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Lost and Found by Elle Casey

Title: Lost and Found
Author: Elle Casey
Series: Love in New York #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: December 25, 2014

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Sometimes engagement rings can get lost and then found. Sometimes people can too. All it takes is a heavy-duty dose of karma and the magic of Manhattan to make it all come together.

Leah is a financially destitute new age hippy. James is a wealthy surgeon with a trust fund. She’s awkward, he’s poised. She’s completely crazy, he’s way too sane. People might say they have nothing in common, but they’d be wrong. They both live in Manhattan, they both have no idea how to change a baby diaper, and they’re both lost … until they find one another.

1. What is the biggest influence/interest that brought you to this genre?
I write in many genres, but I’ve been a reader of romance since I was 8. Yes, I was reading Harlequin romances when I was 8!! My parents didn’t care; as long as I was reading something, they were happy. And my grandmother was a frequent visitor and she always had stacks of those things around. Sexy, sexy! (to an 8-year-old, anyway)

2. When writing a book, what is your favorite part of the creative process(outline, plot, character names, editing, etc)?
I don’t outline, so I can’t speak about that. Character names I just pull out of a hat or off my Facebook page (lots of my readers’ names are in my books), so that’s fun, but it only lasts a moment. I suppose the plot is the best. Since I don’t know the plot ahead of time, I enjoy watching it unfold under my fingers. Editing? Bleck. Who likes editing?

3. When reading a book, what genre do you find most interesting/intriguing?
Right now, science fiction. But my tastes change almost with the seasons. I’ve read a little of everything. My first love after romance was fantasy.

4. If you could co-author with any author, past or present, who would you choose?
Nora Roberts. I’m a fan from waaaay back. I like how she mixes it up genre-wise, writes a lot, and really respects her readers. I respect her a ton, so if she agreed to write with me, I’d consider that a huuuuge compliment.

5. Have you always wanted to write or did it come to you "later in life"?
 I always thought I would try to write a book, but I wouldn’t call it a burning passion at all until I actually tried it. Now it’s an all-consuming, burning passion and addiction.

Author Bio:
Elle Casey is a prolific, NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY bestselling American writer who lives in Southern France with her husband, three kids, and several furry friends. She writes in several genres and publishes an average of one full-length novel per month.


***FREE (regular price $4.99) from Sept 9-13***

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Fret by Sandrine Gasq-Dion

Title: Fret
Author: Sandrine Gasq-Dion
Series: The Rock Series #1
Genre: M/M Romance
Release Date: August 31, 2015
***WARNING: This book contains homosexual relations and crude language. A sneak peek at book 2 follows the ending!***

Former Navy SEAL Axel Blaze lives a solitary life. He doesn't do emotions, and he doesn't do babysitting. Used to being on his own, his job consists of Wetwork (a charming term coined by the KGB) for his former Master Chief, Mac. When an out-of-the-ordinary job lands on his doorstep, Axel heads down a path that includes a famous heavy metal rock band and one quiet, vulnerable, guitar-shredding virtuoso named Gareth Wolf.

Gareth Wolf's life changed in an instant when a car he was a passenger in crashed, hurting his brother's best friend and the band's lead guitarist. They created the band, Skull Blasters, as kids. Gareth had always been happy in the background, playing roadie. With the lead guitarist's injury, Gareth is suddenly thrust into the limelight and into a frenzied life he never imagined for himself. Finally fed up with living a lie, Gareth comes out as gay in a newspaper interview and finds himself in the bulls-eye of a crazed stalker. Somebody wants Gareth hurt - or worse - and Mac has been hired to be sure that doesn't happen. Babysitting duty is NOT Axel's strong suit, but Mac won't be budged.

Enter Axel Blaze.

Against his better judgment, the big man takes the job to protect the shy musician. The more time he spends with Gareth Wolf, the more he admires the man. Where's a simple assassination when you need one? The situation becomes more volatile for each man as the attempts on Gareth escalate just as Axel finds himself falling for the quiet lead guitarist.

