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Standing Ground by Alice Rachel

Title: Standing Ground
Author: Alice Rachel
Series: Under Ground #2
Genre: Young Adult, Romance, Dystopia
Release Date: October 27, 2016

When the authorities strike to regain control over the riots in Eboracum City and use drastic measures as retaliation against the civilians, the citizens are forced to fight back to survive. A virus has spread through the Underground, taking down the refugees one by one, soon contaminating the rebels. If Thia wants to save the ones she loves, she will have to retrieve the cure, quickly. But certain decisions are costly, and not all actions are free of consequences.

Under Ground #1
Love is a taboo, a mere fantasy— foreign, unreachable, and dangerous.

Raised in a society where women have no rights, seventeen-year-old Thia Clay holds little hope for a bright future. When her parents sell her into marriage to elite member William Fox, Thia slowly gives in to despair. William is nothing but a cruel, selfish young man with no other interest than to serve his own.

Born illegally and forced to hide from the authorities his entire life, nineteen-year-old Chi Richards is an active member of the Underground—a rebellious group seeking to overthrow the government.

Chi only has one goal—to rescue his parents from the work camp they were forced into.

Meeting Thia was never part of the plan, and neither was falling in love with her.

If caught in their forbidden relationship, Thia and Chi could face a death sentence, and when devastating secrets surface from Chi’s past, Thia has to rely on her instincts to make a choice that could save her or destroy her forever.

1. What is the biggest influence/interest that brought you to this genre?
Originally, Divergent.  But my series is really different from Divergent in the sense that it focuses more on romance than dystopia, and of course, the story is not the same at all.

2. When writing a book, what is your favorite part of the creative process (outline, plot, character names, editing, etc)?
Creating the playlist. And writing the emotional and romantic scenes. I hate editing. I do not outline. And I hate writing the action scenes.

3. When reading a book, what genre do you find most interesting/intriguing?
YA because it tackles important themes and controversial subjects. Often more controversial than some adult novels.

4. If you could co-author with any author, past or present, who would you choose?
Beatrix Potter. She was so unique for her time, and she is such an inspiration.

5. Have you always wanted to write or did it come to you "later in life"?
I started writing in my twenties and then took a break for a while. I get I'm a late bloomer.

Thank you so much for the interview. :-)

Author Bio:
Alice Rachel is the author of the YA Forbidden Romance/ Dystopian Romance Series "Under Ground."

Her time is divided between teaching French, writing, reading, drawing, and spending time with her hubby and guinea pigs.

Alice loves talking to readers, so send her a message...


Standing Ground #2

Under Ground #1

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