Sunday, August 14, 2016

Sunday's Safe Word Shelf: Sugar Daddies by Jade West

A sugar daddy website doesn’t seem a sound basis for an A1 life plan, but I’m a small town girl with big dreams, and there’s this one advert, this one crazy advert I can’t stop thinking about…

Two hot guys seeking their Little Miss Right.

Someone who can entertain them, amuse them, fit in with their corporate schedule.

And sex. They want sex.
Lots of sex.
Bonus, right? One major dose of epic win.

Of course, guys like Carl and Rick have their conditions. One being that they come together, or not at all.

Hell, I can live with that.

And there are no skeletons in their designer closet, none that I can find.

Just two hot sugar daddies, with particular tastes, nothing to worry about.

Until Carl and Rick spill the big one, the one that sends the girls running. A whole string of them before me, running to the hills without so much as a backward glance.

Maybe I should run, too. Thanks but no thanks, see you around, guys, nice knowing you.
But I’m already in way too deep for that.

Warning – as with every other Jade West book, reader discretion is highly advised. This novel contains vivid depictions of MMF / MM relationships, and Jade’s characters, as always, have very filthy mouths. Mature readers only, please.

Author Bio:
Jade West is as dirty bad wrong in real life as you would expect from her books. Dirty Bad Wrong is her first full-length erotic novel, but she cut her teeth writing filth on Live Journal.

Her dirty mouth was developed through her natural interest in filth, and refined through a year-long stint as a sex chatline operator. Writing books isn't the first time she's made a living from horny talk, except this time she's bringing it to a wider audience.

Jade is a real-life submissive, with a healthy interest in pornography, men in suits and taking a decent beating with a cane.

Outside of all things dirty, she enjoys reading, plotting world domination and the odd spot of knitting.


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