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Crooked Tree Ranch by RJ Scott

Crooked Tree Ranch
Nate Todd knows things have to change for Crooked Tree to survive. He just doesn’t know how much of an effect Jay Sullivan will have on his life.

On the spur of the moment, with his life collapsing around him, Jay Sullivan answers an ad for a marketing expert on a dude ranch in Montana. With his small family, he moves lock, stock and barrel from New York to Montana to start a new life.

Foreman and owner of a third of the ranch, ex rodeo star Nathaniel ‘Nate’ Todd has been running Crooked Tree Ranch. His partners in the business convince him that he needs to get an expert in to help the ranch survive. He knows things have to change, but when the new guy turns up, with a troubled family in tow, he just isn’t prepared for how much.

Nate and Jay are so perfect for each other.  Okay they may not exactly be up to Jack and Riley caliber from Ms. Scott's Texas series but boy do they have that push and pull chemistry that had me hooked from beginning to end.  And talk about the end, I didn't want it to ever end.  On the surface it looks like the typical city boy meets cowboy romance but other than Jay's horse riding skills, or lack thereof, those differences don't really play in to the story. Some people may not find there differences not effecting the story very realistic but I speak from personal experience, it does happen.  My mother was the quintessential city girl and my dad was country all the way but Mom took to farming like she was born to it, so it really does happen.  I found not going the way of that cliche quite refreshing.

The secondary characters had me just as intrigued.  Nate's brothers, Jay's sister, niece, and nephew; there were more than a few times that I wanted to shake that niece of his to make her wise up but the truth is, she's a teenager and that's what they do, aggravate and warm your heart all in the same breath.  Definitely a must read and I eagerly await Rancher's Son, book 2 in this Montana series, which according to the author's publishing schedule should tentatively arrive January 2016.


