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Sunday's Safe Word Shelf: I, Omega by Kari Gregg

After one mind-shattering night with a stranger at a local leather bar leaves him forever changed, Gabriel lives on the streets as a vagrant to elude the master who hunts him, but the were-shifter is a fierce, stubborn predator who reclaims him soon enough. Gabriel is carried away to the pack’s home territory where his instruction on what it means to be the pet of an alpha begins. Gabriel isn’t just any pet, though. He is the rarest among their kind: a human omega.

Treasured? Or cursed?

As Gabriel’s father, the Distinguished Gentleman from Pennsylvania and stalwart of the conservative party, pushes the considerable resources at his disposal to locate his missing son, Gabriel explores who and what he is under his master’s careful protection. Gabriel falls for the shifter who is lover and destroyer, owner and...friend?

Content Warnings: Dubious consent, lotsa kink, and an embarrassment of riches in hormonal anarchy – RAWR!

NOTE: This is a previously published work.

Chapter One
He wasn’t always like this.

Once upon a time, Gabriel had crunched numbers as a payroll accountant for Smith, Wheeler and Hayes, with his own office and—more significantly—an off-network printer he didn’t have to share. He’d driven a blue Taurus. He’d contributed five percent of gross to his Roth IRA and planned to pay off the mortgage on his loft apartment a decade ahead of schedule.

Shoulders hunched as he scurried along the trash-strewn alley, he blinked rain from his eyes and pushed sopping clumps of hair from his face.

Once upon a time, he’d been normal.

Human anyway.

Not anymore.

Gabriel swept the street with an assessing glance before he turned down another narrow back street partially blocked by overflowing garbage cans. Darker there, but his newly preternatural eyes saw better in the dark. Scents were sharper too. His nose wrinkled at the reek of rotten food and God only knew what else from the Chinese takeout place across the alley from his current bolt-hole. The stench worried at his overstimulated senses like a sore tooth, so much so that he’d nearly abandoned his newest sanctuary his first night there. But if his stomach lurched at the eye-watering aromas, it’d be worse for the others. They wouldn’t linger here.

His master wouldn’t find him.

Gabriel ducked into a gap between a mound of graying produce pallets and the stripped shell of a dead delivery truck. Bending in the tight space, he nudged aside sodden cardboard he’d used to hide the broken window. Gabriel was a small guy, only a couple of inches above five and a half feet, and he’d lost any fat he’d managed to glue onto his lean body within weeks of living on the streets. But squeezing through the window of the abandoned building still wasn’t easy. Pushing the air from his lungs, he twisted his shoulders, wriggled his hips...

He tucked his body for a softer landing on the basement floor inside. He rolled to a crouch and froze. Listened. Restaurant trash negated scent as an early-warning system so Gabriel relied more heavily on his hearing since moving to this hellhole. But the downpour masked everything.

Cold, wet, he shivered as he waited for a telltale sign.

No hope for it. In these conditions, he was as good as blind.

It was almost like being human again.

He shuddered in remembered fear, but, scowling, he pushed to his feet. He couldn’t let his fear rule him. If he thought about what had happened, what was still happening to him… No, it was better not to think. Keep moving. He had to keep moving.

He crept to the furnace room he’d staked out as his shelter. A flash of fur the size of a house cat to his left would’ve revolted him a couple of months ago, but now he noted how readily he’d find fresh meat. Only if he had to. Most nights, he’d rather starve. He used up more of his body’s precious stores of energy chasing the little bastards than he gained when—-if—-he cornered one. Hunting made him weaker, not stronger. Just another item to add to his You Suck As A Werewolf list.

God, he was tired of being hungry.

He reached for the plywood he’d cannibalized for a door. Gabriel slid inside before he scrambled for the damned rat.

His scent washed over Gabriel first.

Earthy, male. Gabriel’s mouth watered at the acrid tang of sweat. Nothing smelled as good as his master. Nothing. That scent sent shivers up and down Gabriel’s spine and pooled heat in his suddenly knotted gut.

He had to stop. Breathing through his mouth had made his arousal bearable when the shifter had drawn near before. This close though? Gabriel couldn’t resist. His nostrils flared in gluttonous rebellion. He inhaled lustily, bringing that intoxicating scent into his lungs.
“Close the door, Gabriel.”

