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Saturday's Series Spotlight: Liaisons by SE Culpepper

Private Eye #1
Rafe Bridges stopped mixing business with pleasure long ago, but when he receives a call from an intriguing cop who needs help searching for an old family friend, he breaks down and takes on the case. With each day that passes, Rafe becomes further fascinated with Jeremy Halliday...but the biggest problem isn't his attraction to the cop or his growing need for him. It's the tiny little detail of Jeremy being straight.

Jeremy isn't as immune to Rafe as he'd like to believe and as they work together, sifting through a case that is more mysterious and dangerous than it seems, Rafe draws away from him. Knowing he might miss out on someone incredible, Jeremy has to figure out what and who he really wants. And soon.

Nothing is black and white anymore.

This was a very good beginning to the Liaisons series.  I really liked both Rafe and Jeremy and their chemistry is pretty clear even from that first phone call when Jeremy asks Rafe to look into the disappearance of his friend's sister.  I do think that the story would have been even better if there had been a little more "oomph" in the mystery part of the tale.  I also think that at times the relationship between Rafe and Jeremy progressed a little too quickly although it was still believable because insta-love does happen.  As a whole, Private Eye is a very entertaining read and definitely worth a look.


Question Mark #2
Coming back from being dumped is a struggle for Mark Newland. With a string of broken relationships behind him, Mark must either change the man he’s become, or continue on his bitter path. With reinvention in mind, Mark goes on vacation in Bora Bora, hoping it will bring him what he wants. He simply never figured it would be in the form of Hollywood’s most eligible gay bachelor, Zane Whitlow.

If Zane is suspicious of romance, he blames it entirely on his career. Never totally sure that men he’s been with wanted him over a taste of his fame, he errs on the side of caution when it comes to love. Until he meets Mark Newland, that is. Only hours into his vacation and for reasons he can’t understand himself, Zane abandons his usual safe approach in favor of pursuit. But Zane’s not the only one who thinks Mark might be the perfect guy…

With attraction, fear, and insecurity warring within Mark, will he have the strength to believe he deserves lasting love, or will his old ways come back to haunt him?

At first, I wasn't too sure about wanting to know Mark's story because of the way he behaved in Private Eye, however I quickly came around.  Like everyone, Mark has his faults but with book 2 we get to see a little bit of what's underneath what we thought we knew.  Zane is epitome of what we want Hollywood to be and often don't get to see, a regular guy with ups and downs just like the rest of us.  Together, they make a very mismatched pair, at least on the surface but as time shows us they are more alike than even they realize.  Throw in Christian and you have an interesting tale of finding the one that completes you and in doing so, everything else just falls into place, not because either of them needed the other to be complete but because finding each other let them open themselves up to what really matters.


Lost Won #3
Six years ago Christian Blakely lost his way. Fresh from college and sure of his future, an unexpected meeting changed everything. Frightened by the truth behind one night’s surrender to a hidden desire, he ran, determined to drive the memory of that night—that man—from his mind.

As the years pass, Christian builds a life around his work, drifting between relationships as the image of one man haunts his steps. Wishing he were free from a mire of what might have been, he is offered a chance at redemption when he comes face-to-face with the man at the root of it all.

Gunnery Sergeant Kevin McGuire understands commitment, whether it’s to his work as a US Marine, or to the happiness of his younger sister Risa. A proud and private man, he has never shared the story of the night with Christian; though years have passed he is still affected by it. When circumstances bring the two of them together again, Kevin is shocked by the depth of anger and passion that the younger man stirs.

With the obstacles of Kevin’s resentment and distrust in his way, Christian is confronted with the same choice of six years ago: stay and fight for what he wants, or run and hide…

I knew that Christian was more than the closeted man who unwittingly outed himself on an international scale in Question Mark and in this installment we get to see just what that something more is.  Kevin is out but not because he's closeted so much as because he believes it just doesn't matter and he would feel the same way if he were straight, personal lives are personal, nothing more nothing less.  Unfortunately, in living this way, he has kept it from his sister and his best friends as well.  I love how the author has brought these two former one time lovers back together at the exact right time in their lives that they need each other.  I think I found Lost Won to be my favorite in the entire series, well written, eclectic characters, and the idea that timing can be the most important part of making or breaking a relationship because sometimes, second chances work because the first time just wasn't meant to.


