Friday, June 17, 2016

Friday's Film Adaption: The Glass Key by Dashiell Hammett

Paul Madvig was a cheerfully corrupt ward-heeler who aspired to something better: the daughter of Senator Ralph Bancroft Henry, the heiress to a dynasty of political purebreds. Did he want her badly enough to commit murder? And if Madvig was innocent, which of his dozens of enemies was doing an awfully good job of framing him? Dashiell Hammett's tour de force of detective fiction combines an airtight plot, authentically venal characters, and writing of telegraphic crispness.

A one-time detective and a master of deft understatement, Dashiell Hammett virtually invented the hard-boiled crime novel. This classic Hammet work of detective fiction combines an airtight plot, authentically venal characters, and writing of telegraphic crispness.

THE BODY IN CHINA STREET I Green dice rolled across the green table, struck the rim together, and bounced back. One stopped short holding six white spots in two equal rows uppermost. The other tumbled out to the center of the table and came to rest with a single spot on top. Ned Beaumont grunted softly--"Uhn!"--and the winners cleared the table of money. Harry Sloss picked up the dice and rattled them in a pale broad hairy hand. "Shoot two bits." He dropped a twenty-dollar bill and a five-dollar bill on the table. Ned Beaumont stepped back saying: "Get on him, gamblers, I've got to refuel!" He crossed the billiard-room to the door. There he met Walter Ivans coming in. He said, "'Lo, Walt," and would have gone on, but Ivans caught his elbow as he passed and turned to face him. "D-d-did you t-talk to P-p-paul?" When Ivans said "P-p-paul" a fine spray few out between his lips. "I'm going up to see him now." Ivans's china-blue eyes brightened in his round fair face until Ned Beaumont, narrow of eye, added: "Don't expect much. If you could wait awhile." Ivans's chin twitched. "B-b-but she's going to have the b-b-baby next month." A startled look came into Ned Beaumont's dark eyes. He took his arm out of the shorter man's hand and stepped back. Then a corner of his mouth twitched under his dark mustache and he said: "it's a bad time, Walt, and--well--you'll save yourself disappointment by not looking for much before November." His eyes were narrow again and watchful. "B-b-but if you t-tell him--" "I'll put it to him as hot as I can and you ought to know he'll go the limit, but he's in a tough spot right now." He moved his shoulders and his face became gloomy except for the watchful brightness of his eyes. Ivans wet his lips and blinked his eyes many times. He drew in a long breath and patted Ned Beaumont's chest with both hands. "G-g-go up now," he said in an urgent pleading voice. "I-I'll wait here f-for you." II Ned Beaumont went upstairs lighting a thing green-dappled cigar. At the second-floor landing, where the Governor's portrait hung, he turned towards the front of the building and knocked on the broad oaken door that shut off the corridor at that end. When he heard Paul Madvig's "All right" he opened the door and went in. Paul Madvig was alone in the room, standing at the window, with his hands in his trousers-pockets, his back to the door, looking through the screen down into dark China Street. He turned around slowly and said: "Oh, here you are." He was a man of forty-five, tall as Ned Beaumont, but forty pounds heavier without softness. His hair was light, parted in the middle, and brushed flat to his head. His face was handsome in a ruddy stout-featured way. His clothes were saved from flashiness by their quality and by his manner of wearing them. Ned Beaumont shut the door and said: "Lend me some money." From his inner coat-pocket Madvig took a large brown wallet. "What do you want?" "Couple of hundred." Madvig gave him a hundred-dollar bill and five twenties, asking: "Craps?" "Thanks." Ned Beaumont pocketed the money. "Yes." "It's a long time since you've done any winning, isn't it?" Madvig asked as he returned his hands to his trousers-pockets. "Not so long--a month or six weeks." Madvig smiled. "That's a long time to be losing." "Not for me." There was a faint note of irritation in Ned Beaumont's voice. Madvig rattled coins in his pocket. "Much of a game tonight?" He sat on a corner of the table and looked down at his glistening brown shoes. Ned Beaumont looked curiously at the blond man, then shook his had and said: "Peewee." He walked to the window. Above the buildings on the opposite side of the street the sky was black and heavy. He went behind Madvig to the telephone and called a number. "Hello, Bernie. This is Ned. What's the price on Peggy O'Toole? Is that all? . . . Well, give me five hundred of each . . . Sure. . . . I'm betting it's going to rain and if it does she'll beat Incinerator. . . . All right, give me a better price then. . . . Right." He put the receiver on its prong and came