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Cover Reveal: The Companion by Susan Squires

Title: The Companion
Author: Susan Squires
Series: Companion #1
Genre: Regency Paranormal Romance
Release Date: May 19, 2015
Cover Design: Rebecca Poole, Dreams2Media
You are about to enter a world where there is no turning back. Where danger and desire become one. Where a man and a woman must face the darkest secrets of the night…though they may not survive what awaits them.

The Captive
Ian Rufford was captured, enslaved, and then abandoned in the lonely dunes of Egypt’s desert. His tormentor was a woman of magnificent beauty…and the blackest of souls. Now, Ian prays for a death that will not come. Only after his rescue does he begin to realize how he has changed. He is carrying something strange in his blood known only as “The Companion,” and his new-found symbiotic partner will exact a terrible price in return for the gifts Ian is only beginning to understand.

The Desire
Elizabeth Rochewell’s home was Egypt, where she traveled the desert organizing her father’s archeological expeditions. After her father’s death, however, she is sent home to live a conventional life in London. Onboard ship, she finds herself drawn to her mysterious fellow passenger, Ian Rufford. He awakens feelings in her that disturb and tantalize her senses. But he hides a shocking secret. Beth has spent her life unraveling the secrets of the desert. Little does she know how dangerous it will be to unravel Ian’s.

The Companion
Now, journey with two linked souls who are determined to stop one woman’s evil; a journey that will take them to the heights of desire and the depths of depravity. The Companion is an unforgettable, sensual and erotic novel that will make you believe in the power of true love.

Fear drained away as he watched her from underneath his lashes. One long gold-painted nail beckoned to him. She lay draped across the chaise. The blood-red silks that hung from her shoulders were fastened only with a girdle of twined gold at her waist. Outside, the wind began to wail. Sand shushed against the walls of the tent. The scent of cinnamon and something else he could not name suffused the hot, dry air inside. In the dim light her skin glowed with perspiration and the very air vibrated with her vitality. Under the almost transparent fabric her nipples were clearly visible. He did not want to respond to her. But his swelling need surged over him.

“Come," she said. He could lose himself in those black eyes, lined with kohl.

He staggered to his feet. His naked body was still damp from bathing in the muddy pool of the oasis. His shoulder bled, as well as his thigh. She would like that.

She pointed to a place at her side. He dropped to his knees again. He knew what she wanted, and suddenly he wanted to give it to her more than he had ever wanted anything in his life. As she reached for him her eyes began to glow red, blood-red like her silks.

Author Bio:
Susan Squires is a New York Times bestselling author known for breaking the rules of romance writing. Whatever her time period, or subject, some element of the paranormal always creeps in. She has won multiple contests for published novels and reviewer's choice awards. Publisher's Weekly named Body Electric one of the most influential mass market books of 2003 and One with the Shadows, the fifth in her vampire Companion Series, a Best book of 2007. Time for Eternity, the first in the DaVinci time travel series, received a starred review from Publisher's Weekly.

Susan has a Masters in English literature from UCLA and once toiled as an executive for a Fortune 500 company. Now she lives at the beach in Southern California with her husband, Harry, a writer of supernatural thrillers, and three very active Belgian Sheepdogs, who like to help her write by putting their chins on the keyboarddddddddddddddddddddddd.


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The Para-Portage of Emily by Muffy Wilson

Title: The Para-Portage of Emily
Author: Muffy Wilson
Series: Shadow Seduction #1
Genre: Paranormal Romance, New Adult, Erotica
Release Date: March 24, 2015
Emily Macque, a young, beautiful junior partner in her father’s law firm, is but a heartbeat away from love or destiny. Duty brings Emily to a frozen Island estate two hundred and fifty miles north of Chicago. Devotion requires she delve into the property history to settle an estate probate. Death lures her into the arms of the shadows seduction created by the flickering light and dark shadows.

What flames the timeless passions spanning the decades? Love, desire or obsession?

Colin Jorgenson, once a Great Lakes mariner, is a strong man haunted by love and loss. How long will he return each night, gripped by desire, hoping to find the woman he has loved for a century?

Beneath the pristine Island beauty, passions hungered, lingered in the ardent darkness. His passions, fueled by decades of loneliness and longing, could no longer be denied. Will they face eternity together or love in secret as dark things are to be loved between the shadows and the soul?

