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Salvaged by Delisa Lynn

Title: Salvaged
Author: Delisa Lynn
Series: Embracing #2
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: May 12, 2015
A perfect life…

Lila Carls-Ellis has an amazing husband, beautiful twin daughters, and a dream job. But in the back of her mind lingers a dangerous desire—Evan Martin, and she can’t help but wonder what might have been.

Back in New York for a friend’s wedding, Lila runs into Evan, and the sight of him with another woman affects her in ways she never anticipated. A friendly visit turns into dinner, drinks, and a night of passion she has yearned for since leaving him four years ago.

A dangerous secret…

Liam Ellis knows his wife has a secret, but he wants her to confide it when she is ready. He’s devoted to her and their children and can’t imagine a scenario where he wouldn’t fight to protect the life they’ve built together. What could Lila have possibly done that would be devastating enough to threaten their future and the love they share?

One night can tear it all apart…

Lila knows she needs to confess her transgression to Liam, but can’t find the courage, terrified of losing everything. Is it possible for them to work through her lies, or is her perfect life gone forever? The only way out is through, and Lila has to admit the truth and face the consequences of that fateful, reckless night.

No matter what the cost.

Chapter One
Present Day Liam
     It’s been five weeks since Lila woke up. It’s great to have her home with us. She seems to be doing well. She hasn’t said much about her trip to New York or Evan. The day he came to the hospital, what they did was written all over his face, but I could tell he was hurting. Plus, he seems to really care about the lady that was with him.
     How do I tell my wife I know she cheated on me and that the baby she is carrying might not be mine? Doesn’t matter who the father is, really. The baby is mine. In my eyes, that’s our child. We haven’t told the twins we’re expecting yet. We want to make sure everything is fine before we tell too many people.
     As I lie next to my beautiful wife, watching her sleep, I think how fucking lucky I am that she’s alive and all mine. She’s the most beautiful woman 8 Salvaged I’ve ever laid my eyes on. When I was in the reserves, the memory of her smile, her face, her touch got me through the days and the loneliness of the nights, along with her pictures, her letters, and knowing that someday we would spend the rest of our lives together here, in this house. My parents loved this house. I spent fourteen wonderful years here with them.
     Now I’m able to give my children everything my parents gave me. Sometimes, watching the girls play on the beach brings back memories of my childhood, memories of playing football with my dad, of all the big family gatherings we had here. When both my parents died and I had to leave, I was really heartbroken. However, it lead me to my beautiful wife; the day I walked in and saw her talking with Ads, I knew, right then, she would be worth whatever I had to go through to be with her. Hell, even to this day I feel the same. No one can take the love I have for her away, and I will love her until my heart stops beating.
     “Good morning, beautiful. How did you sleep?” I ask Lila right before I kiss her. We haven’t been intimate since the accident. Because of her injuries and how long she spent in a coma, the doctor said it would be a good idea if we waited six weeks.
     Her arms have healed better than expected. The doctor was shocked when he realized they weren’t broken. They were fractured pretty badly, though. After a few extra weeks in physical therapy, she  regained full use of them.
     “I slept wonderfully knowing that I was wrapped up in your arms and that our beautiful girls are sleeping peacefully in their room,” she says as she straddles me. “Baby, you know what the doctor said. We have to wait before we can make love. Your ribs are still healing.” I run my hands along her legs. She has the most beautiful legs; they’re long and tan—not too skinny, not too chunky.
     She slides her body down mine. Just as she reaches the top of my boxers, she says, “I know exactly what the doctor said. He didn’t say I couldn’t love my husband in other ways, now did he?” “Well, I guess he didn’t, but I want you so bad right now, Li. I don’t know if I could handle anything except being deep inside of you.”
     I wrap my hands in her hair. She pulls my boxers off in one tug and grabs my length in her hands.      She looks up at me and licks her lips. “I’ve been wanting to taste you since I woke up in the hospital. I love feeling you in my mouth.”
     Then she goes full force, sucking hard. One of my hands is in her hair while the other pulls the sheets off the bed. Fucking hell, this is why I love this woman; she sees what she wants and goes for it.
     “Lila, baby, I need you so bad. Climb up here, now!” I know the doctor said to wait, but hell, if she’s in control, she knows her limits, and I’m not going 10 Salvaged to deny her any pleasure she wants and needs.
     She looks up at me with swollen lips and says, “I knew we couldn’t wait any longer.”
     She slides back up and climbs on top of me. My dick is still very hard and ready to be inside her. With the wetness of her heat, I glide straight in. She’s so damn tight. As she rocks back and forth, my dick moving in and out of her, I can see how much she loves me. The look in her eyes. The touch of her hands. The way she’s always so ready for me. The way she comes completely undone as soon as I enter her.
     I grab her hips and sit up on my knees as I hold her tight and make love to her for the first time in months. I didn’t know how much longer I could take. My hand just wasn’t doing it for me anymore, so I haven’t gotten off in months. God, I need to come so damn bad.
     I want to make sure she gets hers, so I lay her on her back and kiss her breasts, nipping and sucking on both nipples before I make my way down her chest to her abdomen. I kiss every inch of her stomach, making small circles around her navel. My mouth works its way farther down until I reach her heat. God, her pussy is beautiful. Even after two kids, she looks so damn good. I slide a finger in her and then run my tongue over her clit.
