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Friday's Film Adaption: Boston Blackie by Jack Boyle

"A friend to those who have no friends, an enemy to those who make him an enemy"

Whether he is fighting the police or the criminal underworld, Boston Blackie always stands up for what’s right.

Sure, Boston Blackie is a jewel thief and a safecracker, but he’s a criminal with code. He ensures that the worst villains get what’s coming to them while the honorable ones stay out on the street—where, like Blackie, they do more good than harm.

In this classic collection of adventures, with his dependable wife and getaway driver, Mary, by his side, Blackie gets into and out of a dizzying array of tight spots. He escapes from prison, saves a friend from the gallows, and pulls off the gold bullion heist of a lifetime. Later adapted into serials, movies, and TV shows, Boston Blackie’s exploits are some of the most thrilling in all of crime fiction.

Silent Films
Boston Blackie's Little Pal (Metro) 1918
The Silk-Lined Burglar (Universal) 1919
Blackie's Redemption (Metro) 1919
Missing Millions (Famous Players-Lasky) 1922
The Face in the Fog (Cosmopolitan) 1922
Boston Blackie (Fox)1923
Crooked Alley (Universal) 1923
Through the Dark (Cosmopolitan) 1924
The Return of Boston Blackie (Chadwick) 1927

1940s Columbia Films
Boston Blackie, the suave crook-turned-detective created by pulp writer Jack Boyle, had been popping up sporadically in films for nearly two decades by the time Columbia launched its "Boston Blackie" series in 1941. Chester Morris stars as the title character, Horatio "Boston Blackie" Black, as a former professional thief now working as a sort of freelance adventurer/detective. Blackie, just barely on the right side of the law, preferred not to get too involved with the police. "Meet Boston Blackie" is the first of fourteen Boston Blackie films that began the new adventures of Boston Blackie. The series evolves Blackie from a thief and underworld criminal into a new character that turns out to be very interesting and entertaining. Richard Lane, who plays Boston's long-suffering Inspector Farraday, was the only other character in all fourteen of the Boston Blackie movies. George E. Stone, playing Blackie's sidekick, his dim-witted cronie The Runt, was not in the first or last film but was in all the others. Charles Wagenheim played The Runt in the first film and Sid Tomack in the last. Another of the reoccuring fun characters is the irrepresible Arthur Manleder, the adventurous millionaire played by Lloyd Corrigan in some of the films. Boston Blackie was one of Columbia's most profitable film series. 

Meet Boston Blackie 1941
Confessions of Boston Blackie 1941
Alias Boston Blackie 1942
Boston Blackie Goes Hollywood 1942
After Midnight with Boston Blackie 1943
The Chance of a Lifetime 1943
One Mysterious Night 1944
Boston Blackie Booked on Suspicion 1945
Boston Blackie's Rendezvous 1945
A Close Call for Boston Blackie 1946
The Phantom Thief 1946
Boston Blackie and the Law 1946
Trapped by Boston Blackie 1948
Boston Blackie's Chinese Venture 1949

Boston Blackie's Little Pal
Release Date: August 26, 1918
Bert Lytell ... Boston Blackie
Rhea Mitchell ... Mary
Rosemary Theby ... Mrs. Wilmerding
Joey Jacobs ... 'Little Pal' Martin Wilmerding Jr.
Howard Davies ... Donald Lavalle
John Burton ... Jackson, the Butler
Frank Whitson ... Martin Wilmerding

Meet Boston Blackie
When a murder occurs on an ocean liner docked in New York, the trail leads to Coney Island and a spy ring.
Release date: February 20, 1941
Running time: 61 minutes
Chester Morris as Boston Blackie
Rochelle Hudson as Cecelia Bradley
Richard Lane as Inspector Faraday
Charles Wagenheim as The "Runt", Blackie's assistant
Constance Worth as Marilyn Howard
Jack O'Malley as Monk
George Magrill as Georgie
Michael Rand as Mechanical Man

Radio Show:
The Boston Blackie radio show was on the air for 13 weeks in 1944 then for five years from 1945 to 1950. The original 13 week show was a sumer replacement for Amos and Andy. Blackie was played by the actor who Boston Blackie portrayed Blackie in the movies, Chester Morris. Critics believe that Morris brought more depth of character to the part because he played the character in six films before moving to radio.