     “Tell me what you know about Mariner’s Maiden please, Kirby.”
     Kirby took a long draw on his beer before he began his narrative.
     “It was years ago, around 1800 Miss Emily, when the original land owner arrived on the Island with settlers from Norway. He’d claimed five hundred acres on this southern point of the Island for himself. He became wealthy in cattle, wheat, timber and cheese. As his family grew and were educated on the Mainland, they moved, one by one, off Island. They were a wealthy, hard-working lot, but needed less and less of the acreage they owned. Much of the original plot was donated to the Town throughout the years. Some sections were sold.
     “It got down to the last hundred acres when Colin Jorgenson bought the property, around 1890 or 1900. I am not exactly sure. The main house was much smaller and less grand than it is now, for sure.
     “Now, Colin was a Maritime Captain and often he’d be gone for months at a time. He sailed the Great Lakes several times a year with supplies, spices, fancy goods and ‘fortunes of bounty’. That’s what they called it then. It was for sale to rich settlers throughout the Great Lakes. He’d earned all his wealth in trading by the turn of the century. He came and went for several years until, in his mid-thirties, he met and married a much younger woman, Amalya, and came back to the Island with her.”
     Kirby sat back, drained his beer and continued. “The property was called Mariner’s Cove then. He spent two years with Island tradesmen rebuilding this house for his wife. To honor her, and before his return to the water, he commissioned a maritime woodcarver to create the figurehead of Amalya you saw yesterday on the tree marking the entrance.
     He had the figure of Amalya mounted on the bow of his ship and apparently felt she was always with him in his travels. She died one summer, pregnant with their first child, shortly after his returning from his last trip of the season. He shut himself away in this house—a broken man, left forlorn and alone, to die years later of a broken heart as a recluse. It’s said he returns night after night trying to find his Amalya, his beloved.”
     “But that’s just old folklore, Miss Emily, there’s nothing to it but made up stories from the past by gossips and romantics. This place has never been haunted—no one has ever said it was, anyway. Even though he was long dead, this property was held in Old Colin’s estate until your uncle bought it around 1955, I think. I suppose there is more you can find out at the Archives office in the Island library at the town offices, if you want. That’s about all I know and it ain’t much.”
     Refusing a second beer, Kirby was off to finish his chores. “Thank you, Miss Emily,” Kirby said as he stood to leave.
     Emily walked him to the door with Barkley in tow.
     “Oh, there is one more thing” he added. “There is supposed to be a crypt on the property somewhere. I heard tell that Old Colin buried his Amalya in there and when he was dying, he crawled into it to die on her casket. Creepy, but no one’s ever found it to my knowledge—and between me and my dad, we’ve covered this property as caretakers for over fifty years.”
     Emily extended her hand in gratitude for the information and company. “Thank you, Kirby. All of that is so very interesting. He must have been deeply in love with Amalya.”
Kirby, a middle-aged man, stood and shook Emily’s hand. He turned to leave, stopped and dropped his head as he hesitated at the bottom of the steps. A simple country man, this time was no different.
     “Miss Emily…” He looked up at her rather sheepishly, and stuttered slightly, “Forgive me, Miss Emily, if I offend you. I have been a bachelor all my life and never had a way with women or much of a need for them. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I like ‘em well enough, but I never was able to pick the right words in their presence. If…if you don’t mind my saying…you look an awful lot like those paintings in the house of Miss Amalya.”
     “Oh my word, Kirby, how you flatter me! It is purely a coincidence, I assure you.” Emily smiled, as she dismissed the compliment and waved good-bye at Kirby. As he left, she thought about the love shared between these two remarkable people, Colin and Amalya. Amalya and Colin.
     She had forgotten to ask what became of the baby…

What others are saying:
Loved it!
I just finished The Para-Portage of Emily. Quite the page-turner!!
I was gifted a free copy by the author and found it to be a cleverly woven plot with descriptive characters you won’t soon forget. I’m not one to give out spoilers,
but if you like paranormal intrigue, hot romance, and mystery, you will love it. Looking forward to more works by Muffy Wilson as I’m sure they will be just as brilliant. ~ By Love To Read

Fall in Love with the Island and Mariner's Maiden
This is a story to savor. Ms. Wilson's descriptions are poetic and enthralling,
placing the reader in the midst of the story, and the relaxed pace of the story does not lessen the power of suspense. Shrouded in mystery, romance, and eroticism, "The Para-Portage of Emily" is a treat for the senses,
a haunting indulgence. Despite hints throughout, the ending still surprised me, and though satisfied,
I regretted the literary journey's end. Highly recommended. I look forward to more from this promising series. ~ By Jordan Stringfellow

I really enjoyed the Para-Portage of Emily
I really enjoyed the Para-Portage of Emily... a skillfully and imaginatively told tale of love, lost and found. Mysterious twists kept me turning the pages until the end.
Love conquers all, AND it was hot! ~ By Barbara A. Lyle

Cross Genre Paranormal Erotic Mystery
Should John Grisham and EL James have a secret love child, she would no doubt pen legal thrillers with a luscious layer of the erotic. They would name their child Muffy Wilson and send her to Stephen King for some pointers in the paranormal.
Wilson, in the obliquely titled "The Para-Portage of Emily", interweaves these three diverse genres into a compelling, magic carpet of a novel that takes Emily Macque from Chicago to a bitter island estate two hundred miles north in the frozen sea. Emily is the striking junior partner in her father’s law firm, her mission, to settle the probate on an estate, her destiny to fall into the arms of Colin Jorgenson, a seaman haunted by a past love that torments his life.
Intelligent, well-written, with fully fleshed out characters and a story with more twists than a spiral staircase, "The Para-Portage of Emily" had me gripped until the very last page. ~ By Chloe

Memories & Kisses
Released Date: September 2014
Memories & Kisses has three stories of old loves remembered; a grieving woman rescued from the sea, two childhood friends growing old friendship into passionate loving, and two long separated teenagers finding that time has mellowed them both and maturity has brought a passionate intensity they had never imagined. All three stories are of rekindled love that survived decades of longing and is now ready to burst into flame. 
What do you think? Is she thinking about memories of love lost? Perhaps the memories made trying to forget a lost love? Even old memories revisited by old friends, united in a kiss that rekindles flames, passions and desire, too. Old memories are like old red wine - all the richer for time passed. And the kisses taste sweeter too. Three romantic and very sexy stories take us back to things as they once were, and forward to the wonderful times to come. 

