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Devotion (The Seductors Series #3) by B.L. Wilde

Cover Design: Jo Matthews
Genre: Romance/Erotica/Suspense  
Release Date: September 12, 2014

***Contains mature content meant only for 18+ years of age***

Falling in love is never easy, but when you’re a Seductor who has fallen for your target, it’s impossible.
Now that Jade has learned the whereabouts of the powercore made by Oliver’s company, her mission is almost over. The chances of being able to stay with him at the end of her contract are slim and she knows that. Would her organization really keep their word? When has a Seductor ever been able to stay with their mark?
When disaster strikes near the end of her assignment, Jade is faced with the biggest decision of her life—she must choose between her heart’s desire and doing the right thing for the sake of the world. Her choice may just be the catalyst that sets her free.
What happens when the truth comes out? Will Oliver be able to let her go this time? Or will their love for each other be enough to finally bring The Seductors down?
One thing is for certain—devotion will seal their fate.

I didn't think the author was going to top Desire but then Hunger came out.  Definitely didn't think she could top Hunger, guess what?  She did.  I don't do spoilers so in regards to plot I'll just say WOOHOO!!  Hot romance, hot drama, hot espionage, oh and did I mention it's hot?  Seriously though, Miss Wilde has brought us characters, situations, settings all wrapped in this amazing series that run the gauntlet of emotional heaven and hell.  We get answers in Devotion that could easily wrap up the Seductors Series but I'm told there will be another novel and a short novella yet to come.  Can't wait to see what Miss Wilde brings us in the future both with the Seductors Series characters we've come to love and new characters, stories, and worlds not yet created.  If you haven't read books 1 and 2, then I highly recommend that you go do so now before reading Devotion.  If you have read Desire and Hunger, what are you doing sitting here reading my review of Devotion, go set your eyes feasting on Oliver and Jade.  Go on, you know you want to.


     I loved spending time in Macon with Oliver and his family, but I was glad once we got back to New York. I had him all to myself, and as selfish as it sounded, I loved it when we were alone. New York held the most memories for me with him.
     “I think your uncle is warming to me,” I mused as we sat eating the dinner that Mrs. Davis had prepared for us. “He actually wished me a safe trip when we left this morning.”
     “It’s definitely progress,” Oliver chuckled.
     “Now that we’re back in New York, you need to tell me what you want to do for your birthday. It’s only a few weeks away.”
     “Well, we are fucking on my desk at work for sure. You promised me,” he winked, licking his lips. Damn him! He was too sexy for words.
     “You’re sex crazed,” I giggled, shaking my head. “What about going out to dinner somewhere? We could go away for a weekend, too.”
     “A dirty weekend away?” I threw my napkin at him. “What?”
     “Stop thinking about sex!”
     “That’s difficult. I happen to have an incredibly sexy girlfriend that I want to fuck all the time.”
     “If you think about it, you’re the reason I’m sex crazed. This is your entire fault, Jade.”
     “Oh, that’s right—blame it all on me,” I laughed, taking a sip of wine.
     “Do you have any idea how happy you make me?”
     “No, but I know how happy you make me.”
     “I’m not hungry anymore.” Oliver suddenly had that look in his eyes again. The ‘I’m going to rip the clothes from your body and fuck you’ look. Instantly, I had to hold my legs together. It looked like he was going to try a prove a point.
     “You’ve hardly eaten. I hope you’re not coming down with anything,” I replied, innocently.
     “I’m not coming down with anything, but I certainly will be going down on something tonight.”
     “Oh, God,” I whimpered, choking on my sip of wine.
     “All this sex talk is making me horny. I’m going to give you a thirty second head start, then I’m planning on making you cum as many times as I can on my staircase. There are thirty four steps total. I’m thinking that’s at least ten orgasms I’ll be able to give you, maybe more, until I throw you on my bed and slide my cock inside you.” I couldn’t move. I sat there gawking at him. Ten orgasms. I couldn’t handle that! “Run Jade, I mean it. I’ll start on this table if I have to.” I stood up and ran. My heart was pounding hard in my chest. Why was I running anyway? I wanted Oliver to catch me.
     I managed five steps on the staircase before he caught me from behind. “That was a feeble attempt to try and get away. Anyone would think you wanted me to catch you,” he whispered into my ear, sucking on my earlobe as his hands moved to undo the buttons on my jeans. “I’m going to drive you crazy, Beautiful. I hope you’re ready.” I couldn’t answer; his hands had already slipped inside my jeans and I was lost. Oliver began to put pressure on my sex through my panties. Why didn’t he just push my panties to the side? It was so frustrating. “Do you like that, Beautiful? I can feel your panties getting damper. How many pairs have I ruined now?”
     “Too many to count,” I panted, gripping the banister for support as he sped up the movement of his hand.      “W…What about Mrs. Davis?”
     “She’s staying with a friend tonight. We’re all alone.” I could hear his smirk as he planted kisses down my neck. Starting to climb already, I knew my first orgasm was quickly approaching. “That’s it, Jade, give it up. I want to hear you let it all out.” I came, groaning out a string of nonsensical words, trying to hold myself up as I came undone. “I’ll give you a minute this time to compose yourself and run.”
     “Are you being serious?” I gasped, still clutching the stairs. “I can hardly stand!”
     “A minute and a half then,” he smirked, tilting his head. “You can manage a few more steps, Jade.” I wasn’t sure I could. “Just put one foot in front of the other.”
     “Alright, Mr. Cocky.”
     “Interesting choice of words.” I rolled my eyes and began to take a few unsteady steps, but it was difficult when I was still in a state of bliss. “You’re making this too easy,” he chuckled, pulling me so I was facing him. He backed me against the railing, gazing down at my chest. With one swift tug, he pulled my top over my head. “I’ll never get enough of undressing you,” he mused, running his fingertips across the top of my breasts and then into my bra, stroking my aching nipples. While his one hand continued to tease my sensitive skin, his other went south and slid right inside my panties. “Fuck, I got you well and truly worked up, didn’t I?” He ran his fingers through my slick folds, and I had to bite my lip to fight the pleasure. I had no control over myself when it came this man. “Shit, I can’t wait to fuck you. I can feel my cock already leaking at the thought.”
     “Ugh, Oliver, you can’t say stuff like that to me!”
     “Is gets you excited. I know you love it when I talk dirty.” He slid his fingers inside me and began another excruciating pace. “Do you know what I’m going to do after this?” he whispered, biting down on my left nipple through my bra. I couldn’t help but cry out—it felt amazing. “I’m going to strip you naked and taste you. You know I love eating you out.” I wasn’t going to survive the night, but if this was how it ended, death by an Oliver orgasm was the way to go.