     “Oh, Liam. Holy fucking shit. Finger me hard, baby; use three fingers,” she yells. Damn, my girl likes it rough. “Come for me, Lila. Then I’ll slide back in.”
     I push my fingers in as deep as I can, reaching  the spot that I know will make her lose control. She arches her back, throws her head back, and rides out her orgasm, fucking my hand, screaming my name over and over. I want to kiss her so bad, but I know she hates tasting herself on my lips, so I bury my face in her breasts. I guide myself back inside of her and pump: one, two, and three.
     “You have the best goddamn pussy, ever. Fuck!” I roar. “Mmm, I’m so glad you think so.”
     “Fuck, you look so damn sexy. Stay right there; enjoy that high. I’m going to run you a bath.”
     I go to the bathroom, brush my teeth, and run a nice bubble bath for my wife. I go back to the bed and smile when I realize she’s still lying there in her orgasm high. I kiss her and check on the girls. They’re both still sound asleep. I go back to our bedroom, pick Lila up, and carry her to the bathtub. “I can walk, you know.” She laughs as I sit her in the tub. I run back and grab the baby monitor and set it on the counter; then I slide in the nice, warm bath with my wife. I sit behind her with my legs wrapped around hers. I reach behind me, light a candle, and pick up a loofa and her favorite Bath & Body Works body wash. I wash and kiss every inch of her body. As she washes mine, she, of course, uses her body wash. I’ll smell like her all day.
     “I love carrying you. Do you know how lucky I am? I’ve almost lost you twice. We’re never flying anywhere ever again.” I stand up and reach for a towel.
     I dry myself off and then dry her off as she 12 Salvaged laughs at me. I know we need to talk, so I’m planning on taking her away for the weekend. My mom loves watching the girls. She said she missed out on my childhood, so she wants to see the girls as much as possible.
     “How are our girls this morning?” Lila asks. She starts brushing her teeth. Damn, watching her stand in front of me with nothing but a towel on while brushing her teeth is making me hard as hell.
     “They’re still sleeping. I’ll start breakfast before I wake them,” I say. I kiss my beautiful wife.
     Addie and Maddie are like her. They’d sleep all damn day if you let them. They will be four years old in a few months and we’re planning on having a party at the Bounce House. I promised AJ he could go with us. He is a few years older than the girls, but he loves to hang around them. Although he’s their cousin, he’s like a big brother to them. They remind me of Ashton, Addison, and I when we were all that age. We were always together. I check on my girls again before heading down to make breakfast. Miss Rosa, the housekeeper, only comes in on the weekends. Rosa was the same housekeeper my parents had for so many years. The girls fell in love with her instantly, as did Lila. When Lila was in the hospital, Rosa stayed here and took care of everything. “Hey, handsome. What are you thinking about?” Lila says. She grabs a cup of hot tea and makes me a cup of coffee. Her hair is in a messy bun and she’s wearing a little makeup as well as a pair of yoga pants and a thin tank top.      Fuck, she’s gorgeous. I grab her waist and pull her in for a kiss. I look  in her beautiful blue eyes with a smile and say,
     “You, as always.” She smiles and kisses me. “I love your lips and kissing you. I need to call Megan about a case. I have to appear in court Tuesday. We will be back from our trip by then, right?”
     “Call her. Yes, we will. I’m going to get the girls so they can eat. You know they love blueberry pancakes.”
     “Okay, I’m going to call her and then meet you at the breakfast bar.”
     I walk up the stairs. I know the girls are probably still asleep. They each have their own bed, but most of the time they sleep together. Before Lila’s accident, they slept with us most nights. When I open the door, I find them playing with toys. “Hey, girls. Are you ready for breakfast? Daddy made your favorite pancakes,” I say. I help them get dressed. Addie runs and grabs her stuffed rabbit. “Hmm, did you make the blue cakes?”
     “Yay, blue cakes. And apple juice?” Maddie says, placing a hand on each hip.
     “Yes, and apple juice,” I reply. “Come on, Mommy is waiting for us.”
     I pick both girls up and carry them downstairs. As I round the corner, I see Lila. She made the girls’ plates using their favorite princess plates. She also cut bananas and strawberries and put a smiley face on their pancakes with chocolate syrup.
     “Hey, where’s my smiley face?” I laugh as I lean in and kiss her cheek. “We can use that chocolate later,” I joke.
     Rolling her eyes, she gently smacks at my hands. “Aww, does Daddy want a smiley face? Girls, do you want to help Daddy make his pancakes look like yours?” Both girls jump up and down, screaming.
     “I do! I want to put the face on the cakes, Mommy,” Addie says.
     “Me too. Let me do it too, Addie,” Maddie says, trying to grab the strawberries. I hand Maddie the bowl of strawberries and smile. “You both can.”

Author Bio:
Delisa Lynn grew up in Columbus,Ohio. She works in the medical field by day, and let's her characters come to life at night. She is an avid reader, mainly any book with Alpha males or a good romance novel. If she isn't working or writing you can find her curled up with her fur baby and her kindle. Or watching a good movie with her husband. She is a huge reality TV junkie.


Salvaged #2

Treasured #1
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Polaris Series by ME Montgomery

Titles: North Star & True North
Author: ME Montgomery
Series: Polaris #1 & 2
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Dates: North Star: October 13, 2014
True North: November 25, 2014
Editor: BJS Editing
Cover Design: Cover to Cover Designs

North Star #1
Is our fate in the stars…or in our hands?

