Friday, May 25, 2018

📘🎥Friday's Film Adaptation🎥📘: One Gallant Rush by Peter Burchard and Lay this Laurel by Richard Benson & Lincoln Kirstein

Lay This Laurel: An Album on the Saint-Gaudens Memorial on Boston Common Honoring Black and White Men Together Who Served the Union Cause with Robert Gould Shaw and Died with Him July 18, 1863 by Richard Benson & Lincoln Kirstein
One of the most compelling Civil War stories is that of the Fifty-Fourth Regiment, made up of African-American soldiers who volunteered for the Union Army. Their heroic but futile battle at Fort Wagner was memorialized by sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens in Boston Common in 1897. Both the commemorative book and limited-edition volume depict the monument in stirring detail while celebrating its 100-year anniversary. For photography connoisseurs and Civil War buffs.
First Edition, 1973

One Gallant Rush: Robert Gould Shaw and His Brave Black Regiment by Peter Burchard
This wonderful book: One Gallant Rush: Robert Shaw and His Brave Black Regiment is an interesting read. This in a side of Civil War history not often told. A true historical saga dramatized in the major motion picture.

'...written with authority and quiet power, this is the history of a period noted for sweeping action and resounding with the names of great men and women....The decisions they made and the things they did serve as dramatic counterpoint to a story that in the best sense of the term is grand.'--Saunders Redding

A young, white army officer is assigned to lead an all-black unit in the Civil War.

Release Date: December 14, 1989
Release Time: 122 minutes

Matthew Broderick as Colonel Robert Gould Shaw
Denzel Washington as Private Silas Tripp
Morgan Freeman as Sergeant Major John Rawlins
Cary Elwes as Major Cabot Forbes
Andre Braugher as Corporal Thomas Searles
Jihmi Kennedy as Private Jupiter Sharts
Cliff De Young as Colonel James Montgomery
Alan North as Governor John Albion Andrew
John Finn as Sergeant Major Mulcahy
RonReaco Lee as Mute Drummer Boy
Donovan Leitch as Captain Charles Fessenden Morse
Bob Gunton as General Charles Garrison Harker
Jay O. Sanders as General George Crockett Strong
Raymond St. Jacques as Frederick Douglass
Richard Riehle as Quartermaster
JD Cullum as Henry Sturgis Russell
Christian Baskous as Edward L. Pierce
Peter Michael Goetz as Francis Shaw
Jane Alexander as Sarah Blake Sturgis Shaw

62nd Academy Awards
Best Actor in a Supporting Role - Denzel Washington - Won
Best Art Direction - Norman Garwood, Garrett Lewis - Nominated
Best Cinematography - Freddie Francis - Won
Best Film Editing - Steven Rosenblum - Nominated
Best Sound - Donald O. Mitchell, Gregg Rudloff, Elliot Tyson, Russell Williams - Won

47th Golden Globes
Best Motion Picture in a Drama - Freddie Fields - Nominated
Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture - Denzel Washington - Won
Best Director - Edward Zwick - Nominated
Best Screenplay - Kevin Jarre - Nominated
Best Original Score - James Horner - Nominated

33rd Grammys
Best Instrumental Composition Written for a Motion Picture or for Television - James Horner - Won

44th BAFTAs
Best Cinematography - Freddie Francis - Nominated



Richard Benson

Lincoln Kirstein

Peter D Burchard

💦📘💦Personally I think your best option would be your local library💦📘💦
Lay this Laurel by Richard Benson & Lincoln Kirstein

One Gallant Rush by Peter D Burchard


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