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Sunday's Safe Word Shelf: Pack Discipline by Kim Dare

Werewolf packs have always thrived under a strict hierarchy. From alpha to omega, every wolf knows exactly what role his role in the pack is. For werewolves, everything is very simple, very disciplined.

But humans have developed a completely different way displaying their dominance and submission. When a pack of werewolves begin to discover human kinks, everything becomes very complicated.

Can a newly formed pack find the perfect balance between the werewolf traditions they have always known and the human games they are only just discovering? And in all the confusion, is there room for love as well as discipline?

A series of four Male/Male, BDSM, werewolf novels following wolves from the same pack. These stories are best read in order as part of the series.

The Mark of an Alpha #1
Book one in the Pack Discipline Series Dominance and submission mean different things to werewolves than to humans. Once Marsdon and Bennett try things the human way nothing can ever be the same for them again. Werewolf tradition is very clear. The alpha pair is the corner stone of the pack. Equality between the alphas is everything. Alphas mate with alphas. Human leather clubs work to different rules. Dominants mate with submissives. Power is exchanged freely and for the ultimate pleasure of all. Sometimes the most alpha men in the club find happiness with the most omega men. And sometimes the omegas are more than they first appear to be. A wolf might be able to hide his identity and play anonymously in those clubs for a little while, but he can't ignore reality forever. Marsdon and Bennett have lives to get back to, they have packs to return to...they have wolfen traditions to follow. They have just one more night together before they have to lose each other forever. All they can do now, is make the most of it. Reader Advisory: This book contains both human and werewolf styles of dominance and submission.This book also contains blood play and non-sexual violence."

The Strength of a Gamma #2
Book two in the Pack Discipline Series Gamma wolf Steffan may have been in love with his best friend for years, but he knows that s not enough. Francis deserves a more dominant mate, and Steffan intends to make sure he gets one.Steffan has been best friends with Francis ever since the younger wolf joined the pack after his own parents died. He s been in love with him for just as long. But when a new beta joins their pack, he knows it s time to step aside and let Francis form a bond with a more dominant wolf.Francis has no idea why Steffan s been acting so strangely since the new wolves joined their pack. When he discovers the truth, he starts to question things he d never thought to doubt before. What if he has no interest in a dominant mate? What if he could find the perfect partner far closer to home?Everything is about to change for Francis and Steffan. The only question is: are the gammas strong enough to cope?

The Duty of a Beta #3
Caught between duty and sweet temptation, what’s a wolf to do?

Gunnar has a job to do. He was brought into the pack to be mated to Alfred and that’s what he’s going to do. Beta’s have always been charged with taking control of the trouble makers in their packs, and Gunnar is going to do his duty by his new pack if it kills him.

Just because his eyes constantly stray towards another wolf, that’s no reason to alter his plans. His alphas might believe in love matches, but Gunnar believes in duty—no matter how sweet the temptation to let his thoughts wander to a very different wolf might be.

The Love of a Mate #3.5
Alfred’s always been the pack’s trouble maker. He’s given up hope of ever being anything else. But, could that change when he suddenly receives the love of a mate?

Caden’s never had any trouble convincing other wolves to do what he wants. He might not have his brother’s status, size or grumpy personality, but that doesn’t matter. He’s always found smiles and flirtations to be far more effective than any of those things anyway.

When Caden sets his sights on Alfred, he knows he’ll need every trick he’s ever acquired if he’s to have any chance of reforming the pack trouble maker into a good wolf and a first-rate potential mate. However, that might not be the only obstacle they face—the rest of the pack might yet prove to be their biggest challenge of all.

The Mark of an Alpha #1
“Our last time.”

“Yes, sir.”

Marsdon stroked his fingertips down the submissive’s spine. He’d never asked the other man exactly how he managed to put himself into his bondage before his master joined him in the back room of the club. Now the question seemed like a waste of all too precious time.

The artificial scent the other man wore took over Marsdon’s world as he stepped even closer to him. He stood very still for a moment, his fingertips resting on the bound man’s skin as he tried to push past the aroma and force it out of his senses.

It was a pleasant cologne, something that would have no doubt been considered discreet to a human’s nose. Perhaps if the man offering him his submission had been human, it would have been easier to tolerate it. But Marsdon knew damn well the man before him was as much a wolf as he was.

Marsdon closed his eyes as his free hand clenched into a fist at his side. The fragrance couldn’t hide his lover’s species, but it hid his actual identity perfectly. There was a special cruelty to that, right then.