Everyone who knew her wanted Mikayla Matthews as their friend. But in her love life, she never seemed to be good enough. After one betrayal too many, she packed up her shattered heart and moved across the state to start over. Losing herself in a new job, she is convinced no man will ever truly want her, not that she was willing to trust another to find out anyway.

Alex North found himself in the one role he never wanted - guardian of his nephew after his sister and best friend are killed. On unfamiliar territory as a dad, Alex gave up his bachelor lifestyle and worked to create a nurturing environment for five year old Aiden. Attempting to hold his new life together, he masked his pain and threw himself into being the rock for his family.

Brought together by fate on several occasions, Alex decides Mikayla is the key to heal not only Aiden, but himself. He recognizes that only she can offer him the kind of love he never thought he would find. Mikayla discovers she has the strength to give love a second chance as well as the courage to fight for it. Together they heal each other and begin to create a future together.

But not everyone supports them, and outside forces threaten to destroy all the happiness they have worked for. Will Alex and Mikayla be strong enough to hold together the fledgling family they are building?

Or will the past and the present work together to rip them apart?

True North #2
Alex and Kayla have found in each other what they need to move moved beyond the tragedies of their pasts and are ready to embrace their future together. But the problem with the past is it doesn’t always agree to be left behind, and sometimes it follows, unwilling to let go.

Now everything they thought they knew to be true is suddenly turned up on end. Collisions between the past and the present challenge their happiness, and hiding in the shadows lurk more obstacles that threaten their future.

Alex and Kayla are determined not to let these twists and turns destroy their happiness. But is love enough? What happens when lies, uncertainty, and deception entangle with their plans? Will determination be enough when faced with disaster?

Plotting a course is easy; finding your True North and staying the course presents a greater challenge.

“Sylvia was right. You are not the type of woman I have usually dated.” I started to turn away again, but he wouldn’t let me.

“Yes, they were beautiful,” he continued, “but only on the outside. They were shallow, selfish, and greedy. Their biggest interests were acquiring more clothes and jewelry and finding ways to get me to buy it for them. They wouldn’t dare dirty themselves playing with children or cooking or cleaning up messes. And they sure as hell couldn’t have thrown darts without breaking a nail.” He smirked at his last comment.

He pushed my hair away from my face and tucked it behind my ear. “You, on the other hand, are the most stunning woman I have ever known. I love to run my hands through your thick, silky hair. I love to hold your soft, sweet curves against my body.” He paused and brushed a finger across my lips. “Your smile is pure sunshine and your beautiful eyes hold me captive and seem to see into my soul, seeing the real me and not just what I have to offer. You amaze me at how kind you are to other people and how much you enjoy giving of yourself.”

He leaned his forehead against mine and continued in a soft, gruff voice. “So, you see, Mikayla, Sylvia was right. You are not the type of woman I usually date, and it’s really more that I am not worthy of you.” I was unable to look away from the adoration I saw as he looked back at me. My heart pounded so hard I was surprised my shirt didn’t pulse outward with each beat.

“I can’t even begin to imagine why you haven’t been snapped up by some other lucky bastard, but I thank God you weren’t. I want you, Mikayla. So I don’t ever, ever want to hear you put yourself down again and wonder why I want to be with you.”

The woman finished placing her order and waited patiently at the bar, casting her long lashes down as if she were uncomfortable with all the people surrounding her, especially the drunken idiots sitting at the bar next to her. The guy closest to the end leaned backward as he laughed hard at something his buddy said. I watched in disgust as he lost his balance and began to fall sideways off his stool. In the process, he slammed into the beauty standing next to him, causing her to lose her balance. She reached out to try to grab onto something, but her flailing arms found nothing but air.

Instinctively, I reached out and caught her around the waist and pulled her toward me and away from him. She was such a light little thing I inadvertently lifted her onto my lap. She landed on my thighs with a little ‘umph’ as she grabbed my waist for balance. Unable to help myself, I inhaled her sweet scent - almost like vanilla with a touch of cinnamon; not like that strong, sense-clogging perfume used by so many of the women I knew.

“Whoa, you okay there?” I asked her.

“Oh, my gosh! I’m so sorry…” She stopped talking as our eyes met for the first time. Or at least I didn’t hear anything else. Her voice was almost like honey, soothing and quiet, calming my tired soul like a comfortable blanket. My mind went blank when I looked into her beautiful hazel eyes. There was no hidden agenda in the green and gold specks that broke up a warm brown, just a genuine look of gratitude alongside a certain wariness. Wearing a dark blue pair of jeans and a white button down shirt, she was much more modestly dressed than the blonde I’d sized up of a few moments ago. A sparkly pink scarf decorated her neck hinting that beneath the conservative exterior there was a spark of playfulness. To me, she was much more attractive for leaving something to the imagination, although pressed against me as she was, I didn’t need to imagine the full curves underneath those clothes.

Her eyes darted across my face and she appeared to be appraising me as well. She focused on my eyes as though she could see into me if she looked hard enough. Her look drew me in. I wanted to pull her closer and go ahead and let her see inside, feeling as if she could soothe all the pain and anger I tried to keep locked up. At the same time, I wanted to hold and protect her from whatever caused that look of caution, almost fear, that abounded in her eyes.

