Monday, May 5, 2014

French Toast Emergencies by Brigham Vaughn

Arthur Cain has removed himself from a social life littered with mistakes and unhappiness.  When a freak April snowstorm hits, he just wants to stock up on the basics so he can get back to writing his thesis.  Samuel Richards is a musician with a wicked sense of humor and he knows how to use it.  The last thing he expected was to have it save him when he heads out for supplies and everything falls apart.  The storm sends both to the grocery store, but neither had a "date" on their shopping list.  It's one disaster after another for Samuel, but the history student comes to his rescue.  If only Arthur was as good dealing with live men as he was with dead Vikings.

As someone who has been born and raised in Wisconsin, I have seen first hand the emergency pantry stocking when a blizzard is predicted and it was fun to see it in a book.  Arthur and Samuel are wonderfully intriguing characters that I would have loved to read more about but the length, or lack-there-of, is definitely not a drawback.  I fell for both guys and the romance that sets in due to their weather triggered circumstances.  Definitely another great novella by Miss Vaughn.

Rating:  5 Stars

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