around in front of Madvig again. Madvig asked: "Why don't you try laying off awhile when you hit one of these sour streaks?" Ned Beaumont scowled. "That's no good, only spreads it out. I ought to've put that fifteen hundred on the nose instead of spreading it across the board. Might as well take your punishment and get it over with." Madvig chuckled and raised his head to say: "If you can stand the gaff." Ned Beaumont drew down the ends of his mouth, the ends of his mustache following them down. "I can stand anything I've got to stand," he said as he moved towards the door. He had his hand on the door-knob when Madvig said, earnestly: "I guess you can, at that, Ned." Ned Beaumont turned around and asked, "Can what?" fretfully. Madvig transferred his gaze to the window. "Can stand anything," he said. Ned Beaumont studied Madvig's averted face. The blond man stirred uncomfortably and moved coins in his pockets again. Ned Beaumont made his eyes blank and asked in an utterly puzzled tone: "Who?" Madvig's face flushed. He rose from the table and took a step towards Ned Beaumont. "You go to hell," he said. Ned Beaumont laughed. Madvig grinned sheepishly and wiped his face with a green-bordered handkerchief. "Why haven't you been out to the house?" he asked. "Mom was saying last night she hadn't seen you for a month." "Maybe I'll drop in some night this week." "You ought to. You know how Mom likes you. Come for supper." Madvig put his handkerchief away. Ned Beaumont moved towards the door again, slowly, watching the blond man from the ends of his eyes. With his hand on the knob he asked: "Was that what you wanted to see me about?" Madvig frowned. "Yes, that is--" He cleared his throat. "Uh--oh--there's something else." Suddenly his diffidence was gone, leaving him apparently tranquil and self-possessed. "You know more about this stuff than I do. Miss Henry's birthday's Thursday. What do you think I ought to give her?" Ned Beaumont took his hand from the door-knob. His eyes, by the time he was facing Madvig squarely again, had lost their shocked look. He blew cigar-smoke out and asked: "They're having some kind of birthday doings, aren't they?" "Yes." "You invited?" Madvig shook his head. "But I'm going there to dinner tomorrow night." Ned Beaumont looked down at his cigar, then up at Madvig's face again, and asked: "Are you going to back the Senator, Paul?" "I think we will." Ned Beaumont's smile was mild as his voice when he put his next question: "Why?" Madvig smiled. "Because with us behind him he'll snow Roan under and with his help we can put over the whole ticket just like nobody was running against us." Ned Beaumont put his cigar in his mouth. He asked, still mildly: "Without you"--he stressed the pronoun--"behind him could the Senator make the grade this time?" Madvig was calmly positive. "Not a chance." Ned Beaumont, after a little pause, asked: "Does he know that?" "He ought to know it better than anybody else. And if he didn't know it-- What the hell's the matter with you?" Ned Beaumont's laugh was a sneer. "If he didn't know it," he suggested, "you wouldn't be going there to dinner tomorrow night?" Madvig, frowning, asked again: "What the hell's the matter with you?" Ned Beaumont took the cigar from his mouth. His teeth had bitten the end of it into shredded ruin. He said: "There's nothing the matter with me." He put thoughtfulness on his face. "You don't think the rest of the ticket needs his support?" "Support's something no ticket can get too much of," Madvig replied carelessly, "but without his help we could manage to hold up our end all right." "Have you promised him anything yet?" Madvig pursed his lips. "It's pretty well settled." Ned Beaumont lowered his head until he was looking up under his brows at the blond man. His face had become pale. "Throw him down, Paul," he said in a low husky voice. "Sink him." Madvig put his fists on his hips and exclaimed softly and incredulously: "Well, I'll be damned!" Ned Beaumont walked past Madvig and with unsteady thin fingers mashed the burning end of his cigar in the hammered copper basin on the table. Madvig stared at the younger man's back until he straightened and turned. Then the blond man grinned at him with affection and exasperation. "What gets into you, Ned?" he complained. "You go along fine for just so long and then for no reason at all you throw an ing-bing. I'll be a dirty so-and-so if I can make you out!" Ned Beaumont made a grimace of distaste. He said, "All right, forget it," and immediately returned to the attack with a skeptical question: "Co you think he'll play ball with you after he's re-elected?" Madvig was not worried. "I can handle him." "Maybe, but don't forget he's never been licked at anything in his life." Madvig nodded in complete agreement. "Sure, and that's one of the best reasons I know for throwing in with him." "No, it isn't, Paul," Ned Beaumont