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Laurel Heights by Lisa Worrall

Laurel Heights #1
Detectives Scott Turner and Will Harrison are sent undercover after an apparent murder/suicide in Laurel Heights, an exclusive gay housing community. Will the two closeted officers be able to hide their attraction while each believing the other is straight? And is there a killer amongst them waiting to claim his next victim?

***CONTENT ADVISORY: This title includes scenes of dubious consent***

Laurel Heights #2
Will and Scott are now out and proud and living together in Scott's tiny house. So everything is perfect, right? Wrong...

Scott has a new partner, a new male partner, and Will is not happy about that at all.

A sadistic serial killer is at large, torturing his way through the gay community, but Will and Scott have no leads.

And one of the residents of Laurel Heights has been arrested for murder.

This duology has a little bit of everything: sex, crime, mystery, heartache, bad guys, good guys, friendships, and above all love.  Will and Scott are an amazing pair.  I guess to a certain extent they represent the cliche of closeted cops who hate each other, at least on the surface, but are thrown together undercover and then learn certain truths about each other.  But cliche or not, the relationship between the two as well as their partners, Grace and Julie, are so well written and entertaining that my heart was captured from the very beginning and are in no way read as typical.  As for the mystery/crime, that too is edge of the seat expertly crafted, even though I had a fair idea who the culprit was especially in book 2, riding along watching Will and Scott figure it out was nail biting.  For me, Laurel Heights falls into the "journey is more important than destination" category.  I have never read this author before but I will definitely be checking out other works by Lisa Worrall because Laurel Heights is powerful.


Laurel Heights #1
The gated housing development of Laurel Heights was quiet in the early hours.

The houses were dark and their occupants asleep.

Nobody heard the muffled shot that rang out into the still of the night.

A shot, quickly followed by another.

Shots that left two members of their exclusive community dead.
* * * * *
"Where are you going? It's two in the morning."

Will pulled his T-shirt back on and raked his fingers through his blond hair. "Early start tomorrow," he said picking up his wallet and his cell. Checking he'd not received any messages while he was otherwise engaged he shoved them both into his pocket, and sat on the edge of the bed to slip his feet into his boots. Will closed his eyes at the feel of soft lips feathering across the nape of his neck, warm breath lifting the strands of his short hair where it sat against his skin, and sighed. He hated this part, the leaving. Especially when the sex had been good, which it had. Ignoring the insistent pulling of impatient fingers at his shirt, he laced his boots and stood up.

"Do you want my number?"

"Sure," Will replied, taking out his cell. He moved his fingers over the pad and pretended to put the number recited to him into his contacts. He wasn't sure why they were going through this charade. The man staring up at him wasn't fooled by Will's actions, yet he continued to reel off the numbers. Pushing his cell back into his pocket, Will leaned down, ran a quick hand through curly blond hair, and kissed the offered lips. He pulled back before it could become anything more and crossed the room. Pausing in the doorway he raised a hand, scrabbling desperately for the guy's name and failing, so throwing a lame goodbye over his shoulder instead. At least he had the decency to blush slightly when the cold reply followed him out into the hall.

"It's Jack, asshole."
* * * * *
Scott threw his head back, lost on a sea of sensation as he pounded relentlessly into the willing body beneath him. "Fuck, yes," he cried out when the heat around him tightened and he lost it. His orgasm pulsed through him and he thrust mindlessly, chasing the last of his pleasure. When his breathing had calmed enough to move, he grabbed the end of the condom and pulled out then turned to flush it down the toilet beside them. Club bathrooms were never exactly the easiest places to have sex in, but eyes across a crowded room and all that. Tucking himself back into his pants, Scott gasped as hands grabbed his face and turned him around into a searing kiss.

"My place?" The gray eyes gazing into his were hopeful.

Scott shook his head, his lips curving into a regretful smile. "I'm sorry, I have an early meeting," he replied, softening the dismissal with a kiss. "But I had fun; maybe we can do it again some time."

