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Monday's Montage Mantlepiece: Boughs of Evergreen: A Holiday Anthology

Boughs of Evergreen is a two-volume collection of short stories celebrating the holiday season in all its diversity. Penned by authors from the UK, the USA, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe, these are tales of the young and the not-so-young from many different walks of life.

Themes of family, friendship and romance take readers on a journey through some of the major holidays, both past and present, including Thanksgiving, Advent, St. Lucia Day, Hanukkah, Eid, Saturnalia, Winter Solstice, Yule, Christmas and New Year. In each we find at the very least hope, and often love, peace and happiness.

***Each story will also be published individually as ebooks on 1st December, 2014.***

Proceeds from sales of this anthology will be donated to The Trevor Project. The Trevor Project is the leading national organization [USA] providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) young people ages 13-24.
For more information, visit:

“A Friend for Christmas” - J P Walker
“A Midnight Clear” - Debbie McGowan
“From All of Us to All of You” - Ofelia GrΓ€nd
“Homme for the Holidays” - Jonathan Penn
“Kiss Me At Kwanzaa” - L.L. Bucknor
“Lion’s Hero” - Alexis Woods
“One Nightstand” - Rick Bettencourt
“Shiny Things” - Amy Spector
“The Bard and his Boyfriend” - Kathleen Hayes
“The Christmas Present” - Larry Benjamin
“The Invasion of Tork” - Claire Davis and Al Stewart
“X-Mas Cake: A Modern Fairytale” - Raine O’Tierney
“A Christmas Tale” - Hans M Hirschi
“A Family Christmas” - Terry Kerr
“A Good Word” - L.M. Steel
“A Little Christmas Magic” - K.C. Faelan
“Always Have, Always Will” - Amelia Mann
“An Angel in Eyeliner” - Hunter Frost
“Boyfriend Goes Home” - Laura Susan Johnson
“Christmas Commitment” - Shayla Mist
“Coming in from the Cold” - Ava Penn
“Holidays with Drum and Bell!” - Matthias Williamson
“Te Amo, You Mushrooms” - S.H. Allan

Author Bios:
Debbie McGowan
Author, publisher, social scientist. My academic specialism is gender and sexual politics and identity, so you can expect this to crop up now and then in my writing too! Not in an "in your face" kind of way - subtlety wins hearts and minds.
I live in Lancashire, UK, with family and rescued dogs. It's green and pleasant, and we get long, long, lovely perfumed days in late spring / early summer. My favourite place in the world is Watergate Bay, Cornwall, but I haven't travelled much. The most amazing thing I've ever experienced is the call to prayer at 11 p.m. on a terrace in Istanbul. Goosebumps+ and I'm an atheist!
I write character-based/driven fiction - mostly general/contemporary, some (M/M & F/M) romance and a bit of sci-fi fantasy (light). Basically, I write about life. I've written a few stand alone novels and short stories, but my main work is the Hiding Behind The Couch series, which these days I'm referring to as a literary soap opera. Each novel/novella concludes, but there are always a few loose ends to be picked up and threaded on to the next instalment. There are longer threads and shorter threads.

Ofelia Grand
Ofelia GrΓ€nd lives on the southern west coast of Sweden with her husband and their three children. At the moment she's on parental leave. She could give up her glamorous life as a stay-at-home mom, and go back to her job as a teacher if she wanted to. But why not take advantage of the situation when she's living in a parental leave utopia? Enough about her being a parent, you think, and you're quite right. Ofelia is a No Poo practiser, a pescatarian who bakes her own bread and makes her own soap. Now you wished that we'd stuck to the children, don't you?

Jonathan Penn
Jonathan grew up in The South. While new to the world of writing, he has been inventing tales for at least fifty years. He was probably also making stuff up during the two years prior to that but, as this was his pre-verbal period, there’s no evidence one way or the other. An armchair linguist, he has taught himself to ask, “Where is the bathroom?” in seven languages. 
He enjoys gardening, He gardens, and enjoys red wines, cooking, theatre, and, of course, writing. Jonathan reminds himself every day how fortunate he is to have shared the best and worst of the last thirty-three years with the man of his dreams. 

LL Bucknor
Born and raised on planet Earth, LL Bucknor is a reader first, writer second. She's a work in progress.
Not a huge fan of talking about herself, let's leave it at she likes short walks to the nearest comfortable surface, watching television, drinking coffee and figuring out how to work chocolate into some part of her day.
And she likes reading and writing about men loving men.

