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Friday's Film Adaption: The Bishop's Wife by Robert Nathan

Bishop Henry Brougham desperately wants to build a great cathedral for his overcrowded parish. The problem is he doesn't know how he will find a capable archdeacon to help fund the project. But that's not his only problem. Though his beautiful wife Julia fulfills her marital duties, there is no passion between them. When the bishop prays for help, it comes in the form of Michael, a handsome, golden-haired angel who takes the position of archdeacon. Michael exudes love, which draws new and unexpected emotions from Julia. With the holidays approaching, the bishop senses the mutual attraction between Julia and Michaelbut can he stop it?

The Bishop's Wife
An angel helps set an ambitious bishop on the right track.
Release Date: December 9, 1947 (Premiere-New York City)
February 16, 1948 (U.S.)
Release Time: 109 minutes

Cary Grant as Dudley
Loretta Young as Julia Brougham
David Niven as Bishop Henry Brougham
Monty Woolley as Professor Wutheridge
James Gleason as Sylvester, a sympathetic taxi driver
Gladys Cooper as Mrs. Hamilton
Elsa Lanchester as Matilda, the Brougham's housekeeper
Sara Haden as Mildred Cassaway, the Bishop's secretary
Karolyn Grimes as Debby Brougham, a young daughter
Tito Vuolo as Maggenti
Regis Toomey as Mr. Miller
Sarah Edwards as Mrs. Duffy
Margaret McWade as Miss Trumbull
Anne O'Neal as Mrs. Ward
Ben Erway as Mr. Perry
Eugene Borden as Michel
Eugene Turner, ice skating double for Cary Grant

1947 Academy Awards
Best Director - Henry Koster (nominated)
Best Editing - Monica Collingwood (nominated)
Best Picture (nominated)
Best Score (nominated)
Best Sound (won)

The Preacher's Wife
The Reverend Henry Biggs is a good man who''s doubtful about his ability to make a difference in his troubled community and home. Help is on the way in the form of an angel named Dudley who soon becomes the source of and solution to their problems.
Release Date: December 13, 1996
Release Time: 124 minutes

Denzel Washington as Dudley
Whitney Houston as Julia Biggs
Courtney B. Vance as Reverend Henry Biggs
Gregory Hines as Joe Hamilton
Jenifer Lewis as Margueritte Coleman
Loretta Devine as Beverly
Justin Pierre Edmund as Jeremiah Biggs
Lionel Richie as Britsloe
Paul Bates as Saul Jefferys
Lex Monson as Osbert
Darvel Davis, Jr. as Hakim
William James Stiggers, Jr. as Billy Eldridge
Marcella Lowery as Anna Eldridge
Cissy Houston as Mrs. Havergal
Aaron A. McConnaughey as Teen

The Bishop's Wife

The Preacher's Wife

Author Bio:
Author of such revered books as PORTRAIT OF JENNIE, THE BISHOP'S WIFE, MR. WHITTLE AND THE MORNING STAR, and STONECLIFF, Robert Nathan was born in New York City in 1894 and was educated at private schools in the United States and Switzerland. While attending Harvard University where he was a classmate with E.E. Cummings, Nathan was an editor of the Harvard Monthly, in which his first stories and poems appeared.

While at Cambridge, Nathan also found the time to become an accomplished cellist, a lightweight boxer, and Captain of the fencing team. After leaving college, Mr. Nathan devoted his time exclusively to writing until his passing in 1985. Early on, Nathan's work strengthened his reputation with both the public and peers. F. Scott Fitzgerald once referred to Robert Nathan as his favorite writer. During this period, the legendary Louis B. Mayer contracted him to Hollywood to become a screenwriter. Nathan ultimately didn't enjoy the experience, though the movie industry continually craved his work. Five of his novels have been made into films.

The aforementioned "Portrait of Jennie" and "The Bishop's Wife," as well as "One More Spring," "Wake Up and Dream" (from the novel "The Enchanted Voyage") and "Color of Evening." Robert Nathan was the author of over fifty volumes of novels, poetry, and plays, and from this body of distinguished work he acquired a reputation as a master of satiric fantasy unique in American Letters. In the twilight of his career he was known as "The Dean of Author's," since many prominent writers including Irving Stone and Irving Wallace sought out Nathan's guidance. A member of the National Institute of Arts and Letters for fifty years, Mr. Nathan called both Cape Cod and California home. Happily, his last fifteen years were spent in the companionship of his wife, English born actress, Anna Lee.



The Bishop's Wife

The Preacher's Wife
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