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Release Day Blitz: Summer Fire: Love When It’s Hot

Title: Summer Fire Anthology
Authors: Gennita Low, RJ Lewis, L Wilder, Victoria Danann, Kym Grasso
Teresa Gableman, Clarissa Wild, Helen Scott Taylor, Mona Risk, Lorhainne Eckhart
Victoria James, Linda Barlow, Patrice Wilton, Joan Reeves, Danielle Jamie
Nicole Blanchard, Brandy L Rivers, Cat Miller, Terri Marie, Mimi Barbour
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: May 26, 2015
20 ALL NEW Contemporary Romance stories by New York Times, USA Today, and Amazon Bestselling authors.


Love when it’s hot? So do we. Especially when we’re writing about gritty alphas, angsty bad boys, sizzling attraction, and unrequited passion. So loosen your buttons, turn the fan to oscillate and join us for this steamy, groundbreaking bundle of summer tales that are hot hot hot.

Sizzle Spies by Gennita Low
Lola and Jake, fall hard for each other. Is their love strong enough for one assignment that would risk everything?

Sinful by RJ Lewis
Two different people from two different worlds find their lives colliding in the most sinful way.

Summer Storm by L Wilder
VP Guardrail's life has always been his MC club. It's up to him to fix a wrong, but he wasn't expecting Allie to take him by storm.

A Season in Gemini by Victoria Danann
The first time sexy biker, Brant Fornight, saw Garland St. Germaine, he knew she was going to turn him inside out. And she did.

Solstice Burn by Kym Grosso
Love and temptation flare in a tropical paradise. When Chase rescues Penny, she learns to embrace her inner fantasies.

Sun Burnt by Cat Miller
Kesslyn inherits a ranch, but the city girl is unsure she's up for the challenge. Can her sexy foreman rope her into staying forever?

Big Girls Don’t Cry by Mimi Barbour
He’s everything she’s ever wanted in a man. And she’s nothing like the girl she wants to be. Something’s gotta change…

Killer by Clarissa Wild
Secrets could kill you. He murdered her husband. She’s the prime suspect seeking justice. Only one of them can win.

Rodeo Romance by Teresa Gabelman
Jake McCabe had one rule. Never date a client. Trisha Summers had a new rule. Never date a man again. Rules were meant to be broken.

Irish Kisses by Helen Scott Taylor
Ten years ago he said he loved her, then he left and broke her heart. Now he's back, and he wants her again, but can she trust                             him?

Sweet Surrender by Victoria James
Cade showing up on her doorstep is not what Julia wants-but this bad-boy is back and ready to convince her that this time is forever…

Husband for a Week by Mona Risk
A Sicilian vendetta, a fake husband, and a matchmaking grandmother complicate Jonathan and Isabella’s lives. Can love                              conquer all?

A Man for Hire by Patrice Wilton
Jordon's ex-boyfriend is bringing home a bride. To save face she hires a hot guy for the weekend. Sparks fly--can this be love?

My Mile-High Mistake by Linda Barlow
Six years ago, she yearned for her sexy, forbidden high school teacher. Now she can't resist his temptation at 35,000 feet.

Heat Lightning by Joan Reeves
Her husband found her, claimed her, rescued her. His touch makes her throb. Her body knows him, but she remembers nothing about him.

Tan Lines and Salty Kisses by Danielle Jamie
Becca and Parker have a second chance at summer romance. The spark is hotter than a Georgia July. Can it withstand news                              of his secret?

Someone Exactly Like You by Terri Marie
Cameron Barron's plan was solid. A few lies, a disguise, and an apology to Chastity Newberry… What could possibly go wrong?

His Promise by Lorhainne Eckhart
A love they thought would last forever. A promise forgotten. Until one summer night.

Summer Rhythm by Brandy L Rivers
Doug never could resist Chloe. She always runs. Will this time be different or is their summer rhythm destined to repeat.

Anchor by Nicole Blanchard
I thought it was a weekend from hell, until he showed me a little piece of heaven.

Gennita Low

R.J. Lewis

L. Wilder

Victoria Danann

Kym Grosso

Cat Miller

Mimi Barbour
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Clarissa Wild

Teresa Gabelman

Linda Barlow

Helen Scott Taylor

Victoria James

Mona Risk
EMAIL: mona@monarisk.com

Patrice Wilton

Joan Reeves

Danielle Jamie

Terri Marie

Lorhainne Eckhart
EMAIL: Lorhainne@LorhainneEckhart.com

Brandy L. Rivers

Nicole Blanchard


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I Got Your Back, Hailey by June Kramin

Title: I Got Your Back, Hailey
Author: June Kramin
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: April 7, 2014
When Hailey stumbles upon a backpack full of money on her nightly jog, she is forced to flee the security of her secret identity. Although the sudden appearance of a man that had been flirting with her earlier seems odd, Hailey accepts Parker’s help in getting the heavy bag home. Within moments of arriving, they escape under gunfire. The men it was intended for want it back, and Hailey has now made herself a target. Safe in a motel room, the two of them discover the truth: although their meeting was an accident, Parker had been involved in the bag’s drop and she had been his assignment all along. Now, getting Hailey away safely is Parker’s new mission. Together they struggle to put together the pieces of Hailey’s past and discover that they have more in common than they thought.

