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The Day of the Wave by Becky Wicks

Title: The Dave of the Wave
Author: Becky Wicks
Genre: New Adult Romance
Release Date: May 1, 2015
Isla and Ben were just sixteen when the Boxing Day tsunami tore through their beach resort in Thailand. Just days after forming a life-changing bond, both were missing and presumed dead. Unbeknown to each other and haunted by one of the biggest natural disasters in world history, Isla and Ben are living very different lives, until over a decade later when a chance encounter throws them back together.

Based on real life events, The Day of the Wave is a story of healing, learning to let go, and figuring out when to hold on with everything you have left.

     It's a clear night by the time we get back to Shady Palms. Izzy promised to go see Lawan again soon and after seeing the way they hugged when we left, I know she sees her as some kind mother figure now. My heart bleeds for what she lost, what happened to her, going through hell in all those hospitals. She didn't want to live for a while. She said it. She actually said it. I felt the same way after losing Toby.
     'I can't stop thinking about how your real name is Isla,' I tell her as we walk onto the beach in front of our huts, drop to the sand and gaze out at the glistening ocean. Her head rests on my shoulder and the hair that's come loose from her braids tickles my face.
     'You're an island, Izzy,' I say. I say it out loud because I was thinking it, just now at Lawan's when I was watching her mouth move, the scars glistening on her arms in the lamplight. 'You rose above the waves to survive.'
     'I never thought about that before.' She drags a finger through the sand. 'Everyone always says I'm one of the lucky ones, but I always wondered why I was left out. Why did I survive when so many other people died?'
     'Tell me about it.' I rest my head on hers. 'We both kind of died in it and lived at the same time, I think.'
     'You've lived more than me,' she snaps back, almost angrily. 'Being alive is everything, Ben. It's all that matters - the now. I feel like I've been wasting my life so far! I don't want to go back that job, or London.'
     'Then don't.'
     Her head springs up and her eyes shoot up to mine. Something in her gaze draws me in again, right down those damn corridors into a place I always get lost. I know what she's thinking though, and my stomach knots till my breath shortens and I have to tear my eyes away. She's thinking this is the start of something and it's my fault. The thought is like a fork in a toaster, shooting out warning sparks now, not the good kind. What am I doing, with Izzy of all people?
     Don't think about it.
     She puts her hand to my cheek, turning me back to her. 'You OK?'
     'I'm OK,' I tell her quickly, 'just having a hard time believing this is all happening.'
     'Maybe it was supposed to,' she says, shuffling around to sit in front of me, cross-legged, covered in sand. 'Isn't that what you said, at the waterfall?'
     'I don't know, Izzy.' I say it under my breath. Her eyebrows knit together but in a second I'm kissing the doubt away, willing the thoughts to stop colliding in my brain; the ones that scream how right she is, and this is, and the ones that scream this has to stop. I pull her back with me. She's in my head and my heart and my soul but I'll hurt her, like I hurt everyone. How could I not, in the end?
     Don't think about it.
     I kiss her harder and her arms wrap around me till she's on top of me on the sand and I'm swimming in the ocean of her, and not the thoughts that try to drown me every time I get my head above the water
     She's good for you.
     But Ben. She doesn't know the half of what you know.

Author Bio:
Becky Wicks lives in Bali and scribbles books, and she’s mostly powered by coffee. Her first book in the Starstruck Series, Before He Was Famous recently reached #1 in Amazon’s Coming of Age and New Adult & College categories, and her three travel books, published by HarperCollins are online to make feet nice and itchy. Mostly though, she loves to write love stories. She blogs most days and always welcomes distractions on Twitter. Especially if you have photos of cats.


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Spring into Love Box Set

Title: Spring Into Love
Authors: Chantel Rhondeau, Kimmie Easley, Rachelle Ayala
Abbie St. Claire, Bonnie Edwards, Stacy Eaton
Lyssa Layne, Jade Kerrion, Michele Shriver
Marcia James, Alicia & Roy Street
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: May 5, 2015
From SENSUAL to SPICY this boxed set of ELEVEN contemporary romances includes BESTSELLING and AWARD-WINNING and USA TODAY multi-published authors. If you like variety in your books these ELEVEN authors provide your heart’s desire from SWEET and FUNNY to DEADLY and SEXY… SPRING INTO LOVE will warm your heart and your bed. This is a limited time offer, so grab your set today! ONLY 99c!