Author Bio:
B.L. Wilde is a British author obsessed with many things, including heated love stories. Supported fully by her husband, she can often be found at her desk working on her next project.
Her journey into the world of erotica began when she started writing online stories over three years ago, and she hasn't looked back since.

Author Links:

Desire (TSS #1)
Jade has worked as a Seductor in a secret organization for five years now. Her main job? To earn the trust of her targets and secure the object or information her company was hired to steal—by any means necessary. She’s damn good at it, too.
With five years left on her contract, she is handed an assignment that turns her world upside down.
Oliver Kirkham is the attractive, young CEO of Kirkham Industries, a weapons manufacturing company, and is currently in possession of some very important blueprints—blueprints that could change the way war, as we know it, works. He’s extremely focused and doesn’t have time to date, at least until he comes to the rescue of a shy but very alluring Jade Gibbs.
What happens when one night of passion turns into more? Will Jade allow her feelings for Oliver to get in the way of her mission? Or will                                           she do what she was hired to do and secure the steal?

Hunger (TSS #2)
When Jade walked out on Oliver six months ago, she left her heart behind. Little did she know her mission was far from over. Given a new mission—to secure a secret nuclear power core—she’s thrown back into his world and has to earn his trust once more. The only problem is that she’s competing directly with another Seductor that she despises, who has already been on the mission for two months.
Oliver was devastated when he discovered Jade had left him, so he closed himself off to the world, focusing solely on his job. Everything is thrown into chaos when she resurfaces, working for an old friend of his. 
Will Jade be able to win Oliver back while fighting her jealously that another Seductor might steal the mission from her? Consumed with love, controlled by a hunger she has never known, can she protect her heart a second time around if Oliver takes her back? 