What the hell just happened to me? I had never had these thoughts before. She noticed my intense gaze and her cheeks began to turn the cutest shade of pink. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d seen a woman blush; usually they were so forward I was the one who was embarrassed for them.

“Thank you for catching me,” she said. “That might have ended badly otherwise.”

My mind snapped back to attention when she began to push off of me. I doubt she noticed, but her second hand had settled on my crotch when she landed in my lap, and the gentle pressure she was asserting had it starting to rise and twitch in anticipation of more.

I grabbed her wrist gently. “I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask you not to push too hard there.”

She tilted her head sideways, not immediately understanding my words until I gestured with my eyes at our hands. I knew the instant she figured it out because her pink cheeks turned bright red and she jerked her hand away.

“Oh,” she gasped. “I…I’m so, so sorry!” she said as she carefully crawled off me.

“Trust me, it was my pleasure,” I teased, glancing at my lap.

Teaser pics related to book 3 due out this summer.

Author Bio:
M.E. Montgomery has been an avid reader her entire life, and her Amazon account will attest to that fact! Recently, several voices began telling their own stories in her head. After being assured she wasn’t crazy and this was the sign of an emerging novel, she decided to put her fingers to work and started typing, and with lots of encouragement, decided to share Alex, Kayla, and Aiden’s dramatic and heartwarming tale.

Her family considers her adept in most subjects, to include science, history, reading, spelling, and all mathematical studies, which loosely means she is the homework queen to her four school aged children. Fortunately, her biology and elementary school teaching background help her to keep up the expert faรงade, at least for now.

Although born and raised in the Washington DC metro area, she has considered many places to be called home since she left to attend college in North Carolina. She is a proud Navy wife, setting up hearth and home wherever in the world the Navy sends her husband. When she’s not reading or writing, she loves to go camping with her family, drinking wine on the deck, and romantic getaways when her husband’s work permits.


North Star #1

True North #2

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Release Day: Blind Love by Kishan Paul

Title: Blind Love
Author: Kishan Paul
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: June 2, 2015
She doesn’t need a hero. But a sexy Marine…that’ll work.
At twenty nine, psychologist Lauren Baxter has a successful counseling practice. Since becoming legally blind at fifteen, her world has been a blurry mess of colors. Her greatest fear is also her ultimate reality. One day that fuzzy realm will forever turn black. Refusing to let blindness define her, she builds a life for herself with her dog, Jack Sparrow, and best friend, Sunny Daye.

Lauren has no tolerance for pity or for Superman swooshing down and rescuing her. She is capable of saving herself just fine. That is until Gabe, the great smelling, former Marine, from Texas moves in next door. Her attraction to him is immediate and, unfortunately for her, mutual.

When Lauren’s ex-husband shows up begging for another chance, she is confused and fragile. She also finds herself in the arms of her secretive neighbor. Little does she realize that her decision for a steamy roll in the hay with Gabe will suck her into his mysterious past, thrust her ex-husband back into her life, put her in the middle of a murder investigation, and place her life in danger.

Gabriel Briggs has the weight of the world on his shoulders. Short term flings are all he can afford for more reasons than one – reasons he never plans to share. Until he moves in next door to the beautiful, green eyed, feisty, Lauren. One night with her and he’s reconsidering promises he made almost a decade ago. When a woman from his past is murdered, his world is turned upside down. Secrets are revealed and innocent lives are threatened. Can Gabe win Lauren’s love and save her life before it’s too late?

***Product Warnings: Contains a blind therapist who doesn’t consider herself impaired; a meddling, erotic-novel-writing best friend; a hot ex-Marine with a shady past; and a loyal guide dog that howls “I love you” and is probably the sanest one of the bunch.***

     The banging and Jack’s barking grew louder. Lauren ran her hands through her hair and made her way down the stairs with Sunny close behind.
     At the door, her best friend leaned over her and peeked through the blinds.
     “Oh Sweet Baby Jesus, who’s that?” she whispered.
     Lauren pushed her away and blocked the entrance with her body. “If I could see, I’d tell you.”
     “It’s a man. Open the door,” she ordered and tried to pull Lauren’s hand from the knob.
     “No! We don’t know who he is,” she hissed.
     “Lauren, it’s Gabe.” The way her name sounded in the baritone voice of his had her stomach doing the funny flipping thing again like it did yesterday in the backyard.
     “Yes, Lauren, it’s Gabe,” Sunny imitated. “Now open the fucking door.”
     “Hi, Gabe. Everything okay?” she asked, her voice huskier than she’d like.
     “I heard screams. I tried calling a couple times and when you didn’t answer, thought I’d come over and check things out.”
     “The neighbor with the power tools?” Sunny hissed. “The man is eye candy beautiful.”
     “That doesn’t mean he’s not a rapist or serial killer,” Lauren hissed back.
     Boney arms wrapped tight around her waist, lifting off the ground and planting her a few feet away from the entrance. Disoriented, Lauren was still figuring out which direction she was facing when the door rattled and opened.
     “Hey,” Sunny said in her most seductive tone. After rolling her eyes, Lauren walked toward her friend’s voice.
     “Hi,” Gabe cleared his throat. “I’m sorry, I was looking for Lauren.”
     “I’m right here.”
     “Sorry to bother you two. Like I said, I heard screaming…”
     “So sorry; we were having a disagreement,” she answered before Sunny got a chance to give her interpretation of events.
     “I’m Sunny.” Her voice sounded deep and breathy. Lauren cringed and resisted the urge to hit her.
     “Hi, Sunny, I’m Gabe.”
     “Nice to meet you, neighbor with the power tools.”
     “Anyway, we’re fine. Thanks for checking.” Lauren reached over to shut the door but Sunny wouldn’t let it go.
     “How sweet. Did you hear, Cat? He came here to see if you needed to be saved.” Since when did she start speaking with a Southern accent?
     “I don’t need to be saved,” she muttered.
     “That’s all relative now isn’t it, sweetheart? Why don’t you come in, Gabe? I just made some fresh coffee.”
     “I’d love some. But if you don’t mind, let me go put some clothes on and I’ll be right back.”
     A few seconds after he disappeared, Sunny blew out a breath and closed the door. “Honey, I do mind if you put on more clothes.”
     “What’s wrong with you? You can’t let strangers into my home,” Lauren growled.
     “Rule number one: When a man who looks like him walks up in nothing but hard muscles and a thin pair of boxers, you invite him in. Rule number two: Keep rocking those low-cut tank tops and short biker shorts, ’cause he couldn’t keep his eyes off you.”