After all the hours they’d spent together, to know that he would never even be able to walk past his lover on a crowded street and recognise that he was within touching distance of the man who’d once made his blood pound faster in his veins, his cock stiffen and his heart find peace… It was something akin to torture.

Marsdon trailed his fingers over the man’s side as he walked around him and stopped face to… Marsdon stared at the leather hood that hid most of the other man’s face from him for several long, regretful seconds. At least his lips were free. That was something he would always be grateful for.

He’d had the pleasure of his submissive’s mouth—in every sense of the term. Marsdon left the fingertips of his one hand resting against the bound man’s ribs as he lifted his other hand and brushed a knuckle over his lover’s mouth.

Those lips had wrapped around his shaft so many times over the last weeks. The submissive kissed his knuckle. His tongue flickered out to taste his master’s finger, just as it had lapped pre-cum from his cock.

Marsdon watched every eager flash of pink against his skin. Knowing he would never feel that again made it suddenly vital to imprint every detail onto his memory. It took all his strength to finally move his hand away.
The tongue lapped at the empty air. The submissive’s mouth remained open, waiting. After a few seconds, the lips came together, not once complaining that their master had robbed them of their treat.

The damn hood that kept his lover’s identity a secret had its rare seconds of usefulness. Safe while he knew the other man would never glimpse his moment of weakness, Marsdon bowed his head and took a deep breath. He was his master for a few more hours, yet. There was no point in wasting his time regretting those hours were all they would ever have.

Marsdon lifted his gaze back to the hooded face and forced himself not to fritter away precious seconds wishing he knew what colour eyes would look back at him if the hood could be torn away.
“Have you been good since our last meeting, pup?” His voice was too thick, too rough with emotion.
Marsdon had to clear his throat before he could finish the question.

“Yes, sir.”

It was the truth. Marsdon had never had any cause to doubt that. For all his submission, he knew the man before him was too proud to lie. Still unable to look at the half-hood and not wish things could be different, Marsdon turned his attention to more pleasing sights.

Before he’d arrived, the submissive had placed himself in bondage according to the precise orders Marsdon had issued at the end of their last session. Leather encircled his wrists and his ankles, spreading him open, leaving him vulnerable to whatever his master should wish to do with him. Shackles bolted to the concrete floor and the heavy bar suspended from the ceiling kept him in place beautifully in the middle of the room.

Marsdon ran his knuckles along the other man’s skin, from the notch between his collar bones and down the juncture between his ribs until he teased his abs. Muscles twitched under his touch.

“Sorry, sir.”

Marsdon smiled. “You’re in bondage for a reason, pup. If I wanted you to control your responses, I’d let you stand free and make you submit to a simple order to stay still.”

The submissive swallowed. “Thank you, sir.”

Marsdon’s wasn’t the only voice that was a fraction deeper, a fraction rougher than usual. The growl in the other man’s voice wasn’t an added attempt to disguise his identity. It was all wolf, all pain.

Continuing to stroke his knuckles up and down the submissive’s stomach, Marsdon leaned forward and brushed their lips together. It was just a brief little contact, nothing like a real kiss.

If he gave in to the temptation for the real thing, Marsdon thought he just might let their lips linger together until the world stopped turning. Or until it turned into a pumpkin. Or whatever the hell it was that would happen to the world when their time together ran out and they both had to walk away.

The Strength of a Gamma #2
Steffan tightened his grip around his shaft as his hand moved more and more rapidly beneath the sheets. The back of his fingers rubbed annoyingly against the underside of his blanket with every stroke, but he still couldn’t risk throwing the covering back.

The night was warm enough that he’d have welcomed the caress of any breeze that crept into his bedroom through the open window, but the chance of another wolf coming into the room and catching him was far too high.

Squirming on the mattress, Steffan pressed his head back into his pillow as his hips thrust up, pushing his cock into the tight channel between his fingers and palm once more.

Biting his lip to keep back a moan, he rubbed his palm across the tip of his erection, gathering the pre-cum that leaked from the slit and smearing it down the length of his shaft. He closed his eyes for a moment and images immediately flooded into his brain.

A smaller, fairer wolf stared down at him, pleasure filling his eyes as he reached out to him. A moment passed, the picture flickered and changed. The same wolf lay naked, sprawling on a big soft mattress. He smiled and beckoned Steffan closer. Another second brought another scenario. Steffan tilted his head back and looked up at the other wolf as the familiar face loomed over him.

Steffan whimpered then, as if the other man’s fingers really were tangling in his hair. A hand failed to hold him still as his head moved against his pillow, but the vision before him still lowered his head until their lips were just a second away from a kiss.