He shuddered in equal parts fear and need.

The shifter knew his name.

Of course he knew it. By now, he probably knew more about Gabriel than Gabriel did. Gabriel’s heartbeat still stuttered.

“Boy,” his master growled in warning.

Gabriel pulled the makeshift door shut. The scrape of it closing split the darkness like a thunder clap. His fingers dug into the sheet of disintegrating wood. His forehead kissed its rough surface as he leaned into it to brace his shaking knees.

Christ, he was hard. His dick rubbed painfully against the teeth of his zipper.

That scent was making him crazy.

“Turn around.”

He smothered hopeless laughter.

Had he the strength, Gabriel would’ve leaped at him and begged his master to take him. That was the bliss and the horror of it. Starved and empty no matter how much he ate, hormones ping-ponging inside him as new instincts took hold, Gabriel was helplessly drawn to the shifter. The human part of Gabriel wanted to run. Gabriel had invested two months living like a vagrant to escape him, for fuck’s sake. But a growing part of him—-the part his master had given him—-wept in relief.

Swallowing down terror and longing, Gabriel slowly pivoted to face him.

He sprawled on the bed Gabriel had made of foam packing sheets overlaid by a quilt with a busted seam at one corner that some fool had tossed into the Dumpster outside. The thick shock of blond hair still surprised him. Gabriel expected werewolves to have dark hair and eyes, but his master’s hair was golden with streaks of lighter strands the color of sunshine. It smelled of sunshine too and verdant forest. Crisp, pure, and clean.

The shifter twisted the knob of the camp lantern so it flared bright, though his eyes never strayed from Gabriel. He wondered if his master’s gaze held some sort of hypnotic power over him. Why not, when the rest of him did? He wondered that those eyes could be such a pale shade of blue. Shouldn’t a werewolf’s eyes be feral yellow? Or black? Gabriel wondered why his master had bothered to hunt him, why he’d been allowed to survive in the first place, and if he would kill Gabriel quickly once he realized Gabriel’s transformation had taken root so poorly.

“Come here.”

Gabriel’s mouth went dry. Glance lowering, he shuffled forward. He could not hold that stare. Meeting it felt too much like a challenge, one he couldn’t and didn’t want to issue.

The game was over. His master had found him.

Gabriel was his to do with as he pleased.


Gabriel didn’t even know his name.

Without being bade to do so, Gabriel dropped to his knees when he reached his bed and jerked both hands to the small of his back. His eyes focused on gray cement. His spine straightened. His shoulders squared. His knees spread on the gritty floor to widen his stance.
He moved into the position his master had taught him with disturbing ease. Kneeling for him comforted Gabriel—-though not just the new wildness that had been bred inside him, but also the human sub he’d been before. Weeks and months of worry, fear and pain dissolved at the ritual of offering himself to his dom—to this dom. Gabriel’s galloping heart slowed. The tightness in his chest released. His hands stopped shaking. The terror that had gripped him these past months abruptly loosed.

The shifter would keep him or kill him. Or fuck him.

Gabriel no longer had any say in what happened to him. If he ever had.

“Good boy,” he said on a low rumble, sliding toward Gabriel on the pallet of his bed. When fingers briefly skated over his hair, Gabriel trembled and wished he could blame the quivering response on fear. God knows terror had made him shake in his shoes more than he cared to recall these past weeks, but he leaned toward his master’s hand, craving the affection and husky approval in his voice. With that scent wrapped around him and a soft caress twisting Gabriel’s gut, he needed to please his master more than he needed his next breath.
“Pity you aren’t always so biddable.” He threaded his fingers into Gabriel’s hair and palmed his scalp. “You ran from me.”

Gabriel gulped, but he didn’t reply. He knew from that one mind-shattering night with the shifter that he wasn’t to speak until invited to do so. When a hand fisted in Gabriel’s hair to yank his gaze up, Gabriel didn’t utter a word, though an anxious whine fell from his lips no matter how he tried to contain it.

“We know how much you like to be punished, though. Don’t we, pet?”

One corner of his master’s mouth curved at the evidence of Gabriel’s distress. “And we both know I’ll always give you what you need.”