What Others are Saying:
“I absolutely fell in love with this story and quite honestly didn't want to put it down or for it to end.” - Bobbi  of Bobbi’s Blog  

“Lauren is both strong and vulnerable, and much the same could be said for Gabe. You have two people battling their own personal demons, lots of emotional baggage and an undeniable (and strong) mutual attraction that keeps pulling them together…Humorous banter, believable chemistry and a strong cast of supporting characters are just some of the things that make this book difficult to put down.”  - Nessie Strange author of Living Dead World series 

“I love, love, loved this story. I am a huge fan of contemporary romance, and this was perfect. One minute I was crying, the next laughing…The story is very well written, the characters are well developed,…a must read for any romance lover. There is a little suspense, and you'll want to keep some tissues near-by…Fans of Susan Mallery, Robyn Carr, Jennifer Bernard, and Jill Shalvis will love this novel.”   - Nicole of Books and Pearls.com

What do you do when you need inspiration?
It’s funny you ask that. I’m actually in that “I need inspiration” stage right now. For me, it’s books and movies, the more emotional it is the better. Music has that effect on me too. Sometimes it’s just the simple act of driving down a road with no one to talk to and no good music to listen to.

What else do you do other than writing? Other jobs or hobbies?
In my other world, I’m a therapist in private practice and have been for about fifteen years. I love working with emotions and helping people heal. It’s probably why I loved working on this story and writing about Lauren and Gabe’s pain so much. I’m also a mom to two amazing little monsters and have been married for over seventeen years to a man who knows to just shake his head and walk away.

What comes next? 
I have another story, The Second Wife, with a publisher right now. I’m waiting to hear back from them. It’s actually my first work and totally different than any of the stories I’ve written since then. It’s about a therapist who gets kidnapped by her client. Regardless of how it gets published, I can’t wait for the world to read Ally’s story.

Right now, I’m working on making my novella, Taking the Plunge, into a full novel. Eve and Pete are hilarious. I’m hoping to be done with that by the Fall this year.

What are you reading now or what books do you have in your TBR pile?
My TBR list is soo long, I wouldn’t even know where to begin. But if I had to pick two authors from that list, they would be Jill Shalvis and Colleen Hoover. I love their stuff.

Which three famous people would you like to invite for dinner?
 Since you didn’t say dead or alive, I’d pick Robin Williams for his humor, Maya Angelou for her wisdom, and Channing Tatum for his… dancing.

Author Bio:
From daring escapes by tough women to chivalrous men swooping in to save the day, the creativity switch to Kishan Paul’s brain is always in the “on” position. If daydreaming stories were a college course, Kish would have graduated with honors.

Mother of two beautiful children, she has been married to her best friend for over seventeen years. With the help of supportive family and friends, she balances her family, a thriving counseling practice, and writing without sinking into insanity.

Her novella, Taking the Plunge, is currently available in the Love Least Expected Anthology on Amazon.


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Life After Light by ES Maria

Title: Life After Light
Author: ES Maria
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: May 23, 2015
Hannah Mackenzie is perfection. She's effortlessly beautiful, intelligent, and popular, and is about to head to the big city to pursue a law degree at one of Sydney's best universities. Joining her is boyfriend Paul, aka Mr. Perfect.

Yes, Hannah has it all.

A perfect life. A perfect love.

She feels invincible.

That is, until one night, when she realises that she is not.

One by one, the perfect pieces of her life starts falling apart.

And she's losing it all.

Her perfect life. Her perfect love.

Now all she has left is darkness.

And as if her life isn't complicated enough, it turns for the worse upon the return of Atticus Foster. Hannah once saw past his fractured soul, and she gave him her heart three years ago, only to have it shattered when he suddenly left town without saying goodbye. Now he's back, forcing her to question if the perfection she sought was just to guise the broken heart she could, yet wouldn't mend.

This is Hannah Mackenzie's story of great love, of heartbreak, of devastating loss, of forgiveness through acceptance. But most of all, this is Hannah's realisation, that the only way to break through the darkness is to allow her heart to lead the way.