Fall Apart #4
Dodging his ex, giving the Best Man speech, and smuggling home extra slices of wedding cake are Damon Wright’s only plans on his buddy’s wedding day. Capturing the attention of a renowned photographer with twice the sexual magnetism of James Bond doesn’t even make the list. Accustomed to a life spent keeping his head down, managing family obligations, Damon is unprepared for even a lukewarm pursuit, much less the hot, focused advances of a man like Alarik whose sophistication leaves Damon reeling.

Tired of the vapid, morally bankrupt and grasping fellows so common in his line of work, Alarik is through serving as just another step for mercenary men on the ladder to success. Damon’s kindhearted reserve excites a profound response within him, enticing him with the idea of an honest future. Compelled to dig beneath the surface in search of something lasting, Alarik can’t help but wonder if falling in love can be as easy as breathing.

Yet, fairytales don’t exist in the pace of real life; they disappear in shadow. Absorbed by the happiness of finding one another, Damon and Alarik never see the darkness coming…

I think Fall Apart is the most heartbreaking installment in the Liaisons series but also the most heartwarming.  Once again the connection between the two main characters is instant but their road is not easy.  Damon has not had the greatest track record so he's reluctant but that only spurs Alarik on even more.  I loved that we got to see what's happening in Mark and Zane's life since we last saw them in Question Mark as well.  You will definitely need to have a box or two of tissues handy when you read this one.  Lost Won may have been my favorite in the series but Fall Apart is a close second.


Author Bio:
S. E. Culpepper currently splits time between writing and her full-time job. She wishes writing were the full-time job.


Private Eye #1

Question Mark #2

Lost Won #3

Fall Apart #4

The Divine Trilogy by RE Hargrave

Title: The Divine Trilogy
Author: RE Hargrave
Genre: BDSM Erotic Romance
Release Date: August 23, 2015 
Length: 255k words/754 pages Trade Paperback
Cover Designs: JC Clarke of The Graphics Shed

From RE Hargrave . . . 
Now that the 2015 Golden Flogger Award Winners have been announced, I can move forward with offering all three novels of The Divine Trilogy as one complete installment! I'm super excited to be able to do this for the readers who have been with me from the beginning and the new ones who've yet to meet Master Jayden and his Irish lass, Catherine.

Enter a world where pleasure and pain are one . . .
when in the hands of a skilled Master.

An erotic read meant for adults, The Divine Trilogy is not your typical romance. 

When you first meet Catherine and Jayden they aren’t looking for love at all. Catherine O’Chancey is a young submissive whose second Dom turned out to be an abusive fake. This is the story of her subsequent recovery and reentry into the BDSM lifestyle with the help of a new Dominant, Jayden Masterson. Come with me, and I’ll take you on the journey alongside Catherine and Jayden while their bond grows and deepens. It’ll be sexy and intense, but never fear, you get to be there to see the tender side of her new Dom as he helps her through her past tragedies. 

The Divine Trilogy offers a different view of the BDSM world. 

One that will enlighten readers and show them that those who live this Lifestyle often do so because it is a deep-seated need within their psyche, something that can't be ignored. And that need is okay because, when practiced properly, BDSM is all about being Safe, Sane, and Consensual. Find within the pages a sampling of the different dynamics which can occur amongst kinksters. Everything from hardcore pain sluts to docile “littles” who want to be pampered and coddled, but the important thing to remember is that everyone has a place of acceptance, without judgement, in this Lifestyle.

Time and again reviewers have said they couldn’t put this book down . . . even when they don’t usually read this genre.