Once Upon a Menage: An Anthology of Fairy Tale Threesomes
Release Date: October 2014
Also featuring Muffy's work in this anthology of of adult Grimm's Fairy Tales, Once Upon a Menage: An Anthology of Fairy Tale Threesomes edited by Rachel Kenley (Ravenous Romance), Muffy has two erotic adaptations, “The Prince, The Mermaid and The Siren” ('The Little Mermaid') and “The Prurient Puss” ('Puss and Boots'). They are sexy, just a little naughty and best of all, they are threesomes!! 

The Naughty List
Release Date: Christmas 2014
The Naughty List features six Yellow Silk Dreams authors, including Muffy Wilson plus guest writer Nina Pierce, got together to compile a sparkling ezine in celebration of Christmas. Or any other day of the year you feel you need to dip into a good read.  
Offered here to our followers - sign up for the Yellow Silk Dreams newsletter and start reading immediately. 

Coming Soon:
Moonbeams of Unintended Consequences ~ TBA Spring 2015
Cheerleaders in Heat ~ TBA Summer 2015

Could you reveal any personal juicy stories about you?  
Thank you, so much, for opening your cyber-home to me. It is a pleasure to be here with you, my dear friend. Well, I was raised in a military family so there are plenty of stories about men in uniform. Who doesn’t love that?! My father was a USAF Colonel whose work took us to all points from Alaska to France. We moved every two or three years, so I don’t have what most would refer to as a traditional childhood, more like Leave it to Beaver meets the Jetsons.  Many of my ‘firsts’ were in France as my formative years developing were north of Paris. So, my first kiss, my first taste of escargot, my first hot dog on a French baguette was at the top of the Eiffel Tower, my first bikini (I was thirteen) was on the French Riviera and I fell in love with a thirty-something lifeguard named Aldo. I thought my father was going straight to an early grave. My mother thought it charming and funny since I wound up looking like a blistered, crying lobster with the worst sunburn ever. No need to worry about Aldo. A few years later, my mother and I were shopping in Paris; it was the day she bought me an alligator handbag, a small one, with a bright red leather interior. I still have it. We were on the Champs Elysees on a corner and everyone was wailing and crying. It was 22 November 1963 and I was 14 years old. It was the day John F Kennedy was assassinated and I witnessed as the world was crushed and Camelot fell. I think I grew up a lot that day. We had to hurry home, 90 miles north. The Base was on lock-down and red alert. It was a day the world stood still yet was fiercely frantic beneath the surface. 

You are a mother. Could you tell us about your role as a Mom? 
I met my husband in California, on a day that I was none too happy with men. I was thirty-five and working in San Francisco as a Sales Manager for Honeywell and my father had a heart attack in Georgia.  I wanted to explore the possibilities of transferring to Georgia to be closer to the first man I ever loved, my dad. “The Silver Fox,” as my boss at the time was fond of being called, made a pass at me and told me ‘why bother, as my dad wasn’t going to live forever?’ I was stunned and profoundly moved by a myriad of feelings. Funny that I should meet the two most important men in my life from that day forward on a day like that - my husband and his youngest son, then 13. It was the greatest gift. We got married three months later and the three of us honeymooned in Niagara Falls. My husband is from Buffalo, NY, and had been married twice before (his first wife died and the second, VJr’s mother ended in divorce when he was just 6). I had never been married, so they were my first. When I was very young, and in college, I fell in love and got pregnant. He was my first, not my first love but my first lover, and for all my worldly experience, I was still pretty naΓ―ve - even in the ‘70s. Clearly, there is a whole lot more to this story but suffice it to say that decisions you make in your youth affect one’s entire life. I had an abortion and dropped out of college. The gift of my husband and his son, who fast became my own son, I felt, was God’s way of forgiving me. So, my role as a Mom is one I cherish, given it was my second chance and my redemption. Life has been good to me because of them. He has enriched my life beyond measure.

You have a very long list of projects consuming your time, but I would like to offer you the chance to show off and promote your writing career. You may include any exotic stories of your life if you wish.
I released The Para-Portage of Emily on March 24, 2015 to a warm reception and wonderful reviews. It was released in ebook format and will be released in print in June. I have two more books that will be released by Summer 2015. If I am lucky, they will all be available at once and cause a wonderful stir among fans of literotica. Beyond that, I have a control list of about fifteen projects which will be concluded throughout 2015-16 and 25-30 projects that will require my attention for 2016-17. Only another Virgo will appreciate how organized I am about my work. Some refer to it as being obsessive compulsive—anal, even. I can role with that.

When did you decide to write? And what genre and style did you prefer when you first started? What style and genre do you prefer to write currently?
I have been in sales and marketing my entire business career. Writing was a necessity and I was good at presenting technical detail. English was always a love and focus of mine throughout my education, but I only wrote proposals, presentations, technical material and project material. In private I wrote poetry as a developing young woman. I really never thought about writing personally’ until I met up with an old school chum, an old boyfriend. It was never a calling to me as it is for some writers. He wrote and it spurred me on. I slipped into the world of Erotica, not by choice or design, but quite by accident…and I loved it. Turns out I was pretty good at it, too, or so people commented. But, my style has changed, developed a lot since then. What I wrote in the beginning was raw and erotic. Now, I like to think I am more of a literoticist in that I write erotic romance. The plot drives the story, the story drives the characters and the erotic romance is really an extension of the developing relationships. I don’t write groin-grinders, although they have a place in our genre.