Chapter Thirteen
Hannah and Atticus
     He regards me thoughtfully, but doesn’t respond. Instead, he seems to play with the strings of the guitar, then, he goes into a tune that sounds familiar.
     Then he sings the first line … about how he doesn’t know me, but he wants me. He nods to me encouragingly, inviting me to join him with a smile that shows off that dimple. That was it for me, and without thinking, I open my mouth and start singing.
     I start singing the familiar words with him, my heart beating fast and loud, that I’m sure he can hear every single thud.
     We sound awkward at first, until we start singing in sync, and by the time we’re singing the chorus, it’s like we’ve been singing together for years.
     “Falling Slowly”
     God, I think I’m falling faster than that.
     By the time he strums the last notes, our eyes are glued to each other. He places the guitar down on the floor, but he doesn’t break contact. He moves closer, inch by inch, and I refuse to move, my whole body cemented on my side of the couch.
     When I feel his warm hand on my glowing cheek, his face coming closer as he dips his head down towards me, I know that I need to just feel him, just as I need him to feel me.
     So with one last shaky exhale, I close my eyes, and I feel.
     The way he touches me … warm … gentle … comforting.
     The way he whispers my name … soft … low … endearing.
     And finally, the way his lips feel on mine … sweet … tender … amazing.
     So. Amazing.

1. What is the biggest influence/interest that brought you to this genre?
The concept of a happily ever after, and how we all have different interpretations of it, as well as different ways in getting there.

2. When writing a book, what is your favorite part of the creative process(outline, plot, character names, editing, etc)?
My favourite part is plotting the story. I always have a notepad or my Evernote app on my phone handy to write plot points, ideas, dialogues, etc. My least favourite would have to be edits, especially the first round ones. That's when I start questioning my thought process and wonder why I even wrote such an abominable scene in the first place! Lol!

3. When reading a book, what genre do you find most interesting/intriguing?
I'm always drawn to romance, but more specifically:
New Adult because of the whole coming of age and discovering what true love is.
Dramatic because sometimes I need to have a good cry and to appreciate my usually drama-free life.
Suspense because I love a good edge of your seat, clammy hands sort of adrenalin rush.
And Erotic, because who doesn't love sexy times?
But what I read depends on my mood, or what kind of escape I'm after at the time.

4. If you could co-author with any author, past or present, who would you choose?
There are so many writers I'd love to collaborate with! Maya Angelou is inspirational, Jane Austin is a romance legend, Colleen Hoover is crazy talented and generous, and of course Mia Sheridan because I just love her and the words she writes!

5. Have you always wanted to write or did it come to you "later in life"?
I've been an avid reader and have been writing since I was a tween. They were mostly short stories. I think at one point I even wrote a song. But I set it aside when life got busier and more complicated. Eventually I got married and had my kids. I rediscovered my love for reading, which eventually led to a story developing in my head. Autumn Falls was the first book I've published, then Autumn Reigns. These two books formed The Autumn Series, which is mostly erotic, with drama and suspense. Life After Light is my third novel. It's a standalone, and my first attempt at writing in a New Adult genre. I must admit though, I'm enjoying NA and have started writing a new story in this genre again. Thing is, because I love to read different styles of romance, I wanted my stories to be just as varied as well. I love that I am able to do that, and hope the readers will enjoy the stories I've written so far. :)

Thank you for giving me an interview. Hope you have an amazing day! :)

Author Bio:
Since I was a little girl, I've been in love with books and storytelling. One of my fondest memories as a child, is spending hours in a cafe or restaurant with my mum, people-watching and making up interesting stories about their lives.

Now I'm all grown up. I married a beautiful man, raising two wonderful children together while balancing a career in finance. Yes, I'm living my very own happily ever after!

But the love of storytelling never left me. So I put my fingers to keyboard and started my journey. Now, I'm about to publish my very first novel, with the second and last book of the series all done and just waiting to be tweaked. And did I mention I have a whole stack of other book ideas waiting to be written?

I'm excited, I hope you will be too! :)

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The Keyholer by Claire Thomspson

Title: The Keyholder
Author: Claire Thomspon
Genre: Erotic BDSM Romance
Release Date: May 22, 2015
Eva Sandler’s dream job as a house submissive at Hawthorne Dungeon becomes a seven-week nightmare of intense captivity at the hands of a dangerous Master Keyholder. Though forced to submit to the cruel taskmaster’s every erotic whim, Eva’s inner spark of survival burns hot. She will escape, whatever the cost.

Long-time Dom Jack McQuade aches for a loving D/s connection like that shared by his friends, Nora and Charles. When Nora finds desperate clues left by someone held prisoner in Hawthorne Dungeon, it leads them all to a harrowing discovery and introduces Jack to Eva’s stunning courage and determination.

Jack and Eva’s possible D/s relationship should be perfect, but when Jack holds back because of Eva’s previous experience—fearing he’s pushing her too far, too fast—it will take every bit of Eva’s spirit to show the Dom that his sub is much stronger than he ever realized.
A powerful story of passion, betrayal, erotic submission, but most of all—love.