Books Included
(Click on titles for Amazon US links & author names for MoB Author Profile links)
Handsome, wealthy Quinn McCallister is the most eligible bachelor on McCallister’s Paradise. Making his family's island resort a success is all that matters to this workaholic. Everything changes when he meets the beautiful new massage therapist...

A woman struggling to stand on her own two feet, and a man who refuses to let her stand alone. When life knocks her off her feet, independent Tori finds comfort in the most unexpected place, in the arms of her male stripping neighbor, Cole. But can he sway her to look beyond his hunky surface and take a chance on love?

Medical student Evie Sanchez is recovering from heartbreak when she runs into Romeo Garcia, the boy she ditched at the prom. Only now, he’s an actor determined to make her his costar. Are his hot moves and sexy lines real or revenge?

Chloe Howard hides her broken heart while burying herself in her work as a Veterinarian. When the buddies of Flynn Davis make her the victim of a bet on a pool game, no one, including the couple, realize that they are making a bet that lasts a lifetime.

Katie Calhoun is too broken to believe in family love, while successful Jace Donner puts family emergencies above his career when he’s needed. They must work together, but making this tough-minded vixen believe in love soon becomes Jace’s top priority and biggest challenge yet.

Detective Jacquelyn Liveon saved his life twice and is now working undercover to protect heartthrob actor Ryan Palmer from an unknown threat. When things on the set heat up, can Ryan and Jackie survive the explosive twists and turns that come from every direction?

Jules Rossi’s world is about to be turned upside down when her big brother, Paulie, announces his engagement. Having been raised by her brother after their parents died, she’s used to him being her knight in shining armor and isn’t ready to share him with anyone else.

Marguerite Ferrara is a rising superstar, but Drew Jackson, the man she loves, sees her only as his younger brother’s ex-girlfriend.  Will Maggie’s friendship with Drew survive her career, her fame, and the rocky transition to love?

Happiness eludes Jordan Priestley until former client-turned-lover Jake Morrison reappears, tempting her with a hopeful future, while dredging up mistakes from her past.
Will Jake and Jordan take a chance on forever, or will reminders of their past be too much to overcome?

With the help of a tiny dog, Ron Hart plans to win back his ex-lover, Cara Wilson. Together they'll learn that winning sometimes takes losing control.

Dedicated ballet teacher Casey Richardson is about to lose her dance school when along comes handsome divorced dad, Drew Byrne, a playboy mogul who can change it all with a check.  At the crossroads between Casey finding true love or just another disappointing womanizer stands a little boy who needs them both.     

Spring Into Love Facebook Page -- authors from boxset will be doing takeovers throughout the tour

Sassy Southern Book Blog - May 8 @ 8PM CT

Firefly Book Blog - May 13 @ 8PM CT

Crazy Daisy Book Whore Blog - May 20 @ 8PM CT

Love Between the Sheets - May 21 @ 7PM CT

Chantel Rhondeau

Kimmie Easley

Rachelle Ayala

Abbie St. Claire

Bonnie Edwards

Stacy Eaton

Lyssa Layne

Jade Kerrion

Michele Shriver

Marcia James

Alicia & Roy Street

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Double Release Blitz: Ensnared & Flawed by Jade Kerrion

Titles: Ensnared & Flawed
Author: Jade Kerrion
Series: Life Shocks Romances #5 & 6
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Dates: Ensnared: March 3, 2015
Flawed: May 5, 2015

Ensnared #5
The two Falconer boys, Raphael and Michael, were named for the archangels. Lily Herald knows that they are anything but. At twenty-two, she married Raphael, the first Falconer boy. By twenty-five, she was divorced, having traded in her wedding ring for two near-fatal bullet wounds—the best damned trade of her life. No one, especially not Michael Falconer, knows why she’s returned home, to the place of so many shared and painful memories, but he’s determined to find out before she destroys what’s left of his family.