Gabriel’s pulse thundered in his ears. “Always?” he whispered then cringed at his audacity.

“Always, Gabriel.”

He stared into Gabriel’s eyes. Wholly captivating. Enthralling. Though nerves ate at his spine, Gabriel would not—could not—look away.
“Strip your jeans down your thighs.”

His stomach clenched. As he fumbled with his zipper, Gabriel’s gaze darted to his master’s nose, the thick blond hair that brushed his brow, to the pale scruff of stubble that roughened his jaw—everywhere the shifter’s grasp would allow. But it was the eyes that commanded him. Beckoned him. Gabriel licked his lips and shuddered at the cold blankness in the unwavering stare. Whatever the shifter intended to do with Gabriel, this was the real punishment—forcing Gabriel to look into his eyes. Gabriel knew it. His master knew it too.

Shoving wet denim down his hips, Gabriel bared his ass and jutting cock.

His master smiled. “Hands, pet.”

Gabriel yanked them to the base of his spine again.

Humming in satisfaction, the shifter tugged at his hair so that he stumbled off balance and wrapped the fingers of his free hand around Gabriel’s aching, needy dick.

Gabriel groaned out wanton lust.

He chuckled. “Have you missed me, pet?”

God, he had. Missed him. Horror at what the man had done to him hadn’t dulled the sharp, keening want. Gabriel had dreamed of him in the months since that night and thought of him endlessly. No matter how long Gabriel lived, he’d never forget the bitter taste of his master’s cum in his mouth, the sounds he’d made when he’d fucked Gabriel, or the exquisite pain of his teeth slicing into Gabriel’s nape.

His grip on Gabriel’s cock tightened.

Gabriel panted.


“Yes, Sir,” he finally said around a broken moan.

“Yes, Sir...what?”

Oh Jesus, he was losing his mind. “Y-yes, Sir, I missed you.”

He swept his thumb over the head of Gabriel’s cock. His fingernail digging into the slit scrambled Gabriel’s brains. “And yet,” he said on a gravelly purr, “you did not seek your master.”

Gabriel bit his lip to hold back the pleas that struggled to tear from his throat. For mercy. For the orgasm he already felt tingling in his balls. For just one moment’s reprieve to think.

“The night you offered yourself to me, your safe word was sparrow. It still is. Do you understand?”

Astounded that he would even now—especially now—be allowed a safe word, Gabriel blinked at him. And knew, regardless of what the shifter did to him, Gabriel wouldn’t use it. He’d fucked up so badly…Gabriel wouldn’t deny his master again. “I understand. Thank you, Sir.”

“You’re welcome.” The shifter gave his dick a lazy pump. “Over my knees, boy.”

Gabriel draped obediently over his lap, ass arched high while his toes and fingertips dug into the floor for balance. His master adjusted his position so Gabriel’s cock rooted between his denim-clad thighs. Gabriel’s desire fought scared embarrassment while he was maneuvered into place. Desire won.

One big hand rubbed the rounded globes of Gabriel’s ass. The other pushed against the small of his back, holding him in position. “Ten should sear this lesson into your memory. Ten and then the last two months will be forgiven. Do you understand?”

Gabriel braced his body, determined that he wouldn’t add to his transgressions by squirming. “Yes, Sir.”

“Count each stroke.”

Panicked arousal coiled in his stomach. “Yes, Sir.”

His master’s fingers massaged his ass cheeks. “You won’t come without my permission.”

Gabriel hoped to Christ he could obey. The shifter had given Gabriel a cock ring the night he’d been bitten, but no such mercy had been offered to him now. “No, Sir. I won’t.”

“Good boy.” But that single, taunting hand didn’t lift from the quivering flesh of his ass cheek to deliver the first blow.
Gabriel pushed up and into the shifter’s open palm. Not because he looked forward to the spanking. He didn’t. At least, he kept telling himself that his stomach didn’t jitter because he was that damn eager for it. No, he arched his back and spread his knees to give his master better access to his cock and balls because he preferred his subs open. Vulnerable. And wanton.

As did Gabriel.

“Greedy slut.” One finger traced his crease, up and down, then back again. Gabriel’s ring clenched and fluttered open, trying to draw that teasing fingertip in. “My slut.”

