Friday, March 18, 2016

Friday's Film Adaption: The Informer by Liam O'Flaherty

A tale of temptation, betrayal, and reprisal, this powerful novel is set in the aftermath of the Irish Civil War. It tells of Gypo Nolan, who informs on a wanted comrade. The source of the Academy Award-winning film directed by John Ford. Preface by Denis Donoghue.

An Irish rebel turns in his best friend to earn passage money to America, then has to dodge the suspicions of his cohorts.

Release Date: May 9, 1935
Release Time: 91 minutes

Victor McLaglen - "Gypo" Nolan
Heather Angel - Mary McPhillip
Preston Foster - Dan Gallagher
Margot Grahame - Katie Madden
Wallace Ford - Frankie McPhillip
Una O'Connor - Mrs McPhillip
J. M. Kerrigan - Terry
Joe Sawyer - Bartly Mulholland (credited as Joseph Sauers)
Neil Fitzgerald - Tommy Connor
Donald Meek - Peter Mulligan
D'Arcy Corrigan - The Blind Man
Leo McCabe - Donahue
Steve Pendleton - Dennis Daly (credited as Gaylord Pendleton)
Francis Ford - "Judge" Flynn
May Boley - Madame Betty

Academy Awards 1935
Outstanding Production - RKO Radio (John Ford, Producer) - Nominated
Best Director - John Ford - Won
Best Actor - Victor McLaglen - Won
Best Writing, Screenplay - Dudley Nichols - Won
Best Film Editing - George Hively - Nominated
Best Music (Scoring) - Max Steiner - Won

Author Bio:
Irish novelist and short story writer Liam O'Flaherty combined brutal naturalism, psychological analysis, poetry and biting satire with an abiding respect for the Irish people. His novels include Thy Neighbour's Wife (1923), The Informer (1925; film, 1935), Skerrett (1932), Famine (1937), and Insurrection (1950).




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