Barnes&Noble -- Paperback

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Also available in the iBooks Store

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Lady Quill Chronicles by DD Chant

TITLE – The Promise (book #1) The Vow (book #2)
SERIES – The Lady Quill Chronicles
AUTHOR – D.D. Chant
GENRE – Historical Fiction/romance/adventure/mystery
PUBLICATION DATE – March 3, 2012/ July 28, 2014
LENGTH (Pages/# Words) – 95.620 words / 108.290 words
PUBLISHER – Self-Publish

The Promise
Dear Reader,
I wish to tell you a tale that began with a promise destined to change the lives of many.
When only a child, Lady Adele of Berron lost her family during a dreadful battle and was betrothed to a stranger.
Lord Rafe of Valrek, only a boy himself when the battle of Calis raged, grew to be a feared warrior and trusted advisor to his King. But sadness filled his past and Adele served only to remind him of all he had lost.
However the promise that bound these two together caused great anger to some.
What, Dear Reader, happened in those days of treachery and darkness? Incline your ear that I may whisper the secrets that you so desire to hear......
Lady Quill

     Rafe watched as Adele pushed a wisp of hair back from her cheek and tucked it behind her
ear. She was unaware of his eyes upon her, all her attention was on the robin that hopped about
on the frozen earth, pecking at the crumbs she had scattered for it.
     She must be tired, she had to be. Eda was even now asleep, curled up in the shelter of a
fallen log. It was Eda who had begged for rest, for food, but never once had Adele demanded
anything, no word of complaint had passed her lips. Still he was uneasy.
     Adele and Eda had talk in a desultory manner, but there had been silence between himself
and her for too long. At first he had not noticed, his head was too full of plans and worries for
him to spare a thought for conversation. But for a long while he had been conscious of the
deafening silence between them and had been made uncomfortable by it.
    That was strange in itself because he had been used to long marches from an early age and
had never found the quiet awkward before. Certainly he had never voluntarily conversed with
any lady not related to him. He was surprised to find that the hush had become oppressive and
longed for her to say something, however inconsequential, to show him that she was not upset
by his having ignored her for so long. Maybe he should talk to her, but he could think of nothing
to say.
     The robin, encouraged by Adele’s stillness and enticed by the crumbs, bravely moved a little
nearer. Adele smiled breaking another piece of rye bread and crumbling it between her fingers
before dropping them to the floor. The robin fluttered away nervously and Adele laughed.
     “’Tis only crumbs, you silly thing.”
     The robin cocked its head to one side, regarding her speculatively from one beady eye
before hopping a little nearer. He was so close that Rafe could see with incredible clarity the
overlapping feathers on his bright red chest and he realised that he had never really looked at a
robin before, not really looked.
     “He’s a handsome fellow, isn’t he?”
     Rafe was startled to hear Adele’s warm and friendly voice. He looked up to find her regarding
him from wide, clear eyes.
     “Welcome back to the land of the living, you were gone a long time you know.” She was still
smiling, there was no reproach in her words.
     “I was thinking,” answered Rafe apologetically. “Forgive me, I have not been very good
company for you.”
    “You are worried,” shrugged Adele. “I only hope that you have found some solution to the
problem that vexes you so. It is not pleasant to be always troubled.” She scattered a few more
crumbs for the waiting robin. “You know, this little fellow reminds me of a passage in the Bible.”
Adele smiled again. “When Jesus was teaching upon the Mount of Olives and he said to take a
lesson from the lilies of the field because they neither toil nor spin but even Solomon in all his
glory was not comparable to one of them.” Her serene eyes drifted up to meet his gaze. “’Tis
true; for I have never yet seen a fabric that could equal this little robin redbreast.”
     Rafe stared hard into her softly unfocused eyes for some moments.
     “You are a very unusual girl.”
     The words slipped from his mouth before he could check them. Adele’s eyes met his and,
for the first time in the short while he had known her, he saw that they were clouded with
     It had been meant as a compliment, in his own mind it had been a praising description,
although it was true that he never meant to speak the words out loud. It seemed that although
she might well be unusual, she did have one thing in common with the rest of her sex. That was
the belief that in a woman, unusual was not an epithet to aspire to. She had taken the comment
to be little better than a slight and was embarrassed, he could tell.
     It was with some surprise that he discovered that he would have given a great deal to unsay
those words, or to come into possession of others that would assure her of his meaning. But he
had none.
     He knew not how to converse with women, although there were many who would have
refuted that statement. Rafe was held as a favourite with ladies, they thought him charming,
attentively courteous and yet still retaining that elusive air of reckless danger.
