Friday, May 13, 2016

Friday's Film Adaption: The Hustler by Walter Tevis

When it was first published in 1959, The Hustler was the first—and the best—novel written about billiards in the 400-year history of the game. The book quickly won a respected readership and later an audience for the movie with the same name starring Paul Newman and Jackie Gleason. The Hustler is about the victories and losses of one "Fast" Eddie Felson, a poolroom hustler who travels from town to town conning strangers into thinking they could beat him at the game when in fact, he is a skillful player who has never lost a game. Until he meets his match in Minnesota Fats, the true king of the poolroom, causing his life to change drastically. This is a classic tale of a man's struggle with his soul and his self-esteem.

"If Hemingway had the passion for pool that he had for bullfighting, his hero might have been Eddie Felson."—Time

"A wonderful hymn to the last true era when men of substance played pool with a vengeance."—Time Out

A pool shark falls into the clutches of a crooked gambler.

Release Date: September 25, 1961
Release Time: 134 minutes

Paul Newman as Eddie Felson
Jackie Gleason as Minnesota Fats
Piper Laurie as Sarah Packard
George C. Scott as Bert Gordon
Myron McCormick as Charlie
Murray Hamilton as Findley
Michael Constantine as Big John
Stefan Gierasch as Preacher
Clifford Pellow as Turk
Jake LaMotta as bartender
Gordon B. Clarke as cashier
Alexander Rose as scorekeeper
Carolyn Coates as waitress
Carl York Young as hustler
Vincent Gardenia as bartender
Gloria Curtis as girl with fur coat
Charles Dierkop, Donald Crabtree, Brendan Fay as poolroom hoods

1961 Academy Awards:
Best Actor - Paul Newman - Nominated
Best Actress - Piper Laurie - Nominated
Best Adapted Screenplay - Sidney Carroll, Robert Rossen - Nominated
Best Black and White Art Direction - Harry Horner, Gene Callahan - Won
Best Black and White Cinematography - Eugen Schรผfftan - Won
Best Director - Robert Rossen - Nominated
Best Picture - Robert Rossen - Nominated
Best Supporting Actor - Jackie Gleason, George C. Scott - Nominated

1961 BAFTAs:
Best Film - Any Source - Robert Rossen - Won
Best Foreign Actor - Paul Newman - Won

1961 Directors Guild of America:
Best Director - Robert Rossen - Nominated



Author Bio:
Walter Stone Tevis was an American novelist and short story writer. Three of his six novels were adapted into major films: The Hustler, The Color of Money and The Man Who Fell to Earth. His books have been translated into at least 18 languages.




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