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One Night by Lorhainne Eckhart

Title: One Night
Author: Lorhainne Eckhart
Series: Kate and Walker: Deadly Dangerous & Desired Series
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: June 30, 2015
New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author Lorhainne Eckhart brings you ONE NIGHT, A high-stakes suspense and sizzling, red-hot romance!

A blind date goes deadly on a night she’ll never forget!

     Going home with Detective Walker Pruett could have been one of the most exciting things she’d ever done if it weren’t for the fact that she had a psychotic woman on her trail, a woman who had somehow figured that Kate was the one thing standing between her and Ryder Connelly—a man she didn’t know, had met once, and wasn’t dating! Kate hadn’t argued with Walker about going with him, because the fact was that she felt much safer staying with the hunky detective than with her parents.
     He parked outside an older two-story house with a small porch out front. It had a tree in the neat front yard and a lone straight-back chair sitting outside the front door. She followed him up the stairs in the dark and waited while he unlocked the door. It squeaked as he opened it and then flicked on a light. It was quaint. A sofa and chair and a sixty-inch flat-screen TV greeted her from the living room. A pool table was in the dining room instead of a table, and the art on the walls consisted of various Native pieces, completely clashing with this entire man-cave thing he had going on.
     “So no missus here?” she asked, because it would have been just her luck.
     The look he gave her answered that question. “Seriously, Kate?”
     “Okay, just checking. With my track record, it wouldn’t surprise me if you had some Big Love thing going on with a couple of sister wives.” Now she was being ridiculous, she knew that, and she wondered what it was about Walker that made her say things she’d never say to anyone else.
     “Do I look like the type of guy who has women stashed away? Good God, one woman is a handful. Now you think I have a harem.”
     “Sorry, my experience with men is somewhat jaded.”
     He grunted and allowed his gaze to linger on her breasts before meeting her eyes. “I’ll show you the bathroom upstairs if you want to shower.” He was already on the stairs, going up. If she didn’t follow, she was pretty sure he was going to just leave her there, so she trotted after him, up the stairs, until she was right behind him. He didn’t look back, though. “I’ll get you a T-shirt to sleep in, and you can take my bed.” He was giving orders suddenly, so cold, changing from a man who’d stopped her with one of the most breathtakingly hot kisses she had ever had to a man who was all business, who couldn’t get away from her fast enough. What had she done now?
     The stairs squeaked. She figured the house had to be sixty years old, give or take a decade or two. It had dark wood and white walls. Even the floorboards creaked when she walked. The bathroom was dated but surprisingly clean, for a guy.
     “There’re extra towels in the cupboard in the bathroom.” He pointed at the door as if giving a tour and kept walking.
     She followed on his heels, past one of the two bedrooms upstairs. The first door was open and had boxes on the desk and other junk piled in it.
     “And this is my bedroom,” he said. It was small and had a four-poster bed, neatly made, covered in a dark blue quilt, with one pillow. He opened a chest of drawers and pulled out a white shirt. She didn’t miss how neatly folded his shirts were—a far cry from hers. Most things were jammed in her drawers, and she could barely close them.
     “Wow, it’s surprisingly clean. I would have expected something not so neat.”
     He gave her an odd look, the expression on his face almost unreadable. “Really, you mean like the trail you left at your place? First your red dress—which, by the way, is a work of art on you—then your lacy black bra and underwear. What did you do, step out of everything and drop them as you walked to your bedroom?”
     How had he known? She swallowed, because that was exactly what she’d done. She gripped his T-shirt closer, feeling her bare nipples brush the inside of the sweatshirt. Even though she was wearing shorts, as well, she felt absolutely naked in front of him. And, right now, she didn’t want to be anywhere else.
     He was so close to her, and he made no attempt to move back or away. Seemed to her he really enjoyed invading her space. There was something about the way a man smelled when she was attracted to him that was better than hot fudge—and she loved fudge, anything chocolate, deep and sweet and rich. He raised an eyebrow when she didn’t answer.
     “Okay, so I’m not the neatest,” she said. “Can I just say, in my defense, I was on my way to take a shower?”
     The way his gaze drifted down over the bulky sweatshirt she was wearing to her bare legs and then lower, taking in all of her, was the most intimate gesture she’d ever experienced. She had to squeeze her legs together. Good God, what would it be like to have this man fuck her? She had no doubt he’d know how to do it right—and no doubt she’d think she’d died and gone to heaven. He gazed at her lower lip as she slipped her tongue out and over it. She wanted him to lean in and taste her, kiss her hard and fast and deep as he did.
     Then he had her pressed against the wall, her arms above her head, and he held them with one hand in a grip she knew she couldn’t get away from, not that she wanted to move one inch from this man. No, she wanted him closer, feeling every hard inch of him pressed into her. She heard a sound and realized it was her. She’d whimpered.
     “You want me hard and fast or tender and easy? Come on, Kate. Tell me what you want,” he said. He slipped his leg in between hers, and he was thick and long, pressing into her. His breath was warm as he stared so close, his eyelids heavy, eyes filled with desire. Yeah, he wanted her too.

Author Bio:
New York Times & USA Today bestselling author Lorhainne Eckhart’s books have been described as Longmire meets old-school Dallas, and she recently received the 2013 Readers’ Favorite Award for Romantic Suspense for her title Lost and Found. With over thirty five titles under her belt, her big family romance series have become a fan favorite. She is frequently a Top 100 bestselling author in multiple genres, such as romance, western, military and mystery/suspense. She has written multiple series, including The Outsider, Walk the Right Road, The Wilde Brothers, Saved, The Friessens, and her two newest additions, Married in Montana, and her high-stakes suspense and sizzling, red-hot romance series, Kate and Walker, Deadly, Dangerous and Desired.

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