When the radio show was added to the line up on the Mutual Network, Richard Kollmar took over the role as Boston Blackie. Kollmar was known more as a soap opera actor and gossip columnist Dorothy Kilgallen’s husband. Kollmar was a solid actor who brought a different side, a more refined side, to Blackie.

Volume 1
Created by author Jack Boyle, Boston Blackie was a master safecracker and hardened criminal who served time in a California prison. Rehabilitated, he decided to use his knowledge of the underworld to fight crime as an amateur detective. Known as "an enemy to those who make him an enemy, friend to those who have no friend", Boston Blackie's exploits were adapted to film, radio, and television. Chester Morris, who had played Boston Blackie in a series of B movies for Columbia, originated the character on radio in 1944. By1 945 Richard Kollmar had taken over the title role in a radio series syndicatedby Frederic W. Ziv. Over 200 radio episodes were produced between 1944 and 1950. While investigating the cases, Blackie would invariably encounter harebrained Police Inspector Faraday (Maurice Tarplin) and always solve the crime before Faraday could. The initial friction between Blackie and Faraday gave way as the series continued, and Faraday came to recognize Blackie's talents, occasionally even requesting his assistance. Blackie dated Mary Wesley (Jan Miner), and for the first half of the series, his best pal Shorty (Tony Barrett) was on hand. Boston Blackie transitioned to television in 1951.

Boston Blackie: Outside the Law
A friend to those who have no friends, an enemy to those who make him an enemy! From out of the darkened streets of radio's imagination comes the legendary criminal-turned-crime-fighter Boston Blackie! Starring Chester Morris, radio's first Blackie - and Richard Kollmar, who became Blackie's true radio voice - here are 12 great episodes of this beloved crime thriller! Join co-stars Jan Miner, Tony Barrett, Maurice Tarplin, and Lesley Woods in capers of diamonds and double-cross, of black markets and blood stains. But, be careful - even Inspector Farraday gets shot!
Episodes include:
"The Jonathan Diamond", 06-23-44
"The Manleder Bank Case", 06-30-44
"Black Market Blackie", 07-21-44
"The Devon Caretaker Murder", 07-28-44
"Spy Ring", 08-04-44
"Copy of The Diamond Bracelet", 10-11-45
"Simmons Construction Murder", 11-29-45
"Murder at the Movies", 12-13-45
"The Undersea Murder", 10-01-46
"Murdered Show-Dog Owner", 10-08-46
"Murder at the Rodeo", 10-15-46
"Farraday Shot", 10-22-46

Kent Taylor starred in the Ziv-produced half-hour TV series The Adventures of Boston Blackie. Syndicated in 1951, it ran for 58 episodes, continuing in repeats over the following decade. Lois Collier appeared as the inevitable love interest and Frank Orth as the perpetually exasperated Lt. Farraday. This time, Blackie was set in Los Angeles, and the character enjoyed the use of several exotic sports cars as he battled on behalf of those who have no friends. Whitey was the precocious dog. Among the guest stars were veteran actors Roscoe Ates, Russ Conway, and John M. Pickard.
Kent Taylor as Boston Blackie
Lois Collier as Mary Wesley
Frank Orth as Inspector Faraday

Note: A reformed jewel thief becomes a private investigator, friend to those who have no friend, and enemy to those who make him an enemy. Loosely based on the series of movies starring Chester Morris.


Boston Blackie's Little Pal:  IMDB

Meet Boston Blackie
IMDB  /  TCM  /  AFI

1940s Collection: AMAZON

Volume 1

Outside the Law


I've not read the original stories although I just ordered the book for my dad's upcoming birthday.  I'm intrigued to read them to see how much Hollywood altered the characters for the films.  I have never seen any of the silent films but I really enjoy the Chester Morris films from the 1940s.  They have a great blend of comedy and mystery in each of the 14 entries. As for the radio shows, the Richard Kollmar episodes are good but I prefer the Chester Morris ones.  I've never seen the television series so I can't weigh in on them.  Over all, Boston Blackie is the epitome of bad guys using their skills for good.  As it says, "A friend to those who have no friends, an enemy to those who make him an enemy."


