Monday, September 1, 2014

Lessons in Seduction (Cambridge Fellows Mysteries #6) by Charlie Cochrane

The suspected murder of the king's ex-mistress is Cambridge dons Orlando Coppersmith and Jonty Stewart's most prestigious case yet. And the most challenging, since clues are as hard to come by as the killer's possible motive.

At the hotel where the body was found, Orlando goes undercover as a professional dancing partner while Jonty checks in as a guest. It helps the investigation, but it also means limiting their communication to glances across the dance floor. It's sheer agony.

A series of anonymous letters warns the sleuths they'll be sorry if they don't drop the investigation. When another murder follows, Jonty is convinced their involvement might have caused the victim's death. Yet they can't stop, for this second killing brings to light a wealth of hidden secrets.

For Orlando, the letters pose a more personal threat. He worries that someone will blow his cover and discover their own deepest secret... The intimate relationship he enjoys with Jonty could not only get them thrown out of Cambridge, but arrested for indecency.

As much as Orlando has grown since his fateful meeting of Jonty, he still keeps his innocence and it's still so endearing.  When Jonty had to explain just what a "gigolo" was, I laughed so hard.  As much as I love seeing Orlando and Jonty sleuthing together, it was a nice change to see Jonty doing a good share of his investigating with his father, Mr. Stewart.  We get a brief introduction to Orlando's grandmother which foretells possible future detecting and maybe (hopefully not) tension between the two lovers.  As for the mystery that they are asked in to investigate, it seems calmer than some of their previous cases but still keeps your interest.  Another winner so I'm off to start number 7.


Author Link:  Goodreads