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Friday's Film Adaption: Laura by Vera Caspary

"I am bound to tell this story, just as Mark McPherson was obliged to continue his searches, out of a deep emotional involvement in the case of Laura Hunt. I offer the narrative, not so much as a detective yarn as a love story..."

This is Laura's book, although most of it is told by three men—the three men who knew her best. When the story opens, Laura has already been murdered.

Some of it is told by that nasty gossip columnist, Waldo Lydecker, written partly out of gloating interest in tragedy of any kind, partly because Laura was the only person Waldo had ever loved.

And it could not have been written without the help of Shelby Carpenter, Laura's fiance, who knew more about her death than anyone suspected.

Most of it, however, was written by Detective Mark McPherson, although Mark never heard of Laura until after she had been murdered. Often a detective's duty is to reconstruct the life of a victim—but not to the point where he falls in love with her.

Here is the secret of Laura's death...and her life.

A police detective falls in love with the woman whose murder he's investigating.

Release Date: October 11, 1944
Release Time: 88 minutes

Gene Tierney as Laura Hunt
Dana Andrews as Mark McPherson
Clifton Webb as Waldo Lydecker
Vincent Price as Shelby Carpenter
Judith Anderson as Ann Treadwell
Dorothy Adams as Bessie Clary

Academy Awards
Best Cinematography, Black-and-White: Joseph LaShelle -- Won
Best Actor in a Supporting Role: Clifton Webb -- Nominated
Best Director: Otto Preminger -- Nominated
Best Writing, Screenplay: Jay Dratler , Samuel Hoffenstein , Elizabeth Reinhardt -- Nominated
Best Art Direction-Interior Decoration, Black-and-White: Lyle R. Wheeler , Leland Fuller , Thomas Little -- Nominated

American Film Institute 
AFI's 100 Years...100 Movies – Nominated
AFI's 100 Years...100 Thrills – #73
AFI's 100 Years...100 Passions – Nominated
AFI's 100 Years...100 Movie Quotes:
"In my case, self-absorption is completely justified. I have never discovered any other subject so worthy of my attention." – Nominated
AFI's 100 Years of Film Scores – #7
AFI's 100 Years...100 Movies (10th Anniversary Edition) – Nominated
AFI's 10 Top 10 – #4 Mystery Film

Author Bio:
VERA CASPARY is the author of twenty-one books. Her early novels drew on her experience growing up a conservative Jewish family in Chicago. Later works focused on career women who balance work, a love life, and even marriage, with a desire for independence. Caspary is best known for her skillfully-crafted and psychologically-complex murder mysteries. Several of her books were made into films, including both Bedelia and Laura. Enormously popular in her time, she was also a playwright and screenwriter, with such classics as Fritz Lang's The Blue Gardenia and Joseph L. Mankiewicz's Letter to Three Wives having been adapted from her screen stories. Reviewing her autobiography, The Secrets of Grown-Ups, The Washington Post called Caspary's life "a Baedeker of the 20th century. An independent woman in an unliberated era, she collided with or was touched by many of its major historical and cultural events: wars, the Depression, the Spanish Civil War . . . Hollywood in its romantic heyday, Hollywood in the grip of McCarthyism, the footloose of the artistic rich, publishing, Broadway."




Release Day Blitz: Notes & Roses by Rozenn Scott

Title: Notes & Roses
Author: Rozenn Scott
Series: Stanford Creek #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: February 26, 2016
Megan Campbell is horrified when a stranger, covered in blood, collapses in her shop. When that same stranger, wild and angry, abruptly becomes someone very different, it’s not her safety she is worrying about, it’s her heart.

With his stalker behind bars, former boy band singer CJ Taylor is starting a new life. He’s bought a house in a small Vermont town, and taken back the name he was born with. Two years have passed since he was last in the public eye and as Cody Brennan, he’s finally feeling safe. Desperate to find some peace, all he wants is to connect to the music in his head, write new lyrics and forget the tragedy in his past.

What he doesn’t count on is meeting Megan. From her amber eyes to her tempting smile, she is everything he thought he could do without, the very thing he promised himself to avoid. But he’s thrown into her family and her life, and suddenly he’s found a place he wants to stay.

Megan’s first instinct is to tame the powerful attraction she has to this stranger, but very soon desire becomes something more. Between them can they find the words to make things right? And can they stay safe long enough to fall in love?

