matter how much I want Asher right now, I can’t give him what he wants. I’d just hurt him.

“Scarlett, why do you do this to me? You tell me no and you push me away, but I can see it in your eyes every time you look at me. How am I supposed to take those looks? How am I supposed to ignore your jealousy?” His words come out sounding painful.

Then he steps even closer, putting his hand on my shoulder and slowly running it down my arm. Leaving a trail of goose bumps behind. Only this time, they aren’t from the cold.

“I’m doing this to protect you,” I whisper. “I’m no good for you.”

“Why don’t you let me be the judge of that?” he says, smiling.

I should stop him. I know it. But suddenly, I don’t want to. All these months of fighting my feelings, ignoring how he ignites my body with the smallest look. How the desire builds inside me every day, getting more and more intense. It all seems stupid. Asher is so persistent, and my attraction isn’t going away. Maybe he’s right. Maybe we are right for each other.

Once again, he seems to know what I’m thinking, because a look of triumph flashes in his eyes as he takes that last little step toward me. He reaches up to tuck my hair behind my ear, and instead of dropping his hand he runs his thumb across my cheek and over to my lips. My insides nearly burst into flames from the contact. The light from the lamp flickers, causing little shadows to dance across his face. It makes him look sexier than he ever has before. Right here in this dirty cabin in the middle of nowhere with the wind howling outside. It’s too much to resist, especially after all this time building inside me.

This is it. The moment when I decide our future.

I have no idea what I’m going to do.

Author Bio:
Kate L. Mary is an award-winning author of New Adult and Young Adult fiction, ranging from Post-apocalyptic tales of the undead, to Speculative Fiction and Contemporary Romance. Her YA book, When We Were Human, was the 2015 Children's Moonbeam Book Awards Silver Medal Winner for Young Adult Fantasy/Sci-Fi Fiction, and the 2016 Readers' Favorite Gold Medal Winner for Young Adult Science Fiction. Fans of The Walking Dead won't want to miss out on her Amazon Bestselling Broken World series, and the soon to come Twisted follow-up series.


Liberation #2

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