     Rafe had never been easy in their company, it had rendered him silent. Strangely enough this
silence had the effect of inspiring admiration in female hearts and these ladies believed that his
lack of words had betrayed a great depth of emotion and sympathy.
     Gradually he had learnt to suffer the discomfort he felt in their presence stoically. He had
never found their conversation particularly interesting, but then again he had not found it to
be fraught with as many difficulties as conversation with Adele so often was. Indeed these
ladies would have said, had they been asked, that it was possible to converse with Lord Rafe in
complete openness.
    Rafe was innately polite and had always listened to their prattle in well concealed boredom,
leaving them with the impression that he was a wonderfully sensitive man, with whom a lady
could always enjoy a deep and meaningful conversation in which the souls of the principals had
been poured out with unrestrained and frank honesty. The fact that Lord Rafe rarely said a
word, but listened in silence while the Lady in question divested herself of her opinions on every
subject under the sun, completely escaped them. This left said Lady with the impression that
Rafe were something of a fountain of wisdom.
    Thankfully there had never been the need to say very much, for it had often been his
reflection that ladies were quite capable of holding a conversation without the participation of a
second party. In fact they seemed vaguely put out when one interrupted them half way through
their monologue.
     It was different with Adele, she required active participation. To her conversation was to
learn about others, not discussing, at length and in great detail, her own feelings and needs. He
should have found the change refreshing, and in a way he did, but he found it alarming too.
Adele would have been greatly surprised to know that he had any interest in her at all and
her opinion of this last remark was not well defined. She was conscious of a sinking feeling of
disappointment, tangled up with hurt and embarrassment.
      It had never occurred to Adele that she might be different to other girls, for she had thought
that the whole point of her training at the fort was that she might conform to the idea of a
proper wife. It came as something of a shock to find that this was not so and she knew a sudden
and uncomfortable fear that perhaps she would not please Lord Rafe, that he too would be
     “Are you thirsty, Lady Adele?”
     Rafe didn’t know what she was thinking, but he misliked the look of perturbed concentration
on her face. She looked up at him, not having heard what he had said but knowing that he had
addressed her. Her large, troubled eyes met his and he felt as if the breath were knocked from
his body, suddenly he heard himself speaking.
     “I did not mean that!” He registered the meaning of his words and began to stammer. “That
is... ‘tis not that I didn’t mean it, ‘tis just... I just...”
     He broke off, unsure if his tangled explanations were making it worse. He was relieved to find
that the worry had faded from her eyes and that they were filled with the beginnings of mirth.
     “You are funny when you become nervous.”
     “I’m not nervous!” Rafe looked vaguely revolted by this description. “It is only that I did not
mean it like that.” Again he looked sheepish. “All I meant was, that to be different... ’tis good...
that is, Lord Rafe will be pleased.” He broke off abruptly again.
     “You do not think Lord Rafe will mind?” asked Adele blushing. “You think he will like it, Finn?”
     “I... yes.” Rafe cleared his throat and stood, looking in the direction in which they had come.
     The conversation was becoming a little too complicated, too difficult. He even had a vague
suspicion that the discussion should not have been taking place.
     As he looked through the trees, his eyes keen and searching, worry entered his face. Adele
saw it, saw his mind change track and begin on lines wholly different to those of a few moments
before. He was gone again, lost to her as a companion. Though his form was still there standing
across from her, his mind was somewhere else, somewhere along the trail that they had
traversed, restless, questing, searching for answers, for something that she did not know.
     Rafe turned at the sound of her voice, it was low, gently probing and for a few seconds he
said nothing as he tried to recover his wondering thoughts. She didn’t speak again, did not
question him, but sat looking up, her eyes placid, waiting for him to say something. He had the
feeling that she was not requesting confidences, but merely seeking reassurance, the comfort of
companionship with another person.
     “You look tired.”
     “So do you,” she replied. “In truth I think you must be more weary than I, for ‘tis you who
must bear the responsibility of our journey.” She stole a look up at him from beneath lowered
lashes. “And I think you are plagued by much worry, more even than befits the gravity of our
     Rafe was taken back, few were the people who could read his thoughts with such a degree of
perspicacity, and rare was the person who could hold their curiosity in check, questioning not
from whence these other worries came. For some reason her understanding unsettled him.
     “We have yet much ground to cover before we make camp tonight, it is best that we move
along now.”