Guys and Gals of Murder, Mayhem and Mystery Author Spotlight: Kerry J Donovan

Author Bio:
Kerry was born in Dublin. He spent most of his life in the UK, and now lives in Brittany with his wife of thirty-seven years. He has three children and three grandchildren, all of whom live in England and all of whom think he’s nice (strange the way that works out). An absentee granddad, Kerry praises the advent of video conferencing.

I former lives, Kerry has been a furniture designer/cabinet maker, a research scientist, a house restorer, and now spends all.most of his time writing crime thrillers and what he likes to call adventure yarns. He recently topped the Amazon UK bestseller genre list for his paranormal thriller, The Transition of Johnny Swift.

There are currently two book in his DCI Jones Casebook series and a new addition is due out in the New Year.


Who is my greatest fictional or TV hero?
When I was fourteen, way back in the time before mobile phones, home computers, and the Interweb, a new headmaster took control of our school. He came in with all sorts of radical ideas, one of which was insisting that every pupil visited the library at least once a week. Not only that, but we had to take out a book and read it too.

In our own time.

Over and above our normal school homework.

I mean the cheek of the man.

What self-respecting fourteen-year-old boy wants to spend his free time reading when there are footballs to kick and a cricket bats to wield? Not me, that’s for sure.

Thought I was being so smart by choosing the smallest book in the place—blue of cover and well thumbed. I didn’t even read the title, just plucked it from the shelf, and walked it to the librarian’s desk. She stamped it and I took to the desk. Boy was I miffed when I opened the book to find the tiniest text I’d ever seen. Seventy years old and written by some old fossil called Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. It’s title? Sherlock Holmes - Selected Short Stories.

Read that book cover to cover in about a week. I was blown away by the writing style and the scope of the characters. The stories were a little dated and a tad naive, but wonderful nonetheless. The Sign of Four, The Hound of the Baskervilles, The Speckled Band, all were classics of the criminologists’ art.

I still have the book, bought for 15p at the end of the term. It hasn’t left my side ever since. Need a magnifying glass these days to read the font, but I take it out occasionally to remind myself what a good detective story is all about. That little blue book is one of the reasons I write crime fiction.

A recent BBC series, Sherlock, has ‘rebooted’ Holmes and Watson into a modern setting. It is a testament to Doyle’s writing class that his lead characters, first written well over a century ago, stand the test of time.

This is stunning fiction, trend setting. If only I could write something that extraordinary.

The Transition of Johnny Swift
 A psychological thriller in 96,000 words, set in present-day England.

Racing driver, “Fiery” Frank Brazier has a problem. He keeps seeing a grey figure he calls Shadow-man. The silent Shadow-man appears in times of stress, but things are worsening. Frank would seek medical help, but racing drivers aren’t supposed to feel fear, and how would his sponsors react?

The novel opens at the start of the final race of the season. Frank is only one win away from sealing the F2500 Championship and earning a place on a Formula 1 team for next season. When Frank’s blood pumps hard and adrenaline heightens his senses, he sees Shadow-man again, sitting on the nosecone of his car, brooding, still, and silent.

Frank survives a front tyre blowout, wins the race, and is offered a contract with the best team in the Formula 1 Series. The next day, he accompanies his sister, Paula, to London by train, but a senseless act of vandalism results in an horrific rail crash.

When he wakes in hospital three days later, with eyes bandaged, bones broken, and head aching, Frank hears two words that throw him into a world of terror and confusion.

“Save her!”

When the doctors remove his eye bandages, Frank sees the owner of the voice—Shadow-man, who repeats the words, “Save her.”

“Save who?”


The DCI Jones Casebook: Ellis Flynn
An empathetic detective and his Swedish-born colleague hunt for the abductors of a teenage schoolgirl—a police procedural set in England and France.

When their daughter fails to return from school, Hollie Jardine’s parents are terrified. Is she a runaway, or the victim of something more sinister?

Veteran Detective, David Jones, head of the Midlands Police, is tasked to find her. His team soon discovers a link to convicted sex-offender, Ellis Flynn, whom Jones suspects of grooming the naive teenager. A difficult case is made more personal when Jones sees a photo of the missing girl, Hollie Jardine. She is the spitting image of his God-daughter! Jones can't separate the two in his head.