"Ah, so you're one of those guys who gets his rocks off and then isn't interested, huh?" The other man's tone was angry, as he glared up at Scott.

Scott's eyes hardened and he pulled himself up to his full height of almost six feet before unlocking the door of the stall. "I'm never interested in some twink who'll let me fuck him before I've even asked his name." Ignoring the stunned look on the other man's face, Scott walked out into the crowded bathroom, and kicked the stall door closed behind him. After quickly washing his hands, he ran his fingers through his short, black, sweat-dampened hair, and then made his way back out into the club.

Surrounded by a sea of writhing bodies, Scott looked at the illuminated hands of his watch and yawned when he saw that it was two in the morning. Lowering his head to avoid anyone mistaking a glance for a come on, he began to push his way through the throng toward the exit. Even though the guy in the bathroom had thought he was being blown off, he really did have an early start tomorrow. Outside in the cold New York air, he hailed the first cab he saw and clambered into the back.

Laurel Heights #2
The air in the gaudy motel room was thick with heat and anticipation, the only sound the over-loud click of the handcuff slipping into its housing. He stood back and stared down at the man on the bed, struggling to put a name to the beautiful face gazing up at him. Ah, yes, Apollo he’d said in the club. He remembered having to swallow a smile at that. Apollo, of course it was… not that it mattered… why would it? All that mattered was the dim lighting casting shadows on Apollo’s naked body. Muscles and sinew picked out in tanned stark relief against the white sheets, hard as nails cock jutting proudly from a bed of trim black curls.

“Are you ready?” His voice reverberated within his chest. He could barely contain the excitement as his gut churned with the heavenly anticipation of what was to come. He took a couple of calming breaths and willed himself to relax, wanting to take his time, draw out the pleasure… stretch out the delicious release.

“Please.” Apollo’s plea was a whimper from the back of his throat, the tendons standing out in his neck as he lifted his head to watch His every move.

“Don’t worry, baby,” He said softly as he curled his fingers around heated flesh, pre-cum wetting his palm and sending a shiver down his spine. “I've got you.” He slowly lifted his other hand and the length he held immediately withered and Apollo's eyes widened, his mouth opening as if to scream. “Ssh,” He soothed, dropping Apollo’s cock. He shook his head as he pulled a clean, white handkerchief from his pocket and pushed it between Apollo’s suddenly slack lips.

This was the best part. Their sudden fear when they realized the glinting metal in his fingers was not part of the game—it was real. Almost the best part, he amended internally as he drew the tip of the blade across bronzed flesh, his gaze mesmerized by the river of red left in its wake.

He smiled reassuringly at the man bound to the bed, then said in a voice thick with need, “Let’s get started.”

Author Bio:
Thank you for reading and taking the time to review and/or rate. It's jaw-dropping to me that you would do either. I feel a bit like Sally Field in her famous Oscar speech "You like me - you actually like me"

I live in a small seaside town just outside London, on the South Coast of England that boasts the longest pier in the world; where I am ordered around by two precocious children and a dog who thinks she's the boss of me.

I've been writing seriously for three years now and love giving voice to the characters warring to be heard in my head, and am currently petitioning for more hours in the day, because I never seem to have enough of them.

I like nothing more than bringing together two people in interesting and sometimes bizarre ways, and hope that the readers enjoy the characters' journey as much as they and I do.


Laurel Heights #1

Laurel Heights #2

Author Spotlight: JC Clarke

Author: JC Clarke
Genres: Range from Fantasy to Romantic Comedy
Release Dates: The Northern Gate--December 4, 2013
Fragile--January 13, 2015
Never Settle--January 13, 2015
If it’s a PAIN in the Ass, Then You’re Doing it Wrong--June 23, 2015
Cover Designs: The Graphics Shed

The Northern Gate
According to the Bible, God created the world in seven days, but what if the beginning happened before Humankind documented it for posterity?