Strong, funny, smart-ass -- and kinda sweet Axel is everything Gareth has ever wanted in a man. Too bad he's off limits. As the stalker grows bolder, Gareth and Axel move closer emotionally - but is it too late? All Axel knows is that they don't stand a chance if he can't find the maniac trying to kill the man he's come to care about. A lot.

Everyone knows that relationships that begin in pressured or volatile situations eventually fizzle out.
Or do they?

     Thumping music was shaking the walls of the Dome as I headed for my designated spot. I guess I’m meeting Paul, the band’s manager.
     I took mental notes as I passed through the crowd of screaming, jumping people. The band was rocking it out and I sought out Gareth Wolf. There were two guitarists, but I found him right away. Black hair touched his shoulders and his lean body moved with his guitar.
     He was in his element.
     The song was wrapping up and the floor was shaking from the bass drum. The floor-to-ceiling speakers pumped out the last notes of the song. The crowd immediately went wild as Ransom Fox leaned over the stage.
     “Let’s hear it for the best lead guitarist on the planet!” he shouted.
     Gareth shook his hair back and bowed with one hand out. Again, the crowd screamed, shouted and whistled. Ransom went on to give some love to the other members of the group.
     I rolled my eyes and pushed my way through the crowd toward the side of the stage. A large man eyed me and then nodded as I walked by. Again, I could have been wearing a ‘Hello, I’m God’ tag and security wouldn’t have batted an eyelash. As it was, my tag faced backwards; he couldn’t even see my name or credentials.
     Security for the Skull Blaster band was sorely lacking.
     I sat through another hour of bone-jarring hardcore metal before the band finally left the stage. I scanned the area for their manager, but no luck.
     I walked right behind the curtain and fell into step with the band members as they trudged toward their dressing rooms. They didn’t even notice me — and I’m really hard to miss.
     They stepped into the dressing room; I followed and slammed the door shut behind me. Ransom turned and his eyes widened.
     “Who the fuck are you?!”
     “Nice of you to finally notice me,” I pointed out.
     “Paul!” Ransom thundered. He immediately moved in front of Gareth, shielding him.
     “Oh for fucks sake.” I rolled my eyes.
     The door behind me opened and a startled man looked me over from head to toe. He flipped my name badge over and sighed audibly, clearly relieved.
     “It’s cool, Ransom. This is the guy I was telling you about.”
     “You could have mentioned he was a semi-truck.” Ransom’s eyes narrowed.
     “I’m sorry I couldn’t meet you,” Paul apologized to me. “I ran into some media and couldn’t get away.”
     “Not that this isn’t fun —  because, oh so much fun — but I’m here to do a job. So I need to speak to whoever is in charge of ‘security.’ Now.” I leaned very slightly — but effectively — in to Paul’s face.
     I turned to see Gareth peeking out from behind his brother’s broad shoulders. His eyes were a shade of green I’d never seen before, and with his pale complexion and dark hair? The guy was a looker and then some.
     “Because band security royally sucks. I walked right on back here with them and not one person noticed or stopped me. That is not acceptable.”
     “Who are you?” Gareth gaped.
     I pinned him with a hard look. “I’m your bodyguard.”
     Ransom chuckled.
     “What the actual fuck?” Gareth stepped in front of his brother. “Is this a joke?”
     “Nope.” Ransom shook his head.
     “Jinx, Harley, Rebel. Give us a few, eh?” Paul opened the door and tilted his head toward the hallway.
     “Sure thing, boss.” Rebel tipped his hat and winked at me.
     I leaned against the wall as the members walked out. I overheard one of them, not sure which, talking to another.
     “Did you see the size of that guy?”
     “How could you miss him?” another one answered.
     Paul shut the door and turned to Gareth with an apologetic smile.
     “I knew what you’d say if we told you beforehand,” he admitted.
     “Oh, did you now? You had to get me Conan the Destroyer? Jesus Christ!”
     “Gareth,” Ransom warned.
     “What? This is stupid! I don’t need a human shield!”
     “You’re going to play nice and allow this man to watch your back, Gareth!” Ransom shouted. “You’re getting threats since you came out! I insist you be kept safe!”
     “Gareth, why don’t you go clean up? Then you and Mr. Blaze can get acquainted.”
     “Seriously? Blaze?” Gareth snorted.
     I narrowed my eyes at the kid. Well, to me he was a kid, after everything I’d seen in my life. Gareth was almost twenty-three and I was pushing thirty. We locked eyes for a few seconds before he turned away.