At the last possible moment, Steffan flung open his eyes. Gasping for breath, he pushed the silly little daydreams out of his head as hard as he could, flinging them away from him with all his might.

He stared helplessly up at the beamed ceiling above his bed, but even reality couldn’t kill the fantasy completely. It was still there, tempting him with a quicker path towards pleasure.

A slow blink threatened to turn into something longer. Steffan let out a frustrated little groan. He couldn’t let that happen.

Friction was all he really needed. Steffan knew that. Part of him even believed it. Enough friction against his shaft and he’d come. It was a simple fact of biology. It still took all his strength of will to pry his eyes open.

Those sorts of daydreams had no place in his head—not even in the middle of the night. It would only make things more painful for him in the long run. It was pointless to torture himself.

Steffan repeated all those facts to himself over and over again as his strokes sped up around his shaft once more. It was far better that he should content himself with his own touch and leave a deeper sort of pleasure to other wolves.

Without any warning, a howl cut through the air, damn near loud enough to shake the dust from the rafters. Steffan held back a low, heartfelt moan. The alphas were obviously having a good time that night. He couldn’t bring himself to be surprised. There didn’t seem to be many nights when they didn’t enjoy themselves loudly enough to wake every wolf in the pack.

Reluctantly removing his grip from his aching shaft, Steffan let his hand drop to rest idly next to him on the mattress. Pushing his other hand into his hair, he counted very slowly inside his head. The only important thing now, was to stay on schedule. By the time he reached five he had to have his mind out of the gutter. By ten it was vital that he’d forced his breathing back in to something like a normal rate.

Fifteen seconds counted out, and Steffan made a conscious effort to try to slow his racing heart. Twenty. Right on cue, his bedroom door creaked open. Soft footsteps padded across the bare floorboards towards him. Steffan drew back the blankets, just far enough to welcome the other wolf into his bed, without letting his friend catch sight of his still flourishing erection.

Francis quickly joined him on the mattress. Steffan lifted one arm and welcomed the smaller wolf to rest at his side. Francis shuddered slightly as he curled up against him.

Carefully tucking a bit of blanket between Francis and his cock so the younger wolf wouldn’t notice how hard he was, Steffan encouraged him even closer, trying to make sure he felt as safe and cosseted as possible. His friend quickly took him up on the invitation, hiding his face in Steffan’s shoulder as he snuggled up against him.

Francis had plenty of blankets in his own room. Steffan had checked, and added an extra one to the bottom of the other wolf’s bed, just in case his smaller frame needed extra insulation and he was too proud to ask. Yet his friend still felt cold on the nights the howl went up from the alphas’ room and he came to his friend seeking comfort.

“You know that it was a good kind of howl?” Steffan asked him, as gently as he knew how.

Francis nodded against his shoulder, but the words seemed to do little to reassure him. He huddled against Steffan’s side, as if he was afraid the meagre comfort he found in his friend’s bed was about to be taken away.

Steffan immediately held him more securely in his embrace, wishing he could spoon behind him properly and wrap the smaller man in another wolf’s presence without giving away far too much.

He held back a sigh at his inability to offer his friend that simple reassurance. Francis might be distracted enough that he couldn’t read his scent too accurately, but he’d have to notice a hard cock pressing against his arse.

But at least, he hadn’t let Francis even further into his fantasies this time, Steffan told himself. That was something to be grateful for. At least, he could hold the slightly younger wolf close and offer him what comfort he was capable of without feeling guilty for using him that way.

The Duty of a Beta #3
Gunnar registered the sound of running water just a moment too late. Steam swirled around the hot, humid little space as he pushed open the door and walked into the bathroom he was temporarily sharing with several other members of the pack. He was just about to take a pace back, close the door behind him and wait for the other wolf to finish his shower when he realised who was standing under the spray.

There was no step back. Gunnar froze as he ran his gaze over the lean, slim frame that had been drawing his attention ever since he joined the pack.

Talbot blinked rapidly, no doubt in an effort to clear the water from his big blue eyes. Bubbles from the soap he’d been lathering himself with continued to conceal his parts of torso for a few seconds, but they quickly slipped away under the force of the water. The omega was left entirely exposed to Gunnar’s inspection.

Damn, but he was stunning. And, somehow, while he stood in the shower, he looked far more naked than he ever had on those times when he’d just switched back into his human form and hadn’t had time to get dressed, he seemed far more naked than the beta was himself.

Gunnar looked down for a moment, eager to see if the little wolf had been doing more than washing under the hot spray.