What Others Are Saying:
"Never has a trilogy made me feel like it has come full circle. As much as I didn't want the story to end, when it did, it left me feeling complete and not lacking for anything. It was hard to say goodbye to my new friends but their story will stay with me."  ~ Goodreads Reviewer

"How do you put into words the love that has grown as we watched Jayden and Erin start out as broken souls and evolve into the people they become in this book Surreal? The author has proven that with the right person, love and acceptance, you can bloom into the person you were meant to be all along and soar to heights that not even you could dream possible."  ~ Tbird, Beyond the Valley of the Books

"Overall this trilogy was amazing and is the perfect trilogy for fans of BDSM romance. The theme was well researched and RE Hargrave absolutely nailed it." ~ Kirsty, Sarah and Kirsty's Book Reviews

"Brilliantly written, and with wonderful character development, The Divine Series is simply one of the best I’ve had the privilege of reading. Surreal, the last in the series, is the icing on this most delicious, most decadent of cakes. Not only are the scenes unique as well as sizzling, Hargrave gives us the right balance between heat and passion and an absorbing storyline, one never detracting from the other."  ~ L.J. Harris, author of Just Like Pulling Teeth

What I Am Saying:
Throughout the series, we've seen Catherine blossom but in Surreal, she becomes the Rose Parade.  We are always learning and growing in life and this is a great example of how even Jayden, who is so confident in his role as Dom, can still be taught a few things.  If you're looking for a true story that involves the BDSM lifestyle, than this is the one for you.  In my opinion, 50 Shades doesn't hold a candle to RE Hargrave's Divine Trilogy. ~ Heather York, Padme's Library

Author Bio:
R.E. Hargrave lives on the outskirts of Dallas, TX where she prides herself on being a domestic engineer. Married to her high school sweetheart, together they are raising three children from elementary age to college age. She is an avid reader, a sometimes quilter and now, a writer. Other hobbies include gardening and a love of a music.

A native 'mutt,' Hargrave has lived in New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Alabama, Texas, and California. She is fond of setting her stories on location in South Carolina and Texas, but its anybody's guess as to what the genre will be!


Separately, these books would total $11.97 on Kindle or
$54.49 for all three paperbacks. By condensing them into one volume,
I'm able to offer you the full Trilogy at a reduced price.

AMAZON PAPERBACK $24.99 Coming Soon

Release Day Blitz: Darkest Faerie Tales Box Set by Riley Bancroft

Series: Darkest Faerie Tales
Author: Riley Bancroft
Genre: Dark Erotic Paranormal Romance
Release Date: August 28, 2015
Cover Design: Fiona Jayde

“Touched by desire. Claimed by a dark hunger.”

Born the only hybrid between two warring factions, Mya's life is all smoke and mirrors. Her true identity has been kept a secret inside the virtuous Seelie Court of the ancient Fae. But that time has come to an end. A dark and mysterious stranger has set his sights on her to possess, consume and claim her for himself. As he builds the trust between them, he uses her desire for him as a tool to break her down, leaving her soul raw and exposed.

As one of the leaders in the infamous Unseelie Court, Cole is determined to seize the powerful and magickal hybrid from the enemy’s Court on behalf of his people. Despite the consequences he faces for touching her, Cole's dark and twisted hunger is unable to resist her allure. He craves her full submission, but in order to do that, he must strip everything away from her first.

Distorted truths from past and present threaten to annihilate what remains of their race as the veil of illusion drops between the rival Courts. The buried ancestors want Mya to restore their magick—but at what price? When Mya’s unique powers manifest, she disappears. Can Cole sacrifice his need for control and concede to a power higher than himself to save her?

Welcome to their twisted Faerie Tale.

Dark, Erotic Paranormal Romance with BDSM Elements…packed with a scorching heat.
Note:This book contains dark sexual elements that may be uncomfortable for some readers and is intended for adults.

*Two Bonus Wedding scenes included in the boxset*

Author Bio:
Riley Bancroft grew up in the heart of Texas. Ever since she was little she favored stories on the darker side, not just supernatural, but psychological as well. She penned her first erotic poems in college, but the pursuit of her writing career began when she wrote a short story based on the intimate scene missing in Twilight, to share with her friends. They encouraged her to write her own novel. And so, she did.


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