     “Go upstairs and prepare yourself,” he said, his words sending shiver of delicious anticipation through Nora’s psyche. “We will join you momentarily.”
     “Yes, Sir.” Nora left the two men and flew up both flights of stairs to the second floor. She walked quickly down the hallway toward the harem room. It looked different during the day, with sunlight streaming in through the high windows. The floor was white marble shot with gold, several well-worn but fine oriental carpets placed about the open space. Large, plump throw pillows were set strategically near silk-upholstered antique sofas and chairs.
     In a place of honor in the center of the room hung a wooden pillory, suspended on either side by thick iron chains. Nora had spent many a delicious hour with her head and wrists locked between the wooden slats, her perfect Master subjecting her to erotic torture and sensual play that never failed to leave her thoroughly and properly used, and utterly sated.
     Nora quickly shed her coat and street clothes, which consisted of a blouse and simple skirt—she never wore pants or underwear, since it pleased Charles, and her, to know she was always accessible to him. Stepping out of her shoes, she collected her things and folded them neatly. She moved quickly to the wardrobe and opened her special drawer. She slipped into a satin bodice, positioning the stiff stays beneath her breasts and pulling the laced sash tight. Her breasts were clearly visible through the sheer fabric, her pierced nipples already jutting in anticipation.
     Next she pulled on the matching crotchless pantaloons, tying the satin bows at her thighs to properly expose her smooth, shaven pussy for her Master and his guest. She glanced down at the small diamond sparkling at her bellybutton and flexed her flat, strong stomach muscles in anticipation. Finally, she slipped the dozens of thin gold bangles that completed her outfit over both wrists.
     She heard the sound of footsteps on the stairs and then the men coming down the hall, their voices a soft, masculine murmur. She hurried into position, kneeling on a cushion near the door, arms behind her head, back straight, heart thumping in anticipation.
     “Very nice,” Jack murmured as the two Doms entered the room. “You’re a lucky man, Charles.”
     “Don’t I know it,” Charles said with feeling, his words sending a rush of warmth through Nora’s loins. “Nora is my true love. I may own her body and her obedience, but she owns my heart.”
     “I can see you’re still a hopeless romantic,” Jack said with a smile.
     “And you remain a hopeful one, am I right?” Charles shot back.
     A look of longing flashed over Jack’s features, quickly replaced by an impish grin. “Hey, Nora, do you have a sister?”
     “Lots of sister subs, Sir,” she replied with a smile.
     “Matchmaking later,” Charles interrupted with a laugh. “I want Nora to dance for us.” He moved to the glass breakfront that housed the sound system. The room filled with the soft, haunting sound of exotic Eastern musical instruments that wove together a complex, sensual rhythm. Nora rose to her feet in a single fluid, much-practiced motion.
     The men sat on the large red sofa. Nora looked from Charles, who smiled encouragingly at her, to Jack, who was eyeing her with a frank and appraising eye, the swell in his jeans testament to his appreciation. For a moment she felt self-conscious, half-naked as she was in front of a man who, though he was staying with them temporarily until he found a place of his own, was basically a stranger.
     Her eyes moved back to Charles and, as she let herself fall into his dark, commanding gaze, the nervousness fell away like a discarded shell. She let the music move around and through her, allowing its mesmerizing rhythms to command her body. Nora’s body became an extension of her soul as she let the music and the dance claim her.
     Charles scooted forward on the sofa, gesturing for her to come closer. He placed his hand on her bare mons as she swayed before him. He pressed his fingers into her wetness and an involuntary shudder moved through her. He moved his fingers sensually inside her, the flat of his palm rubbing against her erect clit.
     “She’s extremely orgasmic,” Nora’s Dom calmly informed his friend, who was watching intently.      “She can come on command, isn’t that right, my sweet slut?”
     A rush of heat moved its way through her body, splashing onto her cheeks—part embarrassment in front of Jack, but mostly pure, molten lust. “Yes, Sir,” she answered, her voice hoarse.
     “Spread your legs wider. Offer your cunt.” Charles rubbed harder, the friction perfect. Nora moaned.
     “I didn’t tell you to stop dancing,” Charles said softly, though with undeniable command. “Use your torso and arms. Stay focused on the music.”
     Nora nodded, a stab of shame moving through her at his reprimand. She knew better. She had forgotten herself because Jack was there. She executed an upper-body shimmy, moving her arms in graceful waves that made her gold bangles slide in tandem along either arm. Charles continued to stroke and tease her now-sopping, throbbing pussy, each perfect thrust of his fingers making it that much harder to concentrate.
     Finally it became too much. She was seconds away from an orgasm she couldn’t control or postpone. Sweat had beaded on her upper lip and at the small of her back and her entire body was trembling. Please, she begged silently, let me come, Sir. Let me come!
     Her beloved heard her silent plea. “Come for us, sub girl. Now,” he instructed, his palm grinding in perfect rhythm to the hypnotic music.
     Nora let the last vestige of tremulous control go with a cry of relief. The climax shot through her like a rocket exploding from deep inside, its sparks igniting every bit of her from her toes to her scalp. She nearly fell over, held up only by Charles’ firm hand still cupping her sex, several of his fingers still buried inside her.
     Finally he pulled his hand away and held out his arms. Nora fell gratefully into them. Her husband held her tight until her trembling subsided and her heart slowed its pounding. She must have zoned out for a moment or two, because she only heard the last part of his sentence,  “…was something else, didn’t I?”
     “You did, and I repeat,” Jack replied. “You are a lucky man. I can’t wait to learn more about this place firsthand. Where do I sign up?”