Humans didn’t see everything clearly, because they didn’t understand. They turned away in fear, forgot the beings that had come to Earth and, over time, the Seraphim became nothing but a legend, a bedtime story. Corruption and greed, bred from hatred and evil, spread across the face of the earth as Humans evolved and developed. It was in this filth, and amongst the seven deadly sins, that Tabitha Morgan was born and kept alive, hidden in plain sight from the darkness.

For seventeen years, Tabitha thrived under her grandmother’s guardianship, living a normal life and not knowing the truth about her heritage or the roots from which she came.

That all changes the day a handsome stranger named Nathan walks into her life. Will the ancient secrets he holds be enough to earn her trust? Is it the Light, or does Darkness await them beyond The Northern Gate?

Deep down I enjoyed this life, it was fun seeing the different towns. Seven months on the road, five months back at the yard. Day in, day out. Nothing changed except the weather and the accents of the fair-goers.

Until tonight. That’s when I see you standing there, looking back at me when my eyes find you. Even in the dimming light of the day and the harsh flashing bulbs, I see you blush before you look down, looking anywhere except back at me. A smirk creeps onto my face with my thoughts: you look beautiful in your baggy jeans and vest top.

The light captures your black hair shielding your face. I know I need to grab a shower before I head into the pay box, but I can't seem to tear myself away from watching you.

*Previously online as All the Fun of the Fair*

Never Settle
Once upon a time, Johanna Nicolls was a wild teenager with a fiery spirit and a wide open future. When adulthood and life reel her in, she finds herself simply surviving day to day, until a moment of cathartic realization. 

Advice from her past whispers through her mind, encouraging her to find the strength to step back and revaluate her life, making her see that it is time to take a stand. 

Reminding her that she’d promised to never settle.

If it’s a PAIN in the Ass, Then You’re Doing it Wrong
His Princess was a little bit eclectic, a lot of eccentric, and a big time potty mouth. She was outgoing and loud, but held her friends and family close to her heart. She ranted about everything wrong in the world, yet her wild passion made him fall hard and fast. Life gave him the middle finger when she opened his eyes to the beauty around him—and right in front of him.

Her Prick-a-Doodle-Do was an uptight businessman through and through. He never saw the fun in anything and she knew right from the start she could have fun with this man and get him to see things differently. He made her see she didn’t have to always be alone, even when surrounded by people. A knack of bringing out the best in her made her fall for him, even if she didn’t want to admit it to herself.

Both were raised in ‘high society’, but where one was guided by the rules, the other had fun going against them. Though he was her new boss, she didn’t give two hoots about it so when she was given an opportunity to express her views about a certain subject, she readily agreed.

It’s now her personal mission to make Bossman’s life a little harder, while experiencing a little fun along the way, of course.

Because . . . if it’s a pain in the ass, then you’re doing it wrong.

Author Bio:
An author? Yeah, well I'm getting there, hopefully. 

I’m not really one for blabbing about myself, but I can give you a few starters, if you’re interested.

I’m a mum of four kids, two girls and two boys and I’m married to a wonderful man who puts up with my crap.

We live in an area near Southampton (UK) called the New Forest, which is very beautiful. There’s ponies, donkeys and wild deer and cattle all over the place, so it makes it very interesting living here at times.

I design for a living, but I am self taught, so I have a long way to go.

I’m a very down to earth thirty year old and yeah, I dabble with writing.

Looking for ways to stalk me . . . hehe . . .


The Northern Gate


Never Settle

If it’s a PAIN in the Ass, Then You’re Doing it Wrong

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Crossing the Line by Michele Shriver

Title: Crossing the Line
Author: Michele Shriver
Series: Men of the Ice #2
Genre: Contemporary Sports Romance
Release Date: August 18, 2015
The bestselling Men of the Ice series, featuring the players of the San Antonio Generals hockey team, continues with Crossing the Line.