His lips parted on a whispery gasp. Yes, Gabriel was his slut. Gabriel wanted only to be his slut. He wanted his master’s cock thrusting into his mouth and down his throat. Gabriel craved his taste as he’d craved nothing else. He wanted to take the shifter into his body. He needed his master to spurt inside him, painting him with spunk. Gabriel needed his master’s delicious scent all over him, inside and out, declaring Gabriel his boy. His very good boy.

The fears that had driven him faded.

The promise of forgiveness overwhelmed those fears, his pride—everything.

Gabriel arched into his master’s touch and did nothing to smother his whimpers.

“You shouldn’t have run.”

Author Bio:
Kari Gregg lives in the mountains of Wild and Wonderful West Virginia with her Wonderful husband and three very Wild children. When Kari’s not writing, she enjoys reading, coffee, zombie flicks, coffee, naked mud-wrestling (not really), and . . . coffee!



Anywhere the Sun Shines Box Set

Title: Aywhere the Sun Shines
Authors: Alisa Mullen, Holly Barbo, Samantha Jacobey
Cherime MacFarlane, Nikki Lynn Barrett
Michele E Gwynn, RE Hargrave, Teri Riggs, Jayne Hyatt
Genre: Contemporary and Paranormal Romance, Suspense, Action, and Drama
Release Date: August 29, 2015
Presented by the Crazy Lady Authors, this box set of NINE incredible short stories is sure to take you on an adventure. Whether you have an hour or a whole afternoon, crack open this set and escape to someplace new. Contemporary and Paranormal Romance, Suspense, Action, and Drama . . . Anywhere the Sun Shines has it all. Fits conveniently in your travel bag; pairs well with poolside relaxation. Serve with tropical, fruity beverages containing bright pink mini-umbrellas and perhaps a box of tissues. Happy reading!

Books Included:
Enchanted in Time by Nikki Lynn Barrett 
Still reeling from a tragedy, Roxanne Ferris takes a summer job as a caregiver to bestselling author Claudette Grayson. The ailing woman doesn't have long to live, but wants to spend the rest of her days in the house she's fond of.

Roxanne and Claudette bond over enchanting stories of fictional characters that feel so real. It's the perfect escape for both women who carry haunting memories. But when mysterious things happen, Roxanne questions her sanity, especially when she begins seeing one of the fictitious characters in the house.

Who is the mysterious stranger? What's his story? This summer could go one way or the other- bringing peace and closure, or destroying what's left of two women's tormented minds.

Sunday Hill by Alisa Mullen
A prequel to 77 Steps, Sunday Hill introduces you to Keely Milliken, an aspiring scientist, works hard at her school work and never notices that there is an outside world. As well as Rory McCary, an aspiring professional snowboarder, whose world has been so busy that he never let anyone into his heart.

A Beltane Gift by Holly Barbo
Summer in Scotland, and Mari is working on an archeological dig of a Viking burial ship during Beltane, a time of the year when the veil shrouding the spirit world thins. What could possibly go wrong?

Like the story? Holly is working on further adventures for Mari and her friends in an upcoming series.

Summer Angel by Samantha Jacobey
What would you do if you discovered Guardian Angels are real?

Charlie and his parents had planned a fabulous summer vacation; the last one before he heads off to college. Things go mysteriously awry when the young man meets Clarisse; he finds himself separated from his parents and on a different sort of holiday.

Caught up in a strange adventure with the slender blonde, Charlie learns right away that things are not what they seem. She easily convinces him that her magical powers are real, and introduces him to a world mankind has only dreamt of. Promising to have him reunited with his family soon, the girl takes him on a gallery walk of life, using her abilities to give him a summer vacation he will never forget... and then again, may not even survive.

Road Talk by Cherime MacFarlane
Molly only takes chances while driving. Life burned her and she isn’t ready to open herself up to being wounded again. Louis, Lou for short, knows more about the woman than she cares for. It’s a business trip into the wilds of Alaska. Where will their road talk take them?

Short Bio:I am an Alaskan woman and very proud to be one. I didn’t get here easily but the journey was interesting. The things I write about I have done. Although born in New Orleans, I have lived here since 1977. I have seen -40 degrees, hauled water, made bear bacon and I live in a cabin. I have used a fishwheel to catch salmon coming up the Copper River. I was my second husband's chief mechanic's helper and roadie.