What genre, books, and authors do you like to read?
I love crime, thrillers, edge-of-your-seat whodunits. I also love period pieces, non-fiction, poetry and autobiographies. When I was very young and we lived in France, there was no television, at least not in English or in our house. The only television available to us was in the local pub. I will never forget seeing Steve McQueen say, “Sur la route”, in French on his Wanted! Dead or Alive series! I believe I giggled until I had cramps! Anyway, I read everything, absolutely everything almost insatiably. I wanted to be a criminologist or a medical examiner. Or a veterinarian. As well an actress and Ella Fitzgerald! It was not until I was in high school that I wanted to become a law enforcement officer—a Homicide Detective! But, I do love to read good literotica. I am not a fan of jump-and-pump but a love story with great, eloquently involved sex is a real page turner for me.

Do you have a person, real or fantasy, you would like to be?
Barbra Streisand. I always wanted to sing. My aunt sang torch songs and played piano in smoke filled supper clubs and piano bars. Isn‘t that romantic, a la Billie Holiday? I always wanted to do that. When I was ten or so, I was a little pudgette and my mother wanted to send be to dance classes; I wanted singing lessons. We settled on a set of bongo drums. Many years later, we were out schmoozing together at a piano bar and I took the mike with My Funny Valentine. Now, I just sounded like me, but she dropped her jaw. It took her four more martini’s to recover. She admitted I should have had singing lessons. We laughed our asses off, but of course, that was the four more martini’s!

You have experienced many adventures in your life and have lots of energy, but what would you like to do if you had any free time?
I would love to learn to play piano, learn Spanish and brush up on my French. But I am enjoying my life now. I work in Real Estate in SW Florida and try to find time to straighten my office. There’s that Virgo nag again.

Could you tell us about your new book, The Para-Portage of Emily, and the story behind it? You may include a brief synopsis and an excerpt. What or who inspired you to write your story?
My first book, Memories & Kisses, released last year in September 2014. It was about love lost and regained decades later. Do you have memories of a love that once was?...of a love that was lost?...of, perhaps, a rekindled love that survived decades of longing? I think we all have longings, not regrets so much as just simple, what if’s? and that caused me to think in terms of a stronger longing not over decades but centuries. I started Emily in 2010, but I really did not know where she was going to take me until I really got into Memories. Within a month, Emily was done. 

It is a haunting love story about a Great Lakes seafaring captain that marries finally in his thirties to the daughter of one of his suppliers on the St. Lawrence Seaway whom he has watched blossom and grow into a beautiful woman since she was very young. He marries her and starts a life he has planned with her on a small Island in Lake Michigan at his estate, Mariner’s Maiden. The story is as much about them as it is about the young woman who comes to settle her uncle’s estate, Mariner’s Maiden, after his death. I love this story.

Do you have future writing projects you plan to publish? 
Yes, so many! I am releasing Moonbeams of Unintended Consequences in May 2015 and Cheerleaders in Heat this summer. My brain explodes with ideas and always when I don’t have a pen or paper handy!

Thank you, for hosting this wonderful interview. It was very kind and generous of you. I appreciate the time your fans and readers have spent with me, sharing my life, my family and work, as well as my inspirations and life. It has been a pleasure and an honor.

Author Bio:
Muffy, author of erotic, romantic stories about love, sex, hope and passion, was born in San Antonio, Texas, to traditional parents. With two older brothers, she was the youngest, the family "princess," indulged and pampered. She adored her older brothers, following them everywhere and was surrounded by love, stimulation, and pets. Her father was a career Colonel and pilot in the U.S. Air Force which required the family to travel extensively. The family lived in most points between Alaska and France. Muffy spent her formative years in Europe and came of age in France.

Returning from France with her family, Muffy finished high school in Northern California and attended the University of California, Davis, and majored in Business Management. Muffy entered the work force, independent with a fierce work ethic, and retired at 39 from IBM as a Mid-West Regional Director in the Real Estate and Construction Division. She and her husband moved to a small Island in northern Wisconsin where they owned a historic tavern, restaurant and resort business which they since have sold. They now live a charmed life by the water in SW Florida. Muffy pretends to be a serious real estate business person but, in real life, indulges her private interest in writing sexy short stories and sensual literotica ~ Live, Laugh, Love with Passion. 

KOBO  /  iTUNES  /  B&N  /  ARe  /  SMASHWORDS
EMAIL: Muffy@MuffyWilson.com

The Para-Portage of Emily

Memories & Kisses

Once Upon a Menage: An Anthology of Fairy Tale Threesomes

The Naughty List
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London Calling by Nana Malone

Title: London Calling
Author: Nana Malone
Series: Chase Brothers #2
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: May 18, 2015
Women came easy…

But then, for photographer, Xander Chase, most things came easy…except love. His portraits are renowned for revealing the heart and soul of his subjects, yet, he keeps his own heart hidden behind a playboy facade. All he cares about is revenge, and for that, he needs a stand-in girlfriend for a weekend fling.

Struggling actress, Imani Brooks, has been offered the coveted role of a lifetime…playing the part of an escort in a renowned play. When Xander proposes a weekend of research in Paris, she jumps at the chance. Their pretend relationship is the perfect way to dig into her role. She just has to remember that what they have is only for show. Xander is not the kind of man to fall in love.