Alexis Woods
Alexis Woods is the pen name of Alexis of Woods End, mundanely known as Alicia Mattson. You can find my reviews and book lists here.
I'm an: Author/Anachronist, Beta, Coffee Lover, Daughter/Dancer, Friend/Fighter, Jewish, Khazar, Lover/Leader, Mother/Medieval, Novice, Opinionated, Pharmacist, Romantic/Reenactor, Sister/Scout, Traveler, Visionary, Wife
Always an avid reader and colorful dreamer, it was only a matter of time before taking pen to paper, oftentimes literally. A firm believer in every song tells a story and every story has a song, I sing under my breath, tap my toes and swing my hips, much to the delight of my co-workers and friends. I freely admit that becoming a romance author is the best mid-life crisis a girl could ever have.

Rick Bettencourt
I'm an openly gay author owned by his dog, named Bandit. (Hold on Bandit...I'll be right there. I'm busy!)
My husband and I recently moved from the Witch City of Salem, Massachusetts to sunny Florida where I'm now able to focus on my writing. (When Bandit isn't making me take him for walks or requesting a biscuit for the treat jar.)
In 2013, I released a book of short stories called NOT SURE BOYS which received great reviews of which I am forever grateful. I followed up in the fall with a novella—a brooding, dark thriller—called PAINTING WITH WINE. The “sexy time” in the wine cellar has been quite the topic for discussion around the dinner table.
(Yes, more minute!)
Oh, before I forget. I’d love for you to sign up for my mailing list. 
So I can send you personal tidbits and other content not shared elsewhere—not even on my blog. But you have to sign up on my blog to get it. You can do that by clicking here. Oh, and I promise no spam!
(Alright, Bandit. Enough already!)
Well, that’s it for now. Keep reading and sharing with me the books you love.

Amy Spector
Amy Spector grew up in the Midwest of the United States. She spent far too much of her time in clubs—gay and straight alike—and far too little time at her studies. That is, until she met a boy with cute hair and great taste in footwear. Now they live together with a number of small, rather noisy children and a dachshund named after her favorite horror actor of all time. She runs a number of sadly neglected blogs, and even though she has a lovely job that requires her to pick up a camera every now and again, she would still rather be writing.

Kathleen Hayes
Kathleen Hayes is a bit of an all around geek. She has mastered the art of procrastination, is owned by two crazy cats and is excited to have just added a fellow super geek to her clan. Kathleen loves to explore worlds – whether in her head or on page. She welcomes you into her worlds and hopes you have as much fun there as she does!

Larry Benjamin
Words, You See, are the Thing
Bronx-born wordsmith Larry Benjamin is the author of Unbroken, a gay coming-of-age/romance, novel, which won a 2014 IPPY Gold Medal, is also a 2014 Lambda Literary finalist in the Gay Romance category. His second book, Damaged Angels, a collection of short stories was a 2013 Rainbow Award Runner-Up in the Best Gay Contemporary General Fiction category. His debut novel, What Binds Us, a gay romance, was published by Carina Press in March 2012. 
Larry considers himself less a writer than a wordsmith—an artist whose chosen medium is the written word rather than clay or paint or bronze. 
He is a writer of stories whose characters are determined to find their place in the world; if they cannot find a place, they make a place. Even when their lives aren’t perfect, it's never because they’re gay but because they're human. And like all humans they often suffer the consequences of ego and bad judgment.
He lives in Philadelphia with his partner of 17 years and their Silky Terrier.

Claire Davis
Claire Davis and Al Stewart are best friends and writing partners. 
They like to challenge themselves by exploring the darker side of humans, and by finding compassion and beauty even in the most desolate of places.
Al sometimes describes himself as a mixture of Darth Vadar and the tooth fairy, while Claire is less grounded. 
Al has led an unconventional life, and experienced all of the events he writes about. 
Above all, they believe in the power of magic and good manners.

Raine O'Tierney
Raine O’Tierney is an always-writing, boundlessly enthusiastic, exclamation point addict! (!!!) She is known for declaring every day “the best day EVER!” and every thing her “all-time FAVORITE!” Raine spends her days working as a library lady, fighting the good fight for intellectual freedom. Raine frequently changes genres, but she always tries to imbue her stories with what she calls “The Sweetness” of which there are five Fs (first loves, first times, fidelity, forever-type endings, and... friskiness?). After twenty plus years of writing and dreaming, a decade spent working on M/M, and a year of being a lionheart, Raine is so pleased to finally be a published author!