No, Talbot wasn’t even hard. Gunnar tried not to wish he’d taken an even longer route on his run, and arrived just a few minutes later, perhaps when the omega would have been in the middle of something more interesting.

Dragging his gaze back up Talbot’s body, Gunnar met the smaller wolf’s eyes. Talbot immediately dropped his attention to the shower room floor, quick to show all due respect for their respective ranks within the pack.

That was exactly what he should do. It was precisely what Gunnar should want him to do. Still, he couldn’t help but think that a few moments in which he could admire the younger man’s eyes wouldn’t have been such a terrible thing.

Shaking his head and forcing himself to snap back into the real world, where there were far more important things for a beta to think about than pretty blue eyes, Gunnar reached for the door handle. He stopped with his fingers wrapped tightly around it as the omega stepped towards him.

“You can…” Talbot waved a hand towards the shower. “I’ll wait until after you’ve finished.”

Gunnar remained motionless for several long seconds as the steam rushed past him out of the room. He should leave. It was far too tempting for him to linger in the naked omega’s presence. Gunnar knew that. Yet, somehow, he still found himself stepping into the bathroom and closing the door behind him, sealing them in the small space with the heat and vapour from the shower completely surrounding them.

Talbot swallowed rapidly as Gunnar silently stalked towards him. It was hard to believe that he wasn’t already regretting inviting his pack mate to take his place. As Gunnar moved past Talbot and stepped under the shower, the little wolf retreated several paces, putting himself well out of range of the cascading water.

Folding his arms across his chest, the omega seemed to do his best to blend into the stark white tiles that covered every wall of the wet room. As if there was any chance they could share any space without Gunnar being acutely aware of exactly where the smaller wolf was!

Gunnar tilted his head back and let the water run through his hair. After all the rain that had fallen over the last few days, his run had left him streaked with dirt. The water turned muddy as it ran down his body and swirled around his feet. The warmth of the hot spray quickly sank into muscles that ached after so much exertion out in the cold and sent a shiver of pleasure running down his spine.

Gunnar glanced towards Talbot, as he reached for the shampoo, just in time to see a far less enjoyable shudder run through the smaller man’s body. Gunnar’s eyes narrowed.


Maybe it was the displeasure in his tone, or maybe it was just his voice in general, but the omega damn near jumped out of his skin at the sound of his own name.

Gunnar bit back a curse. Anyone would think he’d threatened to hang, draw and quarter the guy on a regular basis—that he hadn’t actually gone out of his way to be kind to the omega ever since he joined the pack.

Nervous blue eyes blinked up at him from beneath a damp blond fringe, but the little omega didn’t say a word.

“Come here,” Gunnar ordered.

Talbot slowly did as he was told, closing the gap between them with all the enthusiasm of a man who really did think he was heading for a noose.

Finally he stopped in front of Gunnar, just out of range of the spray.

“There was something you wanted?” Talbot asked, as the silence finally seemed to become too much for him to bear.


Gunnar managed to bite the word back, but having to keep the truth inside his head did little for his temper. A growl emerged in its place.

He wanted Talbot. He wanted him facing the wall, with his hands braced on the pure white tiles, his legs spread and his back arched as he eagerly offered his arse to his more dominant mate.

Gunnar’s hand tightened into a fist at his side. Well, he wasn’t going to bloody well get what he wanted, so there was no point day dreaming about it.

Catching hold of the smaller man’s shoulder, he dragged him under the shower. The little wolf gasped. He stumbled. Reaching out, he instinctively sought to brace himself against the tiles as he struggled to keep his footing. His hands skidded against the slippery surface.

The Love of a Mate #3.5
Halfway through his shift from his lupine form into his human shape, Alfred sensed someone approaching from his left. His shoulders were barely formed when a blurry figure pushed against them, sending him staggering backwards.

“What the hell do you think you’re—?”Alfred stopped abruptly as his back hit the wall alongside the woodpile. All the air rushed out of his lungs, stealing any other words he might have wanted to snarl at his attacker.

The rough bricks bit into his suddenly furless skin, his palms skidded against them as he tried to catch his balance on two legs instead of four. So soon after a shift, his movements were clumsy, his co-ordination non-existent. It was several moments before he could even make his eyes focus on the man standing before him and the blur morphed into—


Alfred glared at the other wolf in disbelief as the pretty blond stepped forwards, closing the gap between them.

It was bad enough having to put up with being pushed around by Gunnar. Alfred would be damned if he’d allow the beta’s little brother to treat him the same way! A low growl building in the back of his throat, Alfred reached out to shove Caden away.