Author Bio:
Best selling author, Sandrine (Sandy) was born in Inglewood, California. Raised by "Old School" French parents, she later moved to Tucson, AZ. It was there that writing became a hobby. Always told she had a great imagination, Sandy wrote short stories for her friends in High School. In college, she took more writing classes while working on her Criminal Justice degree, but it wasn't until a soap opera caught her eye that she got involved in male on male romances. On the advice of a friend, Sandy dipped her toes into the world of M/M Romance. Sandy takes the writing seriously and has had countless conversations with gay men as well as hours of research. She's been involved with the military in one way or another for over twenty years, and has a great deal of respect for our men in uniform. She's traveled the world, but has finally returned to Arizona.


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Pan & Hook by KR Thompson

Titles: Pan & Hook
Author: KR Thompson
Series: Untold Stories of Neverland
Genre: Fantasy/Fairytale/Short Story
Release Date: Pan: August 10, 2015
Hook: January 1, 2015
Cover Design: Alchemy Book Covers


Neverland has always been their sanctuary—until now.

Magic is dying in Neverland. Only one pixie is brave enough to search the human world for someone to believe. Tink finds a desolate boy flying in the night, peering in windows, searching for the life he once knew. But can she convince him to abandon his quest and save Neverland?

Discover the untold story of the boy destined to become Peter Pan.

Archie Jameson sat in the dark corners of the print shop, dreaming of adventure.

Today, it found him.

Caught in a chilly October storm, he ducked into a tavern, hoping to escape the rain. What he found, was a room teeming with pirates. Shanghaied by the most elderly of the lot, Archie found himself serving on a ship captained by the fiercest pirate ever to sail the seven seas—the man known as Blackbeard.

Through a series of thrilling twists, Archie finds himself captain of another of Blackbeard’s ships, the Jolig Roger. In an attempt to flee danger, his ship becomes lost under stars never before seen.

Determined to save both his crew and the woman he loves, Archie will make decisions that will forever seal his fate.

Discover the untold story of the man who became Captain Hook.

THE TINY PIXIE flew over the dark rooftops to the crumbling tower in the center of the town. Zipping to the top, she chose her usual spot and greeted the gargoyle perched on the edge of the roof. Taking one final look to make sure she had the best view, she plopped down on the tip of the monster’s nose and settled in to watch the boy fly from house to house.

Back and forth, from one window to the next he flew, staying at each only long enough to peer through the panes of glass…searching…

At least he was taking his task seriously, she decided, watching him raise up on his toes in an effort to gain a better look inside one darkened, upstairs room. Some guardians were lazy, but this one was not, which was just as well, she noted, as the small, shadowy figure of a child exited through the window and joined him. A few seconds later, the two flew off into the night sky. The children of humans could be a handful—the ghosts of them even more so, especially when they realized they were no longer among the living. It only made sense to appoint another child to deal with their sorrow and accompany their spirits to the other side.

The source of her attention currently gone, the pixie idly kicked into the open air. Small bits of dust sprinkled each time her feet touched the open mouth of the monster she’d been making a seat of. She glanced down, noticing his bottom teeth now sparkled like gold in the moonlight, giving him an even more ferocious look.

The poor thing looked dreadful, with long curling teeth and bulging eyes—nothing at all like her own pretty, golden self. She gave him a bright smile. Likely, that was the only kindness ever given the monster forever stuck up here on the edge of this roof, so she reached down and gave his hard cheek an affectionate pat before turning her attention back to the sprawling town below. After all, she hadn’t come to save this monster. She’d come for the boy and soon he would need her—but not nearly as much as she needed him.