Hans M Hirschi
Born and raised in Switzerland, Hans graduated from High School in Arizona, worked for several years in the Swiss financial industry before pursuing his university studies in Zurich and Gothenburg.
His majors include literature, linguistics & social sciences.
Hans self-published his first book with poetry and a short story in 1991.
Nine years later, he followed up with a professional book on e-learning pedagogy and in 2010 his book "Common Sense" was published.
He's published three novels so far, centered around strong gay men and their families, friends and contemporary life and its challenges; socially aware romance if you will, with real flesh & blood characters that won't leave you untouched.
In early 2014 his book "Dads" came out, and is available free of charge, right here on Goodreads. It's the story of Hans and his husband and how they became parents.
Hans is currently working on his fourth novel, due 9/15, "The Fallen Angels of Karnataka", a book where your desires to travel the world meet romance and a good look at the dark side of humanity.

LM Steel
Lee was born in 1982 in Rochford, Essex and lived on the outskirts of the village of Canewdon.
At the age of six she moved to West Yorkshire with her parents, elder sister and younger brother, where they owned and ran a dairy farm. Due to the egg crisis of 1991 the farm and business was lost and Lee, with her family, was housed in Sowerby Village, with other ex-farmers, redundant miners and former military families.
It was at Newland Junior School, that Hazel Hellowell first spotted Lee had a talent for creative writing and encourage her poetry, resulting in the local paper publishing her first poem: Weeping Willow at the age of 10.
Moving onto Ryburn Valley High School Lee continued to write, but it wasn't until Year 10, where she took up Expressive Arts, that her teachers, Amanda Glover and Jackie Newman also noted Lee had a talent and desire to write and encouraged her to do so. At 14 her second poem was published in 1996 Heartbreaker.
At 17 Lee began a legal apprenticeship course and earned an NVQ Level III in Business Administration
In 2002 Lee went to Washington DC after being nominated by the International Society of Poetry for the Poet of the Year Award 2002. Although Lee didn't win, she did win a Poet of Merit Award. 
Lee graduated from the University of Huddersfield in 2011 with a 1st Class Msci Degree with honours in Forensic and Analytical Science. 
Lee now lives in Southampton with her partner Alexandra who serves in the Royal Navy, with Lee's Patterdale terrier Cracker 
The couple have plans to have a Civil Union in August 2013

Amelia Mann
Since author Amelia Mann lives in the cold, dark North, her characters must be warm and bright. The men in her stories live their own lives in her head, sometimes letting her in on their secrets. Amelia believes that all stories are worth telling― even the sad ones― but things must come to a happy end, or it is just not finished yet.

Hunter Frost
Hunter lost a bet at a blackjack table and begrudgingly traded temperate Southern California for the sweltering heat of Las Vegas. There she resides with an extremely tolerant boyfriend and two cats, Latte and Java. When she’s not dreaming of returning to coastal living, Hunter works on her MA thesis in British history and at her government day job. In order to appease her muse, she writes the kind of fiction that keeps her sane. She adores romance in all forms, but prefers her stories with two heroes that find their happily-ever-after with each other.

Laura Susan Johnson
Laura Susan Johnson has been writing since age eleven, cutting her teeth on tales of the family pets. Aside from writing, Laura Susan enjoys quilting, playing around with colorful makeup, clothing and hair colors, web design, and vegan cooking. She resides in California, Idaho, Arkansas, and the northern coast of Oregon.

Shayla Mist
Shayla made her debut in the writing world during elementary school with a heart-breaking story about how her grandma's chicks died from an unknown disease. It was published in the school newspaper, spurring a significant amount of pitiful looks directed her way. Being a stubborn Aquarius, she kept on striving, publishing cheesy love poetry, an endeavor that thankfully proved to be far more successful. Her writing life changed dramatically when she read her first yaoi manga and discovered her real calling. Imagining guys together has become her favorite pastime. Aside from writing, daydreaming about men and devouring any M/M book she can get her hands on and, she also loves manga, kpop, jrock, classical music, crafts and art. An earnest romantic, she's always been convinced there's a soulmate out there, searching for her. It appears he's been lost. Maybe word hasn't gotten to him that cars are faster than white horses. In case you've seen a prince on a white horse (though a sports car would be preferable).

Ava Penn
I write, I read, I cook. I work. I live and love. A wisher, a hope-er, a dreamer. A human. I've no illusions of grandeur, nor fame, nor fortune. I write simply for the joy of writing; and if others find joy in my writing, then all's the better.
Currently I'm working on my second novel - Snowboards & Tuxes and another short in the Graffiti Grind series. The short will be published by Beaten Track Publishing in a holiday anthology. Keep an eye on my blog for updates.