The Vow (#2)
Dear Reader,
My next story begins with Velrek, where Lord Rafe and Lady Adele's arrival was cause for much celebration and rejoicing.
However Finan of Gournay, Rafe's foster brother and the captain of Valreks army, could not help a lingering feeling of worry.
Were Rafe and Adele truly safe from Lord Kyule's hate?
Adding to Finan's problems was the unsettling presence of Rafe's sister, Lady Esme. Used to keeping his distance from the woman of Valrek, Finan found that he could no longer escape as before.
As danger and treachery enveloped Valrek, Finan and Esme found themselves drawn together to fight the shadowy assailant that threatened the lives of those they loved.
What secrets would they unearth in their search for the enemy that taunted them?
Would they find that their stories were more closely linked than either of them ever knew? Allow me please to answer these                                                     questions...
                                                Lady Quill

     The night was black as pitch, so dark that Finan could not make out anything in the room.
He sat upright, wondering what could have woken him. He was by no means a light sleeper
and during the evening’s festivities had indulged liberally in mead. It had not been enough to
inebriate, but enough to relax him and give him an altogether more cheerful view of the world.
     So why was he sleepless now?
     Grinding a fist against his eye, it suddenly occurred to him that the room was too dark. The fire
had gone out, leaving the air to take on the chill of the night. He shivered and grumbled irritably
under his breath.
     He had managed to remove his tunic before falling in to bed, now with the woollen blanket
and the furs covering the bed pooled at his waist, his skin was covered with gooseflesh. Vaguely
he wondered if he could be bothered to relight the dead fire, or if it would be simpler to find
another blanket. He was almost certain there was a spare at the foot of his bed.
     Yawning he flung back the covers, but his sleepiness made him clumsy and he cracked his
knee against the table to one side of the bed. With an angry oath he lurched to rest against the
wall, soothing his bruised appendage. He stood there for some considerable time, cursing with
a fluency that would have alarmed Lady Ebba, if only she had heard him. He found a great many
things to curse: the table, himself and whatever fool had thought to put the table there in the
first place.
     Finally he straightened and sighed heavily. The flavour of smoke hung on the air and Finan
frowned glancing to where his fire should have been burning merrily. There was enough of the
scent of smoke to burn the back of his throat, yet no source for its abundance.
     The mists of sleep cleared sharply from his brain, replaced by an uncomfortable sensation that
something somewhere was amiss. It was a feeling that he had learnt long ago not to ignore, a
cold certainty that clawed in his stomach giving him no peace.
     Opening the door he stepped out into the hall beyond. The main house and great hall was
used only during the day. One of the smaller secondary halls housed the bedchambers. It was a
square structure with an apex roof, built with a secondary wall within a first and partitioned into
private rooms. Finan had been given the first chamber on the left, as his duties called for him to
be readily available for his men.
     The stench of smoke was stronger in the hall but the large fire toward the end of the room
was nothing more than a few glowing embers. After a few moments investigation, Finan found
the source of the smoke; it seeped under the door of Rafe’s bedchamber. Panic welled within
him and he threw back the bedroom door.
     Smoke billowed out, causing him to recoil, with a shout for help he plunged into the room,
almost blind with tears as the smoke laden air assaulted his eyes. He fought his way forward to
the bottom of Rafe’s bed. He could just make out his friend’s form, unnaturally still beneath the
covers, a twisted woollen blanket spreading flames over the furs.
     Finan’s hoarse voice had no affect on the still form and he reached to pull the burning covers
free from the bed. The walls on either side were aflame preventing Finan from stepping
forward, and greedy flames licked at the frame of the bed. Finan made out Rafe’s heavy, fur
lined cloak carelessly thrown over a nearby chair and used it to cover Rafe’s inert body.
     It would at least shield him from the flames long enough for Finan to get him out of the room.
He sucked in a dry lungful of hot air that scorched his throat and wiped the sweat free of his
     There was no way past the flames that surrounded the bed, no way to reach Rafe but through
the scorching heat. With sudden determination Finan plunged forwards, pain filling his mind as
he felt the touch of fire on his hands and crawling along his forearms.
     This couldn’t happen again, he couldn’t lose another brother!
     Wrapping Rafe within the cloak, he hoisted him over his shoulder and staggered towards the
door. The scorching burn against his shirtless skin was agonising but Rafe’s lax body in his arms
frightened him more.
     Dimly he was aware of shouting as the rest of the house became aware that something was