AN ETERNITY PASSED before Big Ben tolled five bells. They were heavenly peals to Archibald Jameson, who began to wonder if time had somehow gotten stuck or if the gigantic clock across the square was broken. Stretching out his long legs, he stood up from the desk and scooted around the corner, taking care not to bump the towering mountain of paper at the edge. Naturally, it was the largest stack in the entire room—the work that he had yet to finish. If he was even a fraction as meticulous a man as his father—the very man who left him the shop—he would have stayed, locked the front door, and remained into the wee hours to finish the work, however long it should take.

But he was not his father, and he had no intention of pretending to be so. While he was very good at running the print shop, it wasn’t something he enjoyed. It was only what he must do to ensure his survival. Remaining any longer than necessary just wasn’t going to happen as far as Archie was concerned. His inheritance should have been a blessing since he was the youngest of four sons. Without the steady work the shop provided, he might as well have lived out on the street, begging for what scraps could be found. To him, the feel of the paper and smell of ink felt like a prison where he was trapped day in and out. His only release came in daydreams. As he pondered another life or another world, the work piled up before him. He spent hours upon hours each day, dreaming of adventure, of places and people that always made those in his life seem dull in comparison. Those daydreams made his life bearable.

But even the daydreams wouldn’t hold him there once Big Ben chimed its fifth peal. He never stayed a second longer than required.

He blew out lamps and turned over the sign in the window, then pulled on his frayed, black frock. He took one last glance around, then slapped on his hat and stepped outside. Chilly air greeted him as he pulled the door shut, listening to the muted sounds of the doorbell. He turned the key in the lock and jiggled the knob.

Odd, he thought. The tinkling sounds he heard earlier sounded nothing at all like the brass bell on the frame of that door. Odd, indeed. Perhaps it was the remnants of his latest daydream, for the door had never sounded that way before. Still pondering the bell, he turned and rammed directly into a young boy, who let out an audible oof, as he landed on the side of the street.

“I do beg your pardon,” Archie said, offering both his apologies and his hand to help the boy up. The lad flashed a smile, showing a unique set of small, pearly white teeth, before he took Archie’s proffered hand and replied, “Quite alright.” Without waiting for Archie to say anything more, the boy took off, disappearing around the bend.

Hunching over against the cold wind that sent leaves dancing about his legs, Archie shoved his hands deep into his pockets, and made his way down the bricked street, no longer in the rush he was in moments before.

“Mary, I don’t see how we can afford to keep her.” The booming voice was startling. Archie glanced up at a window, which was open in spite of the chill. “Let’s see, two pounds nineteen…”

“George, dear…”

“Now, Mary, hold on a moment. I have the tally right here. Do you think we might try it for half a year on say, five five three? Only half the year, mind you. Oh, drat, I forgot to figure in colic.”

The voice of the man and his wife argued back and forth as Archibald stood, rooted in place, wondering at their strange conversation. As this was his normal route home, he walked by No. 27 every evening. He half-hoped this financial dispute might possibly involve their dog. If it did, he would be more than willing to step up and offer to solve their financial dilemma. He lived alone and the thought of the trim Newfoundland he had seen carrying in bottles of milk from the front steps bolstered his spirits.

The talk of colic, however, kept him from knocking on the front door.

“Shall we say one pound? Yes, that is what I’ll put down. But what of mumps? I’ve heard that can be quite taxing. I daresay that should be twenty shillings there. Don’t give me that look, Mary.”

It was at this point a sharp cry of an infant pierced their conversation and Archibald was quite certain that Nana the Newfoundland was most assuredly not the topic of money, colic, mumps, and their current distraught state. He shook his head, wondering about the sanity of the Darlings in No. 27 as the silhouette of a woman he presumed to be Mary shut the window and the voices muted.

Poor Nana, Archibald thought, to be stuck with people such as that.

He didn’t even want to think about the child whose fate rested on the odds of her contracting whooping-cough and so he openly wished the inhabitants of No. 27 would not be so lucky as to have any additional offspring. He voiced exactly that, and in that same instant, heard that funny peal of bells again. This time it sounded suspiciously like laughter.

He spun around, searching for the source, and saw only a crone of an old woman who stepped out of No. 31. She heard his wish and obviously didn’t agree with his rather bold assessment. Archie was fairly sure she hadn’t laughed a day since she had been born, and moreover, he was absolutely certain that glorious day of her arrival had been at least a century earlier.