Waiting a Lifetime by Michele E. Gwynn
Wade Walker had his whole life planned out. He was going to earn his law degree, marry his high school sweetheart Arlene Richards, and live the perfect life. But life doesn't always go according to plan. Betrayal was about to derail Wade's well-laid plans, and he would soon discover that he'd been on autopilot heading in the wrong direction. Melissa Ryan had never been in love. A car accident that robbed her of the full use of her legs as a child left the grown woman too shy to even try and date. Melissa spent her time building up her photography business, but despite all her efforts to avoid men, one found his way to her front door anyway. Wade knew his buddy Jed's sister was shy. Hell, she ran to her room every time he came over. He'd barely gotten a look at her, but when she finally wandered into Pelican's Market, the opportunity to say hello presented itself, and he took full advantage. There was something pretty special about this quiet girl, and even her crutches couldn't take away from the fact that she was simply beautiful. For the first time in years, Wade felt alive. Melissa brought out the best in him, and he proved to her that she was a desirable woman. Their love was destined, yet his ex-fiancé couldn't let go. And one stormy night set actions into motion that would have devastating consequences. Wade knew he found the love of his life, but would it be this life or the next before they could be together?

Unchained Melody by R.E. Hargrave
Marshall Chandler is a true American who grew up wanting nothing more than to serve his country to the best of his ability, by becoming a fighter pilot in the United States Air Force. On the eve of his first assignment, he meets the woman that will haunt his dreams and change his life.

A single night to connect, but a decade to realize it . . . when one man is torn between the love of his country and what might have been the love of his life, how does he stay sane? How does he cope? And will he ever get a second chance at love?

Sometimes fate works in mysterious ways.

Sunsets and New Beginnings by Teri Riggs
Mandi Waters had the worst day ever. She lost her job, found her fiancé in bed with her best friend, then discovered he’d been stealing from her. She seeks refuge with her beloved aunt in the peaceful seaside town of Heaven’s Beach. Her ability to trust may be in tatters, but the handsome businessman with the surfer boy looks, might have her reconsidering.

Josh Foster’s mother has her greedy eyes on the only waterfront property left in Heaven’s Beach. Unfortunately, it belongs to a woman unwilling to sell. Her solution is simple: coerce Josh into seducing the owner’s niece, in hopes she’ll sell. However, Josh will never get involved in the same kind of sordid relationships his mother had. Especially when he meets Mandi. She's the kind of woman he could love--until he discovers Mandi is the prey his mother means to trap in her tangled web of deception.

Mandi and Josh have both sworn off love. But if they will let it, the magic of Heaven’s Beach may help them find a way to let the sun set on the past and together discover a new beginning.

The Hipster Dude, The Gamer Girl, and the BOMB! by Jayne Hyatt
On a hot summer day in downtown Denver a bomb threat is made against the public library. Neil and Evie, strangers to one another, are evacuated and detained by police while authorities search for the bomb … and the bomber. Thrown together in a frightening situation, Evie and Neil can’t figure out if they should trust one another - much less like one another – until the crisis reaches its climax, and their dilemma is resolved in a way that surprises them both.

Author Bios:
Alisa Mullen
Alisa Mullen is the author of the Best Selling Saga Series The Chosen Series and Psychological Suspense Fiction The Good Bye Trilogy. She grew up in Down East Maine. When she isn't writing, she enjoys reading, making necklaces, and spending time with her family. Mullen now lives in South Texas with her husband and their two children. She loves the beach, Estate Sales, Blue Bonnet season, and art.

Mullen owns a macramé necklace business, Devika Knots, which she started with her daughter in 2009 and it has become a great part of her life. Many times her whole family will go out to the markets to be around other artisans and farmers. She and her husband look forward to one day owning an RV and following their noses around the country year round.

Holly Barbo
Holly Barbo's world is shaped by her love of family, the beauty of the natural world and an irrepressible creative drive. She has always been curious and sees life through questions. These four characteristics color her writing voice and her stories frequently evolve from her asking "What if....?" Her tales tend to have non-urban settings with nature contributing to the plot, building discordant themes inside a seemingly peaceful refrain.