Love is harder that it looks…

Everything goes as planned until passion erupts and blurs the line between fiction and reality. Can Imani get past the walls Xander’s built around his heart and find the real man hidden behind the camera lens? Or will Xander’s hunt for revenge leave her heart in shreds?

Due to adult situations, recommended for readers 18+

     Pussy came easy. But then, for Xander Chase, most things came easy.
     As he slid a glance over the lithe, naked back of the blonde in front of him and he locked his teeth, he wished some things came easier than others. It didn't matter how much his balls ached or how much sweat dripped off his brow, there’d be no relief for him, no matter how many times he had her.
     As she moaned, writhed, and shouted things that were dirty enough to make any porn star blush, he fought to stay focused. She was a means to an end. Unfortunately for him, that end wasn’t pleasure. More like revenge. She had information he needed. And she, like half the women in London, was susceptible to the Chase charm.
     She screamed through her orgasm and Xander just wanted it to be over. A means to an end. And also, Alistair’s wife. Screwing her was one more domino on his way to taking down the man he hated.
     His brain did him the favor of replaying the night over and over and over again. Every decision he’d made. Every step that had led him here. How well she’d sucked his cock on the way to Notting Hill. The slide of her tongue over the length of him as he spun his Huyra over the rain slick streets of London. The feel of her pussy milking his cock. Her brazen offer for him to have her any way he wanted.
     But he had zero desire to come. And no amount of fucking this nearly nameless, faceless blonde would solve that. After today, he’d barely remember her because he had what he needed. Hell, he could barely remember her name as it was. Gemma? Jemima? Julia? Something J-sounding. Bugger, he really did have to get better with names. But he would remember whose wife she was.
     What mattered was she had unfettered access to information he needed, and he’d found the way to access it. Not like there’d be a repeat performance anyway. She was just another nameless J-sounding blonde. Who can give you the keys to the kingdom.
     He pulled away from her and she made a half-hearted, feeble attempt to reach for him. Who was she kidding? That was orgasm number four for her. She’d be out cold in seconds.
     He slid the satin sheet over her naked form and sat on the edge of his bed. His dick twitched as if to remind him of how he got into this mess in the first place. He scrubbed a hand down his face. Two hours of J-girl blowing him and him shagging her till there was a sheen of sweat over both their bodies and he still couldn’t come. Not that he’d ever expected to. And after all, that wasn’t the point of all this. Not that it wouldn’t have been nice.
     He sat there for several minutes until her deep, even breathing alerted him to her slumber. Right. Time to go to work. He tugged on his boxer briefs and slipped into the living room where she’d dropped her bag.
     He made sure he kept an eye on the bedroom door as he booted up her laptop. Thanks to one tequila too many, and his very skilled hands working their magic under her panties, she’d told him everything he needed to know to take a decent stab at her password. He got it on the third try. Cat’s name. He didn't bother to roll his eyes.
     When he was done copying all the files to his external hard drive, he shut down her computer and slid it back into her bag before silently stalking back into the bedroom. She was still knocked out, but the sheet had shifted slightly, exposing her bare arse. Fuck, maybe he should have taken her up on her offer to fuck her however he wanted.
     He scowled at his straining erection. His cock begged him to go back to bed. To give it another go in the hopes that this time would be different. That she would be different. But he knew better. What was the definition of insanity again? No point in going back to it, mate, it won’t do any good. He could fuck the blonde for another five hours and there would be no relief for him. No respite, no bliss. He’d stay hard as a rock. As it was, he’d fucked her into a dead stupor and he could have kept going.
     There was only one way to relieve the gnawing, clawing hunger. But knowing the solution didn’t mean he wanted to go through with it. Get in the shower. Release the tension. Then call the cleaning crew to deal with the unwanted guest. Most importantly ignore that niggling thought at the back of his skull. That tiny voice telling him the kind of man he was. Telling him that inside, he was beyond buggered. Truly fucked up and there’d be no respite for him. This was his personal hell.

Who doesn’t love a little control?
When I first wrote London Bound the predecessor to London Calling, I had originally intended it as a single title.  There was no story for the gorgeous, but cocky brother. He was a stock character…or at least he was intended that way. But true to form, Xander wouldn’t stay in a corner for long.

Even as I wrote London Bound, out came his personality. And he just screamed, “I’m a bad boy who needs someone brave enough to love me.” And boy did he ever. But still, I was hesitant to write a story for him.

London Bound was a story based very loosely on a part of my life. Alas if you troll the streets of London you won’t find an Alexi or a Xander, but you might find the places and friends that influenced the first book. As I wrote, I could see the places I’d been, hear the voices of my friends. Relive our adventures. Writing that book flew by. Xander was a blank template that refused to flow.

We fought, we argued, I threw him in the bin. I tried to forget him. I threatened lobotomy. But he just kept coming back each night in all his sexiness, with a smirk and an attitude demanding his story told his way. It wasn’t until I finally relinquished control and let him do exactly what he wanted that the story flowed. And boy did it ever flow. Xander is the kind of bad boy you love to hate, then you love to love.

Writing London Calling has been like a time machine and a London holiday rolled into one. It’s got old friends, familiar settings, a bad boy who can’t help but cause trouble and a heroine strong enough to handle him.