“Well,” she puffed up, looking much like a wrinkled, ancient bullfrog before she croaked, “I never!”

“Yes, madam. I should hope for precisely never as it seems the most promising period of time,” he smiled and bent, giving her an elaborately low bow to thank her for her agreement. “For to wish them more mouths to feed, when one seems to be their undoing, would be bad form, indeed.”

The old woman gaped at him, mouth working like a fish out of water. Then, she clamped it shut in a fierce scowl, and proceeded to slam the door with as much vigor as her frail limbs could muster.

Archibald smiled to himself, silently touching the brim of his hat in mock farewell before he spun, leaving the occupants of both No. 27 and No. 31 to their own devices and ignorance. He continued his stroll down the street in much better spirits, knowing that he bested the old woman and possibly even the Darlings without their even knowing it, though he was certain his sentiments would most certainly be relayed by their overly observant neighbor.

Ah, well. They should have known better than to trifle with something such as a child. A small victory, certainly, but victory nonetheless if it caused them to think of someone other than themselves.

The breeze picked up and proceeded to burst insistent, frigid puffs that threatened to dislodge his hat. He clamped one hand on top, squishing it down around his lean face as he resolutely lengthened his stride and marched on, determined to make it home before the storm set in.

He’d almost made it to the corner, to the place where he normally made the left on N. Westburl, and then a right onto 43rd, followed by a various assortment of other long deviations that would get him safely home, when a large crack of thunder shook the air. He decided that just this once he might consider taking the most direct route, albeit dangerous, foreboding, and possibly life-threatening. He stopped right on the bend of the street, uncertain for a fleeting moment, until the next jolting crack of thunder made up his mind for him. He headed straight along Market Street, which followed the length of the Thames River, hoping that the seedy individuals who lurked around the pier were as mindful of the storm as he, and would not cause him trouble on this particular evening, for even though he was quick-witted and could talk himself out of most troubles, sailors tended to be a harder breed of people. They were a sharp and cunning lot, and Archie did not know if he could outsmart anyone else that day, and didn’t wish to press his luck.

He made it past the pier, hesitating just long enough to glance at the small boats tied to the dock. There were obviously people about, and so far he had been lucky enough not to encounter any of them.

But one final ground-shaking crack and the tinkling sound of bells changed it all. The clouds overhead clashed and he ran for the shelter of a nearby tavern, barely escaping the torrent of rain.

Archie had never been in The Captain’s Keg before. He stopped just inside the door and let his eyes adjust to the dark, smoke-filled room. He realized that not only had he run into the very people he wished to avoid, but that he also had a new problem.

These men weren’t just sailors.

He was ready to run back out and take his chances of drowning in the street, when he heard the same tinkling of bells from earlier. This time, it sounded like mocking laughter.

Well. He might very well be losing his mind, but a coward he was not.

He straightened to his full height—all six feet and four inches of it—and removed his crumpled hat with a flourish, tucking it under his arm. He walked proudly down the three steps that led into the heart of the tavern—to a bar, teeming with pirates.

Author Bio:
K.R. Thompson was raised in the mountains of rural Virginia. She resides in Bland County with her husband, son, two cats and an undeterminable amount of chickens. She is an avid reader, firm believer of magic, and still watches for evidence of Bigfoot in the mud of Wolf Creek.



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Release Day Blitz: Stupid Love by Cindy Miles

Title: Stupid Love
Author: Cindy Miles
Series: Stupid in Love #3
Genre: New Adult Romance
Release Date: September 10, 2015
Bestselling new adult author Cindy Miles is set to capture the hearts of STUPID GIRL fans again with the grand finale of the Stupid in Love series, featuring Memory and Jace.



That’s how I refer to the guys who’ve had the bad fortune to fall for me. They only see long legs that they wish were wrapped around them, a cat-like smile, and the reckless abandon to take on any wild dare. It’s all a game to me. Show me a bridge, and I’ll leap over the side. Give me a car, and I’ll race it. Give me a heart, and I’ll break it. I always win. I even showed Death who was boss a long time ago.

