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Fracture by Amanda K Byrne

Title: Fracture
Author: Amanda K Byrne
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Release Date: April 21, 2015
Cover Design: Cover Your Dream
Every nightmare has an end.

There’s no way Nora can ignore the beating. Same heavy boots. Same curses, same pained groans. But that was two years ago, and this a different man, a different part of war-ravaged Sarajevo. This is her second chance. She has to try.

And then she’s stuck with him, nursing him, putting up with him. Declan’s an ass. He’s rude and tactless. He’s arrogant. Dismissive.

Charming. Intense. Caring when she needs it most – and least expects it. He tears away the numbing fog that’s been her constant companion and offers her a way out and a way home.

And it damn near destroys her.

Nora’s survived two years in a war zone. Can Declan show her how to live?

Angel versus Devil – Who’s My Type of Hero?
The good boy. The bad boy. Every romance has one, and some even have both. I’m no different than thousands of readers out there – I do love me a bad boy sometimes. Sometimes I even crave an alphahole. Hunter of Joanna Wylde’s Devil’s Game is a particular favorite, to say nothing of Barrons.

But writing them? Not so much.

Most of the heroes I’ve written over the years end up being beta heroes – that sweet, funny, sometimes careless, occasionally tactless man who, when push comes to shove, will stand up to the bad guy for the woman he loves. I particularly love nerds. Fitting, since the BF, who I’ve been with for almost nine years, is a total nerd. Good boys in general and nerd boys in particular have so many surprising layers to uncover. Scratch the surface and you might find a poet hiding in the prankster’s skin, ropes of lean muscle covered by soft, worn t-shirts, deep hurts behind those sweet and charming smiles.

Bad boys are harder to write. Because a true bad boy is one you have to fight hard to find his redeeming qualities. I have to find something in him that tugs at the heartstrings so I can pull out that grandest of grand gestures.

Declan (of Fracture) is the closest hero I’ve got to a bad boy. Occasionally rude, often careless with Nora’s feelings, he’d think nothing of throwing himself in harms’ way to protect her – and that happens more than once. He has his reasons for his behavior, as all bad boys do, but he was a difficult character to write. He wouldn’t have worked as a good guy, though. Nora needed someone like him to wake her up, and he definitely woke her up.

But if you give me a choice, I’ll pick a good guy over the bad boy. Good guys constantly surprise me, and I like being kept on my toes.

Author Bio:
When she’s not plotting ways to sneak her latest shoe purchase past her partner, Amanda writes sexy, snarky romance and urban fantasy. She likes her heroines smart and unafraid to make mistakes, and her heroes strong enough to take them on.

If she’s not writing, she’s reading, drinking hot chocolate, and trying not to destroy her house with her newest DIY project. She lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, and no, it really doesn’t rain that much.



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  1. I love bad boys with a heart of gold! Tho I love bad boys in general even villains ahah. I find they just make complex and compelling characters when done well! Great post, ladies! :)