With Hollie's chances of survival fading, Jones and his Swedish-born colleague Alexandra Olganski, risk their careers and their lives when they ignore protocol to follow Flynn’s trail across the Channel into France. What they discover in an idyllic backwater will stretch Jones' detection skills to the limit, and Alex's loyalty to heartbreak.

As he closes in on the abductor, Jones faces an impossible decision - give himself up or the girl dies—do nothing and the girl dies.

The Transition of Johnny Smith

The DCI Jones Casebook: Ellis Flynn

Fun Facts:
So what or who is #eNovAaW?
eNovel Authors at Work is a group of indie authors who believe in paying it forward…

We are dedicated to helping one another to understand the challenges facing writers in the digital universe.

Everything we discover will find its way into these pages, to help authors and readers alike to navigate the ever-changing world of books.

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Whether an author has published one book or ten, success requires diligence, dedication, and focus. We don’t know all the answers, but we are learning who to ask, who to listen to, and how best to use the tools available to sell BOOKS.

While we respect an author’s choice in what he or she writes, we do not promote erotica, gratuitous sex, or violence.

Right here is where you can subscribe to our newsletter (at the top of the sidebar on any page). eNovel Authors will only land in your mailbox when a good book is free 99 cents or a special deal . Now and again we’ll tell you about a new release, a blog hop, or a book we discovered that made us laugh or cry or dream.

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Release Day Blitz: Yes, Master by NJ Cole

TITLE – Yes, Master
GENRE – Erotica
PUBLICATION DATE – January 16, 2014
LENGTH (Pages/# Words) - 10K
PUBLISHER – Butterfly Publishing
COVER ARTIST – Tm Franklin

Mary Jennings hit rock bottom. A stripper and brand new mother in New York City, she’s offered a reprieve by her sister to move to Reno for a fresh start. Deciding to go for it, her life takes a drastic turn when she offers to help out a friend.

After a car accident leaves Colton bed ridden, a surprising offer of assistance turns into so much more. Driven by his need to dominate, sparks fly in the most unexpected way.

A natural submissive and a professional Dominant—what happens when they spend every waking minute together? Will she be able to resist? Or will she give in to the urge and submit to him completely?
Find out in this page turning sequel to Yes, Mistress.

 “Mary, are you a good girl?”

His words made butterflies erupt in my stomach and seem to fly out from between my legs. “Are you, Mary?” he repeated.

I don’t know why I responded the way I did, but I said, “Yes.”

“Then be a good girl and use your hands to help me with this little problem.”

I’d never actually given a hand job before. I’d used my hand to get a guy hard but never long enough for
him to finish. “I, uh … I don’t know what to do.” I felt my cheeks blush.

“Just like you’ve had been doing, Mary.”

I trembled as I brought my hand up and down his shaft. “Rub your hand over the head, good girl,” he groaned. I did as he told me and was surprised when fluid leaked from the tip instantly. “It’s been a while,” he said by way of explanation, and warning apparently, because not two minutes later he groaned, “You’re going to want to get a tissue, good girl.”

I leaned forward to get a tissue from the night stand on the other side of him. I was still jerking him off with one hand, and because it was such a far reach, when I stretched for the tissue, my breast touched the head of his penis. Colton let out a strangled yelp, and before I could even pull back, I felt something warm and wet on my blouse. I stood up quickly, but apparently, he wasn’t finished because several more streams of the warm fluid shot into the air. One landed right in the middle of my shirt, and the other fell onto the back of my hand that was still gripping him firmly.

“Motherfucker,” he grunted as the last stream shot from his body.

Author Bio:
NJ Cole is the author of five published books, Midnight Caller, Midnight Eternal, Landslide, Second Chances and Yes, Mistress. Unlike many of today’s authors, she chooses to write in first person, allowing the readers to experience life through the eyes of the unique characters that live in her head. Her love of those characters and respect for their stories come through loud and clear in her writing. With over two million reads of her online work in the past year NJ Cole is clearly an up and coming author.


