Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Lessons in Discovery (Cambridge Fellows Mysteries #3) by Charlie Cochrane

On the very day Jonty Stewart proposes that he and Orlando Coppersmith move in together, Fate trips them up. Rather, it trips Orlando, sending him down a flight of stairs and leaving him with an injury that erases his memory. Instead of taking the next step in their relationship, they’re back to square one. It’s bad enough that Orlando doesn’t remember being intimate with Jonty—he doesn’t remember Jonty at all.

Back inside the introverted, sexually innocent shell he inhabited before he met Jonty, Orlando is faced with two puzzles. Not only does he need to recover the lost pieces of his past, he’s also been tasked by the Master to solve a four-hundred-year-old murder before the end of term. The college’s reputation is riding on it.

Crushed that his lover doesn’t remember him, Jonty puts aside his grief to help decode old documents for clues to the murder. But a greater mystery remains—one involving the human heart.

To solve it, Orlando must hear the truth about himself—even if it means he may not fall in love with Jonty the second time around…

After reading the first chapter in this entry, my heart was breaking for both Jonty and Orlando.  For Orlando, because he was missing the past year of his life, for Jonty, because he didn't know if his lover would ever be his again.  My heart pounded throughout the story wondering just how that part of the tale would work itself out.  As for the mystery put before the pair, I knew they would be able to come to the truth of the historic debate but when solving a centuries old caper would proof ever be able to be definitive?  You'll just have to read to find out.  Now I'm off to read book 4:  Lessons in Power.


Author Link:  Goodreads