Flawed #6
Aspiring actress Ariel Falconer is out of dreams. Disillusioned and burned-out, she heads on a lavish, all-expense-paid vacation, determined to enjoy herself one last time before facing up to the fact that life has dealt her a big flat zero.

Professional beach volleyball player Jake Hunter is full of dreams. He holds a winning hand, but only if he can find a wealthy sponsor to finance his modest lifestyle while he trains for Olympic gold.

Their mutual attraction is immediate and scorching, but neither is ready for the emotional complications of false impressions and clashing expectations. Can Ariel and Jake escape unscathed, or will their conflict shatter their dreams and the promise of love?

Michael bit back a curse as he turned to leave the cafΓ©, but Katie called out, “You really love her, don’t you?”

He looked over his shoulder. “Yes, I do.”

“Good.” Katie’s smile was unsteady, but it held. “Maybe I had someone like you after Raphael left me, I might have been okay too.”

“Does that mean you’ll tell me what Raphael did to Lily?”

She shook her head. “I don’t know what Raphael did to Lily. She didn’t tell me.”

“But that day, in the cafΓ©—”

“When Lily and Anna fought? I told Lily what Raphael did to me. I thought she might understand. She did.” Her fingers twisted the hem of her T-shirt into a knot. “I needed someone to talk to, after all these years.”

Michael’s jaw dropped. “You haven’t told anyone? Not even your sister?” Katie shook her head. “I couldn’t.” She swallowed hard. “Raphael doesn’t hit. He doesn’t shout. What he does, it breaks you, on the inside. I couldn’t tell anyone; Raphael said no one would ever believe me, and he was right.”

“We would have believed you.”

“Would you?” Katie raised her gaze to Michael. “Didn’t you, like everyone else, once think that Lily must have done something terrible for Raphael to shoot her?”

Michael flushed.

She turned her face away. “Sit down, Michael, I’ll tell you what he did to me, and maybe it will help you reach Lily.”

“No, he’s not in a relationship of any sort.”

“Good, keep going.”

“He’s not looking for a relationship of any sort.”

“Well, neither were you, right?”

“Right,” Ariel said.

“So, no complications?”

The claw digging into her heart ripped a half-sob out of her.

Noelle’s eyes widened. “Oh my God.” She hustled Ariel into the ladies bathroom, which was mercifully empty. “What happened? What did he do to you?”

Ariel blinked back the tears that stung her eyes. “He thought I was rich.”


“He was looking for a sugar mama.”


Ariel said nothing.

Noelle tipped her chin up. “The Ariel I know would have thought it all hilariously funny. You’d have found a way to gently refuse him without damaging his ego— the way you turn down all those marriage proposals from men drinking their heartache away. So what’s different this time?”

“I thought he was different.” Ariel leaned against the sink. “He had big dreams, and he would never let anything get in their way, but he seemed to understand me. He helped me realize that my dreams were different from what I enjoyed doing.” She sniffled. “I wanted to be an actress, but auditions always made me panicky, which is probably why I flubbed every single one of them. I hated acting; I hated the pressure of having to say the right thing and do the right thing under the spotlight. He helped me realize how much I enjoyed the stuff I was already doing, like surprising people with mixed drinks that were just exactly what they wanted, and listening to people talk and learning about the world from them. He said I would probably enjoy bartending, and he was right. I do enjoy bartending. I always did; I just didn’t realize it until he told me.”

“And then you started falling in love with him, didn’t you?” Noelle finished quietly.

Author Bio:
Jade Kerrion defied (or leveraged, depending on your point of view) her undergraduate degrees in Biology and Philosophy, as well as her MBA, to launch her second (and concurrent) career as an award-winning science fiction, fantasy, and contemporary romance author. Her debut novel, Perfection Unleashed, won six literary awards and launched the Double Helix series, which should be read in order for maximum enjoyment. (Hang in there for the happy ending…) Life Shocks Romances features her sweet and sexy contemporary romance series. She writes at 3:00 am when her husband and three sons are asleep, and aspires to make her readers as sleep-deprived as she is. She is the Executive Vice President of the Florida Writers Association, and the Regional Director for Miami-Dade and Broward counties. McSill Literary Agency represents Portuguese rights for her Double Helix series in Brazil.




