Wednesday, September 10, 2014

In From the Cold: The I Spy Series by Josh Lanyon

I SPY SOMETHING BLOODY Espionage was always a game, but now British spy Mark Hardwicke wants to retire and settle down with ex-lover Dr. Stephen Thorpe -- if Stephen will have him. Unfortunately, Stephen has other plans -- and so do the terrorists who want Mark dead.

I SPY SOMETHING WICKED It's All Hallow's Eve and Mark Hardwicke's past has come back to haunt him. The Old Man needs Mark to go on one last mission to the wild, lonely hills of Afghanistan -- a mission Mark knows he can't survive. Even if he does make it back, Stephen has made it very clear Mark is out of second chances. Should Mark place his lover and his own happiness before duty?

I SPY SOMETHING CHRISTMAS Nothing says Christmas like a bullet with your name on it. Mark is used to death and danger. Stephen will never be okay with violence -- or Mark's attitude toward it. Like the holidays weren't tough enough on a romance.

At first I wasn't a huge fan of Stephen at first.  I think it was because he was so determined to not give Mark another chance during Bloody, but I warmed to him quickly.  Loved the mystery, the romance, and Mark's journey trying to acclimate to not only civilian life but also relationship etiquette.  I won't lie, I prefer reading full length novels over novellas but that doesn't keep me from reading novellas.  If I didn't branch out to short stories/novellas than I would be missing some pretty amazing tales.  And of course, I've yet to read anything by Mr. Lanyon that I haven't fell in love with.


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