Nikolai Brantov left his homeland of Russia at the age of nineteen to pursue his dream of playing in the NHL. As the first-ever draft pick of the San Antonio Generals, Nik wants to justify the team’s faith in him Adapting to a new country and culture and learning a new language take up most of his off-ice time, and he doesn’t needed any added complications, especially from the team owner’s beautiful daughter.

Hailing from one of the wealthiest families in Texas, Meryl Johnson should have everything she wants. But money doesn’t buy happiness or her father’s affection. Even though she’s been warned that the player’s on the team are off limits, a new community project puts Meryl in regular contact with the budding Russian superstar, and that’s exactly the way she likes it.

When sparks fly between Nik and Meryl, her father sets out to remind them who is in charge—of both the hockey team and his family. Can the young couple triumph over his manipulations, or will falling in love spell the end of Nik’s time in San Antonio?

Chapter One
Nikolai Brantov knotted his tie and ran his fingers through his damp hair, trying to spike the top exactly the way he liked it. When he first moved to the United States from his native Russia five months before to realize his dream of playing in the National Hockey League, he not only had to learn a new language—one he still struggled with—he had to learn new customs and traditions too. Among those were the expectations of being a player in the NHL, including the team dress code which left Nik primping more in front of a mirror as he prepared to leave the arena after a game than he might to get ready for a date. Not that he had any time for dating. Practice, games and English lessons filled most of his days, and that suited Nik fine. He’d left his family and his homeland at the age of nineteen to move to North America to play hockey, not meet women.

“Great game tonight, Nik,” the team captain, Colton Tremblay, said as he came up beside Nik.

Nik nodded at Colton. “Thanks. You too.” The San Antonio Generals beat the Winnipeg Jets three to two in overtime, and Nik scored the winning goal. His first season in the NHL, and the expansion Generals’ first season in the league, were both going well. The country might be unfamiliar, and the rink sizes a little different, but hockey was still hockey, and on the ice was where Nik felt most at home.

“You’re going to stop by the foundation table to see how the toy drive went, right?” Colton asked.

“Yes.” Nik would because he knew it was expected of him. It was almost Christmas, and the Generals’ charity foundation sponsored a drive to collect toys for needy children. Many of his teammates, included Colton, were excited about the event because their girlfriends and wives had helped organize it. Being single, it was less of a big deal to Nik. Still, as much as he would feel completely out of place, it was an important team event and Nik was expected to show up, even if only briefly.

“I’ll head over there with you,” Colton said. “I want to see my girl.”

Nik nodded and they left the locker room together. Of course, Colton was anxious to see his girlfriend again. With no one there waiting for Nik to greet him with a kiss and congratulate him on a good game, he planned to make a quick appearance—the minimum expected of him—and head home. Such that it was. ‘Home’ to Nik right now meant staying with a host family in San Antonio while he acclimated to his new city and new country.

Sure enough, as they approached the Generals Foundation charity table, Colton’s girlfriend came over gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Nice game, as usual,” she said, then nodded in Nik’s direction. “You too.”


“The toy drive was a huge success,” Maya continued. “Come see everything we collected.” She led the way to the boxes of children’s toys. She wore a maroon and silver Generals jersey with Colton’s name and number on the back. A group of women surrounded the table, similarly dressed to support their player.

“Hey Nik, is there something you’re not telling us?” Colton asked, as his eyes darted to a young woman in the group.

Nik recognized her as Meryl Johnson, the daughter of the Generals team owner. They’d never formally met before, although Nik had seen her at a couple of team events. His impression of her was that she was spoiled and liked to get her way, but that probably wasn’t unusual from the daughter of a billionaire. And maybe it wasn’t fair to judge someone he’d never so much as exchanged a word with. She was attractive, that was for sure, and he liked her casual style, with her long brown hair pulled back in a ponytail and tucked through a ball cap sporting the Generals logo. which featured the team name in a circle around the Alamo facade, with three stars underneath. She, too, wore a team jersey, and it took Nik a moment to realize what Colton referred to. The jersey Meryl wore was Nik’s.