     Nate Todd pinched the bridge of his nose and attempted to quell the combination of anger and fear that churned inside him. When he woke up to an absolutely perfect Montana morning, he’d never expected his day to turn sour so damn fast. The voice on the other end of the phone kept going, the tone a mixture of apology and demand.
     “I’m sorry, Nate. If it was just up to me then I’d let the feed delivery happen, but Dad is getting pissy with it being five months outstanding.”
     “It’s probably an oversight,” Nate explained. Marcus was the one who looked after the accounts and they’d never had problems before.
     Samuel continued. Nate had gone to school with him, and this was humiliating for Sam to be telling him this. Hell, Nate hated that people outside Crooked Tree might think they were struggling. “We spoke to Marcus last week, Nate. He said he was going to make good on the outstanding balance when we explained that the account was in arrears. I wasn’t going to bother you with this, but the account is still overdue and I kinda felt I owed you an explanation since your order we got yesterday isn’t going to be filled.”
     Tension banded Nate’s head. This was the third supplier in the last week that had implied Crooked Tree was falling behind in paying. Hell, not just implied—two of them had refused to deal with the ranch. Did they all talk to each other? Jeez. When the first place’s delivery was stopped, Nate had considered that it was probably an error. He kept meaning to talk to Marcus about it, but never quite got around to it. When the veterinarian turned around on the call before this one, and basically said no to the usual Crooked Tree meds order without citing a reason, Nate had been angry but hadn’t been sure where to place his anger. Things had been up and down with the suppliers over the last few years. One day Marcus was on the ball, the next he’d be wallowing in grief and unable to keep on top of things. This made for uncomfortable relationships with those owed money by the ranch.
     “I need the feed,” Nate said. The door opened into the kitchen and Gabe walked in. Nate turned his back on his brother and spoke quieter. “Take the money from my private account.”
     Sam coughed and paused for a few moments. “You’ll need to top it up, Nate.”
     “I’ll sort it this morning,” he said firmly. “You have my word.”
     He ended the call and turned to face his brother, expecting to have to explain anything Gabe may have overheard. Instead he didn’t have to be worried. Gabe obviously had something on his mind if the concern written on his face was anything to go by.
     “You need to come out and see this,” Gabe said. He turned and left without further explanation. Nate followed him and pushed the concerns about the unpaid accounts to the back of his head. He’d talk to Marcus as soon as he could.
     “What’s wrong?” Nate asked worried. “Is it the horses? A guest?”
     “It’s Luke,” Gabe said softly. Gabe pushed open the door of the small barn next to the house. Early evening sunlight flooded the dim interior and dust motes danced in the breeze caused by opening the door. It took a few seconds to focus in on what Gabe was pointing at.
     Luke, his youngest brother, lay on the floor spread-eagled and naked, staring up at the roof and humming softly.
     “Fuck, is he drunk?” Nate asked.
     Gabe picked up the small bag discarded by the door and handed it to Nate who sniffed the contents. Nate knew immediately what his little brother, spirited and full of the need to explore his world, had done.
     “Jeez,” Nate groaned. Then, squaring his shoulders, he crossed to his brother. Luke looked up at him and grinned like a freaking idiot.
     “You’re not even seventeen yet,” Nate snapped at Luke.
     “July twenty-eight today…” Luke slurred. “Hundred and fifty days ‘til Christmas an’ my birthday. I wan’ a bike an’ a Barbie an…” Luke giggled and held a hand in front of his face. Then he proceeded to examine his hand as if he hadn’t seen it before.
     Nate despaired at the fact that whatever he said, Luke did what he wanted anyway. Luke looked up at him with a goofy grin and a spaced out expression on his face. Nate bit back his temper.
     “It won’t hurt him, Nate,” Gabe placated. “We were younger than him when we tried it.”
     “We were rebelling, Gabe. What’s he got to rebel against? He does what he wants anyway, not like we stop him.” That much was true. Luke was an independent teenager and a good kid—responsible, organized…everything Nate hadn’t been at sixteen.
     Gabe shrugged then chuckled. Great. Now he had Gabe laughing. Admittedly, finding Luke naked in the middle of their barn, staring up at the roof and talking about his Christmas Day birthday, was kinda funny on the surface. Still, drugs anywhere near his little brother were a serious matter and one Nate had to take seriously. Crossing his arms over his chest, Nate widened his stance. Add Luke high on pot to finding out Crooked Tree owed thousands in unpaid feed bills and he was quietly losing his cool.
     Gabe copied his stance but was still half smiling. “Seems I remember you were sixteen when Mom found you stretched out in the back yard, talking to the sky, and you told her you’d been drinking.”
     Nate heard what Gabe said and instantly recalled the day with the familiar grief of remembering his mom.
     He was angry. “That’s beside the point. You were younger than me when you did it, but we never got found out.” Even as he spoke he knew what he was saying was complete crap, and just ever so slightly irrational. He also knew Gabe was going to call him on it.
     “What exactly are you angry at?” Gabe began in a patient tone. “That Luke has pot, or that he was caught with it?”
     Nate pointedly ignored Gabe. “You’re both my responsibility.” He wasn’t lying. He wanted his brothers to have a different life than he’d had, a better life, more choices. Why did they seem to follow what he did and then not listen to him? He wanted them to see that they could take a better path than the one he’d had to follow out of stupidity and necessity.
     Gabe thumped him on the arm. “Jesus, Nate, I stopped being your responsibility the day I turned eighteen.”
     “I’m still the head of the family,” Nate snapped. That was always his final defense and one he knew wouldn’t stand up with his brothers. Ever since their parents had died in 2004—when he himself was eighteen, Gabe fifteen and Luke barely nine—he had assumed the mantle of sometimes-parent, even though he was fully aware it was a losing battle. Hell, Gabe had been the easy one and Luke had been a good kid until he’d fallen in with the Hemsley twins.

Author Bio:
RJ Scott has been writing since age six, when she was made to stay in at lunchtime for an infraction involving cookies. She was told to write a story and two sides of paper about a trapped princess later, a lover of writing was born.

As an avid reader herself, she can be found reading anything from thrillers to sci-fi to horror. However, her first real true love will always be the world of romance where she takes cowboys, bodyguards, firemen and billionaires (to name a few) and writes dramatic and romantic stories of love and passion between these men.

