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The Rocking Series by Kacey Hamford

Titles: Rocking Esme, Rocking Scarlet, Rocking Marcy, Rocking Ashton
Author: Kacey Hamford
Series: Rocking #1-4
Genre: Romance
Cover Design: Kelly Hamley

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Rocking Esme #1
When shy book worm Esmeralda Black finds a job in her local bar, not even she could have predicted the changes that would take place in her life, or the hardships she would have to face. Surrounded by her old friends and the promise of finding new friends along the way, Esme learns that there is a life for her to lead outside of her kindle - a life not all that different from the ‘Rock’ books she reads. Working in a bar brings its own dramas and Esme constantly finds herself at the centre of the action. As she starts to emerge from her shell, Esme is faced with new experiences and begins to unearth sides to her personality even she didn’t know existed. With twists and turns, drama and deception, and at the heart of it all a rock band, ‘Rocking Esme’ is a story about love, life and finding your inner rockstar!

***This book contains strong sexual content and language and is intended for readers aged 17+***

Rocking Scarlet #2
Esmeralda Black has already learnt that finding the man of your dreams doesn’t always guarantee a happy ending. After a traumatic few months, Esme’s journey ended on a dramatic cliffhanger and we pick up with Esme where we left off, and find her in a hospital bed.
‘Rocking Scarlett’ continues with the story of Esme and Jackson and the challenges they face as disaster and drama erupt with the ongoing issues with Jackson’s past. Esme struggles to maintain a relationship with her brother, but this comes with complications, surprises and acceptance.
As Jackson’s popularity increases and Flix tour gets ever closer, Esme finds herself trying to cope with new feelings of insecurity .
Luckily, throughout it all, Esme has good friends to rely on and with Jackson’s over-protective nature, their future looks secure… or does it? 

Rocking Marcy #3
At a glance you could be fooled into thinking that Marcy’s life would be a happy and lively journey through a series of different men’s beds. But on closer inspection, her life is busy and at times complicated. 
Drama seems to follow Marcy around in the form of her friends’ lives and as a result of some bad decisions.
After a series of emotionless dates and one-night stands, Marcy finally finds love with Rick, the bass player in the up and coming rock band ‘Flix’. But with Marcy’s fiery temper, Rick’s desire to keep her safe and Flix’s tour looming ever closer; will there be a happy ending for Marcy and Rick?
Just as Marcy starts to relax and prepare herself for her own fairy-tale ending, she makes a discovery that could cause everything to come crashing down.
Rocking Marcy is book 3 in the Rocking Series, but you do not have to have read book 1 and 2 to enjoy Marcy’s story.

***Due to strong language and sexual content, this book is not recommended for anyone under the age of 18***

Rocking Ashton #4
When Marcy is faced with tough decisions after facing the loss of her father, will she run or will she stay and fight for her man? 
Marcy’s story continues in book 4 of the Rocking series with yet more tests of her relationship with Rick and her best friend Esme. With the arrival of Ashton, Rick’s son, Marcy needs to decide what she wants from her life and with her own revelations, both her and Rick have some decisions to make. 
But with Ashton’s birth mother turning up on numerous occasions, both Rick and Marcy are in for a rough ride, one that will follow them through Rick’s tour with Flix and will penetrate every area of their lives. 
Rocking Ashton proves to be another rollercoaster ride of emotions that is ‘The Rocking series’. 
This book is not only steamy, but also touching and at times heartbreaking. The perfect page turner. 

***This book has some sexual content and heavy language. Not intended for people under the age of 18***

Author Bio:
We are two thirty-something females, living in Cornwall, England.
We both have full time jobs and manage to squeeze writing in around very busy lives.
Last year we joked about writing a book, and in December we actually started writing! On 12th March 2014 we pressed the ‘publish’ button and didn’t breathe for a whole several minutes!
We have now written four books, ‘Rocking Esme’, ‘Rocking Scarlett’, ‘Rocking Marcy’ and ‘Rocking Ashton’ and we also have a million other book ideas which we are dying to write!
When we first started writing, we didn’t tell anyone- not even our other halves! We decided to tell them about a month before publishing, then about a week before publishing we told our friends and family.
We both love reading, and since buying Kindles, reading has become much more of an obsession and we have both discovered authors we had never heard of. Some favourites are… Jennifer Foor, Aurora Rose Reynolds, Kirsty Moseley, Kelly Elliot, Terri Anne Browning, Diane Chamberlain… the list is endless!


Rocking Esme #1

Rocking Scarlett #2

Rocking Marcy #3

Rocking Ashton #4

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