His hands quickly reached the place where the other shifter’s shoulders should have been, but his claws only met empty air. There was no howl of pain as Caden stumbled and fell from the force of the blow.

A second passed slowly. One brain cell bumped gently into its neighbour inside Alfred’s head. Werewolves didn’t just disappear—they shifted. Alfred looked down, fully expecting to see a wolf looking back up at him, but Caden was still very much in his human form.

The gorgeous young wolf knelt prettily at Alfred’s naked feet and retuned his gaze as if that were nothing out of the ordinary.

Bloody bizarre was what it was. Alfred frowned as his sluggish brain tried to make sense of it and failed. He lowered his hands, not above striking someone who was already on his knees.

Caden leant forward. Without any warning, a pair of perfect pink lips wrapped themselves around the tip of Alfred’s cock. For several long seconds, Alfred waved his hands uselessly in the empty air, as they stalled halfway to their destination. A strangled noised escaped from the back of his throat, but not one single thought managed to work its way through his brain.

Hot wetness suckled firmly around the head of his cock as Alfred quickly began to harden under its ministrations. A wave of pure bliss swept through him when Caden swirled his tongue in a complex little manoeuvre that lapped away all his strength.

Alfred’s knees threatened to buckle. If the wall hadn’t been ready to support him, he’d have crumpled into a desperate heap right there next to the woodpile. The deep scratches the rough surface gouged into his back were a small price to pay for being able to keep his cock at the right height for Caden’s mouth.

Delicate hands came to rest on Alfred’s hips, steadying him further. Alfred tried to thrust forwards as Caden dipped his head and took a little more of his cock into his mouth, but there suddenly seemed to be surprising strength hidden in the slim, artistic digits. His hips stayed firmly against the wall.

Growling his frustration, Alfred glared down at the other wolf. Their eyes met. For once, those stunning blue eyes seemed to be completely serious. Alfred was incapable of looking away. No matter what his place in the pack was supposed to be, he was helpless to do anything other than hold the other gamma’s eyes and lose himself in the blue depths.

Caden looked away first, but it felt far less like a wolf offering another man his submission then a master technician dropping his eyes to pay better attention to the job at hand—or mouth, as the case may be. Gradually, Caden began to bob his head lower, taking more and more of the now-stiff shaft into his mouth.

His tongue danced along the underside of Alfred’s cock each time he dipped his head. As he pulled back, he swirled his tongue around the glans, before rapidly taking the entire shaft back into his mouth, the tip sinking into his throat.

Without any warning, Caden looked up again. Caught off guard, Alfred could only whimper his admiration. The other wolf’s lips were thinned out into a pale pink line, his cheeks slightly hollowed as he sucked, and somehow it all just made him more gorgeous than ever.

Alfred reached out, desperate to thread his fingers into the impossibly golden strands of hair and keep Caden exactly where he was forever. He was vaguely aware that one of the other wolf’s hands had left his hip, but before Alfred had even had a chance to really notice that, Caden’s fist was wrapped tightly around his wrist.

“What the—?” Alfred tried to say more, but words failed him as Caden’s tongue lapped at the sensitive strip of skin where his foreskin joined his shaft.

As if nothing at all had happened to break his concentration, Caden calmly resumed bobbing his head over Alfred’s crotch. At the same time, he guided Alfred to lean forward and rest his hand on his shoulder rather than in his hair. Alfred found his fingers clutching at the thin cotton shirt as he tossed back his head and howled his pleasure into the cold night air.

His hips bucked forward, and Caden was strong enough to stop him then. Alfred’s vision blurred. The whole world condensed down into something more glorious than he could ever remember it being. Every fibre in his body whimpered its joy. Even his fingertips seemed to feel their share of his bliss as he came into his lover’s mouth. Then, long before Alfred was ready to let go of it, the ecstasy faded away.

Author Bio:
Kim is a thirty year old bisexual submissive from Wales (UK). First published in 2008, she has since released almost 100 BDSM erotic romance titles ranging from short stories to full length novels. Having worked with a host of fantastic e-publishers, she has just moved into self publishing.

While she has occasionally ventured towards other pairings, Kim's first love is still, and probably always will be, Male/Male stories. But, no matter what the pairing, from paranormal to contemporary, and from the sweet to the intense, everything she writes will always feature three things - Kink, Love and a Happy Ending.


The Mark of an Alpha #1

The Strength of a Gamma #2

The Duty of a Beta #3

The Love of a Mate #3.5

Pack Discipline Vol 1-Paperback

Pack Discipline Vol 2-Paperback

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