With over sixty titles to her name and counting, she is the author of the award winning book, The Christmas Throwaway. She is also known for the Texas series charting the lives of Riley and Jack, and the Sanctuary series following the work of the Sanctuary Foundation and the people it protects.
Her goal is to write stories with a heart of romance, a troubled road to reach happiness, and most importantly, that hint of a happily ever after.

EMAIL: rj@rjscott.co.uk

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The Emerald Virgin by Ravyn Rayne

Title: The Emerald Virgin
Author: Ravyn Rayne
Series: Gem Apocalypse #1
Genre: Erotic Romance, Dystopia
Release Date: June 22, 2015
Publisher: Blushing Books
Emerald - a girl with green eyes and a rarity after the horrific genocide that slaughtered millions. After the war, King Gideon rose in power. A lust- filled and greedy king that believed in the power of slavery.

At eighteen, women were required to come before King Gideon and his four sons, to offer themselves as a courtesan. The princes took only those they found most attractive and alluring. The rest were returned to their homes with a brand on their wrist proving they had been through the process and rejected. Ignoring the ritual was punishable by death.

Aria Stone had been kept hidden from the princes and the ceremony, because she was an Emerald. At twenty-three, the royal guards storm her home, murder her mother, and drag her to court. She must face the four princes.

A dystopian erotic adventure.

"You are a handful. I should have known that's why Henry walked right on by without so
much as a second glance. For a brother that likes gems, he must have known the trouble one would cause."

Aria sneered at James. "Tell me you don't believe it." Emeralds, people with green eyes,
are known to be power and money hungry. Does James think that about her? It's not true. No part of the belief system created to destroy the world in genocide was true. How could James think of her like that? She may not be easy or pleasant at times, but she wasn't what the enemy said.

James shifted in his seat. "Of course not, but you are trouble. I can see it in you, the
rebellious streak. My father will beat it out of you."

"So what? I'm supposed to pretend it doesn't bother me that he ordered the execution of
my mother and dragged me from my home, drugged me, stripped me naked, and stole my freedom? No part of what you and your father are doing is okay."

James grimaced. "I am sorry about your mother. I can't change our world, but I can
protect you here."

Author Bio:
Ravyn is a sassy, fun-loving, and adventure-seeking young woman. She loves to travel and can’t wait for her next vacation, wherever it might be.

Ravyn writes romantic erotica. She began writing romance novels in college, spending her down time either reading a book or writing fiction. Please don’t make her choose between the two, she loves them equally.

Although BURNING DESIRE is her debut romantic erotica novel, it is not her first published book. She has been published professionally since 2013.

Rayvn Rayne

Ruth Silver (Less Steamy)

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Release Day Blitz: The Burning by Susan Squires

Title: The Burning
Author: Susan Squires
Series: Companion
Genre: Regency Paranormal Romance
Release Date: July 21, 2015
Cover Design: Rebecca Poole, Dreams2Media
Award-winning, bestselling author Susan Squires brings you into a world of erotic temptation that comes alive at night and thrives on our darkest secrets and longings. Take the journey to an unforgettable place in the heart of darkness and desire…

It is 1821 and all who know the beautiful, mysterious Ann Van Helsing believe she is insane. Yet Ann’s curse is the deep psychic ability that shows her everything about another human being—their history, thoughts and desires—simply by touching them. Overwhelmed by a power she can barely control, Ann roams the quiet woods and caves near her estate, searching for an elusive peace. Here she encounters the man who will change everything…

To atone for an unforgivable transgression against his own kind, vampire Stephan Sincai has become a vigilante who must hunt and kill those whom other vampires have made. When Ann discovers Stephen bleeding in her cave, she reaches tries to help him. The moment she touches him she knows every fiber of Stephens being—and the knowledge is at once frightening and irresistible…

Ann and Stephen are drawn together by a powerful force. As they fight against the evil surrounding them, an enemy bent on destroying them will make them choose between what they love and what they fear the most….

GRIPPING AND UNFORGETTABLE.”  -- Romantic Times (4 ½ star review) on The Companion

Stephan flung Miss Austen’s novel to the floor. Not that it was not entertaining. It was, even skilled and insightful. But the book he wanted to read was laid out before him in a coma, unreadable. He thrust his hands in his pockets and slumped in his chair.