“Exactly what is the plan here?” I asked after another long sip of beer.

“I’m not exactly sure now. The money is definitely not going to do what it was supposed to, and you have no business being involved in all of this.”
“Pardon me, but that’s your fault.”

“Let’s not do this again, okay? Are you forgetting I chose you over the money?”

My eyes lowered. “No. I’m really not sure of the etiquette on how many times I’m supposed to thank you for that.”

“Let’s drop it. What’s done is done. I need to figure out what to do from here. How to get back on track and get you somewhere safe.” I walked over to the small refrigerator for another beer. “Parker? Is there a chance I can make a phone call?”

“That depends. You going to try to signal for help?”

“No. I…I think I need to let my mom know I’m okay. She normally calls me on Saturdays for an update. I’m worried she’ll think something is wrong if I don’t call soon.”

“We’ll go get you your makeup or whatever you want, and I’ll get a new throwaway phone. You can call her from that. No giving away anything about our location.”

I was getting tired of all this cloak-and-dagger shit. It was wearing on my last nerve. “Who exactly is following you? What was the money for, Parker? Or Gavin. Whatever your name is! This is no longer funny! You think they’d tap my mother’s phone?” I rushed his chair and landed both hands hard on his chest. He grasped my wrists and held them tight as he stood.

“Whoa! Why would you think someone would want you back so bad as to post someone on your mother?”

I shook my arms, trying to get free. “Let me go.”

“You going to be civil?”

“Yes. Please let me go.”

Too nervous now to return to the chair, I stood and peered out of the crack in the curtain. “I need to know something and I need the truth.” I faced him, needing to look into his eyes. The eyes always give it away.

“Fire away.” He motioned that I should carry on with a wave of his hand.

“I think I tripped on this money by accident, but I need to know if I was set up.”

“You? Set up? Why do you think you were set up? How could I have possibly pulled that off?”

“Things just don’t add up. We flee under gunfire…you save me but don’t take the money…”

“Back up. What do you know that you think someone would pay a million bucks for?”

“More like kill me for it.”

Author Bio:
Wife, Mother, Writer, Lunatic. Not necessarily in that order.

"There is a fine line between genius and crazy... I like to use that line as a jump rope!"

June, who prefers to go by Bug, was born in Philadelphia but moved to Maui, Hawaii when she was four. She met her “Prince Charming” on Kauai and is currently living “Happily Ever After” in a small town in Minnesota.

Her son and daughter are her greatest accomplishments. She takes pride in embarrassing them every chance she gets.

Being hopelessly addicted to 80's music is her super power.


I Got Your Back, Hailey

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Release Day Blitz: Leap of Faith by ML Rodriguez

Title: Leap of Faith
Author: ML Rodriguez
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: May 26, 2015
I met Jake when I was seventeen and at eighteen, I became his wife.  The years that followed were enchanted, like a fairy tale romance.

Then, in the blink of an eye, my perfect world unraveled—I lost a part of myself and my dreams shattered around me.

At twenty-five, I was left a widow, pregnant, and mother of two.

Fast forward almost five years—I exist but I don’t “live.”  I had to learn to live without him, with only our memories and my tears.  I raised our children, and I lived his dream, without a thought to myself.

That is, until the day at the stoplight, when a pair of violet eyes stared back at me.  In that moment, the numbness started to disappear, and lightning hit, changing my world once again.

     “What the fuck?!”  I yell at her.  “Are you telling me I’m gonna die?  That I’m gonna leave my wife and my child alone?”
     I want to choke the life out of this fake bitch.  What the fuck is she trying to pull?
     “I am telling you your fortune,” she says with pity in her eyes.  “You are a good man and are needed for a higher power than here.  You are to be a guardian, a protector of man.  It is an honor that comes with much sacrifice.”
     “No!  This is fuckin’ bullshit!”  I yell at her and rise, knocking my chair over and not caring.  I want to see my so-called future, so I reach for the crystal ball.
     “No!”  She yells but is too slow to stop me.
     As my hands touch the crystal ball, a bright light explodes and I feel a shock go through my body.      A flood of images runs through my mind, taking my breath away, and I fall to my knees.
     I’m on the ground for several minutes before I shake my head to clear it and look up at Gitana, but I don’t see her.  She’s gone and I’m alone.  I stand and scan the small tent.  She’s just disappeared…into thin air.  As I turn in a slow circle, I see the crystal ball shattered, pieces scattered throughout the tent.
     What the hell just happened?  What were those images?  Were they really my future?  But, they can’t be, I tell myself as I right my chair and sit with my head in my hands.  Those images can’t be my future—it has to be all this mystical crap that’s fucking with my head.  
     After several minutes, I get to my feet and turn to walk out, spooked out of my ever-lovin’ mind.  Before leaving, I feel a gust of wind against my face and I hear the word, “Guardian,” eerily whispered, sending chills down my spine.  I make a dash to the exit and try to forget the creepy-as-fuck things I saw and heard in there.  As I step outside I look around and find one of my treasures.
     “Hey, baby,” I hear Faith say, as she comes and gives me a kiss.  “Everything okay, love?”
      I nod.  I bring her body flush with mine and I kiss her like my life depends on it.  “I love you always and forever, mi tesoro.  You and Rylee are my world,” I tell her, looking into her eyes.  “Let’s get out of here.”  I put my arm around her and take Rylee’s hand in mine.  Together we walk away from the tent.
     When Rylee asks, I tell her the Gypsy woman said I’d live a long life filled with riches and love.  I laugh and tell her I didn’t expect to hear otherwise.
     Except, that’s not what the old lady told me.
     That day, my life changed—the old Gypsy was right.  Like she predicted, years later I met a ghost with purple eyes.  The one I was to give my world and treasures to, to watch over and love, to be there because, like that old woman said, I would face death once and win, but the second time…
     The second time, I would face death.
     I would die.