Before he could answer Colton that he had no idea what it was about, Meryl approached him. “Hi there. I don’t think we’ve ever been introduced,” she said, extending a hand. “I’m Meryl Johnson.”

“Yes. Mr. Johnson’s daughter.” Nik shook her hand. “Nikolai Brantov.”


He said it as if he thought she might not know his name, and Meryl appreciated his unassuming nature. So many of the athletes she’d encountered had big egos, and Nikolai had every reason to as well. The hockey season might be only a few months old, but the young Russian had already made an impression on the league. Sports reporters remarked every day that Nik was a superstar in the making.

Meryl smiled at him. “I know who you are.” After all, her father owned the team, and Meryl made it her business to know about the players he employed. And why shouldn’t she? Hockey players were hot, and in Meryl’s estimation, none more so than Nikolai Brantov, with his gray eyes and spiked brown hair that Meryl longed to run her fingers through.

She’d noticed him during the summer’s NHL draft, when he became the first-ever draft choice of the San Antonio Generals. He appeared awkward in his early interviews, and a little overwhelmed, immediately intriguing Meryl. Was that his true personality, or a byproduct of the circumstances he found himself in? It couldn’t be easy moving to a new country and having to learn a new language at the age of nineteen.

From that moment, Meryl wanted to learn as much about him as possible, so she sought out all the information she could. She knew Nik hailed from the Siberian city of Irkutsk, that his favorite color was orange, and he liked to eat steak and baked potatoes. He listed the Pittsburgh Penguins as his favorite NHL team and his countryman, Evgeni Malkin, as his favorite player. And even knowing all of that, Nik remained an enigma to Meryl.

“I’m wearing your jersey, after all,” she said, and did a little twirl so he could see his name and number, forty-four, on the back. Her choice of attire had raised a few eyebrows among the wives and girlfriends’ who’d put together the event, and who proudly sported their man’s jerseys, but Meryl didn’t care. Her father owned the team, she could wear whatever she wanted.

“Yes,” Nik said, nodding. “It’s...what is the word?” He frowned a little. “Bold of you?”

He was so cute in his uncertainty. Meryl knew he had a tutor working with him on his English, a job she would have gladly volunteered for. In fact, she had, only half-jokingly. Not surprisingly, Daddy had vetoed that idea and warned her that Nik, and everyone else on the team, was off-limits to Meryl. “That’s me. Bold,” Meryl said.

“It looks nice on you,” Nik said, causing Meryl’s heart to flutter a little.

“Better on you, I think. Especially when you scored the winning goal.”

Nik shrugged. “I was in the right place and got a good pass from Colton.”

Definitely unassuming, Meryl decided. And hot. She kept going back to that one. Damn her father and his silly prohibitions. He never wanted her to have any fun. “What are you doing tonight?” she asked. “I have to help put this stuff away,” she gestured to the boxes of toys they’d collected during the charity drive, “then my dad is having a little party up in his box, if you want to join me.” He’d already called her bold. Meryl figured she might as well live up to it.

Nik hesitated before answering, giving Meryl hope that perhaps he’d seriously consider the offer, but the hope was dashed when he shook his head. “No, thank you. I need to go home.”

Meryl knew ‘home’ to Nik was a family of strangers hosting him in their house, and she questioned his need—or desire—to rush back there, but she didn’t press the issue. “Have a good night, then. It was nice to meet you.”

“You as well, Miss Johnson,” he said.

She watched him walk away, admiring how his perfectly-tailored suit fit his body. Okay, he hadn’t accepted her invitation. Meryl hadn’t really expected him to. At least they’d shared a few words, finally. The rest would happen in due time. Meryl was accustomed to getting everything she wanted, and she’d already decided she wanted Nik Brantov.

The official website of the San Antonio Generals. The Generals are a fictional NHL expansion franchise based out of San Antonio, Texas and featured in the Men of the Ice series by author Michele Shriver.