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Release Day Blitz: Menage for the Night by CJ Fallowfield

Title: Menage for the Night
Author: CJ Fallowfield
Series: For the Night #4
Release Date: January 16, 2015
Genre: Erotica
***Warning: adult themes ~ Suitable only for the over 18***
My name is Logan Steele. I’m devilishly handsome, seriously ripped, well hung, charismatic and highly sexed. Women just can’t resist me. So when I lost my job in the construction industry and was struggling for cash, I decided to put my assets to good use.

By day I’m a private personal fitness trainer. By night I’m a high class gigolo.

Tell me your fantasy, I’ll fulfill it ~ So, who do you want me to be?

MΓ©nage for the Night
Nine months had passed since the filthy night with Yasmin Taylor. Thankfully my clients in between had requested more conservative fantasies, dressing up as a cowboy, sex in an opera box, on top of a brand new Lamborghini in a city car park in daylight. Those sort of jobs I could carry out without reservation. Those jobs I was born to perform for. My next client is Ava Renshaw. Another regular, she’s the bored housewife of a successful international banker, who spends much of his time abroad, leaving her home alone and frustrated. While she loved the sessions we had, she kept telling me that she was craving more and that her fantasy was to be filled by two guys at the same time, but she was too self-conscious to go to a sex club like 710. I contacted one of my friends in the business, Trey Douglas, my go to guy for clients with an MMF fantasy. We’re about to show Ava why two sets of hands, as well as other appendages, are better than one.


The steaming novella MΓ©nage for the Night is part of the ‘For the Night’ series of eight standalone short reads, which fall into Amazon’s new quick hot erotic reads category. The series contains adult themes ~ Suitable only for the over 18’s.

The novellas are told in alternating points of view of Logan Steele, and his client, or clients. You can pick up any of them for a complete short burst of heat, however in order to fully enjoy Logan’s development they should be read in the sequence that they are released. Starting from October 2014, I will release one per month.

Strangers for the Night
Virgin for the Night
Filthy for the Night
MΓ©nage for the Night
Sophisticated for the Night
Biker for the Night
Dominant for the Night
Actor for the Night

     ‘Champagne?’ Logan breathed into my ear.
     ‘I … O God,’ I cried, as Trey bit the back of my neck. He ran his hands up to my shoulders and slipped his fingers into the material of my dress and started to work it down my arms.
     ‘I’ll take that as a yes,’ chuckled Logan, as he stepped away from me. I helped Trey by extracting my hands from the sleeves of my dress and shivered as his fingers skimmed over my waist and hips, as he rolled the dress further down until it slithered to the floor, leaving me standing in just my heels and underwear.
     ‘Ava,’ he groaned, as he flattened his palms and moved them around to clutch my stomach. ‘Do you have any idea how hard you’ve made me?’
     I didn’t have a chance to say anything, as Logan stood in front of me, took a mouthful of champagne then stepped forwards, clutched my face and angled it backwards, as he lowered his mouth to mine. Our lips met and mine parted for him automatically and I felt the simultaneous invasion of his tongue and fresh, crisp bubbles that exploded in my mouth. A kiss from Logan was a wonderful thing on its own. If there were eight wonders of the world, then there should be eight sexual experiences in life that every woman had the chance to experience, I’d lay odds that Logan would take the award for most of them, starting with his kisses. I swallowed the champagne, as his tongue sensuously danced around mine with well-practiced ease. How sad was it that I could end the night happy now? From just fingers on skin and a mouth on mine putting me into such a pleasurable state? Trey’s fingers moved to undo the hooks on my bra and slid the straps off my shoulders, before he slithered it away from me and reached around to palm my aching breasts. I whimpered into Logan’s mouth, as Trey gently kneaded with his hands and lay a trail of kisses up the back of my neck, as he tucked in closer behind me. I could feel the outline of his erection against my backside, the rigidness of it was impressive and had me automatically clenching, in anticipation of having him inside me.
     When Trey’s fingers started to pinch and pull on my nipples I cried out, the noise muffled by Logan’s skilled tongue in my mouth. He pulled back and sipped some more champagne, as he watched me helplessly writhing. As if they were communicating telepathically, one of Treys hands moved to palm my stomach, as Logan dipped his head and took one of my painfully swollen nipples into his mouth and started to suck. The combined chill of the alcohol and heat of his mouth was toe curlingly good. When Trey’s hand reached down and slid between my legs and gently rubbed the pearls nestled in my swollen folds, I started to tremble. Logan’s lips pulled harder, elongating my tender nipple, as Trey gently pinched the other, while his fingers continued to rub the pearls. I reached up with one hand and clutched the back of Logan’s head to keep him on me, as I pressed Trey’s hand harder between my legs, the friction on my clit was amazing. In seconds I let out a high pitched cry, as a quick short orgasm hit me and leaned back on Trey’s hard body to support myself.
     ‘You’re still as responsive as ever, Ava,’ Logan smiled as he straightened up.
     ‘She’s wet, seriously wet. These pearls are coated and I’m going to love sucking them clean,’ Trey groaned in my ear.