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Easier to Run by Silver Rain

Title: Easier to Run
Author: Silver Rain
Genre: Contemporary, New Adult Romance
Release Date: May 4, 2015
Easier to Run is a full-length standalone novel.
Reunited “friends-to-lovers” Contemporary New Adult Romance

“He took my world by storm with four simple words ‘I’m your new neighbor.’ I was only five at the time, but I couldn’t look away from the older boy staring at me through the hole in our back yard fence. In my mind, he was mine from that moment, but I knew that could never happen.

When I was fifteen, I learned that things that should never happen can sweep in and rip your entire life to shreds.

I lost everything.

I lost him….”

Six years after tragedy changed Cassie’s life forever, she continues to yearn for that one thing that will make her feel whole–the boy she was taken away from. The boy who had stood by her side and defended her at every turn. The boy whose shoulder she cried on when her parents died, after her sister committed suicide, during her testimony against her brother-in-law.

With her past a heavy burden that sits on her chest, threatening to suffocate her every night, she somehow finds the strength to go back and face it. To finally go back and find the man who might make her heart beat again and ease the dead pain she feels inside.

But six years can change people, and their relationship can never be the same.

     Even with two little words—two innocent words—the little girl from next door could wrench my heart. Life had taken so much out of her—so much away from her. Leaving me to stand by through all of it. Watching with no idea how to help. I don't know what it was about her that had always tugged at me. She had a constant place under my skin, and it wasn't all that unpleasant—until I had to watch her quietly suffer.
     I squeezed her shoulder and she pressed into my side.
     Say something, I thought. Anything. But what words did I have for her that wouldn't just stir up bad memories?
     I drew her to the driver's door, unlocked it and pushed it open, helping her up into the cab. She certainly wasn't the same little girl anymore—not the scrawny teenager.
     Everything about her bewildered me to no end. It was worse now, but not new at all.
     How was I supposed to feel about a girl who was almost five years my junior? The girl I'd always protected because I had a soft spot for her. She’d been a constant fixture in my life for almost eleven years, and then, when the worst had struck, she was simply gone.
     I wanted to know why she’d come back to find me. Why it had taken six years.
     On the other hand, I didn’t want any of that to matter. I just wanted to concentrate on keeping her now that I had her back.

Ben: Hello everyone! I’m Ben from Silver Rain’s new novel EASIER TO RUN. Since this is the week our story releases, Silver asked Cassie and me to do a quick interview. Ready Cassie?

Cassie: *thumbs up*

Ben: You know you don’t get to avoid talking while I’m around. Question 1: What was your life like growing up?

Cassie: Of course I would get that one. My life w-was pretty awesome until I was fifteen. When I was five, this boy moved in next door who taught me all about football, and never once m-made fun of my stutter. Our families became close, and t-took us to Florida to swim with Manatees when I was twelve.

Ben: I think the purpose of Florida was Disney World.

Cassie: Small potatoes. My turn. Question 2: When you were a child, what was the w-worst thing you did and how did your parents punish you for it?

Ben: When I was twelve—

Cassie: Oh geez.

Ben: I convinced the two girls next door to help me build a “space ship” out of lawn furniture. We broke a lot of furniture that day, and were probably lucky we didn’t kill ourselves when we tried to sled it down the hill in our backyard. Moving on to question 3: What are your 3 most prized possessions?

Cassie: Russel of course!! He’s a s-stuffed manatee I got during our trip to Florida. Next is my sister’s car, because I d-didn’t get to keep a lot to remind me of her. And, my new phone I guess, since it has all of my comfort music. Next: Who is your favorite superhero?

Ben: Ahhh…. Are there any superheroes who drive a semi-truck? Because that would be my pick. I’ll go with Aquaman, then. Because he has a strong sense of duty and family is his first priority. Final question for Cassie.

Cassie: Yay!!

Ben: What about you is heroic?

Cassie: Are you sure that’s my question? *sigh* Well, I guess the f-fact that despite everything that happened—losing my family, Mitchel… you know…, and b-being shipped off to live with my overly strict grandparents—I’m still going. I f-finally came back and faced my fears. Final question for Ben: What’s your biggest regret?