said earnestly. "it's the very worst. Think that over even if it hurts your head. How far has this dizzy blond daughter of his got her hooks into you?" Madvig said: "I'm going to marry Miss Henry." Ned Beaumont made a whistling mouth, though he did not whistle. He made his eyes smaller and asked: "Is that part of the bargain?" Madvig grinned boyishly. "Nobody knows it yet," he replied, "except you and me." Spots of color appeared in Ned Beaumont's lean cheeks. He smiled his nicest smile and said: "You can trust me not to go around bragging about it and here's a piece of advice. If that's what you want, make them put it in writing and swear to it before a notary and post a cash bond, or, better still, insist on the wedding before election-day. Then you'll at least be sure of your pound of flesh, or she'll weight around a hundred and ten, won't she?" Madvig shifted his feet. He avoided Ned Beaumont's gaze while saying: "I don't know why you keep talking about the Senator like he was a yegg. He's a gentleman and—" "Absolutely. Read about it in the Post—one of the few aristocrats left in American politics. And his daughter's an aristocrat. That's why I'm warning you to sew your shirt on when you go to see them, or you'll come away without it, because to them you're a lower form of animal life and none of the rules apply." Madvig sighed and began: "Aw, Ned, don't be so damned—" But Ned Beaumont had remembered something. His eyes were shiny with malice. He said: "And we oughtn't to forget that young Taylor Henry's an aristocrat too, which is probably why you made Opal stop playing around with him. How's that going to work out when you marry his sister and he's your daughter's uncle-in-law or something? Will that entitle him to begin playing around with her again?" Madvig yawned. "You didn't understand me right, Ned," he said. "I didn't ask for all this. I just asked you what kind of present I ought to give Miss Henry." Ned Beaumont's face lost its animation, became a slightly sullen mask. "How far have you got with her?" he asked in a voice that expressed nothing of what he might have been thinking. "Nowhere. I've been there maybe half a dozen times to talk to the Senator. Sometimes I see her and sometimes I don't, but only to say 'How do you do' or something with other people around. You know, I haven't had a chance to say anything to her yet." Amusement glinted for a moment in Ned Beaumont's eyes and vanished. He brushed back one side of his mustache with a thumb-nail and asked: "Tomorrow's your first dinner there?" "Yes, though I don't expect it to be the last." "And you didn't get a bid to the birthday party?" "No." Madvig hesitated. "Not yet." "Then the answer's one you won't like." Madvig's face was impassive. "Such as?" he asked. "Don't give her anything." "Oh, hell, Ned!" Ned Beaumont shrugged. "Do whatever you like. You asked me." "But why?" "You're not supposed to give people things unless you're sure they'd like to get them from you." "But everybody likes to—" "Maybe, but it goes deeper than that. When you give somebody something, you're saying out loud that you know they'd like to have you give—" "I got you," Madvig said. He rubbed his chin with fingers of his right hand. He frowned and said: "I guess you're right." His face cleared. He said: "But I'll be damned if I'll pass up the chance." Ned Beaumont said quickly: "Well, flowers then, or something like that, might be all right." "Flowers? Jesus! I wanted—" "Sure, you wanted to give her a roadster or a couple of yards of pearls. You'll get your chance at that later. Start little and grow." Madvig made a wry face. "I guess you're right, Ned. You know more about this kind of stuff than I do. Flowers it is." "And not too many of them." Then, in the same breath: "Walt Ivan's telling the world you ought to spring his brother." Madvig pulled the bottom of his vest down. "The world can tell him Tim's going to stay indoors till after election." "You're going to let him stand trial?" "I am," Madvig replied, and added with more heat: "You know damned well I can't help it, Ned. With everybody up for re-election and the women's clubs on the warpath it would be jumping in the lake to have Tim's case squared now." Ned Beaumont grinned crookedly at the blond man and made his voice drawl. "We didn't have to do much worrying about women's clubs before we joined the aristocracy." "We do now." Madvig's eyes opaque. "Tim's wife's going to have a baby next month," Ned Beaumont said. Madvig blew breath out in an impatient gust. "Anything to make it tougher," he complained. "Why don't they think of those things before they get in trouble? They've got no brains, none of them." "They've got votes." "That's the hell of it," Madvig growled. He glowered at the floor for a moment, then raised his head. "We'll take care of him as soon as the votes are counted, but nothing doing till then."