SH Allen
S. H. Allan has been a therapeutic foster parent for close to a decade and a half, focusing on teenagers—which is a lot like herding cats, but a lot more rewarding. Dogs make her happy, and the senior dogs for which she provides hospice have to tolerate a giddy younger pup or three. Whenever possible, she ignores them all in favor of reading smutty gay love stories. S. H. knew writing was her destiny when her classic, Mr. Cuke and Mrs. Tomato, was put in the school library in third grade (coincidentally, along with the stories written by all her classmates). Politically active and socially conscious, with a useless M.A. and over twenty-five years working in high tech, S. H. fits in well in her beloved Pacific Northwest, except for that health conscious stuff. Tofurkey is one thing, but she says, “Seriously, no donuts?”

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Romantic Comedy Tour featuring Christmas Confusion & The Makeover by Monica Garry-Allen

TITLE – Christmas Confusion
SERIES – Bailey’s Chaotic Life
AUTHOR – Monica Garry-Allen
GENRE – New Adult/Romantic Comedy
LENGTH (Pages/# Words) – 50,000
COVER ARTIST – Sweet Simplicity

Christmas Confusion
Bailey Cooper has fallen in love – sadly the man she’s in love with already has a man. Sounds complicated doesn’t it? ~

Bailey Cooper is very much attracted to her neighbor, Max Davis. Unfortunately for Bailey, Greg – Max’s lover, is slowly becoming one of Bailey’s best friends. Bailey’s emotions are torn. She adores Greg’s friendship while at the same time she craves Max’s touch.

What’s a girl to do when she ‘thinks’ the man she’s in love with is in love with someone else?
Max Davis and his baby brother Greg Davis are co-owners of the apartment building they live in. Max has fallen for his tenant, Bailey, but she avoid and ignore all of his advances. It doesn’t take long for him to become suspicious of the friendship blooming between her and Greg. He believes Bailey has a crush on his brother, but Max wants his shy little neighbor all to himself. Now he has to think of ways to keep Bailey and Greg apart, which is ridiculous since Greg isn’t even in to women. Time to break that news to his neighbor and hope it causes her attention to swing his way.

Will a holiday weekend full of chaos, confusion and a little bit of charm finally get Bailey and Max on the right track? Or will a few innocent caresses lead to more Christmas confusion?

TITLE – The Makeover
SERIES – Nerd Girls Love Hard
AUTHOR – Monica Garry-Allen
GENRE – New Adult/Romantic Comedy
LENGTH (Pages/# Words) – 60k
COVER ARTIST – Sweet Simplicity

The Makeover
Revenge is a dish best served cold… while wearing heels.

April has just learned the real reason behind her boss’ impromptu dinner invitation. He only invited her to dinner with his colleagues to prove a point: that he can show up at an event with a plain Jane and still be considered ‘the man’. She expected better from him and had secretly hoped that one day their friendship would grow into something deeper. Now she knows she will always just be his 'nerdy secretary' to him.

But her two best friends won’t let her wallow in her pain. They convince her to give Dr. Stewart a dose of his own medicine. The plan: show up at the dinner looking irresistible and prove to her boss that even nerd girls can be sexy. But first she has to replace her unattractive business suits with something sexier and more revealing. It’s time for a makeover.

Dr. Chad Stewart would never ‘really’ date his secretary. She was too good, to pure for someone as jaded as himself. It didn’t matter that he was half in love with her. But when he needed an ‘average date’ for a dinner party she was the first person he turned to. He thought his secretary was the perfect choice until he arrived to find her looking like his wildest fantasy. But now she knows the real reason for his invite and he can see in her eyes how hurt she is.

Can Chad convince her to forgive him for hurting her or will she walk out of his life… taking his heart with her?

