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Deranged by Niko McQueen

Title: Deranged
Author: Niko McQueen
Series: Ivy Hollow Chronicles #1
Genre: M/M Romance
Release Date: February 11, 2014
Adam Rossmore is a rich party boy who doesn’t answer to anyone. He’s played the orphan card for too long and it’s gotten him out of every DUI, arrest, and fine.

Until now.

When a judge slaps him with community service at the insane asylum, Ivy Hollow, Adam thinks it’s all a joke. Until the doors lock and he starts meeting the residents.

Christian Hale has lived at Ivy Hollow his entire life. He seeks solace in his music—and whatever orderly happens to be nearby.

When Adam hears Christian play the piano for the first time, the music draws him deep into Christian’s web and he must fight an arousal that is both confusing and exciting.

     Adam drifted to the far wall, eyes never leaving Christian’s tortured form. Dressed again in head-to-toe black, feet bare against the pedals, dark hair falling in curtains down his back and concealing his face, Christian was lost to the music, oblivious of anything beyond his notes. Even with the little time Adam had spent around him, Christian always seemed super-charged and micro-assessing; conscious of everything with an extra-sensory perception. He seemed to absorb the energy of an entire space--along with the light--keeping himself drenched in shadow, yet hyper-aware.
     But not when he played. The music created a nearly perceptible bubble that shielded Christian from the rest of the world, cloaked him off and allowed him to interact with only the melody. Watching him was like observing a surgeon perform open-heart surgery, or an architect craft a masterpiece, or a painter bring a scene to life. This gift of Christian’s was something to behold . . . and one he kept very, very secret.
     Adam didn’t know how all those insights came to him, but they bombarded him like the music, infiltrating his mind with a crystal clarity.
     Beneath a wide window, a fainting couch offered the only seating in the room other than the piano bench. Adam wondered if anyone else was allowed to play the piano in here or if this room was off limits to anyone other than Christian. The greenhouse seemed to have the same territorial feeling; like no one but Christian ever entered these spaces.
     A shiver skittered across Adam’s skin.
     Except for his own repeated trespassing.
     This time there would be no Dr. Hamilton to save him. No Zachary to sweep in laughing about the funny practical joke. Only the night separating Adam from this enigma of Christian.
     And tying him to the space as effectively as a chain around his ankle.
     Adam slowly lowered himself to the cushion. From this angle, he could watch Christian’s profile and his graceful fingers caressing the keys. Adam couldn’t stop staring at how long Christian’s fingers were. They stroked the keys with a sultry perfection. Stretcing forward, and then pulling back like the long sure stroke of sex.
     Every one of Adam’s muscles tensed and quivered beneath the fabric of sound, making the next note bounce off his skin like the taught surface of a trampoline. Ripples of vibration bounced over his skin lifting the hair on his arms and at his nape.
     He’d never been more aroused.
     Or confused.
     Or intrigued.
     He didn’t just want Christian’s body, he wanted to know the man behind the curtain. Adam needed to know who Christian was, his history.
     His future.
     The melody throbbed against Adam’s bare feet and he pressed them deeper into the floor, driving his hips hard against the back of the couch. The warm skin of his palm contrasted with the cool hardness of his cock and Adam tightened his grip and stroked once, then forced his hand from where it had slipped beneath the waistband of his pajamas.
     He bit his lip and leaned forward, gripping the edge of the bench. He needed to leave, to run, but he couldn’t. His cock ached and his balls were tight against his ass. The music pitch escalated and Adam leaned back. His fingers grazed his cock and it jumped. He closed his eyes and his breath tightened in his chest. He would not. He couldn’t . . . not here. Not like this. His hand closed around his cock and he squeezed, begging it to soften, but it thickened instead. He slid his hand down the shaft, twisting painfully just below the head. His ass clenched. He pressed his head against the wall. Now the music was a pulsing throb, faster, harder. Adam stroked again. His breath shot out his nostrils and he could barely take another. His hand worked harder, faster. The music throbbed over his body. His ass tightened on the bench and all his muscles shook with the intensity of his arousal.
     Christian’s voice was just another note in the darkness, another vibration on his body. “Come for me, Adam.”

Penis Envy & MM Romance
This is my first book blitz for my very first novel Deranged and I feel so happy to be able to guest post with you guys today. I really want the readers to get to know more about me since I’m really really new to social media (I just got on twitter….). One thing about me that I think most readers find odd is that my writing is so focused on love between two gay men when I am Lesbian. I have had a lot of people ask me how it is that I came to write MM Romance when I am Lesbian. I find it hilarious that readers think I should be writing lesbian romance instead. The reason why? I should be writing what I know. Okay, but what I know is that MM Romance flips my switch harder than anything m/f or f/f romance could ever give me. I don’t want to write my own life! I live the lifestyle everyday and it just isn’t something I want to wax poetics about. Surprise surprise, I have a serious case of penis envy. If I could be reborn I would come back as a handsome, tall, buff, gay man! I would live my life through my characters every single day.
I find great enjoyment in penning great stories with loveable swoon-worthy characters. The fact that they are gay is just the cherry on top. I want readers of both sexes to feel like they can relate to them but at the same time wish they were real so that they could do naughty and dirty things to their bodies. That is where I get my enjoyment. Knowing that at any point during the day there is someone with their hands busy reading my work. If it puts a perverted smile on my face then that’s my business lol. I hope you all continue to support authors; both indie and published, and enjoy every word you read. Read Responsibly.

Author Bio:
Niko currently lives in Charlotte NC with her four crazy roommates. She spends her days watching korean dramas and daydreaming of hunky guys falling in love with each other. She dreams of traveling the world gypsy style with her laptop and spinning awesome love stories.


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  1. Congratulations on your release the book sounds very intriguing and I enjoyed the excerpt.