Author Bio:
ML is currently stationed overseas with her very supportive and loving husband and two beautiful little monsters. When she’s not writing down her “ideas,” she can be found trying to catch up on piles of laundry and house work or with her Kindle in hand hiding in her bathroom. Her obsessions are Luke Bryan, coffee, dark chocolate, the color purple, and romance novels—the happily ever after kind, of course.

After years of comments from her husband to write and a chance meeting by the city pool that involved a “Fan Girl” moment, ML decided to take a leap of faith into the amazing and exciting world of writing.

To all the wonderful people who will read her work—hate it, like it, love it—thank you. Thank you for taking a chance on her. ♥


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Damnation by Elizabeth Montgomery

Title: Damnation
Author: Elizabeth Montgomery
Series: Dyphillum #2
Genre: Adult, Paranormal Romance
Release Date: May 8, 2015
Publisher: Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing
Cecily, Isaac, and Julian have worked together to defeat one evil. Can they survive another?
In order to save herself from the twisted fate Sadina, the creator of the Dyphillum, has in store for her, Cecily will be forced to find the most powerful magic she possesses – or become nothing more than the mother of an army of immortal bent to take over the world.

Sadina has to die, but would that erase all of the spells she has cast? Would history be rewritten without the Dyphillum race?

With help from an unlikely ally and opposition from the elders, the trio is forced to reach deeper than ever before to defeat this great evil.

Isaac's POV
     “Who is Sadina?” Cecily asked again.
     “She is no one we need to be messin’ with,” Ezrah said as he gathered the dried bullets putting them into a clip belonging to his .40 cal.
     “Sadina is a witch, one of the strongest alive as a matter of fact,” Julian said walking around the side of the house, “She put a curse on a pack of shifters all because her wee lil heart was broken, Lucas said she may have something to do with all of this. Little tidbit of info, she is also the creator of the Dyphillum clan, which kind of makes her untouchable.”
     “Why would she be untouchable?” Cecily asked as she sat down next to Ezrah.
     “All the power that we have from our witch side was given to us by Sadina, it was passed down by genetics and becomes stronger as more Dyphillum are born but will never be enough to take her on head to head,” I said as I walked over to the both of them. Julian hung back by the house, close enough to be part of the conversation but far enough to keep his eyes on the woods that surrounded us.
     “So she is kind of like the mother of the clan?” Cecily cocked her head to the side looking confused.
     “Your parents never told you about her?” Julian asked with one eyebrow raised in surprise.
     “No, haven’t heard of her till today, what does she have to do with the possession of the elders?” She was looking at the ground, I could feel she was embarrassed that she didn’t know any of this.
     “She is someone you don’t want to piss off and somehow the Dyphillum have done just that, this is what we need to figure out, Jules, does Lucas have more answers?” I asked taking Cecily’s hand and gently rubbing my thumb over her knuckles, just then I heard some branches crack and by the way everyone’s heads turned, so did they.

Persecution #1
They were exiled from their clan. Made to leave the only home they ever knew. They knew the curse would kill them if they didn't leave. Isaac erased her memories to give her a better life. SHE HAS TO COME BACK. SHE IS THE CHOSEN ONE. Only Cecily can defeat the hunters. Isaac swore his heart to protect her. Julian swore his life to protect her. But in the end will it be Isaac and Julian that needs saving?

Author Bio:
Author Elizabeth Montgomery was born in Williamsburg, Virginia and raised a hop, skip, and a jump away in Yorktown, Virginia. Paranormal inspiration was easily obtained during her childhood in these colorful towns. This helped to spur her love of Paranormal romance stories, but she also enjoys reading YA and NA.

She is currently raising four children and a husband while elbow-deep in the depths of the writing cave. You can often find her searching on Google for an appropriate, or sometimes inappropriate, photo to insert in any random conversation. If not on Google, or Facebook chat, she can be found drinking coffee (like any normal writer), eating Gummy Bears, baking fanciful cakes, reading (of course), or writing (duh).

“I always wondered what authors meant when they said that their characters tell them what to write – I get it now!”


Damnation #2

Persecution #1

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