Christmas Confusion
     “You’re in love with her, aren’t you?” Greg said in awe.
     Max snorted at the incredulity of Greg’s question.
     “I just met her. I’ve only known her for three weeks. How can I possibly be in love with her?”
     Greg sat up on the couch, same shocked expression on his face.
     “Stop looking at me like that,” Max told his brother. “There is no way I’m in love with my neighbor.”
     “I can’t believe I’ve been so blind,” Greg sighed. “I’m supposed to be the Christmas Cupid, how did I miss this? My pupils have fallen in love and I didn’t even realize it. I’m slipping.”
     “What are you talking about?”
     He was not in love with Bailey. There were a lot of things he loved about her but he wasn’t in love with her. He loved the way she walked, the sound of her voice, hell he even loved watching her walk away from him, because the view was to die for.
     He loved that she didn’t balk at the kind of car he drove. He loved the way she smiled shyly whenever he told her good morning. But that didn’t mean that he loved her, he didn’t know her well enough to love her. But he could see himself falling in love with her, if she would give him a chance.      If he could just figure out what she wanted, he would give it to her.
    “It all makes so much sense now,” Greg whispered.
     “Really dude, what are you mumbling about?”
     “The waitress at the Pancake Shack, she was cute, but you didn’t pay her any attention. Last week there was the gas station cashier, who asked you what your name was. She was hitting on you and you didn’t even notice. The only woman you seem to have eyes for is your brown-haired neighbor.” Greg tapped his finger against his chin. “I think I’ve just figured out what’s wrong with you.”
     “There’s nothing wrong with me, doofus.”
     “See, that right there. You called me doofus, you haven’t called me that in years.”
     “Because you haven’t acted like one in years.”
     “I’ve never acted like one, but you only called me that after I’d gone through your stuff and found out something that you didn’t want me to know.”
     Max stopped pacing. “I’m completely lost. I have no idea what we’re even talking about now.”
     “Let me bring you up to speed, dear brother. You calling me doofus means you know that I am on to you, and I am. I know what’s wrong with you. I know why you’re so cranky.”
     “Please, feel free to enlighten me.”
     “I shall, but first, name one other woman that you’ve been this crazy about,” Greg said.
     He started pacing again, searching his mind for a name. The names of every woman he’d ever dated and or slept with raced through his head.
     “There was Bethany…”
     “She doesn’t count,” Greg chimed in. “She cheated. You dumped her and never looked back. If you were crazy about her, you would have been heartbroken, but you weren’t. So name someone else.”
     He tried to come up with another name, but no other woman came to mind, only Bailey. There was no point in denying it any longer.
     “There isn’t anyone else, only Bailey.”
     Greg began grinning from ear to ear.
     “You love Bailey. I can see it in your eyes. Case solved.”
     Max returned to his recliner and plopped down, defeated. He loved Bailey, everything about her. There was no denying it or fighting it, He was in love with Bailey Cooper.

The Makeover
     “That’s right. Your plan was to use me to advance yourself.” 
     “That was my plan. I admit it. I was wrong. What can I do to make you forgive me?” 
     He sounded sincere. The fact that his eyes seemed to be watering as he stared at her longingly confirmed the sincerity she heard in his voice. But she wouldn’t fall for it. She wouldn’t let him in, only to be hurt by him again in the future. 
     “There is nothing I want from you. There is nothing I want you to do other than to take me home, right now.” Those blasted tears were threatening to fall again. “Please just take me home.” Her voice broke on the last word. Chad held his hands up, surrendering to her demand. 
     “If you really want to go home, I will take you home. Just please answer one question for me?’ 
     She didn’t want to answer any questions, but if it would get her home sooner she would. 
     “What is the question?” 
     “When I touch you, do you feel anything?” 
     Where had that question come from? 
     “I’m not finished. When we sip coffee together each morning, do you ever get the feeling that maybe we’re meant to be together? I know it sounds crazy, but even tonight, with everything that is going on, does a part of you feel the need to hold me and never let me go?” 
     Yes, yes, yes, that was exactly how she felt. How did he know? A sob escaped her lips. She put her hands over her face. She didn’t want to look at him. She didn’t want to hope that maybe he really felt those things he’d just said. Hope led to disappointment and she’d had enough disappointment in her life already. She couldn’t risk placing her hope in Chad. He’d already let her down once. 
     The sound of gravel crunching let her know he was taking a step closer to her. She took a step back, suddenly very aware of his presence. Sobbing into her hands, afraid to look up, she continued to walk backward and he continued to follow her. 
     Her back connected with something hard. She leaned back and felt the rough touch of tree bark against her exposed shoulders. Chad wrapped one arm around her waist and pulled her forward. His hand settled at the small of her back. He used his other hand to massage her shoulders. The feel of his hands on her bare skin made her tremble. Why did she want him so much? 
     “I messed up, April. If you give me another chance, I promise to never do anything like this again. Forgive me, please.”