Release Date: June 15, 1935
Release Time: 80 minutes

George Raft as Ed Beaumont
Edward Arnold as Paul Madvig
Claire Dodd as Janet Henry
Rosalind Keith as Opal Madvig (as Rosalind Culli)
Charles Richman as Senator John T. Henry
Robert Gleckler as Shad O'Rory
Guinn Williams as Jeff
Ray Milland as Taylor Henry
Tammany Young as Clarkie
Emma Dunn as Mom Madvig
Charles C. Wilson as District Attorney Edward J. Farr

A hired gun and his gangster boss fall out over a woman.

Release Date: October 14, 1942
Release Time: 85 minutes

Brian Donlevy as Paul Madvig
Veronica Lake as Janet Henry
Alan Ladd as Ed Beaumont[2]
Bonita Granville as Opal "Snip" Madvig
Richard Denning as Taylor Henry
Joseph Calleia as Nick Varna
William Bendix as Jeff
Frances Gifford as Nurse
Donald MacBride as District Attorney Farr
Margaret Hayes as Eloise Matthews
Moroni Olsen as Ralph Henry
Eddie Marr as Rusty
Arthur Loft as Clyde Matthews
George Meader as Claude Tuttle
Dane Clark as Sloss (uncredited)





Author Bio:
Also wrote as Peter Collinson, Daghull Hammett, Samuel Dashiell, Mary Jane Hammett

Samuel Dashiell Hammett was an American author of hardboiled detective novels and short stories. Among the enduring characters he created are Sam Spade (The Maltese Falcon), Nick and Nora Charles (The Thin Man), and the Continental Op (Red Harvest and The Dain Curse). In addition to the significant influence his novels and stories had on film, Hammett "is now widely regarded as one of the finest mystery writers of all time" and was called, in his obituary in the New York Times, "the dean of the... 'hard-boiled' school of detective fiction."







Author Spotlight: Lyssa Layne

Author Bio:
Lyssa Layne is first, and foremost, the proud momma to her precious daughter, AR. In addition to working full-time and being a mommy to AR, she is also an avid St. Louis Cardinals fan, a runner, blogger, and an infertility survivor.

Having watched one too many medical dramas and being inspired by author Rachelle Ayala, who introduced her to the world of indie writing, Lyssa decided to try her hand at writing a romance story. Her attempt turned into the Burning Lovesick series. You can find Lyssa's own interests throughout her stories although all stories are fictional.


The King and the Pawn
Francesca "Frankie" DiDominzio is an aspiring fashion designer. The opportunity of a lifetime falls in her lap to start her own clothing line but she has to come up with the start-up money. The trust fund her Noni left for her would cover the cost she needs but there's one little problem-she won't get the money until she's twenty-five which is six months away. Desperately wanting to follow her dreams, she has to figure out a way to convince her old-school Italian father to sign off on the trust, releasing the money sooner than later.

Guy Sillars is fresh out of the military and not ready to face his family just yet. Instead of catching his flight to the South, he decides to spend some time in New York over the holidays. When Francesca approaches him with a proposition to pretend to be her boyfriend, he's too enchanted by her beauty to say no.

Frankie has concocted the perfect plan to get her father to release her trust fund early. Bring home a guy that her father will hate, convince him they're in love, and then agree to dump him in exchange for the money. The only problem is, the more time Guy and Frankie spend together, the harder it will be to let him go.

Loved by the Linebacker
In a man's world, Camila Lemos is one of the top sports agents in the market. The athletes beg for her attention, not just for business, but in the bedroom as well. However, feisty Brazilian beauty Camila is more than meets the eye and refuses to become involved with any of her clients, no exceptions.

Linebacker Evan Purser is the newest man in his family to join the NFL. Guided by his older brother and fellow teammate, he signs with Camila. Once the agent and the linebacker meet, anything but sparks fly.