wrong. As soon as he made it into the hall, eager hands lifted Rafe away from him.
     “Don’t put him down in here.” Adele’s voice cut through the noise, her tone calm and
confident. “Get him outside, he needs clean air, Finan too.”
     “I must help with the fire.”
     A firm grip fell on his shoulder and Finan grimaced shifting away from the touch. Esme
released him immediately.
     “You have helped enough Finan, there are sufficient people to see the fire is put out.”
     Looking at the men staggering to and fro with buckets of water, he saw the truth of her
statement. Worry for Rafe propelled him out into the cool night air.
     Too many was the time he had seen someone shut too long in a smoky room die.
It didn’t seem to matter whether the flames had touched them or not, they fell into a sleep
that no one could rouse them from.
     Adele directed the men to lay Rafe down some distance from the house. She was shrouded in
a plain nightgown, without a cloak to offer her protection from the night air. She looked more
childlike than ever with the voluminous white folds billowing about her and her hair plaited
neatly down her back.
     Finan swayed, his vision blurring and nausea making his stomach roll.
     “Finan? What is it? What is wrong?” Lady Esme’s concerned face swam before his eyes and he
shook his head attempting to bring her into focus.
     The nausea hit harder and Finan turned and vomited on to the grass. He’d never felt so weak
before, his legs as unsteady as a newborn colt. Someone slid their arm around his waist, giving
him much needed support as he discharged the rest of his evening meal on to the ground. His
legs gave way and he dropped to his knees, despite the cold air his skin still seemed to burn.
     Esme watched his laboured breathing worriedly. His hands were fisted and pressed into the
ground either side of his knees and his head was bent forward, eyes tightly closed. She could
see the pain in the lines of his face and red burns stood out patchily against pale skin.
     Reaching forward she drew his head to rest against her shoulder, surprised that he didn’t pull
away, but sagged tiredly against her. The new position gave a better view of his arms and hands.
     The blood drained from her face and she winced.
     Large blisters and red open wounds covered his skin from hand to elbow. Finan would bear a
constant reminder of this night for the rest of his life.
     Finan’s voice, rough and husky made her jump and she looked where Adele held Rafe’s limp
form in her arms. Tears blinded her, closing her throat so she could hardly breathe.
     It didn’t seem possible that her energetic, vibrant brother could be lying so still and silent. Was
it just a few hours ago that he had stood before them all with the tale of his adventures?
     Her gaze shifted to where her father clasped her sobbing mother tightly, a grey expression of
horror drawing his features tight. Aisly stood to one side, immaculately elegant as ever, her long
chestnut locks hanging around her slender frame, making her appear as some ethereal pagan
goddess. There were tears standing in her eyes but Esme knew that Aisly would not let them fall.
She clenched her hands into fists and stood stiff and defiant.
     Finan struggled upright on receiving no response and cast a worried look down into her face.
Whatever he saw expressed upon her features caused him to pull away and drag himself to
where Rafe lay pillowed in Adele’s embrace. Adele wasn’t crying but there was bleakness in her
expression, pain in her eyes.
     “Is he...?”
     “Give him but a moment.”
     Adele’s soft voice was no more than a whisper and Finan felt that she was not exactly
answering his question but reassuring herself. He gazed down at Rafe’s lifeless body and pale
face. Bile rose in his throat as he recalled another white face and lax body laid out as if in sleep.
His vision blurred between the two faces, both so dear to him.
     Once again it seemed as though he sat in Lord Brogan’s tent, a bloody battle field without and
Evoric’s body laid within. His brother had looked so calm, so peaceful, as if he slept. Finan had
felt that he had only to reach out and touch his shoulder and Evoric would rise from his slumber.
     He couldn’t recall how long he’d sat by his brother’s still form. It hadn’t seemed possible that
Evoric was truly dead, Finan’s mind had recoiled from the idea, yet deep down he had known it
to be the truth. It was why he could not bring himself to touch Evoric’s body and find it cold and
     In the end he had sat beside his brother through the night, and when the soldiers came to
bury him the next morning, Finan had exchanged his own dagger with Evoric’s. At least they
would always have something of each other that way.
     Finan jumped at Adele’s soft voice, she was stroking Rafe’s cheek with gentle fingers. “You
must wake up now, you have to try, can you not do that for me?”
     Her voice trembled with the effort it took to hold back her tears, but still Rafe made no move.
She bent her head to touch her lips to his brow.
     “I know how strong you are, your heart still beats with the might of a warrior.”
     Adele shifted to set a lingering kiss against Rafe’s mouth. Her next plea was so softly spoken
Finan doubted anyone but he heard it.
     “Pease, Rafe, you cannot leave me all alone.”