Holly weaves alternative worlds with threads from today.

Samantha Jacobey
Anyone who knows me could tell you, I am a friendly kind of person, never met a stranger and take up conversations any where at any time. I work hard, and my mind never seems to shut down, as I wake up often in the middle of the night with ideas pouring out and demanding to be dealt with. Of course that means much of my books were written in the middle of the night.

I grew up and still live in the great state of Texas where everything is bigger, where we have warm weather and a central location. I love my state, my town, and my family, which includes my four sons, my significant other, and many friends as well.

I have thoroughly enjoyed writing the books that are currently available and hope you will enjoy reading them just as much. And of course, there will be many more stories to come.

Cherime MacFarlane
Although born in New Orleans, I am proud to call myself an Alaskan. I have lived here since 1977. I have seen -40 degrees, hauled water, made bear bacon and I live in a cabin. I have used a fishwheel to catch salmon coming up the Copper River. I was my second husband's chief mechanic's helper and roadie. I have cut firewood on shares. I worked as a cocktail waitress during pipeline days in a small lodge on the Richardson Highway.

My second husband, a Scot from Glasgow, was the love of my life. When I write Scots dialect, I personally experienced hearing it from my in laws. When my husband got on the phone to Scotland, after 5 seconds I could barely understand a word.

We moved to Wasilla to get warm. It barely drops past -25 degrees here in the winter. I became a paralegal and worked for over 26 years for the same firm.

Alaska is my home. I never thought I would love it so much, I never want to leave. The beauty of Alaska is a draw I cannot resist. I love the people and the history. I have been captured by a place I came to under duress. Life does play some interesting tricks on one. My love and I were not apart more than 24 hours for 20 plus years. I never wanted to be anywhere but with him. He was a man to run the river with and was my biggest fan.

Nikki Lynn Barrett
I'm an avid lover of books. I've been writing as far back as I can remember, completing my first "book" by fifth grade in one of those one subject spiral notebooks. I have a passion for music, photography, jewelry and all things creative. I live in Arizona with my husband and son, but dream of being somewhere much colder and stormier. For now, I'll have to live that life through my characters and stick it out with the summer heat.

Michele E Gwynn
Michele E. Gwynn is a freelance journalist in San Antonio. She writes for newspapers, magazines, and online websites like (under the categories of Film, Animal Rights, and Sex and Relationships), Alwayz Therro Magazine, FashionErotica Digital, and more. She also edits websites and books.

Gwynn has published several books and has three series currently; the Kriminal Erotic Series (crime/detective for 18+); The Harvest Trilogy (Horror/Sci-Fi #UFO series inspired by a true event); and the Angelic Hosts Series (supernatural action/adventure, romance YA & NA). She also has a new Contemporary Romance Short Story - Waiting a Lifetime. Coming to Amazon soon (2015) are the third books in all three series, and her first darkly romantic paranormal vampire novel (title not yet released). The new year will see the publishing of the first full novel in her new series, The Ghosts of Cardiff, Murder in the Vale: The Mystery at Llandaff Cathedral, and the long-anticipated second children's book, The Cat Who Cooked Spaghetti.

For discriminating bibliophiles, there is also a science fiction short published in a charity book for which all funds raised will help build a new library: Tales and Poems from Universal City, Texas (Synthesis by Michele E. Gwynn)

As if that weren't enough, she has published adult short stories under the pen name Xaviera Snow. (On

Much of her career has been spent interviewing all manner of celebrities for, and hometown newspaper and magazines. Life has been kind, and these interviews can be found on her blog over at She resides in the small town of Schertz, Texas on the northeast side of San Antonio with her four felines who so graciously allow her to reside in their home.

RE Hargrave
Amazon International Best Selling author R.E. Hargrave lives on the outskirts of Dallas, TX where she prides herself on being a domestic engineer. Married to her high school sweetheart, together they are raising three children. She is an avid reader, a sometimes quilter, and now, a writer. Other hobbies include gardening and a love of music. A native 'mutt,' Hargrave has lived in New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Alabama, Texas, and California. She is fond of setting her stories~which range from the sweet to the paranormal to the erotic~on location in South Carolina and Texas, but its anybody's guess as to what the genre will be!