As the tension rises, so do the feelings for one another, but neither will admit it. Evan can’t let go of the past. Camila’s not sure she can risk her reputation for love. When the walls are broken down, will a touchdown be scored or will it be yet another fumble for both?

Over the Fence
A collection of Lyssa Layne’s baseball romances including The Right Pitch, Fear of Striking Out, Another at Bat, and a BONUS STORY, A Diamond is Forever.

The Right Pitch
Colie Adger is trying to make it in the big leagues as an athletic trainer. Working in a man's world isn't easy. Colie must figure out how to make the best decisions for all the men in her life—both on and off the field. As good as she is at making decisions for others, can Colie figure out her own heart and hit a homerun off the right pitch?

Fear of Striking Out
Shortstop Tate James has been traded from the all-American town of Milwaukee to the trendy City of Angels. This ball player is less than excited about his new hometown. That is until he crosses paths with beautiful Mia Tomko. She lets him know that not all L.A. women are just after fame and fortune.When someone from both of their pasts arrives, will it tear them apart or make them closer?

Another at Bat
Pitcher Jace Richards had it all. Fame, status, money, and the perfect girl but it wasn't enough. Unable to curb his gambling addiction, he lost everything. Laurel Darbis is the mom to ten-year-old Grey. Grey is about to start baseball with his friends but their coach backs out at the last minute. All of the parents are thrilled when the new coach arrives, everyone except Laurel.

A Diamond is Forever
Pitcher Benny Martinez’s longtime girlfriend Isabel Soltero is struggling to raise their teenage son on her own as Benny travels with his team. Both parents are afraid that history will repeat itself but with Benny on the road, Isabel is doing her best to be both the mother and the father to him. Throughout Benny’s travels, he watches his fellow ball players, Grant Adamson, Tate James, Jace Richards interact with their family and he soon realizes what he’s missing. It’s time Benny makes a decision which comes first—his family or his career?

The King and the Pawn
I sigh, dropping my shoulders. “Exactly. There’s no way this kind of offer will happen again either. My father is so hard headed and stubborn, especially since my mamma passed away.” I pause to make the sign of the cross, casting my eyes upward to show her my respect. “Of course, he had no problem when Carmine used his inheritance from Noni to buy La Bam but it’s a completely different set of standards when it comes to his daughters.”

“Okay, I’m following you now but where’s the non-Italian boyfriend fit into all this?” Guy’s eyebrows are arched high with the question.

My cheeks flush and I shake my head, looking into my now empty coffee cup. “It’s a ridiculous idea but I’ve already begged and pleaded my case and he refuses to budge. I had this wild idea that if I brought home a man that he wouldn’t approve of, I might be able to make a deal with him to ditch the guy if he gave me the money before my birthday.”

When I look up, Guy seems to actually be entertaining the thought. “Tell me how you see this working out.”

Surprised at his interest, I perk up and begin speaking quickly. “Well, I was thinking we, or whoever the pretend boyfriend is, would go visit my father, be all kinds of lovey dovey, and then let my father know I’ve accepted that I will have to pass on the opportunity but it doesn’t matter because I’m so in love with you, or whoever, that it doesn’t matter.”

Guy taps his thumb on his mug. “Have you ever been in love, Francesca?”

I squirm uncomfortably because the truth is I haven’t. I’ve dated, had boyfriends, but my passion has always been my work. “Other than with fashion, no,” I answer honestly.

The left side of Guy’s mouth lifts into a lopsided grin. “Well, if you’re in love with your career then it sounds like you have to go big to follow your dream.”

I raise my eyebrows, wondering what he’s implying. He stretches his hand across the table, holding it in front of me. “I can do that.”

My jaw drops and I shake my head. “I don’t think you understand what an Italian father can be like. The man’s stuck in his ways, and fiercely protective of his family, especially when it comes to his daughters and on top of that, I’m the baby of the family.”

He pulls his hand back and laughs. “Sweetheart, I’ve been to war, I think I can handle your daddy.”

His Southern drawl is strong when he makes this statement and I giggle. “Fine, if you’re up to the challenge of my papa then the job is yours.”

“Glad we have that settled. Now, I’m going to order some pie.”

