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Running Blind by Lisette Kristensen

Title: Running Blind
Author: Lisette Kristensen
Genre: Adult Romance, Thriller
Release Date: May 17, 2017

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A murder mystery that is edgy, raw, and gritty. It's packed full of danger with wild twist and turns.

Baleigh Burgess was trapped. Her world spun out of control the night her partner/lover was gunned down. Facing prison on trumped up drug charges, she was forced to go undercover to find the killer. She wasn't prepared to face her suspects, her old motorcycle gang, she once ran with back in the day.

Faced with her morals being comprised in proving her loyalty. Concealing her identity which if discovered was certain death. Baleigh lived on the edge and only grew darker when a man, a stone cold killer entered her life. Was he there to kill her or lover her?

Running Blind takes you on a taut, dark murder mystery, where everyone is a suspect and a thin line of betrayal looms at every turn.

"His gaze moved off her face. He looked over the bar like he was measuring his words before he shifted back to her.  "You were 5-O, a badge. Do you know what that means girl?  That is the ultimate disrespect. Fuck, how do I not know you aren't playing us right now?"

"Please, Charlie. They fired me, I got a man killed. Truth? I wasn't cut for that life.  I messed up bad, but I realized this is where I belonged. I was stupid young. "

That brought out a short laugh from Charlie as he eased back into the leather backrest. "You weren't owned, nor wore colors. Just a bar fly." When he squinted looking at her, she held her breath.  He was sorting it out and this was when it could get scary dangerous.  "Here is the deal, you'll have to work your way back in. Give Jodie your cell number and I will have one of my guys call you. You'll do what he tells you when he tells you."

Baleigh wanted to protest, that was going to take too much time, she needed to get back into the day to day to find Travis's killer. Charlie was being shrewd. Keep her involved at the periphery to make sure she wasn't narcing him but testing her at the same time.  Fuck, she had to go along, and better than that, be tossed to Jodie's dyke brigade of losers.

She gave him a weak smile. "Sure Snake, you're the man, and I'll do anything, you know that."

Snakeskin Charlie laughed and waved her off. "Get outta of here and go wait for the call."

"Who'll be calling? So, I don't get spooked"

"Cadillac Tommy."

When Baleigh heard that name, she froze. It would be hell calling her."

Author Bio:
Lisette grew up surrounded with stories of intrigue, crime and sordid plots. This led her to become fascinated with film noir and pulp fiction. Studying criminal justice in college she developed an interest with the lurid unsolved cases of Hollywood.

Running Blind is her first venture into the mystery genre, it based on her experiences working for the LAPD Gang Intelligence. Coming soon will be a series of books focused on those cold cases from the glory days of Hollywood.

The Dark Desire Series is four books (including a box set) that follows the path of a troubled woman into the dark depths of erotic hedonism, love and conflict. The series is explicit and with strong sexual conten.

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⏳💸⏳99cents for a Limited Time⏳💸⏳

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