Author Bio:
I write contemporary erotic romance, with humour, which are full of emotion and plenty of drama. I am a 44 year old female from the United Kingdom and live in the wonderful countryside of Wales, surrounded by rolling hills, trees and fields full of sheep and cows. Writing aids include chocolate, Ben & Jerry’s and copious amounts of coffee, wine or cider.


Menage for the Night

Strangers for the Night

Virgin for the Night

Filthy for the Night

The Austin Series Box Set

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Conceiving Evil by Jenna Fox

Title: Conceiving Evil
Author: Jenna Fox
Release Date: October 16, 2014
Genre: Dark Romance, Light BDSM
Like everyone else after the economic crash, Abby Torrance was struggling financially. But then Dorian Lincoln, a political and business icon, sweeps her off her feet and into a life of promise. He’s a man who has enough power to change the world for the better, a man who can give hope to the masses, a man who can give Abby a baby.

But the road to Hell is paved with good intentions and Abby is having strange dreams that seem both a warning and a prophesy. How can she give the evil undertones of her dreams any notice when she’s busy focusing on conceiving?

     The breath left my lungs in a whoosh with the first smack of the flogger against my unblemished skin. My back arched, my head lifted when he slapped another across my buttocks. When I lifted my eyes to meet a smile holding no hint of emotion, I knew my dark pupils had swallowed the lighter brown of my irises. I took a moment to admire the handsome planes of his face, the arch of his brows over black eyes terrifying in their coldness. It was the look of a man who could beat me to death with the leather in his hand, but I trusted him to know my limits.
     I closed my eyes and slipped into a place where all I could do was feel. I revelled in the stinging, and clung to the burning of the tattoo pattern. Both sensations affirmed that I was his. Dorian’s ministrations pulled something out of my soul and replaced it with a craving for something deep and dark, something that only pain could fill. Corporal punishment filled me with a satisfaction greater than my need. I hushed the moans before they left my lips and pulled my thighs together to catch the seeping moisture. Dorian’s breathing grew harder, almost a pant as he stood too close, a restless prowler ready to give in. I clutched the carpet and gritted my teeth in silent disappointment when he dropped the flogger. His dark gaze strayed to mine as he rubbed the raised skin on my ass.
I bowed my head. “Thank you, Dorian.”

Author Bio:
Jenna Fox is a civilized hillbilly, mother, wife and multi published author of erotic romance residing in Eastern Tennessee. She enjoys reading and jotting down poetry in her spare time.  Besides juggling a busy family life, Fox reviews and critiques for other authors and crafts her own dark erotic tales. Stories always feature a mysterious alpha male with unexpected twists to shock the reader. She believes in HFN and HEA endings, although not always in a romantic or conventional way. 

Her work is born from real life experiences, an overactive imagination and a consuming caffeine addiction.  Sometimes she finds herself writing sex scenes on fast food napkins and store receipts while waiting in traffic, but she’s always guilty of keeping her mind in the gutter.  Fox is a listener of hard rock music and a watcher of classic slasher films. In short, she’s a writer, a storyteller, able to make a boo-boo all better with just one kiss and a proud, world class expert at screwing up recipes and scaring away closet monsters.  She believes in ghosts and God and is absolutely convinced chocolate soothes the savage beast.

Can be found eating Cheetos at a gas station near you. 



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