Monday, November 9, 2015

Monday's Montage Mantlepiece: Three is Not a Crowd

Why would anyone think three was a crowd?

No. No. No. No. No.

Three is a triangle…

and did you know it’s the strongest geometrical shape?

All the best things come in threes…

Musketeers, primary colors, three-ringed circuses, stooges, blind mice, little pigs. The list goes on.

Of course they say trouble comes in three too…

but we won’t go there… or will we?

**giggle** There’s three sheets to the wind.

And **sigh… drool** there’s three piece suits.

And trust us, it’s no coincidence that there are three ingredients in a BLT.

Or only three elements to the game Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Want to get physical???

Well, there’s… three-legged races… (what were you thinking?)

Political? Of the people, by the people, for the people.

Or creepy? Hear no evil. Speak no evil. See no evil.

Why, three has so much going for it we don’t even need to mention a…

1………… 2………… 3………… sandwich

(substitute your own dream guys)

And of course, there’s: On your Mark. Get Set. And Go!

So Go! Read the short stories in…


B.A.D. Boys by Lily Velden
Brad has a thing about elevators. He’s also had a tough week.
An accidental encounter with Mr. Tall, Dark and Handsome Aiden, and sweet, shy, and innocent Danny, will turn his elevator ‘thing’ into something very B.A.D.

Me, Callum and Dingoman by Asta Idonea
I’m every bit the Everyman.
Or at least I was until I started my current relationship.
You see, there are three of us in this couple: me, my boyfriend, and my boyfriend’s alter ego…

Knowing How He Feels About You by Eric Gober
Three college cheerleaders are bound together by unrequited love, secrets, and lies.
That is until dangers on a road trip threaten their lives.
Who will survive?

Chimera by Alina Popescu
Plagued by nightmares of a lost twin, David struggles to uncover the truth of his past.
 His family insists he never had a brother, enlisting therapist after therapist to cure him.
David’s only happiness is his boyfriend Terry.
Is the dream-visiting twin real?
Or is he a symptom of a mental disorder?
And real or not, will David and Terry’s relationship survive his presence?

Life By Even Numbers by Kay Ellis
Flynn Jacobs is small, eccentric, and neurotic. He’s spent his whole life being ridiculed and bullied.
On a rare night out with work colleagues, Flynn finally meets Riley, a man he has admired from afar.
Riley isn’t looking for anything special. His boyfriend Mitch is out of town and Riley is bored. Shy Flynn is a challenge. He’s meant to be a one night stand but Riley finds he likes Flynn more than he should…
What will happen when Mitch returns from his business trip?

Love in 1975 by L.V. Lloyd
Richard believed his friendship with Laura was based around their passion for writing.
He didn’t realise he was falling in love with her, until it was too late.
After all, how could he possibly be falling in love with Laura, when he still loved Bill?

The Proposal by Eddy LeFey
Malcolm has a decision to make.
His two best friends, Jack and Thomas, have just given him a very interesting proposal to mull over.
His mind, his heart, and his Little Malcolm need to agree.
The decision could change his life forever…

Chance Encounters by Aimee Brissay
Daniel and Michael go shopping for sex toys.
Michael believes their relationship is complete.
That is, until he lays his eyes on the gorgeous shop owner.
Perhaps things are better in threes…

Exploring Heaven by Rian Durant
Chrissie is a very smart Rottweiler who has never shifted until now, enjoying his life as a dog.
What happens when he and his owner, Simon, fall for the same guy?

Author Bios:
Alina Popescu
I am a writer, traveler, blogger, and coffee addict. I started writing stories when I was 10 and kept doing it as a hobby till a few years ago. I prefer fantasy and sci-fi when it comes to writing and I am currently working on a vampire series, Bad Blood. Book I of the series, The Edge of hope, was published in April 2014.

Aimee Brissay
Born in Romania, land of the Iele and Vlad the Impaler, she’d spent all her life surrounded by books. She rode side by side with d’Artagnan and The Three Musketeers to retrieve the Queen’s diamonds, set sail on the Erasmus in search of the Japans, fell in love with Rhett Butler and roamed the Wild West along Old Shatterhand. She walked on the footsteps of the Olympian Gods and searched for Zalmoxis' sanctuary in the Carpathians. In her mind, she’d never been the damsel in distress but rather the knight in shiny armor fighting for a cause.

With a background like this, turning to writing was no surprise. She discovered erotica early on in life and never looked back. Now she can write anywhere, even in a crowded room or a busy subway station, but she loves solitude.

When she’s not at her evil day job, she can be found writing or playing with her cat. She welcomes messages from readers and promises to answer all of them as soon as possible.

Lily Velden
Lily Velden lives on the east coast of Australia, her family having emigrated from Holland when she was a child.

She’s both a left and right brain person, holding qualifications in both Finance and Fine Arts. She tells her friends that her way with numbers will make her a profitable artist… one day.

