Friday, July 28, 2017

Friday's Film Adaption: Green Dolphin Street by Elizabeth Goudge

When William Ozanne departs the British Channel Islands for a new life in the Royal Navy, he leaves behind sisters Marianne and Marguerite Le Patourel in the clutches of love and longing. A letter to their father finds its way back, requesting William’s beloved to join him in New Zealand, and the sisters are separated. It’s not until she arrives to marry him that William realizes he has asked for the hand of the wrong woman.

In 19th-century New Zealand, two sisters compete for the same man against a backdrop of political unrest and natural disaster.

Release Date: November 5, 1947
Release Time: 142 minutes

Lana Turner as Marianne Patourel
Van Heflin as Timothy Haslam
Donna Reed as Marguerite Patourel
Richard Hart as William Ozanne
Frank Morgan as Dr. Edmond Ozanne
Edmund Gwenn as Octavius Patourel
Dame May Whitty as Mother Superior
Reginald Owen as Captain O'Hara
Gladys Cooper as Sophie Patourel
Moyna Macgill as Mrs. Metivier
Linda Christian as Hine-Moa
Bernie Gozier as Jacky-Poto
Patrick Aherne as Kapua-Manga
Al Kikume as A Maori
Edith Leslie as Sister Angelique
Ramsay Ames as Corinne
Gigi Perreau as Veronica (child)
Lynn O'Leary-Jameson as Veronica (infant)
Douglas Walton as Sir Charles Maloney

1948 Academy Awards
George Folsey - Best Black and White Cinematography - Nominated
George White - Best Editing - Nominated
Warren Newcombe, Douglas Shearer, Michael Steinore, Arnold A. Gillespie - Best Special Effects - Won
Douglas Shearer - Best Sound - Nominated



Author Bio:
Elizabeth Goudge was an English author of romance novels, short stories and children's books.

Elizabeth de Beauchamp Goudge was born on 24 April 1900 in the cathedral city of Wells, she moved with her family to Ely when her father, a clergyman, was transferred there. When her father, Henry Leighton Goudge, was made Regius Professor of Divinity at Oxford, the family left Ely and went to Christ Church, Oxford.

Goudge's first book, The Fairies' Baby and Other Stories (1919), was a failure and it was several years before she authored Island Magic (1934), which is based on Channel Island stories, many of which she had learned from her mother, who was from Guernsey.

Goudge was awarded the Carnegie Medal for The Little White Horse (1946), the book which J. K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter stories, has said was her favorite as a child. The television mini-series Moonacre was based on The Little White Horse. Her Green Dolphin Country (1944) was made into a film (under its American title, Green Dolphin Street) which won the Academy Award for Special Effects in 1948.

A Diary of Prayer (1966) was one of Goudge's last works. She spent her last years in her cottage on Peppard Common, just outside Henley-on-Thames, where a blue plaque was unveiled in 2008.




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