I’m so thrilled to finally bring you Xander and Imani’s story in his own words.

Author Bio:
USA Today Best Seller, Nana Malone's love of all things romance and adventure started with a tattered romantic suspense she "borrowed" from her cousin.

It was a sultry summer afternoon in Ghana, and Nana was a precocious thirteen. She's been in love with kick butt heroines ever since. With her overactive imagination, and channeling her inner Buffy, it was only a matter a time before she started creating her own characters.

While she waits for her chance at a job as a ninja assassin, in the meantime Nana works out her drama, passion and sass with fictional characters every bit as sassy and kick butt as she thinks she is.

Want to know when the next book is coming? Hit up her Newsletter here. You'll only get updated when there is a new release or a special promotion for her Sexy, Sassy Readers.


Pre-Order Exclusively at iTUNES  /  GOODREADS TBR
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Release Day Blitz: Halfway Perfect by Julie Cross & Mark Perini

Title: Halfway Perfect
Authors: Julie Cross and Mark Perini
Genre: Contemporary Young Adult
Release Date: May 5, 2015
Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire
Bestselling author Julie Cross teams up with Ford model Mark Perini to pen a poignant and gritty YA novel about love and the dark side of modeling and the fashion industry.

Eve’s time as a fashion model nearly destroyed her-now she’s determined to build a career behind the camera lens. But landing a coveted photography internship brings her face to face with her dark past-and her ex.

While Eve is snapping pictures, up-and-coming male model Alex is launching his career-which, for him, involves maintaining a fake relationship with his (secretly) underage co-star, Elana.

But Alex is falling for Eve, and Eve won’t let herself get hurt again. If Alex can pull off a fake love with Elana, can he convince Eve to risk a secret affair with him?

1.  Co-author, Mark Perini, was the model who portrayed the main character on Julie Cross’ Tempest series books. He’s also been on many other YA covers GOODREADS

2.  In the book, main character, Alex books a big job modeling for Calvin Klein. CK is one of the few big designers/labels Mark hasn’t worked with (yet). Both authors are big CK fans

3.  Co-author, Julie Cross, started out writing Eve’s chapters, and Mark writing Alex’s, but plot elements and scenes required occasional swapping

4.  Mark wrote parts of Halfway Perfect while in Milan, Italy for Fashion Week

5.  Julie has never met a model in real life, not even Mark.

Author Bios:
Julie Cross
Julie Cross is the International Bestselling author of the Tempest series, a young adult science fiction trilogy which includes Tempest, Vortex, and the final installment, Timestorm (St. Martin's Press). She's also the author of Letters to Nowhere (8/13), a mature young adult romance set in the world of elite gymnastics, as well as several forthcoming young adult and new adult novels with publishers like Entangled, Sourcebooks, HarperCollins, and St. Martin's Press/Thomas Dunne Books.

Julie lives in Central Illinois with her husband and three children. She's a former gymnast, longtime gymnastics fan, coach, and former Gymnastics Program Director with the YMCA. She's a lover of books, devouring several novels a week, especially in the young adult and new adult genres. Outside of her reading and writing credibility's, Julie Cross is a committed--but not talented--long distance runner, creator of imaginary beach vacations, Midwest bipolar weather survivor, expired CPR certification card holder, as well as a ponytail and gym shoe addict. You can find her online via twitter, her personal website, email, facebook, Goodreads, or co-moderating the YAwriters section of reddit.

Mark Perini
Mark Perini began his career as an international fashion model ten years ago, while simultaneously obtaining a business degree from Seton Hall University. Turns out fashion's hurry-up-and-wait mentality lends itself quite well to writing. Mark is now a New York City based author, and Halfway Perfect is his first young adult novel. He is also a featured author in the New Adult anthology, Fifty First Times.

When he's not working, Mark's traveling the world. He's made a blood pact with friends to see all seven ancient wonders of the world before he's thirty. Four down three to go.

Julie Cross

Mark Perini

Halfway Perfect

Whatever Life Throws at You by Julie Cross
(YA currently on sale 99cents)

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Trailer Reveal: Wait! by Stacey Nash

Title: Wait!
Author: Stacey Nash
Series: Oxley College #2
Genre: Contemporary, New Adult Romance
Release Date: April 20, 2015
Jordan Hays knows just how precious life is; that’s why he has his own mapped out. He’ll work to pay his way through university while he studies hard, regardless of the constant distractions. Because when it comes to becoming a nurse, he’s deadly serious. He won’t fail to save someone again.

But Hex Penton is way too similar to the sister he lost, and even though the only thing more fun than stupid dares is the crazy girl who sets them, Jordan needs to make a choice. Hex believes every moment is important; every opportunity must be taken, because you never know when the world will be yanked out from underneath you. With the foundations he’s based his life on shaken, Jordan must discover what’s more important: making sure Hex’s life isn’t wasted, or remembering how to live his.

It’s time to play truth or dare.


Wait! is a story about acceptance, learning to trust and in turn love while facing life’s unexpected difficulties.

NB: This book is of a mild heat level, and contains no explicit sex scenes.

Author Bio:
Writing for the young and new adult market, Stacey's books all hold a lot of adventure, a good dose of danger, a smattering of romance, and plenty of KISSING! Hailing from the Hunter Valley in New South Wales, she loves nothing more than immersing herself in the beauty and culture of the local area.