He reaches for the menu and I quickly snatch it out of his hand. “Not from here. Come on.” I stand up, opening my clutch to pull out some bills to pay for the coffee. “I’ll show you how to treat your sweet tooth.”

I’m still flipping through the bills in my purse when Guy’s hand is on top of mine. My stomach flips at his touch and when I look up, he’s shaking his head. “I got this. I am your ‘boyfriend’ after all,” he says, his twang sending my heart racing and when he winks at me, I’m glad he’s still holding my wrist so I don’t fall over. “And here, put this on or you’ll freeze out there.” He holds his leather coat out, waiting for me to put my arms in the sleeves.

With an exasperated sigh, I slip the coat on and look up at him. “You’re supposed to be the opposite of the controlling men in my life.”

Guy smiles, wrapping his arm around my shoulders at we step into the cold air. “I prefer to call it gentlemanly, not controlling, so you should probably get used to it.”

I shake my head, fighting off the eye roll I feel coming on. Then, only because it’s sub-freezing temperature, or so I tell myself, I snuggle against the muscular chest of the Army man holding me. Despite his body heat and the warmth flooding my body from his proximity, my teeth still chatter and Guy pulls me closer as we walk a few blocks.

Loved by the Linebacker
His hands are shoved in his pockets and he’s wearing a shit-eating grin, exuding nothing but cockiness. I shiver in my peach baby doll tank top, my teeth chattering when I begin to speak. It’s not that cold in Florida this time of year, but my nerves are taking over. Honestly, I haven’t felt this way since back in college.

Evan pulls his hands out of his pocket and easily draws me against him, his hands sliding up and down my arms. “Geez, Cami, you weren’t shaking this much when we went surfing.”

He’s right and the water temperature was in the fifties. Slowly, my confidence comes back and I shake his hands off me, taking a step back. “What the hell are you doing here, Evan? I’m working, you can’t just show up whenever you want to.”

“Whoa!” He holds up his hands in a surrender motion. “F**k, Cam, I came down to visit my mom and thought I’d surprise you. You really know how to show your appreciation,” he mutters the last part and brushes past me.

Ugh, I sigh and run after him. He stops beside a black Yukon to get his keys out and I grab his hand. He looks back at me, but doesn’t say a word. Softly, I squeeze his hand. “I’m sorry. I am happy to see you. You… you just took me by surprise.”

Quickly, Evan spins around and with one step has me pinned against the SUV on the other side of his. “What are you so worried about? We’re friends, right? Blake pulls this kind of shit with you all the time, why can’t I?”

I stare up into his blue eyes clouded with anger. My fingers walk up his chest as I can’t tear myself to look away from him. “Evan, you’re not Blake…”

His eyes get darker and he takes a step back, muttering, “Of course I’m not and I never will be.”

My fingers clench around his sweater, keeping him from moving. “Blake doesn’t show up and make me feel the way you do. When Blake’s with me, I’m not constantly worried about what everyone else thinks.” I pause, unsure where this honesty is coming from but deciding to just roll with it. “When Blake’s with me, I don’t just stare at his lips, wanting to taste them so bad, but knowing they’re off limits.”

Evan’s chest rises and falls under my hand, his eyes go from a dark midnight blue to almost a baby blue color and a smirk comes to his lips. “Who said they’re off limits?” He takes a step back to me, his body crushing me against the car behind us.

My heart in my throat, I’m barely able to squeak out, “Me.”

Evan doesn’t make a move, he just stares at me, a smile dancing in his eyes while his hand moves to my stomach. Goosebumps tickle my skin as his fingers walk over the chiffon fabric of my shirt.

“What if no one knew?” he asks, his breath almost a growl and my panties are immediately wet. “I don’t kiss and tell…”

The King and the Pawn

Loved by the Linebacker

Over the Fence

Brought to you by: 

Close Contact #1-3 by Megan Mitcham

Titles: Swindled, Negotiations, & Red
Author: Megan Mitcham
Series: Close Contact #1-3
Genre: Adult Romance
Release Dates: Swindled: June 14, 2016
Negotiations: June 21, 2016
Red: June 28, 2016
These 5,000 word short stories are the perfect serving of sizzle before bed.

Swindled #1
Newbie detective Harper Lang baits international thief Magnus Declan with her best assets and discovers she’s not the only one with tempting snares.