Her situation irked him, to say the least. What awaited her if she wakened from her coma? She had no parents living, else her uncle would not be her trustee. Now her guardian lay downstairs with a weak heart and a tenuous grip on life. What would happen when even this one person who cared for her was denied her? Van Helsing would return tomorrow. He could keep Van Helsing out of her room, for a while. But if she recovered? With a lout like that in the house, was she safe? And then there was the fact that she was suspected, however stupidly, of murder. Stephan chewed his lips.

Only his sharp hearing would have detected the low moan. His eyes widened in shock. Her eyelids fluttered. He dove from his chair to his knees beside her bed and began to chafe her hand. She moaned a little louder. She was waking! Thank whatever gods you choose, he commanded himself. He would not be spared damnation, but at least his crime against her, whatever it was, might not be irrevocable. She was about to come to consciousness.

He jerked his hands away from hers. She would not like to wake to being touched. A stranger by her side? Not reassuring. Especially one whom she had last seen covered in blood and whirling darkness. But there was no one else. And he could not let her wake alone.

He mustered what he hoped was a reassuring smile.

Author Bio:
Susan Squires is a New York Times bestselling author known for breaking the rules of romance writing. Whatever her time period, or subject, some element of the paranormal always creeps in. Susan’s work has won multiple contests including the Holt Medallion, the Golden Heart and the Book Buyer’s Best Award and reviewer's choice awards from RT BookReviews. Publisher's Weekly named Body Electric one of the most influential mass market books of 2003 and One with the Shadows, the fifth in her vampire Companion Series, a Best book of 2007. Time for Eternity, the first in the DaVinci time travel series, received a starred review from Publisher's Weekly.

Susan has a Masters in English literature from UCLA and once toiled as an executive for a Fortune 500 company. Now she lives at the beach in Southern California with her husband, Harry, a writer of supernatural thrillers, and three very active Belgian Sheepdogs, who like to help her write by putting their chins on the keyboarddddddddddddddddddddddd.


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Release Day Blitz: An Officer and a Mermaid by Blaire Edens

Title: An Officer and a Mermaid
Author: Blaire Edens
Series: Falling In Deep
Genre: Paranormal/Fantasy Romance
Release Date: July 21, 2015
Cover Designer: Quirky Bird
When a slave uprising threatens the life of Syreena, the daughter of an eighteenth century plantation owner, a servant uses voodoo to transform her into a mermaid. The spell will be only broken when she returns to the beach where it was cast. After three hundred years of swimming, she’s ready to trade fins for legs.  The only problem is she can’t find her way home.

Dylan, a twenty-first century Coast Guard Officer, has sworn off love for the sea. When a wave throws him overboard, Syreena uses her amulet to ward off the sharks and save his life.

With Syreena and Dylan stranded on a remote cay, Dylan has the know-how to build a raft and navigate but his near-drowning has made him terrified of the water. Syrenna will use every charm she has to convince Dylan to take her home.

Even if it means falling in love. . .

     “Want to take that walk now?”
     “Not until you put your pants back on,” she answered.
     “Deal,” he said. “Close your eyes. I’m coming for my shorts.”
     Syreena had the grace to lower her eyes demurely. As if she hadn’t been watching him the entire time he walked toward her.
     He stepped into his shorts, stiff with the salt water, and zipped the fly. “Ready?”
     “Can I look now?”
     “You’ve been looking the whole time.”
     “Have not,” she replied.
     “Can’t fool me.” He offered her his hand and pulled her to her feet. “Which way?”
     She pointed to the beach leading north. “Let’s walk that way. There’s a little cove up there where things like to wash up after a storm.”
     He didn’t want to let go of her hand. It was so small, so delicate. “I’m following you,” he said, letting go one finger at a time.
     The beach was wide and the sand was so fine it felt like flour beneath his feet. The sun was near its apex and his shoulders burned with the heat. For the first time since he’d landed on this island, he felt dry. The water was so blue it looked fake, like a retouched calendar.
     The cut still hurt when we walked. He was taking it slow, walking in the dry sand out of reach of the water, while Syreena combed the beach for interesting finds.
     The water. What the hell had that been about?
     “Look at this,” she said, dashing back to the water line. The excitement made her voice sound child-like. “I can’t believe it!” Syreena bent at the waist and picked something from the sand. Dylan tried not to stare at her ass. The shimmery skirt was just long enough to make it hard to see anything but short enough to make him hope.
     “What is it?”
     “It’s a ring!” She dipped it into the water and ran back to him. “Look! A diamond ring.”
     It was an engagement ring. A large diamond, catching the rays of the sun, was set into a gold band. “Any inscription?” he asked.
     She wrinkled her brow. “Inscription?”
     He reached out his hand. Turning the ring over and over in the light, there was nothing on the inside of the band. “Nope. Blank.”
     It was just as well; it wasn’t like they could find the owner anyway. They were, after all, in the same boat as Gilligan only without the Professor or the radio.
     “It fits perfectly,” Syreena squealed, placing it on her ring finger.
     A chill ran up his spine. He wasn’t sure exactly why.