Author of the Collective Series; Forget Me Not and Remember Me. And Oxley College Saga; Shh! and Wait!


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Archangel by Jamie Salisbury

Title: Archangel
Author: Jamie Salisbury
Series: Tudor Saga #2
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Release Date: May 5, 2015
Archangel. A musical angel hiding in the dusty, smoke-filled London clubs, she performs with reckless abandon. Few know the woman behind the mask she adorns.

Mary Tudor, twin sister to Amadeus Tudor - a well known rock star- has all but given up her up and coming photography business to become the personal photographer, and fiancΓ© to Daniel Kennedy. Daniel, a world renown violinist, is one of the few who knows Mary's secret. Together they scheme to devise a way for her to fulfill a secret dream.

Postponing their wedding until after Daniel's much anticipated European tour, Mary juggles many jobs. One however alludes her every month. Motherhood.

Making unannounced, surprise appearances during Daniel's tour, the mysterious Archangel rules the concert stage. Suddenly everyone wants to know who this masked woman is. Fans clamor for more, the press want to know every detail about her, and a few others are sure Daniel Kennedy is quite aware at who this phenomenon is. And if that weren't enough drama, a sinister enigma from her brother's past threatens both her future and her life.

Will Archangel's identity be revealed as planned, or will the chaos of Amadeus' past catch up to them?

Encore! #1
Mary Stuart and Daniel Kennedy have not seen each other since attending a prestigious performing arts school.

Now a world renowned violinist, and married to his career, Daniel stumbles across Mary through her images at a London gallery. He is in need of a photographer with vision - she is a photographer in need of clients.

Mary has all but given up the stage - or has she? Her photographs pay the bills far more than her fancy musical education. But Mary has secrets. . .secrets she dare not share with even the roguish Mr. Kennedy.

A roving paparazzi lens changes all that for them. . .
Can Daniel forgive Mary for hiding her past - and her present? Will their relationship break like a violin string - or will their love endure the chaos?

Author Bio:
Writing romance stories with passion and sass, Jamie Salisbury has seen several of her books soar to #1 on Amazon. Her novella, Tudor Rubato was a finalist in the 2012 RONE (Reward of Novel Excellence) awards. The cover won for Best Contemporary Cover. Now in 2014, her novel, Life and Lies was nominated for a RONE in the Erotica category. Her books are both self published and now include several published through Secret Cravings Publishing.
Music, traveling and history are among her passions when not writing. Her previous career in public relations in and around the entertainment field has afforded her with a treasure trove of endless story ideas.

EMAIL: TudorRose829@gmail.com

Archangel(Free on May 8 only)

Encore!(Free on May 8 only)

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Enter to win one of three autographed copies of Encore, book 1 of The Tudor Saga by Jamie Salisbury.

Giveaway ends May 17, 2015. 

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Jase by MariaLisa deMora

Title: Jase
Author: MariaLisa deMora
Series: Rebel Wayfarers MC #4
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: May 4, 2015
Meet Jase Spencer.

He’s just your everyday kinda guy, a hard-partying, hard-living professional hockey player. Nothin’ special.

Good-looking and ripped, the man has moves, on and off the ice. But, he’s also jaded and alone, and tired of living out of suitcases.

For as long as he can remember, hockey has ruled his life. He’s chased pucks across more than a dozen countries, and had his pick of women in any town he visits.

Then he met HER. And now, he’s about to turn his life upside down because of HER. Because he can’t get the one night of passion he shared with a smokin’ hot biker babe out of his head. Unfortunately, DeeDee wasn’t interested in anything long term, and she’s gone before he’s ready.

Life becomes complicated and difficult when Jase is traded to another team, and as he tries to settle in his new hometown, everything seems to conspire against him, determined to go wrong.

Dancing around their mutual attraction, one day he and DeeDee find themselves face-to-face and body-to-body, but will they be able to set aside their past pain and focus on the future they could make together? Can he make her reconsider her relationship fears and trust him?

Jase is on a mission to show her what they have together is worth fighting for, to convince her to take a chance on him. His attempts will bring him squarely into the path of a motorcycle club, earning him the attention of Mason, president of the Rebel Wayfarers MC.

Jase says, “Bring it on.”