     He stepped forward and pressed his lips against hers. Damn, he was never going to get tired of feeling her against him. 
     “Do I really have to let you go,” he whispered against her lips.
     “Yes, but you’ll see me again soon, promise.” She pushed against his chest. Chad allowed her to wiggle out of his embrace.  
     “See you tonight, April.”
     “See you tonight, Chad.” She turned and left the room. He stepped into the hallway and watched her go. 
     His lips lifted in a slight smile as he watched her hips sway from side to side while she walked down the corridor. Right before she made it to the end of the hallway she stopped and turned to stare at him from over her shoulder. Her glasses slid down and she pushed them back up. 
     “Just making sure you’re watching,” she said before walking away and disappearing around the corner. 
     Chad burst out laughing. She was full of surprises. 
     Oh he was watching, watching and wishing he could close the clinic for a few hours so he could spend the day with her. Chad shook his head. He was actually looking forward to this stupid convention – not because he wanted to hang around a bunch of larping Luke Skywalker fans. But because this was something April was excited about and being around her excited him.

Christmas Confusion  Meet the Character
Bailey – My name is Bailey Cooper and I’ve just moved into my first apartment. Living on my own is kind of scary. But not as bad as I thought it would be thanks to the big hunk of a man living next door to. His name is Max and he’s extra yummy. He’s also extra gay and his boyfriend, Greg, looks better in skinny jeans than I do. 
How unfair! 
Anyway, one interesting fact about me is, I play in stool, urine, blood and any other fluid the body can excrete, on a daily basis. I’m a Medical Technologist, so I get paid to be gross. Oh, one more fact: I’m in love with my neighbor, yeah, the gay one. 
Have I mentioned how unfair life is?
Max - I’m Max Davis. My two brothers and I own and are currently renovating, Lake Teresa apartment complex. It needs a lot of work but we are managing to get it done in a timely manner. I have a new tenant, Bailey Cooper. She’s the most frustratingly sexy woman I’ve ever met in my life. And she keeps ignoring my advances. 
My brother, Greg, is driving me crazy with his attempts to get Bailey and I together. Maybe we just aren’t meant to be. Damn shame though, because I know I could make her happy if she would give me a chance. 
Krista – Hi, my name is Krista. I’m Bailey’s best friend and play cousin. There are a ton of interesting facts about me. But if I have to pick one to share I will share this one, I have always been and will always be a daddy’s girl. 
I love my dad with all my heart and I think there is nothing more special than the bond between a father and his daughter. Can I give one more? I’ll be quick. Another fun fact about me is that when I’m tipsy I like to dance, but who doesn’t?
Greg – Hey, Y’all. I’m Greg. The youngest and most fabulous of the Davis brothers. One interesting fact about me… hmm let me think. I’m a great listener…. I bet you thought I was going to say something else. 
Okay, I’ll say it. I am homosexual and I’m proud of it. Oh and I’m also a part-time deejay. Just ask my new tenants and besties, Krista and Bailey. My goal this Christmas is to get Bailey and my brother together. 
I swear, straight people can be so obtuse sometimes. Just call me the Christmas Cupid. 

The Makeover  Meet the Characters
My name is April Parson and I’m a big fan of social media. I’ve gotten into hashtag wars with the best of them. On the Internet I can be whoever I want to be. I can be confident and exciting. The people I chat with, my fellow nerds, think I’m awesome. And they should, because I am awesome… online.
In reality I’m just a middle class girl who is too shy to talk to people face to face. But I’m working on that. I’m also working on how to deal with love and heart break. I’m a work in progress. And until I conquer my insecurities I am going to remain the ‘hashtag queen of the nerds’.
I admit, sometimes my head is in the clouds and sometimes my ideas are a little out there. My friends come to me for advice then get mad if the ideas I come up with could involve a little jail time. I’ve watched enough forensic shows to know how to get in and out of sticky situations.
No matter what my friends say, I still think the best way to get rid of an ex-girlfriend is to scare her away. There’s nothing wrong with instilling a little fear into lying women who think they’re better than you.
But if you must handle things the legal way, then you should…. maybe you can… perhaps… forget it, fear is the only thing I can come up with.
I admit that sometimes I can be a bit much. Sometimes I say exactly what’s on my mind and what’s on my mind is sometimes the wrong thing for me to say. 
For instance, I agree with Nicole that if your boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend won’t leave the picture, then maybe she needs a not so gentle shove out of the picture. On the other hand, I also feel like if your man can’t handle his ex-women on his own, then maybe you need to let him go. (I sang that last part in my Elsa voice.) Maybe the man in question isn’t the man for you… hint hint April!
Hey, someone has to be the one who helps everyone else realize they’re making a mistake.
-I volunteer as tribute.-
I learned the hard way that love isn’t for everyone. Now that I’ve found love, I don’t know how to handle it. On one hand, I want to be the perfect prince charming that April deserves. On the other hand, I feel like she will eventually prove herself to be like all the other women I’ve encountered: fickle and destructive. 
But my personal feelings isn’t the only thing affecting the relationship April and I could possibly have. My past just won’t stay buried. It’s hard living and loving in the present when your past keeps popping up out the blue.

