Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Zombie Seed by PM Barnes

The world has changed but there are just some things Claire can't let go of. Haunted by the past and visions of carnage, she tries to make sense of the current landscape.
This proves to be harder than expected with the addition of new challenges and new love.
Journey through the first installment of the post-apocalyptic series and find out what happens when nowhere is safe, not even your own mind.

Author Bio:
I'm a poet turned fiction writer, who also happens to be an avid reader. I've had a library card for as long as I can remember and more books than you can fit into a studio apartment.

I have hosted multiple events for poets, musicians and storytellers. I feel most at home with artist because of their quest to have a more profound understanding of things.

As an author I find it hard to escape the perspective of being "the reader", the observer. In this way, I am able to enjoy the stories as they unfold from my hands. It also means that I am very conscious of the emotions that I cultivate in my readers. I know how to provide suspense and build relationships that bind you to the characters.

What I really love about stories surrounding the post-apocalypse and specifically zombie tales, is that it gets to the crux of all of our fears. It speaks to our desire to keep anarchy at bay and of how scared we are at the depth of our own depravity.
My main goal as a writer is to entertain. That being said, if you learn anything new about yourself or the world around you in the process of reading my work, then I feel like I have succeeded in providing you with something deeper.

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