What Others Are Saying:
“Besides Notes and Roses being a beautiful name, Author Rozenn Scott has written a beautiful and heart warming story.” - 5 Star Review Cutting Muse Blog Review

Author Bio:
Full time romance writer Rozenn Scott creates passionate love stories with a guaranteed happy ever after.

Her series of novels, set in the beautiful Vermont town of Stanford Creek, focus on strong, independent women who find love.

Writing as RJ Scott, she is the author of over ninety bestselling gay romance novels and has never met a bottle of wine she can’t defeat.

Rozenn Scott

RJ Scott


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Author Spotlight: Joceline Farrah

Author Bio:
Joceline Farrah is an avid reader and writer of all of things paranormal. She draws inspiration for her stories from her own hometown magic city Miami Beach, FL. With pen to paper, she creates worlds where beings are as magical as the realms they inhabit. When she isn’t plotting new ideas for a novel or crocheting, she enjoys a good game of Chess and a nice cup of Chai tea.


Infernal Ice #1
Beneath the sun kissed skies and the glamour of South Beach, Stygians and mortals co-exist under an uneasy alliance.Governed by strict rules known as Stygian protocol, they live by one most sacred and cardinal rule: Never comingle with mortals. Grief stricken, caseworker Jessa Belle Jones loses herself in her job, after the love of her life, Scott Dempsey disappears without a trace. When her father announces her betrothal to Abbadon, the General of the Stygian Armies, Jessa-Belle turns to Havah, the Tinseller to thwart her father’s plan by finding her own Stygian noble to marry. Wrought with vengeance, Stygian Raum Corvus searches for retribution against the dark mage who took everything he’d cherished. But when destiny links Raum's path to Jessa’s plight, will fate keep them together or will Stygian conventions rip them apart?

Infernal Shriver #2(Coming Soon)
Alistair is the last of the Shrivers, the Church's elite core of confessors. An emotionless killer, he confesses and executes his marks without mercy.
Raised in an atmosphere of luxury and wealth and a member of the Lilith brood, Saryl wants for nothing more than a night of freedom from the stifling rules of Stygian etiquette -- until she meets a dark and lethal man from the mortal realm...Her executioner.
Something goes terribly wrong and now as danger closes in on all sides, the forbidden attraction between Alistair and Saryl proves hard to resist... A passion that could doom them both.

King of Sorrows(Coming March 15, 2016)
All is right in Loren Smith's world. She has a perfect job and the perfect circle of friends and family. One thing so far has evaded her love.
When a chance encounter places her past with her present, Loren find herself faced with unimaginable circumstances.

A tale of two souls that time could not separate.

Infernal Ice #1
“So what’s a deal breaker for you? Raum asked. “The one thing that would make you cut tail if you met your perfect man?

“I hate liars,” Jessa said trying to read Raum’s reaction. No tells. No wonder he was in diplomacy. She swore he must have did a stint with the CIA. ‘cause he had a serious poker face.

“So you’ve never lied to someone you loved to protect them from harm or hurt? He asked.

Jessa shook her head, “I can’t remember the last time I told a lie that wasn’t self serving. In most cases, either I was because afraid of the punishment my dad would dish out or I just didn’t want to get caught. I guess what I’m trying to say is one small lie no matter what your intentions are tarnishes the truth.”

“So the moral of the lesson is liars are magicians ——”

“And magicians are masters of illusions. And what are illusions if not lies.”

 He smirked.  “Wrong. The lesson is to stay close enough to the truth  so you don’t get caught, sweetie.”

Raum laughed. “So just because the man wants to move on with his life you believe he hasn’t mourned his wife long enough? Abaddon and I are not the closest of friends and probably never will be but I don’t think I would deny him the right to happiness.”

“I’m not saying he doesn’t deserve to be happy,” Jessa replied, “I just don’t think you can ever mourn a lost long enough. Imagine meeting that special someone and suddenly tragedy rips them from your life. I don’t’ believe there is enough days in a lifetime to fill that void, or to mourn such a loss. You move on because you have to but there’s a part of you that dies with that person and it can never be resurrected.”

Infernal Ice #1

Infernal Shriver #2: GOODREADS TBR

King of Sorrows: GOODREADS TBR

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