Or so I thought.

Now, time is running out, and I’m losing fast…and big. I met someone. Jace Beaumont. He’s smart, and good, and I dream about spending days exploring the summit of his perfect lips. But, I’m a grenade. I know I should leave him be. I can’t.


Study, class, work, repeat. That’s all I have time for. At twenty-five years old, I have a bit more mileage on me than the average college freshman. But, that’s what happens when you spend your youth drinking, partying, and bagging girls like it’s a full-time job. Now, I have goals. There’s just one kink in my plans. Her name is Memory. She’s every guy’s dream girl. She’s intoxicating. She’s trouble. I want to stay away. I can’t.

     Jace’s words stuck to the inside of my skull all throughout the next day. Even after my friends all met up at my house, bound for Cooper’s Gorge for an exhilarating day of zip-lining and picnicking, the words remained. I’d want to be surrounded by my loved ones for every second of every day. Until.
     Who was Jace Beaumont, anyway? Mr. Miagi? Buddha? An angel? Why was he filled with so much…profoundness? Why did he say things that struck my heart in such a way that I couldn’t stop thinking about them? About him?
     And why in the absolute hell had he not kissed me yet? Last night on the porch? The air was on fire around us. I guess there was something to be said about a guy who had that much control, yeah?
     I’d made my mind up to ask him. Tomorrow. About the kiss.
     “Mem, you’re up!” Crisco hollered. “Get your head outta your ass, girl, and come on!”
     “Quit, now,” Claire chided. She stood next to Sugar, helmet in place and looking way too big for her head, ready to zip. “She can’t help it,” she grinned. “She’s got Jace-itis!”
     “Don’t hate, Peeshwank!” I yelled as I walked up to the platform. The guide was pretty damn cute, I must say. In a lanky, nerdy kind of way. He had long hair that flipped over his ears like he’d fallen straight out of the seventies. I looked at him and shook my head. “They are so jealous!”
     He grinned. “Let’s get your harness on, darlin’,” he said, and proceeded to secure me in slightly intimate ways.
     “I bet you say that to all the gals, yeah?” I teased.
     Everyone laughed.
     He eyed me. “Nice shirt.”
     “Hey,” I went on as I gave my beloved T-shirt a quick glance. “Jaws was the first and greatest summer blockbuster. Of all time.”
     He finished securing my harness and held his hands up in mock defense. He grinned. “Nothin’ but respect. Ready?”
     I lifted my cell phone from my pocket. “Yep.”
     “Ten bucks says you drop it,” the guy said.
     “You’re on, skipper,” I answered, just before he laughed and gave me a push.
     With friends on either side of the gorge yelling and cheering me on, I shot out on the line, legs clad in a pair of comfy holy jeans, stretched in front of me, my fave pair of worn Converses leading the way and my weight in the harness. It felt like I was flying! My stomach dropped, my lips tingled, and I yelled one of my favorite exhilarating movie quotes at the top of my lungs: “I’m the king of the world!” Then I quickly took a selfie—no idea what it looked like—and hung on for the ride.
     “Woo-hoo! Yeah!” I yelled, and my lungs burned and the cold air stung my cheeks and I laughed all the way until Bentley grabbed my harness on the other side.
     “You are one crazy fool,” he said, grinning and steadying me.
     “Takes one to know one,” I said back, shucking out of my harness.
     We watched the rest of our friends fly the gorge, and I took pics of each one just as they grew close to the platform. Claire came after me and her face was priceless. Mouth wide open, eyes even wider, screaming the most high-pitched scream I’d ever heard. I’d planned on making a giant collage for each one in our group, compiled of our zany adventures, and after four years I had quite a collection.
     Bentley helped me out of my harness and as soon as I was free I pulled up the selfie I took—eyes crossed, huge grin with all of my teeth showing—and sent it to Jace. Wish you were here, I texted. He texted me right back. So do I. Your eyes are gonna stick like that one day, btw
     “I’m gonna be sick,” Bentley said, leaning over my shoulder and reading my text. His shadow fell over me, his ears casting a silhouette on my phone. He elbowed me. “Something’s different.” He cocked his head. “You really like this guy?”
     I smiled. “I don’t know just yet,” I answered, and looked out over the gorge as Sugar came flying across. “But I think I do, yeah.”