Author Bio:
Blaire Edens lives in mountains of North Carolina. She grew up on a farm that’s been in her family since 1790. Of Scottish descent, her most famous ancestor, John Comyn, Lord of Badenoch and Guardian of Scotland, was murdered by Robert the Bruce on the altar of the Greyfriars Church at Dumfries.

She has a degree in Horticulture from Clemson University. She’s held a myriad of jobs including television reporter, GPS map creator, and personal assistant to a fellow who was rich enough to pay someone to pick up the dry cleaning. When she’s not plotting, she’s busy knitting, running, or listening to the Blues.

Blaire loves iced tea with mint, hand-stitched quilts, and yarn stores. She refuses to eat anything that mixes chocolate and peanut butter or apple and cinnamon. She’s generally nice to her mother, tries to remember not to smack her bubble gum, and only speeds when no one’s looking.

She's the past president of South Carolina Writers Workshop and an active member of Romance Writers of America.

EMAIL: blaire@blaireedens.com

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Significance by Cat Mason

Title: Significance
Author: Cat Mason
Series: Artistic Pricks Inc
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: July 17, 2015
Mitchell Taylor has spent most of the last five years overseas serving his country. Finally home after months of being separated from his longtime girlfriend, Becky, has him ready for change.

Between celebrating and adjusting to him being home, the couple soon learn they aren’t on the same page with their relationship. Pain, loss, maddening friends, and fear of the unknown will test them both as they come to terms with what is really important. Love.

Will Becky let fear and doubt rob her of the happily ever after with her sailor? Laughter, tears, triumph, and tragedy are all significant parts of life that we all face whether we like it or not. It’s all how we deal with them that make us who we are.

This is their story.

Contains adult content and subject matter. Significance is prequel to Gravity, book one in the Artistic Pricks Ink series and a companion novella to Solitude, book two.

Gravity #1
"There has to be something on this Earth that holds you here, other than Gravity."

Luke Hanlon was focused on anything but his own life.The happiness of everyone else came before his own. He worked hard to build Artistic Pricks Ink into the profitable business that it is today and yet, it isn't enough anymore. Something is missing. Someone.

With no one to focus on, but himself, Luke is forced to take a long hard look in the mirror and doesn't like what he sees. Then he meets his mom's neighbor and something clicks into place. But can he handle what comes along with her? Can he let go of the hurt in his past and see what is in front of him?

Kionna Slade is a good girl. She helps her neighbor, she doesn't go wild and crazy. She's independent and doesn't need anyone. After losing her mother and an accident stole her dream of being a Vegas Showgirl, her life took a turn in a direction she never dreamed it would. Now 'Sabrina' runs the show at night, allowing Ki to dance again. Keeping Kionna and Sabrina separate is her main goal, until Luke. Luke Hanlon will throw a wrench in everything she ever thought.

Lives are changed and things explode all around them as they are pulled together. Luke can't stay away, even if his heart and possibly both their lives could be threatened. Can Kionna and Luke find a way to hold onto each other or will they forever be grasping at what they can't have?

