Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Ghost Wore Yellow Socks by Josh Lanyon

There's a dead body in Perry Foster's bathtub. A dead body in a very ugly sportscoat and matching socks. The dead man is a stranger to Perry, but that's not much of a comfort; how did a strange dead man get in a locked flat at the isolated Alton Estate in the wilds of the "Northeast Kingdom" of Vermont? Perry flees downstairs to get help and runs into "tall, dark and hostile" former navy SEAL Nick Reno.

Reno doesn't have a lot of time for drama queens, but, convinced that Perry's jitters are based on something more than caffeine overdose, he heads upstairs to investigate. By then the body has disappeared. If there's one thing Nick has learned the hard way, it's to mind his own business. But Perry Foster doesn't believe in ghosts and isn't willing to let sleeping dead men lie. And Nick just can't convince himself to walk when it's becoming increasingly obvious someone wants the sexy young artist out of the way — permanently.

I enjoyed the characters real well.  Perry isn't the typical hero and yet with the help of fellow boarder, Nick Reno, that's exactly what he becomes.  Not only do they solve an intriguing mystery together but they also find something in each other that they really weren't looking for and definitely weren't expecting.
Some people just find a way of burrowing their way into your hearts and Josh Lanyon has an amazing way of repeatingly bringing us characters that do just that, and this book is chock full of them.

Rating:  5 Stars

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