Teri Riggs
As a child, Teri Riggs made up her own bedtime stories. When her children came along, Teri always tweaked the fairy tales she told her daughters, giving them a bit more punch and better endings when needed.

Now she spends her days turning her ideas into books. She lives in Marietta, GA with her husband.

Jayne Hyatt
Jayne Hyatt is a novelist who currently lives in Denver, Colorado. A lifelong bookworm, she especially enjoys reading contemporary and historical romance, romantic suspense and mysteries. When she's not writing, or reading, she's very likely hanging out with her best friend, cooking up a storm, watching a movie, trying out a new restaurant, browsing in a used book store, or simply daydreaming. As she puts it: "I seem to spend a lot of time daydreaming about what my characters are up to when I'm not with them."

Alisa Mullen

Holly Barbo

Samantha Jacobey

Cherime MacFarlane

Nikki Lynn Barrett

Michele E. Gwynn

RE Hargrave

Teri Riggs

Jayne Hyatt

Brought to you by: 

Toccata Obbligato: Serenading Kyra by Jennifer Theriot

Title: Toccata Obbligato: Serenading Kyra
Author: Jennifer Theriot
Series: Out of the Box
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: October 14, 2015
Cover Design: The Graphics Shed
Todd O’Malley has been called many things, from filthy mouthed jerk to legendary Rock God. With his outlandish cocky demeanor – tatted up and pierced, compared in looks to Adam Levine - his constant use of the F-bomb, and the seductive gyrations he performs for the ladies on stage, affirm he is a man every woman craves. But there is only one woman who is able to capture his heart, Kyra Edwards.

That chance meeting at a little coffee shop in Evanston began their journey of compromise, pain, dedication and love.

From the night he took her virginity to Todd’s past sex-capades and consequences threatening their relationship, will Kyra be able to deal with it? With Todd and his band Avenue touring on the road, can he prove to Kyra that he is a changed man? Can he be faithful and avoid temptation?

Jennifer Theriot brings us yet another love story that will capture our hearts. This is truly a story of Beauty and the Beast, where we admire the beauty that is Kyra and adore the beast known as Todd.

You loved him in Out of the Box Awakening and Out of the Box Regifted. In the pages of Toccata Obbligato ~Serenading Kyra, you'll get inside his head - see what makes him tick and get to know the woman who captured his heart......

We meet up for coffee the day after next. I swear to God, Olivia was right. This girl is the one for me. When she walks into our coffee shop—I call it ‘our coffee shop’ because that’s where we met—she has her hands behind her back and walks up to me, grinning from ear to ear. “What’s up with the smile?” I ask.

She proudly places a black t-shirt on the table. “Here, I got this for you. It’s corny, I know.”

I unfold the shirt and read it. I smile and take her hand. The shirt says, ‘Plays Well With Others’. “Wow. This is awesome, Kyra. I love it!” 

She makes a silly face, “Well, I know you play in a band, and I thought it was cool. Corny but cool. So you really do like it?”

I give her a hug, and when she hugs me back, I’m relieved. “It’s awesome, Kyra. I really do love it.”
She pulls back. “Seriously? I was afraid you’d laugh at me.”

I put her hair behind her ear and look her in the eye. “I’d never laugh at you, Kyra. I really love it. I’m gonna wear it every day.”

Author Bio:
Jennifer Theriot hails from the Great State of Texas. She is a career woman, working as CFO of a Texas based real estate investment firm by day and does her writing at nights and on weekends. In her limited spare time, Jennifer enjoys being outdoors; preferably somewhere on a beach curled up with a good book. Spending time with family and friends, listening to music, watching a baseball game and enjoying a good bottle of wine are usually on her to-do lists. She’s mom to three grown children and ‘MiMi’ to three (soon to be four) grandkids – all of whom she adores!

Her best-selling Out of the Box Series, OUT OF THE BOX AWAKENING, OUT OF THE BOX REGIFTED and TOCCATA OBBLIGATO~SERENADING KYRA are currently available on . The final in the Out of the Box series, OUT OF THE BOX EVERLASTING will be released in late 2015.


Toccata Obbligato

Awakening #1

Regifted #2

Brought to you by: