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Passed the Moments, Through the Tears, Out of Concrete by Me’Shon La’Kair

Title: Passed the Moments, Through the Tears, Out of Concrete
Author: Me’Shon La’Kair
Genre: Poetry
Release Date: September 30, 2014
Publisher: Upland Avenue Publishing
Cover Design: Upland Avenue Publishing
Me’Shon La’Kair’s experiences have been captivated through words that flow effortlessly on these pages, which have been brought to life so vividly. Professing the struggles of a fatherless childhood to the illnesses of Epilepsy and Type 2 Diabetes that proclaim thousands of lives every day. While being a Christian trying to hold strong to her faith in a world of curiosities. Still recognizing God’s beauty through its purest form and sharing her testimony with the world.
Her work embodies a truth that many can relate to and learn from. It possess her views on love, life, politics, religion, and the harsh realities of this world past and present. Sharing life’s obstacles and breakthroughs is what makes this book a profound read. Her poetry uplifts, edifies, and encourages the masses. Ranging from the importance of education to a mother’s love Passed the Moments, Through the Tears, Out of Concrete is a must read.

My Outlet
Exclusively written for the ones who understand
That what I’m saying comes and doesn’t demand
Anything more or less
But is written to make one visualize my creativeness
It’s not just words on a page, but an abundance of thoughts
That were trapped and caged
Now freed beyond the finite walls which we possess
Written and shown so the world can have a look at its uniqueness
Gifted and blessed to have been given God’s best
Which is my outlet to express
Its job is to uplift and relate to others with the same situation on their plate
Freedom of speech or expression has no room for others to debate
Because it survives in a world where others can appreciate    

Author Bio:
Me'Shon La'Kair is an up and coming author who is a native of Baton Rouge, LA she has been writing since the age of 14. She has received her Bachelor of Arts in English and Creative Writing from Southeastern Louisiana University. She has recently published her first book called Passed the Moments, Through the Tears, Out of Concrete.
She is a member of Omega Phi Alpha which is a National Community Service Organization. She writes poetry, fiction, and short stories but her favorite form of writing is poetry. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, and she also likes traveling, sports, and reading.


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  1. Hello this is Me’Shon La’Kair thanks so much for sharing my work with the world. I appreciate the love and support and I’m thankful to have a gift that connects and can relate to everyone!!! God Bless!