Author Bio:
Cat Mason is a thirty year old, married mother of three. When she isn't writing; she is spending time with her kiddos or reading. She was born and raised outside of St. Louis, Missouri, just over the Mississippi River in Granite City, Illinois. Cat writes romance of all kinds with twists of humor.

EMAIL: Cat.Mason.Author@gmail.com

Significance #.5

Gravity #1

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Fate Series by Emersyn Vallis

Author: Emersyn Vallis
Series: Fate #1-4
Genre: Romantic Suspense

Adjournment #1
When I chose to leave home I knew what I was giving up. I knew I was walking away from life as I knew it and the plans that we had made.

We…us…him and I…
It’s funny to think of him in a different light…or life.

That’s what it feels like, a lifetime ago.

But I’m a different person now. I have rules and goals. And if it wasn’t for my parents' vow renewal I would have successfully evaded him for the rest of my life. This is not by choice, I can tell you that.
I just need to focus and remember the key to this weekend is avoidance…and alcohol. But if anyone can pull that off it’s me, Sidney Chandler, queen of avoiding anything that will make me feel.

It’s just one weekend, right?
One very long weekend with my family…friends…my sisters and me…together, and our nemeses, the McAllister triplets.

What could possibly go wrong?


They say you never forget your first love, now just imagine how hard it is to forget your only.

This is going to suck.

Hanging Pawns #2
We all have choices in life… paths to take… roads to follow….

It’s on those journeys that fate finds us and takes us where we need to be… Without a second glance we can be taken away from things we know… "people we love" and given a new life...

One that can change us… save us…

What would you do if fate dropped you at a crossroads? Would you go back? Or would you run like hell the other way?

Sacrifice #3
For years my life was in a state of Adjournment…

Fate had constructed a plan to push me away… to save me…

There was a danger I never knew existed, one I had never sensed.

My family positioned themselves around me.

Like Hanging Pawns, they shielded me from it and I lived blissfully unaware… until now.

Now, I know there are rules to this game...

Sacrifices to be made in order to get to End Game.

What would I Sacrifice for one more moment... one last look? Touch? Kiss?

The answer is simple…


End Game #4
Once upon time, there were two girls living their lives completely unaware of one another and the dangerous game they had been placed in…

Until Fate found them…

Fate saved them, made them stronger & with time, Fate brought them together to become friends rather than enemies…

Until a cruel Queen made her move, threatened the Knight,
 And an innocent Pawn was sacrificed…

Now the game is in our hands…

Fate might have set us up for this… but we control the moves now…
And we have our own plan.


Adjournment #1

Hanging Pawns #2

Sacrifice #3

End Game #4

What Others are Saying:
"And these two between the sheets, good gracious. It was HOT HOT HOT! The chemistry was undeniable. It sizzled and poured off of the sheets. Simon was a beast." ~ Renee Entress Blog (Adjournment)

 “Emerysn Vallis has an incredible writing style, the story comes out smoothly and flawlessly with perfect attention to detail. Her characters are amazing as well, the interactions between all of them are hilarious and the banter is perfect.” ~ The Truth About Fiction Book Blog (Hanging Pawns)

"Emersyn Vallis has done a wonderful job on the Fate Series. Adjournment, Hanging Pawns, and now Sacrifice are definitely in my definite recommend list, and re-read list for 2014/2015" ~ Battery Operated Book Blog (Sacrifice)

"PERFECT ENDING! PERFECT! Of the hundreds of ideas running through my head about how this amazing series was going to end, this was by far the best possible ending and exceeded all of my expectations!" ~ Swoon Worthy Books (End Game)

Author Bio: 
Emersyn Vallis is a first time author with Adjournment being the first book in the Fated Series. Currently residing on the east coast with her husband and three children she is typically mistaken for being quiet and reserved her friends often describe her as a spastic spider monkey and always the first to be there with her quick wit to pull you back up when you’re feeling down. After reading as a hobby for most of her life it wasn’t until she had discovered R. L. Mathewson’s ‘Neighbor from Hell Series’ and Tara Sivec’s ‘Playing with Fire Series’ that she came up with the idea to fuse comedy and suspense together and her passion for writing was born.

EMAIL: Emersynval@gmail.com


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