Ben: Wow. Um, wow. Where do I start with that one? Not figuring out what Mitchel was doing—or somehow preventing it before it happened, but since I couldn’t do that. I regret not seeing it, or asking more questions, or ripping his head off—the one between his legs not the one on his shoulders.

Cassie: It wasn’t your f-fault. But, that wraps up our interview. So, if you want to know m-more about our story, check out EASIER TO RUN.

Who are you?
My name is Silver Rain, and I just published my debut contemporary romance novel, Easier to Run. Outside of writing, I used to do formatting and publication management for college outreach programs. Since I’m between day jobs, I’ve been spending my days and nights tirelessly writing everything my characters tell me.

What inspires you to write?
Life! I has always been an avid reader, and I love getting lost in fantasy worlds with new characters. That is a big part of my life and I find that even after I put down a book the fantasy world doesn’t stop. Over the years, I have scribbled down stories, but Easier to Run has really captured me and tugged at my heart, so it’s a very important project for me and I decided to share it with the world. It started with a dream about the main characters, and if you want to know more… you’ll just have to wait and read. ;)

How did you start writing?
I just picked up a pen and started scribbling. Half of my writing happens while I’m lying on the floor and staring at the ceiling while scenes play through my mind. Then, I grab the nearest pen and a slip of paper and jot it all down before it fades away.

What kind of books are you writing?
Romance! It’s like falling in love over, and over, and over…. And getting my heart ripped out every now and then. I love the rush of emotions and pull of inexplicable and unbreakable attraction between two people.
My first will be Easier to Run, and I’m very excited to share it with the world.

How did you come up with the idea for Easier to Run?
Ben and Cassie came to me in a dream. Actually, in the dream I was Cassie. We were sitting in his semi, cleaning it out because he was preparing to leave, and I begged him to take me with him because I was afraid to go home. I remember waking up and the feelings of the dream were so intense in my mind, I just couldn’t walk away from it. From there the characters kept talking to me and helping me flesh out their story.

What was the hardest part of writing Easier to Run? 
Dealing with Cassie’s PTSD. It’s a difficult topic to approach in any situation, but I have experienced flashbacks similar to those that Cassie experiences. At times, it was difficult to let go and allow the story to take over because there were points that I could feel her emotions so intensely that I had to walk away. In the end, I just hope that I did their story justice.

Author Bio:
Silver Rain loves meeting new book boyfriends of every flavor, so when a dream imprinted a heartbreaking and beautiful love story in her head, she decided to pick up her pen and release some of the steamy characters who begged her to run away with them.


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Cover Reveal: Inevitable Circumstances by SR Grey

Title: Inevitable Circumstances
Author: SR Grey
Series: Inevitability #2
Genre: New Adult Romance, Suspense
Expected Release Date: May 24, 2015
Cover Design: Cover It! Designs

My name is Essa Brant, and I’ve just made the biggest mistake of my life. By trusting someone I shouldn’t, by forgetting I’m in love with a dangerous man with many enemies, I now find myself caught up in some very dire circumstances.

I’m learning, though, that when all is lost, there is still something you can hold on to: hope. Well, I’m holding tight with my last and final hope that Farren will save me.


My name is Farren Shaw, and when I discover the woman I love has been abducted I am ready to go to any lengths to save her.

I will kill and destroy for Essa. After all, it’s not like I haven’t done these things before.

Only problem is, when I do find Essa and finally tell her all the things I’ve been keeping from her, will she still want me?


Fast-paced and exciting, Inevitable Circumstances promises to leave your pulse racing, while your heart roots for love to win in the end.

Inevitable Detour #1: 
My name is Essalin Brant, but everyone calls me Essa. I attend a small college in a tiny town, and in my twenty-two years of life I’ve never even traveled outside the state of Pennsylvania. You could say my life is pretty boring. I live by the rules. I’m a good girl and nothing exciting ever happens.

But that’s all about to change.

Enter Farren Shaw. Not only is he older and intimidating, but he’s more sure of himself than any 29-year-old man has a right to be. Did I mention that he’s drop-dead gorgeous? Well, he is. He also happens to be my best friend Haven’s brother. And I would be content with just fantasizing about Farren from afar, but when Haven suddenly goes missing, her gorgeous brother is the only one who believes me when I say she was abducted, even though all signs seem to suggest Haven left town willingly.