Negotiations #2
When Detroit’s lead negotiator Paige Cline and Special Response Team captain Donovan Wolfe go head to head, they negotiate a fiery response.

Red #3
After losing a patient, famed neurosurgeon Alexis McCrae needs an escape and her pilot Captain Warren knows just the right spot.

Swindled #1
Determined to search the kitchen and back rooms before heading home, Harper flushed. The door opened and a giggle accompanied two sets of shoes. Reaching for her matching lace thong, she continued righting herself.

“But someone’s in here,” a woman whispered.

Harper hurried to smooth her dress and split before the chick pulled out a bag of smack. There was only one person worth arresting tonight, and his voice was deeper than that.

“I know,” rumbled the voice she’d swear her mind conjured.

She’d listened to that gooey caramel tone for hours on end. Following along with the translations hadn’t diminished its panty-dropping effect. But that couldn’t be Declan. Not after the stunt he’d pulled.

A throaty moan split the air. Harper flushed rooftop-in-July-hot and clamped a hand over her own mouth. She didn’t want to get caught in the middle of a fuck-fest, unless she was center stage. If it was in fact Magnus Declan, she had to know. Yet, she couldn’t risk chasing him away by barging out of the stall unprepared.

“Ooohhh yes,” the woman groaned, “right there.”

Curse her body to hell and back. Harper’s lady boner swelled to life as though it garnered the attention being awarded another. Releasing her mouth, she inhaled a deep quiet breath and steadied one hand on the metal wall. With the other, she grabbed her clutch from the top of the paper dispenser. One more fortifying breath and she leaned toward the gap between the door and stall.

Author Bio:
Megan was born and raised among the live oaks and shrimp boats of the Mississippi Gulf Coast, where her enormous family still calls home. She attended college at the University of Southern Mississippi where she received a bachelor’s degree in curriculum, instruction, and special education. For several years Megan worked as a teacher in Mississippi. She married and moved to South Carolina and worked for an international non-profit organization as an instructor and co-director.

In 2009 Megan fell in love with books. Until then, books had been a source for research or the topic of tests. But one day she read Mercy by Julie Garwood. And Oh Mercy, she was hooked!

Megan lives in Southern Arkansas where she pens sizzling suspense novels.  For news, giveaways, and exclusive offers sign up for her newsletter on her website.


Swindled #1

Negotiations #2(June 21, 2016)

Red #3(June 28, 2016)

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Release Day Blitz: Down for the Count: The Complete Series by Christa Cervone

Title: Down for the Count
Author: Christa Cervone
Genre: Sports Romance 
Release Date: June 17, 2015 

I've always been a fighter,
Even before I knew it was in my blood.
I fought the demons of my past.
I fought for my life.
I fought for the future I wanted.

Growing up in a foster home, after my father killed my mother,
I fought for who I was,
Who I could become.

And now, it's what I do, what I am.
My career is in the ring, taking down every opponent I face,
Every enemy who threatens me.
I fight.

But now, I've got the biggest fight of my life,
Fighting for her, the one I want,
The one I can't have.
Salem Harris is taken, but I swear to God,
She'll be mine, even if I go down for the count,
I'll fight like Hell for her,
Or die trying.

***Please note this book was formerly released as a two book series, On the Ropes and Going the Distance. It has been reedited and consolidated into one. Heavy sexual content including a F/F/M scene. If such a scene may upset you, this may not be the book for you.***



DFTC-teaser4Author Bio:
Born and raised in New England, Christa is a married mother of three. She began writing her first book, Broken, in October 2012, as a love story to her husband, Frank. During the writing process, Christa managed to keep her book a secret from the majority of her family and friends, including her mother. She finally revealed that she had written a book on her personal Facebook page just two weeks before Broken was released.

Broken was released in February 2013, and within twenty-four hours of its release, it was on Amazon's Movers and Shakers list as well as in the Top 20 Erotica. Christa released her second novel, On the Ropes - Book One in the Down for the Count series, in February 2014. On the Ropes has also climbed the charts on Amazon, hitting the Top 10 Sports Fiction and the Top 20 Romance Sports Fiction lists. Book Two, Going the Distance, was released July 2014 and claimed the number 3 spot in the Interracial category as well being in the top 20 in Erotica on Amazon.



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