Author Bio:
Monica Garry-Allen has loved reading for as long as she can remember. As a child her mother always purchased books for her at her school’s book fair. Back then her favorite book was The Little Mermaid. Now days she reads and tells stories to her nieces and nephews during her weekend sleepovers.
Monica is a full time Clinical Laboratory Technician. When she is not working in the lab she’s writing humorous love stories and steamy romances. She recently married the man of her dreams, Dempsey Allen, who motivates her to be the best writer she can be. She has a loving family who supports her one hundred percent and friends who can’t wait to read her next story. She resides in the southern part of Mississippi where she enjoys shopping, reading, writing and spending time with her family.

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Christmas Confusion
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The Makeover
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Race for the Moon by Michelle Cornwell-Jordan

TITLE – Race For The Moon
SERIES – The Moon Series
AUTHOR – Michelle Cornwell-Jordan
GENRE – Young Teens (13-16)
PUBLICATION DATE – November 27, 2014
COVER ARTIST – Amy Rooney – CV Writer Designs

When Ten year old Ivee falls asleep one night, she awakens to a strange new world; one without Adults. She and those like her left behind discovers that anyone twenty-one years old or older had vanished, including her parents. Along with the disappearances of loved ones; every modern convenience—electricity, computers, phones—had been taken away as well.  So Ivee discovers herself in a strange new world and with the realization that she is responsible not only for her survival, but that of her sister Celia.

Seven years later, Seventeen-year-old Ivee is happy with her life; feeling safe behind the gates of the Northlander's camp in the Northern Division of Athol. Things were good until her sister gets kidnapped by another faction—the Downenders. Ivee receives a map and a message; she has a week, which is the next full moon,  to make her way to the southern end of the city, to save her sister. As she sets out on her journey; Ivee discovers  how different everything has truly become outside the gates of her home. She witnesses—Phantom Airships, Manbots and Ghostly Wolves—as just a few of  the surprise encounters during her quest. She is not alone; one of her campmates joins her mission, and she also meets a handsome and mysterious boy, called the Savior. He teams up for their journey, only saying he has unfinished business with the Downies.

Many truths arise during the adventure, the biggest truth Ivee discovers is that she will do whatever it takes to persevere, against the terrors of the dark new land.

Author Bio:
Michelle Cornwell-Jordan is a New Adult/Young Adult-Paranormal Author. Her titles include a YA Novella series Night School Vampire Hunter Trilogy- (SchoolNightz) and novel Chrysalis.

She is also the producer of the online radio segment IndieReview Behind The Scenes, where she and her co-host Jamie B
Musings interviews Indie Authors and Musicians.

Michelle has been married for 19 years and has a 16 year old daughter. A book lover, her favorite genre has always been paranormal adventures.

Another love is writing. Michelle has been writing about as long as she has been a bibliophile! Losing herself in a fantasy world that she is creating on paper is how she loves spending her spare time.

Facebook  /  Twitter  /  Website  /  Pinterest  /  Instagram  /  Goodreads

Race For The Moon Prize Packet:
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Cover Reveal: Faithless: A Tainted Love Serial by KB Nelson

Title: Faithless Serial (Part 1-3)
Author: K.B. Nelson 
Publication date: December 2014
Part One - December 7th 
Part Two - December 21st
Part Three - January 4th
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance

She's a stripper. He's a preacher. Her name's Faith, and he's been faithless since the day she went away.

Faith Richards knows she'll never be able to outrun her demons, but she's not looking for absolution. She's looking for release. When she's forced to return home by circumstances she'd rather not discuss, she runs straight to Noah. The only boy that could ever make her feel alive. The only boy who ever truly broke her heart. The only boy who could possibly save her from herself.

But Noah isn't a boy anymore...

Noah Parker is a man torn, fighting to understand his place in this world after his latest run-in with tragedy. Everyone he's ever loved has left him, either on a greyhound bus or in a casket. He no longer believes the words he preaches and his life hangs in the balance of honesty. Reuniting with Faith might be the only thing that can save him, but based on their tumultuous history, it's more than likely it'll destroy him.

Faithless is the story of two broken people searching for the impossible: a love strong enough to put the pieces of their broken hearts back together. Their romance is forbidden. Their love is undeniable. Their lives hang in the balance. And when their world begins to burn to the ground, they'll be faced with one impossible decision: can they live with who they've become?