The Men of the Ice books are contemporary romance novellas about the Generals players and the women who love them.

More information about the books, as well the team, organization, and news and events can be found on this site.

Visit the official Facebook page of the San Antonio Generals. The Generals are a fictional NHL expansion franchise based out of San Antonio, Texas and featured in the Men of the Ice series by author Michele Shriver.

Author Bio:
Michele Shriver writes women’s fiction and contemporary romance. Her books feature flawed-but-likeable characters in real-life settings. She’s not afraid to break the rules, but never stops believing in happily ever after. Michele counts among her favorite things a good glass of wine, a hockey game, and a sweet and sexy book boyfriend, not necessarily in that order.



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Cinders' Bride by Kathleen Ball

Title: Cinders' Pride
Author: Kathleen Ball
Series: Mail Order Brides of Texas #1
Genre: Historical Fiction
Release Date: July 11, 2015
Cover Design: Aria Tan

Shannon McMurphy travels to Asherville, Texas as a mail order bride expecting to marry a rancher. Instead, her intended is a saloonkeeper. Her refusal to marry enrages John Hardy and he slices her cheek with a knife so no other man would want her. She runs into the street and no one helps her until Cinders comes along.

Sexy, Rancher Cinders saves Shannon and offers her a job. To protect her reputation he marries her. They both agree it's a marriage of convenience. He admires her spunk and willingness to learn everything about surviving the Texas frontier. He waits for her to ask to go home but she never does.

They learn a lot about each other through, stolen horses, Indian troubles, a cattle drive and the busybodies of the town. Their attraction for each other grows, but can they learn to trust enough to love?

The world seemed eerily quiet as she pushed herself up from the hard packed dirt, only to fall back down. Her ankle hurt. Tears filled her eyes, as she glanced around. There stood the women from the mercantile, staring, and their eyes full of terror. She’d get no assistance from them.

John Hardy strutted into the street and laughed while he gestured for two of his men to pick her up. “Come on, honey, it’s time for our honeymoon.”

She heard the clomping of hooves and the turn of wagon wheels behind her but the wagon didn’t stop to help her either. By this time, a crowd had gathered and now there were men standing with the group of women. She tried to plead for help with her eyes but they glanced away.

Two men grabbed at her to haul her back into the saloon when a loud cocking of a gun erupted from behind.

“Put her down.” A man's voice threatened.

John stepped forward, thrusting out his chest. “Listen, Cinders, this is none of your business. It’d be in your best interest to leave things be.”

The world began to dim and spin, the smell of blood was the last straw. She fainted.

1.  What is the biggest influence/interest that brought you to this genre?
I’m a sucker for a happy ending. I’ve read a ton of different romance genres but I always came back to reading the westerns.

2. When writing a book, what is your favorite part of the creative process(outline, plot, character names, editing, etc)?
The planning of the two main characters. I love naming them and I love creating their flaws. I usually have an idea of where the book is going but not how it’s going to get there.

3. When reading a book, what genre do you find most interesting/intriguing?
Right now I’m into Mail Order Bride Romances. The thought of traveling across the country to marry a man you don’t know is fascinating.

4. If you could co-author with any author, past or present, who would you choose?
I would choose Louisa May Alcott. Her book Little Women is my favorite book.

5. Have you always wanted to write or did it come to you ʺlater in lifeʺ?
I liked to read and read. I’ve only been writing almost six years. My son was going off to college and I needed something to do. I tried writing and loved it.

Author Bio:
Sexy Cowboys and the women who love them...

Finalist in the 2012 RONE Awards.

Top Pick, Five Star Series from the Romance Review.

Kathleen Ball writes contemporary western romance with great emotion and memorable characters. Her books are award winners and have appeared on best sellers lists including Amazon's Best Sellers List, All Romance Ebooks, Bookstrand, Desert Breeze Publishing and Secret Cravings Publishing Best Sellers list. She is the recipient of eight Editor's Choice Awards, and The Readers' Choice Award for Ryelee's Cowboy.