* ~ * ~ *

     Eva lifted her head sharply at the sound of tiny skittering feet behind the wall. She must have dozed off for a few minutes. She wriggled her fingers. They weren’t numb—that was good. He hadn’t bound her wrists as tightly this time. Her legs hadn’t fared as well. They felt numb from knee to ankle, but that was better than the stabbing pain of the raw rice he’d made her kneel on last time. That had been worse than a whipping. Fortunately, she’d managed to be a good girl since then, and he hadn’t found the need to punish her.
     She lifted her shoulder in a partially successful effort to scratch the tip of her nose. Her scalp tickled and she did her best to ignore it. Her bladder felt full, painfully full. Don’t think about it. Don’t focus on it. She was getting much better at holding it in. She hated kneeling on wet newspaper, hated the pungent smell of stale urine, hated the humiliation when he entered the small room, his icy blue eyes gleaming with a combination of malicious pleasure and fury. She hated the inevitable punishment that followed.
     Her gaze shot to the door as she heard the scraping click of a key in the lock. The door opened and Master Phillip appeared. She looked down quickly, not wanting to be caught staring, his most recent admonishment still stinging on the backs of her thighs from her last disrespectful act of failing to keep her eyes properly downcast.
     Though she knew it made no sense, she still found it hard to reconcile his angelic good looks with such an evil heart. He looked like an ad for fine cologne, all golden perfection and masculine beauty from his wavy blond hair and brilliant blue eyes down to his perfectly sculptured physique. But she’d learned all too well what cruelty lay behind the beautiful features.
     “I would have been up to check on you much sooner,” he said as he approached her. “Some unexpected guests.” The thought of other people somewhere in the house made Eva nearly sick with longing. Somehow—somehow she had to get out of this room! But how? He always left her bound in some way, even if just tethered to her bed. Though he no longer gagged her, she couldn’t risk calling out when she was alone, not daring to risk his wrath. But the thought, the realization there were others in the house, others who had no earthly idea she was imprisoned in this attic room, subject to this monster’s every sadistic whim—it was almost worse than being completely alone.
     A heavenly scent of fresh coffee and warm, yeasty cinnamon bread assailed her nostrils, jumpstarting her cramped, empty stomach. Oh, let it be for me. Let it be for me! Please, please, please. She clamped her mouth shut, realizing with dismay she’d made a small, involuntary mewling sound. Had he heard it? Would it count against her? Would he turn around and leave, taking the promise of sustenance with him? She blinked back tears.
     Show me your submissive grace, slave. Strive for serenity in the face of suffering. Back straight, cunt offered, breasts thrust proudly forward. You belong to Master Phillip. You exist to serve and please him. Remember that, and he will reward you. Forget it and you will suffer.
     These words had been drummed repeatedly into her head over the past days—weeks—months? How long had she been held in this small, windowless room by this monster? It was terrifying to realize she had no idea. Time had ceased to have meaning in a linear sense. Her life was marked only by when he entered and when he left. When she would be permitted to eat, to drink, to use the bathroom, to sleep. When he would beat her, when he would make her come—the forced orgasms sometimes wrenched from her until she passed out. And those occasional moments of kindness, of gentleness, that were almost more terrifying than the abuse, because she had come to treasure them so, to long for them, to almost feel a certain pathetic, twisted connection to the Master who controlled her world.
     The sound of his boots moving over the floor recalled her to herself and she arched her back, spreading her knees wider and trying to thrust her hips forward as best she could in her kneeling position. Keeping her eyes down, she lifted her chin as he’d taught her to signify her slavish pride. She almost shook back her hair—the habit still there, though the hair was not. All that was left was the prickly fuzz of new growth.
     How she had cried when he cut it off, her tears partly for the loss of what she had always considered her best feature—thick, shiny blond hair tumbling in a cascade of gold down her back—and partly because he’d been so uncharacteristically gentle and kind as he’d done it, explaining it was necessary to help her get in touch with the essence of her submission. He had to break through the arrogance of vanity, he’d said. It was essential to tear her down, to reduce her to nothing, in order to build her back into something worthy of his training and care.
     Master Phillip crouched in front of her. The heady aroma of the coffee and buttery cinnamon nearly undid her, and she bit down on her lower lip, so hard the metallic taste of blood seeped onto her tongue. She could see the small tray he had placed on the ground between them. Beside a mug of coffee was a breakfast roll sticky with plump, sugared raisins and swirls of cinnamon. A dollop of melting butter had been pushed into its center.
     A gush of saliva pooled in her mouth. Her stomach growled audibly. Oh god, would he punish her for that?
     She flinched as he raised his hand toward her face. But he didn’t slap her. Instead, he caressed her cheek, his touch gentle, even sensual. “You please me.”

Author Bio:
Claire has been writing for nearly two decades, and has published over 70 novels. She writes BDSM romance and non-con abduction tales, spanning both m/f and m/m genres. Claire’s love affair is with all things D/s (Dominance/submission). Her work began as a romantic exploration of the BDSM life style, and then veered to the darker side of fantasy. She is fascinated with the dark psyche of a twisted mind, and seeks insight into what might motivate such a person to do what they do. Rather than the all-evil villain and heroes as pure as the driven snow, Claire strives to develop real, complex and flawed human beings.

She seeks not only to tell a story, but to come to grips with, and ultimately exalt in the true beauty and spirituality of a loving exchange of power. Her darker works press the envelope of what is erotic and what can be a sometimes dangerous slide into the world of sadomasochism. Ultimately her work deals with the human condition, and our constant search for love and intensity of experience.



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