Lily has always had a love of language and a beautifully crafted sentence, often incorporating text into her artworks. When a shoulder injury slowed down her art practice, she decided to explore her love of the written word more fully. “I’ll paint my pictures with words.” All artworks described in her stories are her own.

Lily is a single mum to three little treasures who aren’t so little anymore and when money was scarce she wrote and illustrated short stories for them, casting them as the central characters. The children enjoyed them so much that her daughter still calls her Meha instead of Mum, after one of the characters she created for them.

There are many things Lily loves; here are just a few: the smell of freshly baked goods and mown grass, a smile from a stranger, rainbows after the rain, and witnessing a promise kept.

Asta Idonea
Asta Idonea is an alternate pen name of author Nicki J Markus.

Nicki was born in England in 1982, but now lives in Adelaide, South Australia with her husband. She has loved both reading and writing from a young age and is also a keen linguist, having studied several foreign languages.

Nicki launched her writing career in 2011 when she released several short stories with Wicked Nights Publishing. She then had two novellas published with Silver Publishing, prior to the company’s closure.

At present, she has several new projects on the go. As well as branching out into the exciting world of M/M under the pen name Asta Idonea, Nicki is working on the first book in a fantasy-mythology trilogy and hopes to find a publisher for it in 2015.

Nicki currently works as a freelance editor and proofreader, and in her spare time she enjoys completing MOOCs and pursuing other interests, including: reading; music; theatre; cinema; photography; sketching; and cross stitch. She also loves history, folklore and mythology, pen-palling and travel

Eric Gober
Eric Gober is a fan of quirky characters, family drama, coming-of-age stories, and the angst of good romance. He rolls them into one in his award-winning debut novel, Secrets of the Other Side.

When not writing, he can be found curled up with a good book, seeking inspiration from the big screen, or hanging with great friends. He is an avid runner and enjoys trail running and half marathons.

He grew up in Las Vegas and now makes his home in Los Angeles. He is at work on a new novel set amid California’s marriage-equality battles.

Kay Ellis
Kay Ellis lives in rural Oxfordshire with her two daughters. She has written stories from an early age, starting with an epic adventure penned at primary school which sadly had to end when a hard-hearted teacher refused to supply any more writing paper.

Over the years Kay’s style has changed as she has grown more confident in her writing, developing a relaxed and informal style. She has also become braver in content, turning her hand to writing gay and straight erotica.

Kay writes for the love of writing and from a fear her head will explode if she doesn’t have a release for her vivid imagination.

It’s only now Kay has found the courage to submit work for publication, having recently finished in the top three of a national writing competition.

Kay Ellis can now be found on Facebook.

L.V. Lloyd
After thirty years of working with the unemployed, coping with threats, tears and broken lives (and these were only from fellow staff), L.V. LLOYD decided it was time to make her escape.  And what better place to go than the world of m/m romance?  She started writing Dangerous Tension, her first ebook, years ago, but put it aside due to work and family commitments.

In 2012, she dusted off the foolscap pages stored under her bed, finished the story and turned it into a book.  Since then, she has written three more ebooks in the Aurigan Space Saga series, and numerous short stories.

L.V. Lloyd lives in Adelaide, Australia, with her family and two cats.  In her spare time she enjoys fishing and visiting the many local wineries.

Eddy LeFey
Eddie LeFey started reading m/m romance fanfiction a few years ago. At one point, during a crucial point in the soap opera storyline of his favorite gay couple, the story went on hiatus. He needed a fix and decided to write his own version of what he wished would happen. Friends wanted to read it, so he plucked up his courage. Pressing the submission button was nerve-wracking, but he did it. People liked it. He wrote a few more.

Up until that point Eddy had tried his hand at writing many times. The delete button was his friend, as was starting over, and over, and over, but he could no longer do that if he wanted people to read his works.

A few of his writing friends decided to create original stories, and feeling brave, Eddy did the same. The stories were shared among a select few. They encouraged him to submit one of them. Low and behold, it is now being published.

Eddy lives in Canada with his husband Ken and his cat Oscar Wild. He is busy writing many more stories.

Rian Durant
Rian is one of those who are both blessed and cursed by the insatiable desire to write stories. Short stories, sometimes longer stories and
yeah, primarily M/M (you can insert more Ms if you like) romance stories.

Always having a plot in mind sometimes proves being hard when having a day time job but Rian manages them both for the time being, assisted by the priceless support of her soul mate, large amounts of coffee and pure obstinacy.

What makes Rian smile is a sunny day, a beautiful flower, a piece of chocolate, a nice song, a good book and anything that could be the reason for that spark in the eyes, accompanied by the exclamation:

"Oh my, I just saw something!"

Alina Popescu

Aimee Brissay

Lily Velden

Asta Idonea

Eric Gober

Kay Ellis

L.V. Lloyd

Eddy LeFey

Rian Durant


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