I really enjoyed the period setting.  I'll admit that some of the character names took me a little while to keep them straight but once I did, everything really flowed together.  It is so well written that I felt like I was almost watching a movie, I could just see everything happening.  It's the kind of story that I find hard to write a review for because I don't do spoilers, so I'll just say that I am so glad that I took the time to read these.  Very enjoyable.


My sister is a musician and she wrote two custom pieces for both books. --DD Chant
The Promise

The Vow

Character Bios:
Adele of Berron – Adele is the last surviving member of the house of Berron, who lost their lives
in the battle of Clais. She has lived in seclusion since she was 2 years old. She is betrothed to
Rafe of Valrek to ensure her lands stay loyal to King Ine. Innocent in appearance, her childlike
sweetness hides a clever and cunning mind.

Rafe of Valrek – Oldest child and only son to Lord Brogan and Lady Ebba of Valrek. He is a feared
warrior and favoured emissary of King Ine. Blunt and impatient in private, he is known for his
diplomacy in politics. Somewhat exuberant in nature.

Brogan of Valrek – Rafe’s father and trusted advisor of King Ine.

Finan of Gournay –Rafe's foster brother and captain of Valrek's army. Even tempered and
content to follow wherever Rafe leads, Finan, has devoted his life to protecting the house of
Valrek. A younger brother to a noble house, he has no lands of his own.

Evoric of Gournay – Rafe's foster brother and Finan's younger blood brother. Evoric died in the
battle of Calis, his death has had far reaching affects on his foster brothers.

Leofric of Drogand –Rafe and Finan's foster brother. Fricka is the youngest of the foster
brothers, he is the only son to lord Ramm of Drogand, but father and son have an uneasy
relationship. He is a favourite with the ladies of the court and is considered the best swordsman
in all of Wessex. Prone to levity and having no interest in politics, Fricka is nevertheless a loyal
friend and brother to Rafe, often leading his own men to follow in Rafe's train.

Daegmund of Gradock – Second son of the house of Gradock until Rafe slays his older half-
brother, Bertolf. The houses of Gradock and Valrek are locked into a blood feud. Known for their
quick temper and fearsome warriors, the Gradocks are poor but landed nobility. Lazily indolent,
Daegmund conforms to his own code of honour and cares nothing for what others think of
him. Rumours of madness in their bloodline make the other houses of Wessex both scared and
contemptuous of the house of Gradock.

Anlaf of Gradock – Daegmunds younger half-brother and gifted with any sort of blade. Favours
the dagger. Though very much a Gradock, Anlaf is more laid back and humorous than his
brother. Despite the fact that the Gradocks are known to have no family feeling, Daegmund and
Anlaf have a great fondness between them due to their fathers disregard for them during his

Ebba of Valrek – Lord Brogan's wife, mischievous and fun loving she views all of her foster sons
as her own children.

Esme of Valrek – Rafe's younger sister and the middle child. Esme is a tomboy and has her
brother's blunt manner and quick temper.

Aisly of Valrek – Rafe's youngest sister, extremely intelligent her biggest weakness is her pride.

Rand of Targhe – Rafe, Leofric, Evoric and Finan's foster brother until the battle of Clais. A
distant cousin of Adele's. Secretive and withdrawn.

Lord Targhe – Rand's father and the slayer of the house of Berron. No longer a lord of Wessex,
his lands now lie under Mercia's rule.

Eda of Mulland – The daughter of a free man, given over to servitude as a child. Eda is Adele's
best friend and only companion of a comparable age. Very beautiful and waspish, she is loyal to
Adele and seeks to keep her safe.

Author Bio:
Hi everyone! My name is Dee Dee, I’m twenty six and I live in a beautiful part of Devon, England
with my family. I have a younger sister, Amy who is a brilliant guitar player, some chickens, duck,
geese, pheasants, a cat (that adopted us when we moved in!!!) and some Koi.
Broken City is actually my second novel. My first, as my Aunt so delicately put it, was crazy but
in my defence I was only sixteen at the time. On the plus side I learnt a lot (or so I hope) and two
years later ‘Broken City’ was finished.
I really hope you enjoy reading my books as much as I enjoy writing them.
I love reading and have a kindle: I read almost anything with adventure and romance in it! I also like to cook and wear impractical high heels!!! And as you might have noticed I have a horrible addiction to exclamation marks!!!

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