I know better, though. As does Farren. So when he asks me to accompany him to search for his sister, I accept.

That’s when the real adventure begins.

Our quest to find Haven takes us across the country. And throughout the time we spend together, I find myself falling for Farren . . . falling hard. He's everything I’ve ever wanted. But is he really someone I should fear?

Because aside from making me feel things I’ve never felt before, Farren is hiding something. Something big. What could this stunning man be keeping from me? And why? Is Haven’s disappearance somehow connected to his mysterious job?

All I know is that things are about to get real.

Welcome to the Inevitable Detour that has become my life.

Author Bio:
S.R. Grey is an Amazon Top 100 and Barnes & Noble Top 100 Bestselling author. She is the author of the popular Judge Me Not series, as well as the Inevitability duology and A Harbour Falls Mystery trilogy. Ms. Grey’s novels have appeared on Amazon and Barnes & Noble bestseller lists in multiple categories, including #1 on the Barnes & Noble Nook Bestsellers list last year.

New novels slated for 2015 release dates are Inevitable Circumstances (Inevitability #2), and a New Adult novel to be revealed in the future.

Ms. Grey resides in Pennsylvania. She has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree, as well as an MBA. Her background is in business, but her true passion lies in writing. When not writing, Ms. Grey can be found reading, traveling, running, or cheering for her hometown sports teams.


Inevitable Detour
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Cover Reveal: All Cried Out by Ayden K Morgen

Title: All Cried Out
Author: Ayden K Morgen
Series: All Falls Down #2
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Expected Release Date: June 7, 2015
Cover Design: Jada D'Lee Designs

With Jared Corbit and Savannah Martin's wedding day quickly approaching, everything should be golden for the two, but their trouble has only just begun. When the media learns of the damage Stewart Paulson has inflicted on the Talbot family, Savannah and Jared get caught in the cross-hairs.

Even worse, the past has caught up with Savannah in a big way, and nothing will prepare her or Jared for the danger headed their way or the devastating decisions they'll be forced to make as a result.

Jared's determined to protect his fiancΓ©e from the people milling in the shadows, but good intentions only go so far. When Savannah learns the truth he's desperately trying to keep from her, their future together begins to unravel. How can she trust him when he's lying to her? And just how far is he willing to go to protect the woman he loves from her past?

All Cried Out, told exclusively from Jared's POV, is the exciting follow up to Ayden K. Morgen's All Falls Down.

All Falls Down #1
When Savannah Martin walks in on her abusive boyfriend and her best friend in bed together, she thinks life can't possibly get any worse. And then she wakes up in a hospital in Italy, scared and alone. With nowhere left to go, Savannah runs to the family who took her in when her mother abandoned her as a teenager.

But things aren't as simple as they were then.

For starters, two years of constant emotional abuse has broken Savannah in ways she's not sure can be repaired. And patriarch Matthew Talbot has been murdered, leaving his eldest daughter, Lexi, in charge of a global non-profit and her younger sisters.

Jared Corbit, Lexi's gorgeous boyfriend, is the only thing standing between her and whoever murdered her father. That doesn't stop Savannah from falling in love with him. She knows it's wrong, but she just can't stay away from him when he makes he feel like no one else ever has before.

Finding out his relationship with Lexi is a ruse should make things easier, but when the truth is finally revealed, Savannah's fragile world threatens to fall apart. There's a murderer on the loose, and he's gunning for the only family she has. To save their lives, she and Jared will be forced to make a decision that just might destroy her completely.

How is she supposed to let the man she loves be with another woman?

Author Bio:
Ayden lives in the heart of Arkansas with her childhood sweetheart and husband of ten years, and their five furry minions. When not writing, she spends her time hiking, reading, volunteering, causing mischief, and building a Spork army. Ayden graduated summa cum laude with her Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice and Forensic Psychology in 2009 before going on to complete her graduate degree in CJ and Law. She currently puts her education to use in the social services and CJ field.

Ayden also writes Young and New Adult fiction under the                                                              penname A.K. Morgen.


All Cried Out

All Falls Down is only $0.99 until 5/9 on 

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