     A song begins, and it only takes a few strokes of her guitar before I realize what she’s playing—my favorite song since I was a child. The woman in the back belts out Wild Horses with the power of a Kelly Clarkson clone. The way she twists with the melody is haunting, a complete display of emotional battery. With her words, she beats the fuck out of my fragile soul, leaving wounds and bruises so dark, so blue, that anyone can see.
     Noah sees. He sees right through me and the space between us shatters. Our walls come down and he stares into my eyes. I catch a glimpse of who we used to be before the world set out on its campaign to destroy us.
     His palm grazes over my shoulder before landing on my back. “Come dance with me.”
     I don’t say anything, but respond by sliding off my stool and landing on my feet. I let him take the lead as he slowly draws me out to the center of the dance floor. The floor is vacant with nothing standing between us and the songbird—and she soars to new heights, further damaging my fragile emotional state.
     Noah takes my left hand into his right and wraps his left hand around my hip. We begin to circle each other, our feet directing where we go. “I’ve missed you, Faith.”
     I want to lie to him and say that I don’t feel the same way because things are a whole lot easier that way. But I can’t lie, not right now. Not when he’s holding me like this. “I missed you, too.”
     “I’m sorry for earlier.” He runs his face over his shoulder. “I know I can come off bitter and angry.”
     “You think?” I ask deadpan.
    “I know.”
     I lean my head against his shoulder, and it’s a much-needed rest. I could fall asleep like this, all the while my feet continuing to dance in a circle. “Do you ever wish we could go back and change things?”
     “Every second of every day.”
     I let out a light chuckle that is muffled against the fabric of his shirt. “Our past defines us, Noah. Everyone says it shouldn’t,” I say somberly, “but it does, and I’m running on empty here…”

Author Bio:
I grew up on a farm in Ohio, but that's not very interesting, is it? When I'm not writing you can find me doing one of two things; getting lost on highways or getting lost in the lives of fictional characters. If my heart had two feet, one foot would be in romance and the other solidly in geekdom. I hope you'll all follow me on my journey through this carnival they call life.I promise there will be a happy ending.

Facebook  /  Twitter  /  Website  /  Goodreads

3 Carnival/Carnival Nights eBook Set
$5 Amazon Gift Card

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The Movie Star's Red Hot Fling by Christine Glover

Title: The Movie Star's Red Hot Holiday Fling
Author: Christine Glover
Series: The Maverick’s Red Hot Reunion, Prequel
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: November 24, 2014
Determined to qualify for the fire department's grueling physical, former marine Jessie Sullivan never gives up, despite the pins in her leg. The last thing she needs is a tall, incredibly hot action movie star sharing her gym...and who makes her want to trade in her reps for some sexy physical activity. Of the naked kind.

Blake Johnston is more than just a Big Screen Sex Machine, and he's willing to prove it. Especially to a spirited and sexy ex-marine like Jessie. But when a harmless dare leads to sizzling fireworks, Jessie and Blake's workout ends up generating some serious heat between the sheets. And it's more than Jessie could have imagined. Much, much more.

But flings don't last forever. And in two weeks, Jessie will have to say goodbye to her red-hot Christmas fantasy...

The Maverick's Red Hot Reunion
Corporate Maverick Zach Tanner returns to North Carolina to rebuild his dying friend's resort. He's got the money, the power, and the will to transform Sweetbriar Springs into a premier spa for the glamorous, but he doesn't count on the woman he once loved…and lost…to handle the construction contract. Zach thought he'd buried his desire for Kennedy five years ago. He was wrong, and now he’s determined to satisfy his craving...

Construction company owner Kennedy Gibson is eager to restore Sweetbriar Springs, but when she realizes Zach is her new boss she's terrified he'll learn the truth about their breakup so long ago. She vowed never to hurt him again, but she can't deny the passion he reignites in her. She wants to believe she has a chance for a different future with him, but will her secret threaten to destroy their red-hot reunion?

Author Bio:
Born in the Netherlands, Christine moved to Canada where she spent her formative years. Then she married her Texan Alpha Physicist, moved to the United States and she has lived both south and north of the Mason Dixon line. Now Christine resides in Alabama with her husband, two insane cats and her wonderful daughter. She enjoys finding the silly in the serious, making wine out of sour grapes, and giving people giggle fits along with heartfelt hugs. When she’s not writing, you can find her traveling the world, cooking gourmet food, and desperately seeking a corkscrew.

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The Movie Star's Red Hot Fling
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The Maverick's Red Hot Reunion
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