Some authors love to put a face to their characters as they’re writing and I’m no exception. It helps me ground with my hero and heroine, secondary characters and bad guys/girls. In Stupid Love, I didn’t click with Memory Thibodeaux until my thoughts landed on the true blue and gorgeously wild and crazy Mattie Breaux from the reality show “Party Down South.” I think she is just so naturally beautiful and crazy wild fun! Mattie fit Memory’s character perfectly after that

As far as Jace Beaumont goes…I’m really, really funny about my heroes. I’ve never found one single Hollywood star to cast because they’re usually a myriad of stars! But Jace’s smoldering sexy-good looks come pretty dang close to Captain America himself, Chris Evans. Phew! Hot flash!

I have a total weak spot for VETS. My grandpa was a gritty old WWII vet and I seem to always gravitate toward a similar character as him to add into my stories. In Stupid Love, old Jasper is no exception. In my mind he looks like Wilford Brimly!

Finally, for Memory’s father Max, I totally saw him as Jeffrey Dean Morgan. He is a quiet sexy that any age can appreciate!

1. The main character of STUPID LOVE has a bit of an odd name, Memory. Where did you get that name from and what significance does it hold? 
Years ago my husband and I had one of our first cars insured at a small town company and the girl working the desk was named Memory  I always thought she had such an interesting name! Although I’ve written many books, this is the first time the name really fit a heroine. As the story goes, it does hold a double meaning. She’s fought a life-threatening disease and won, and she plans on making each memory in her life count!

2. Memory is described as a bit of a wild child. How did the process for writing her character differ from creating your previous heroines in the series, Olivia and Harper? 
Olivia and Harper both had horrible things happen to them in their past, and the events were caused by another person. Memory’s significant past came at the hand of fate, not another person’s ruthless act. Overcoming it made her strong, though, just as Olivia and Harper’s did. But it also made Memory complacent. Writing her wild-child mannerisms was entirely a blast! She just lives each moment as though it was her last, and doesn’t take her loved ones for granted.

3. Memory zip lines, swing from bridges, and a few other things that would make most people have heart palpations. What is the most adventuresome thing you’ve ever done? How did you weave that experience into STUPID LOVE? 
Hmmm…I’d love to think I was once a daredevil! I did grow up on the river, and I water skied, etc. I’ve climbed crumbling castles. But I don’t think I’m quite as daring as Memory! It’s fun imagining it though!

4. What is your favorite line from STUPID LOVE? 
Wow—there are a lot! But “I am so in crazy with you” stands out.

5. What makes Jace Beaumont the perfect match for Memory? 
As my grandma used to say, “he is the sugar in her tomato sauce” Lol! Jace grounds Memory, I think. He shows her how to love deeply.

6. What’s your next project on the horizon? 
I’m not quite sure yet! I’m playing around with a few ideas including another New Adult, or a YA perhaps.

7. Lightning Round! Answer the following prompts with the first thing that comes to mind:
     a. Vacation is best at the beach or in the mountains? Beach
     b. Is everything better with bacon? Of course!
     c. What’s your favorite social media venue to interact with readers? Facebook
     d. What’s the last book you read? Dark Places by Gillian Flynn. Excellent!
     e. Kimmel, Fallon, or past your bedtime? OMG FALLON!
     f. Besides the main couples in the Stupid in Love series—Olivia and Brax, Harper and Kane, and Memory and Jace—who was your most favorite character to write? I loved Jilly in Stupid Girl, and I adored his old pal Jasper in Stupid Love!
     g. Favorite musician of all time? No way! Too difficult! But one of my top 5 is Freddy Mercury  Steve Tyler
     h. Favorite place to write? On my porch swing

Author Bio:
National bestselling author Cindy Miles writes edgy romance, ranging from contemporary love stories to sexy paranormals. A native of southern coastal Georgia, she loves reading (naturally), baking swoon-worthy desserts, traveling abroad, yoga, and classic rock. The cover for her debut New Adult romance, STUPID GIRL, was featured on USA Today's Happily Ever After blog. In the novel, a volatile mix of bad boys, sassy smart girls, dark secrets, and red-hot romance add up to one wild ride through college. The second book in her Stupid in Love series, STUPID BOY, features a wickedly handsome law-breaker who falls for a beautiful, straight-A college student with an ugly past of her own.