You miss 100% of the shots you never take. – Wayne Gretzky

From Chapter 4, Together
     Tug reached out, pulling on the waistband of her chaps, reminding her she hadn’t yet taken time to remove her leathers. Stepping backwards into his hold, she relaxed, leaning into him. “You’re sure hugging and kissing on a whole lot of men, DeeDee,” he murmured.
     “They’re my boys,” she laughed with a broad smile. “I love my boys; they are all such nice guys.”
Cryptically, he said, “I don’t think he likes it much. And I know for sure he doesn’t like this.” He patted her hip, sliding his hand around and possessively spreading his palm across her stomach for a moment. She tensed. His fingers were warm and the pressure comfortable, nearly stretching down far enough to reach...
     With his other hand, he reached up, taking her chin with his fingers as he had earlier and directed her gaze to the crowd near Mason’s garage, where a group of Daniel’s friends had gathered around his two brothers. Her throat closed, trapping her breath in her chest for a moment as her eyes met smoldering, dark brown ones. Jase was staring across the crowd at her.
      He looked furious; she wasn’t sure why for a moment until Tug stepped back, dropping his arms from around her. The strain on Jase’s face eased slightly and he padded across the space between them, dodging around individuals and couples without seeming to notice them, eyes only for her.
     “There you go,” she distantly heard Tug say and felt a little push on her ass, absently reaching back to swat the hand away. She couldn’t take her eyes off Jase. Something about the look on his face held her captive.
     There was a short laugh and then strong hands picked her up by the waist, lifting her over the railing and setting her on the ground next to the porch, bypassing the stairs. Jase didn’t stop his advance until he was close enough to reach out and cup her face in his large, callused hands, leaning in without hesitation to cover her mouth softly with his own.
     The noises around them fell away; it seemed as if she couldn’t hear anything except her own pounding heartbeat and the sound his fingertips made when he stroked her jawline, rasping against her skin. She gave herself into the kiss entirely, reveling in the sensations of his lips against hers, the roughness of his short beard against her skin. He glided his tongue across her bottom lip and then dipped it into her mouth to tangle with her own, the unabashed sensuality of the kiss stealing her breath.
     Too soon, his lips drew away, the heat of his hands still blazing against her cheeks. When DeeDee’s eyes slowly opened, she saw he had a look on his face difficult to categorize, but if pressed, she might have said it was satisfaction. When she was in town previously, they had never gone past chaste kisses on the cheek, or a friendly arm draped around shoulders or waist. They certainly never kissed like this, with the toe-curling passion she just experienced. Short of breath, she smiled uncertainly up at him, her lips trembling. He was so handsome, with deep brown soulful eyes, and sensuous lips framed with a soft beard.

What is the biggest influence/interest that brought you to this genre?
Genre is an interesting word, because I’m told that these stories don’t fit the mold of any one, other than the overarching category of “romance”. There are erotic influences, but much more storyline than bedroom scenes. There’s a motorcycle club, but the people are more important than the politics or dynamics of the club. There is suspense and danger, but almost always at least one character gets a happily ever after in the end. So … romantic suspense? If we look at romantic suspense writers, I’d say there’re a wide range of authors that I feel have influenced me, including Stieg Larsson, Seanan McGuire, Maya Banks, and Lisa Jackson.

When writing a book, what is your favorite part of the creative process (outline, plot, character names, editing, etc)?
Plot, totally. I begin with an image in my mind of a scene, or sometimes I’ll see something and I can almost feel the click and snap as the pieces fit into place. An example would be something that happened recently. I’d been playing with the idea of a book for an extended character study, and at a hockey game one night, during the first period, they flashed a picture up on the Jumbotron. It was the 'Oblivious Cam', where they target someone who's not paying attention, and then put a timer on them until either they look up and see they're on the big screen, or someone around them brings it to their attention.
This chick was studiously bent over her phone, which isn't an uncommon sight ... but the lines her body drew in the stadium seat were taut, stressed, and when she looked up into the camera, she looked pale and shaken.
So for the next fifteen minutes, in my mind, as I frantically typed notes on my phone, she became Hope, the heroine for the book Hoss, release in November.

When reading a book, what genre do you find most interesting/intriguing?
All of them! I read paranormal, romance, mystery, suspense, history, biographies, and SciFi. Paranormal is something I circle back around to again and again, because I love the writers who allow me to suspend disbelief and just immerse myself into an alternate world, where anything is possible.

If you could co-author with any author, past or present, who would you choose?
Kevin Hearne – the man is a genius, and I absolutely love his Iron Druid series. He is also humble and real, and I think the chance to work with him would be filled with joy and laughter. Plus, the man likes tacos. ‘Nuff said!

Have you always wanted to write or did it come to you "later in life"?
Writing was not something I ever saw myself doing. I can write instructional documents, technical requirements for projects, but had never written creatively before last year. One day I woke up with a story about this chick in my head that simply would not go away. The more I thought about her, dreamed about her, filled in the space around her with family and friends, the more I became obsessed with getting her out of my head. Writing it all down seemed to help, but the story continued, scenes and characters developing in my head at a breakneck pace. I’ve likened this to being Wiley E. Coyote in the Road Runner cartoon, where the anvil falls from the sky onto his head. That’s how the stories seemed to me, that they simply landed on me unexpectedly, an unlooked for blessing. Of course, my fear is that they could go away the same way, suddenly and brutally gone. Maybe that’s why I’m now always frantically scribbling notes, typing scenes, dictating character elements, because what comes to us unworked for, out of the blue, can be taken away just as swiftly, and I want to have as much of these stories out and available for my enjoyment as possible.

Author Bio:
Raised in the south, MariaLisa learned about the magic of books at an early age. Every summer, she would spend hours in the local library, devouring books of every genre. Self-described as a book-a-holic, she says “I’ve always loved to read, but then I discovered writing, and found I adored that, too. For reading … if nothing else is available, I’ve been known to read the back of the cereal box.”

A hockey fan, hiker, gamer, and single mom of a special needs son, she embraces her inner geek and has been working in the tech field for a publishing company for a couple decades.

Music is a driving passion, and she says, “I love music of nearly any genre — jazz, country, rock, alt rock, metal, classical, bluegrass, rap, hip hop … you name it, I listen to it. I can often be seen dancing through the house in the early mornings. But I really, REALLY love live music. My favorite thing with music is seeing bands in small, dive bars [read: small, intimate venues]. If said bar [venue] has a good selection of premium tequila, then that’s a plus!”






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