Friday, April 27, 2018

📘🎥Friday's Film Adaptation🎥📘: Sharpe's Eagle by Bernard Cornwell

After the cowardly incompetence of two officers besmirches their name, Captain Richard Sharpe must redeem the regiment by capturing the most valued prize in the French Army—a golden Imperial Eagle, the standard touched by the hand of Napoleon himself.

Here is one of those rare novels that completely transports the reader to an unforgettable time an place in history. At Talavera in July of 1809, Captain Richard Sharpe, bold, professional, and ruthless, prepares to lead his men against the armies of Napoleon into what will be the bloodiest battle of the war.

Spain 1809, the newly promoted Captain Sharpe knows to retain his new rank is to save the honour of the regiment by capturing a French Imperial standard: an eagle.

Release Date: May 12, 1993 on ITV(UK Television)
Release Time: 100 minutes

Sean Bean - Richard Sharpe
Daragh O'Malley - Sergeant Patrick Harper
Assumpta Serna - Comandante Teresa Moreno
Brian Cox - Major Michael Hogan
David Troughton - Sir Arthur Wellesley
Michael Cochrane - Sir Henry Simmerson
Martin Jacobs - Colonel Lawford
Katia Caballero - Countess Josefina
Michael Mears - Rifleman Francis Cooper
John Tams - Rifleman Daniel Hagman
Jason Salkey - Rifleman Harris
Lyndon Davies - Rifleman Ben Perkins
Paul Trussell - Rifleman Isaiah Tongue
Gavan O'Herlihy - Captain Leroy
David Ashton - Major Lennox
Neil Dudgeon - Lieutenant Gibbons
Daniel Craig - Lieutenant Berry
Nolan Hemmings - Ensign Denny
Paul Bigley - Dobbs

Cornwell's series charts Richard Sharpe's progress in the British Army during the Napoleonic Wars. He begins in Sharpe's Tiger as a Private in the 33rd Regiment of foot, who becomes a Sergeant by the end of the book, and an Ensign in the 74th Regiment who is transferred to the newly formed 95th Rifles as a Second-Lieutenant during Sharpe's Trafalgar. He is gradually promoted through the ranks, finally becoming a Lieutenant Colonel in Sharpe's Waterloo.

Author Bio:
Bernard Cornwell was born in London in 1944 - a 'warbaby' - whose father was a Canadian airman and mother in Britain's Women's Auxiliary Air Force. He was adopted by a family in Essex who belonged to a religious sect called the Peculiar People (and they were), but escaped to London University and, after a stint as a teacher, he joined BBC Television where he worked for the next 10 years. He began as a researcher on the Nationwide programme and ended as Head of Current Affairs Television for the BBC in Northern Ireland. It was while working in Belfast that he met Judy, a visiting American, and fell in love. Judy was unable to move to Britain for family reasons so Bernard went to the States where he was refused a Green Card. He decided to earn a living by writing, a job that did not need a permit from the US government - and for some years he had been wanting to write the adventures of a British soldier in the Napoleonic wars - and so the Sharpe series was born. Bernard and Judy married in 1980, are still married, still live in the States and he is still writing Sharpe.




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