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No Strings Attached by Candy Caine

Title: No Strings Attached
Author: Candy Caine
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: July 20, 2015
Publisher: Arrow Publications
Two passionate stories of women finding love when they least expect it...

Never is Not Forever
Claudia Brown has the perfect life, full of all the trappings of success. She has put herself through school and has worked hard to become the youngest English department chairperson at a prestigious ivy-league university. One trap she swears to avoid is marriage—a sure-fire way to constrain her career. Besides, she likes playing the field. But when Claudia realizes her biological clock is a ticking time bomb, she decides to have a baby—minus the attachment of the father. After a meticulous search she finds the perfect specimen: Robert Sterling, a smart, sexy, fellow professor. But she doesn’t factor in the one thing that can derail her entire campaign—falling in love with the sperm donor!

Forever Yours
When Jade Green meets successful trial lawyer, Charles Trotter, she finds herself relaxing in the warmth of his smiles and his off-beat humor. Best of all, even though he is a blue-eyed hunk, she thinks of him only as a great guy to hang with—no drama, no intimacy, no possibility of shattered dreams. And wonder of wonders, he seems to feel exactly the same way! When Charles Totter meets Jade Green, he thinks she is a walking wet dream. As he gets to know her better, he finds he also enjoys her company and her quirky sense of humor. Now if he can only find a way to get her into his bed!

Never is Not Forever
Robert took another sip of his drink. In the background the music throbbed sensually. “I’ve been alone most of my life. My parents died when I was an infant and an aunt raised me until she died when I was fourteen. Then I was placed in a foster home until I was eighteen. I’ve always been afraid to get close to anyone for fear they’d leave me—or so says a psychologist friend of mine.” He grimaced wryly.

Claudia thought he was sounding more and more like the perfect candidate to be the father of her baby. “I never had much of a family life, either,” she admitted.  At least that was the truth.

As they continued to talk, Claudia found herself becoming more interested in him as a person, nearly forgetting why she had lured him there in the first place. Then the moment happened. He put down his glass and removed his glasses revealing the most beautiful teal-colored eyes she’d ever seen on a man. Before that thought had been completely translated by her brain, his lips were covering hers.

It was a gentle kiss, slow and thoughtful. In the background she could hear the sensual guitar music of Ottmar Liebert and marveled how much it fit the mood. Claudia liked how Robert’s mouth felt on hers and actually wanted more. Surprised at her reaction to the kiss, she realized she might not need a script, after all…

Forever Yours
Despite the fact Jade knew she should end things with Charles, it felt comfortable having breakfast with him. Worse, she could see making a habit of it. After they finished he insisted on helping her clean up. Standing next to him at the sink washing the dishes as he dried, she felt the heat rising from his body. The scent of his after-shave was intoxicating and going straight to her head. She wanted him to kiss her, but knew he wouldn't. Not after the last time. So she did the unthinkable and kissed him.

“This is for breakfast and two more inches to my waistline,” she said. “Thanks a lot."

He smacked his forehead and said, “I did it again, didn't I? I'm going to become a Pavlovian response. You’re going to equate me with food.”

“It's a distinct possibility,” Jade replied as she playfully punched his arm.

Charles gently took her face and held it between his large hands. She looked into his eyes as they sought hers. She had to be blind not to see the hope and longing there. “Are you going to run away this time?” he asked, his deep voice resonating with emotion.

Author Bio:
Whether she’s writing a short story or novel, Candy Caine will make her interracial romances hot and spicy. Always striving to entertain her readers, Candy tries to breathe life into her characters, making life often interesting for her husband, Robert back in their home on Long Island, NY. And both are trying to teach their fifteen-year old yellow Lab, Sammy, new tricks.

Candy loves to hear from her readers.


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