Friday, June 24, 2016

The Private Secretary by Summer Devon

Down on his luck and desperate for employment, Ezra Seton is offered only one job: to work in the house of a heartless bully, the very man who drove Ezra's lover away. Gritting his teeth, Ezra takes the position. But neither the new job nor the master of house are what he expected. Still, he vows to keep his distance, no matter how difficult it is to maintain his composure.

Robert Demme's pleasure-seeking days are over. Having rescued his cousin Ambrose from a lunatic asylum, he expends much of his energy pacifying the fragile eccentric. Hiring an assistant offers some relief--and also intriguing temptation. Unfortunately, the fascinating Seton apparently loathes him. Determined to discover the reason, Robert uses his considerable wit to get under the man's skin, stunned when his plan backfires. Instead of unraveling the stalwart secretary, Robert has undone himself. All he's accomplished is a deepening of his own interest.

When the two spend the night together in an inn, their mutual desire proves too strong. The secretary and the gentleman succumb to lust. But when Ezra's old flame reappears and the cousin's experiments go awry, it's a battle to discover which will win the day: love or lunacy.

It's no secret that I love historicals nor is it a secret that I absolutely love to devour historicals co-authored by Summer Devon & Bonnie Dee.  So when I had a chance to read The Private Secretary by Summer Devon, I jumped at the chance because even though I've never read one of her solo pieces, I had no doubts and I was not let down.  Ezra finds himself having to take a job for the man who sent his friend and lover packing.  But is Robert the heartless bully that Ezra's ex painted him out to be?  For the answers to that you will have to read this one for yourself, trust me you will enjoy finding out.  The attention to detail is one of the things I love most about a great historical and again I was not disappointed.  Combine great historical detail, romance, intriguing characters with all around great drama and what you have is The Private Secretary well worth reading, even if you are not a typical historical fan.  This is one that will tug at your heartstrings and keep you coming back for more.


Author Bio:
Summer Devon is the pen name writer Kate Rothwell often uses. Whether the characters are male or female, human or dragon, her books are always romance.

You can visit her facebook page, where there's a sign up form for a newsletter (she'll only send out newsletters when there's a new Summer Devon or Kate Rothwell release and she will never ever sell your name to anyone).


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