Saturday, September 6, 2014

Lessons in Trust (#7) & All Lessons Learned (#8) Cambridge Fellows Mysteries by Charlie Cochrane

Lessons in Trust (#7)
He thought he knew who he was. Now he’s a stranger to himself.

When Jonty Stewart and Orlando Coppersmith witness the suspicious death of a young man at the White City exhibition in London, they're keen to investigate--especially after the cause of death proves to be murder. But Police Inspector Redknapp refuses to let them help, even after they stumble onto clues to the dead man's identity.

Orlando's own identity becomes the subject for speculation when, while mourning the death of his beloved grandmother, he learns that she kept secrets about her past. Desperate to discover the truth about his family, Orlando departs suddenly on a solo quest to track down his roots, leaving Jonty distraught.

While Jonty frantically tries to locate his lover, Orlando wonders if he'll be able to find his real family before he goes mad. After uncovering more leads to the White City case, they must decide whether to risk further involvement. Because if either of them dares try to solve the murder, Inspector Redknapp could expose their illicit--and illegal--love affair.

Another great entry in this series.  We find Jonty & Orlando in London partaking in the exhibits of the White City when they find themselves a dead body and it's surrounding mystery, although they don't know it's a dead body at the time.  Dealing with a new detective who clearly doesn't want any help from Cambridge's version of Holmes & Watson, they find themselves digging into this one on their own, with the aid of Jonty's father of course.  Before too much headway is made, Orlando is dealt a serious blow to who he thought he was.  Determine to discover the truth on his own, he leaves Jonty in the middle of the night to solve the mystery of him alone.  Well written and two intriguing mysteries to solve, we are rewarded with yet another classic entry.


All Lessons Learned (#8)
He's at the end of his rope...until fate casts a lifeline.

The Great War is over. Freed from a prisoner of war camp and back at St. Bride's College, Orlando Coppersmith is discovering what those years have cost. All he holds dear--including his beloved Jonty Stewart, lost in combat.

A commission to investigate a young officer's disappearance gives Orlando new direction...temporarily. The deceptively simple case becomes a maze of conflicting stories--is Daniel McNeil a deserter, or a hero?--taking Orlando into the world of the shell-shocked and broken. And his sense of Jonty's absence becomes painfully acute. Especially when a brief spark of attraction for a Cambridge historian, instead of offering comfort, triggers overwhelming guilt.

As he hovers on the brink of despair, a chance encounter on the French seafront at Cabourg brings new hope and unexpected joy. But the crushing aftereffects of war could destroy his second chance, leaving him more lost and alone than ever.

Product WarningsContains sensual m/m lovemaking and is a three hankie story, two of which you'll need for the happy ending.

This was definitely the most emotional entry in the series so far.  Recovering from the war, dealing with loss, trying to return to "normal" life, and a mystery that seems to embody all those elements as well.  Definitely a multi-hankie read.  Not much I can say about this one other than it plays havoc on your heart, even pretty much knowing what the outcome will be from the very beginning.  A true example of how the greatness of a story isn't always in where it ends but the getting there.  I'm eager to read number 9 & 10 but as I didn't look into it ahead of time, I have to wait for the paperbacks to arrive as they aren't yet available in ebook form, at least that I've discovered.  Once they arrive I will be digging in immediately.


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