There's something about a cowboy....

***Order of my Books***
Lasso Spring Series
Callie's Heart
Lone Star Joy
Stetson's Storm

Dawson Ranch Series
Texas Haven- FREE
Ryelee's Cowboy
*Alice's Story- free prequel on my website

Cowboy Seasons Series
Summer's Desire
Autumn's Hope
Winter's Embrace
Spring's Delight

Mail Order Brides of Texas
Cinders' Bride


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Release Day Blitz: An Honest Mistake by L Grubb

Title: An Honest Mistake
Author: L Grubb
Series: Crusaders MC #1
Genre: Contemporary Motorcycle Romance
Release Date: August 20, 2015
Teaser Designer: Leigh Stone/ LC Author Services
Ever since Alexis Newman was young she knew her path in life, but to get to the top you have to start from the bottom. With no man in her life she sets out with her best friend to dance her frustrations away.

Catching the eye of the crusaders mc resident assassin was definitely not in her life plans.

Cobra is not the type of alpha you read about he’s not romantic, he doesn’t date, he doesn’t care. His life is all about protecting his club doing whatever necessary. That all changes when he spots her across . She sparks something in him. Ice cold Cobra starts wondering whether he can have a happily ever after but at what cost?

Setting his sight on love was not his life plan.

With war brewing between the crusaders and their rivals the hell riders there is danger lurking around every corner. Will Cobra bring Alexis to the dark side? Or walk away forever?

Will Alexis give up her perfect life plan for an unknown future?

Decision time. Head or heart? Life, love or death?

Cobra’s hands work their way up my legs, making sensuous strokes on their travels. Goose bumps rise on my skin, sending shivers down my spine.

Before I know it, he cups between my legs, roughly, and moving his body closer, almost completely covering me. His plump pink lips crash to mine, forcing my head back into the recliner. Opening my mouth to let him in, he forcefully removed his sweats down my jelly like legs throwing them somewhere behind him. Not breaking from the mind blowing kiss, he rips my panties and tosses them toward the pants.

Finally, not that I was complaining, his lips leave mine. He kisses and nips his way down my body, leaving me writhing around in frustration. Fuck. Shit. Crap. Holy motherfucking cow. I think I’ve just died and gone to heaven. He’s sucking hard on my clit, baring his teeth every now and then. The warmth of my juices flowing freely, causing another shiver to race through me.

I moan shamelessly, gripping hard to the armrests. “More, Cobra. More, please,” I say in breath of air.

The Last Betrayal #2
I was unglued. Completely unhinged to the point of flipping everyone off and saying fuck this shit, packing my stuff and riding across the country where no-one can find me.

My heart feels like it’s bleeding wrong, pumping blood in the wrong direction. Cracked and shattered, it would take a lifetime to repair.

I may have known Lauren just a few months but she flew in, wreaking havoc with her bubbly persona, latching onto me like I was her Goddamn lifeline.

It was all fucking crap. It was just a bit of fun for her, she told everyone, wasn’t ready to settle down with the white picket fence and 2.5 kids. Did I ask for that shit? Hell to the fucking no. Never once did I mention I wanted all that. I just wanted her, as she was, but mine; only mine.

She broke me. Big bad biker dude and she fucking broke me.

My name’s Champ and it’s my turn to fucking talk.

Author Bio:
Lucii is a your typical British girl, hates the sun and hibernates when summer arrives! She lives at home with her 3 year old daughter, where they spend the day watching Frozen and playing playdoh.

She started off as a regular person, job, home life, health issues and a love of reading. After reading the Fifty shade phenomenon, she went onto social media to seek other authors writing the same or similar genres. She entered a world she didn’t know existed and went to open a successful blog.

Inspiring dreams took a back burner, while she learned the book community and met a bunch of amazing authors and readers alike.

A year later she decided to start writing, hoping against hope that her friends and fellow readers will like what she brings to the table.



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