Saturday, April 19, 2014

Somebody Killed His Editor (Holmes & Moriarity #1) by Josh Lanyon

Thanks to an elderly spinster sleuth and her ingenious cat, Christopher Holmes has enjoyed a celebrated career as a bestselling mystery writer. Until now. Sales are down and his new editor is allergic to geriatric gumshoes.
On the advice of his agent, he reinvents his fortyish, frumpy, recently dumped self into the sleek, sexy image of a literary lion, and heads for a Northern California writers conference to try and resurrect his career. A career nearly as dead as the body he stumbles over in the woods.
In a weirdly déjà vu replay of one of his own novels, he finds himself stranded in an isolated lodge full of frightened women—and not a lawman in sight. Except for J.X. Moriarity, former cop and bestselling novelist. The man with whom he shared a one-night stand—okay, maybe three—long ago. The man who wants to arrest him for murder.
A ruthless, stalking killer, or a hot, handsome ex-lover. Which poses the greater danger? It’s elementary, my dear Holmes!

The characters were interesting and they were very easy to either love or hate, there really was no middle line but that was okay because it worked perfectly for the genre and the setting.   Christopher Holmes is your everyday kind of guy that you really can't help but love.  I couldn't help but love others  even though  you're never quite sure who is guilty or another possible victim. 
I won't deny that I was a little disappointed in that it wasn't as enjoyable a read as the author's Adrien English or Dangerous Ground series but that by no way took away from the story.  I found myself still captivated by the characters and couldn't wait to find out what happened on every page.  The author, as always, is still among my favorites and cannot wait to start the next in this series, which I will be doing tonight.

Rating:  4 Stars

Author Bio:
Over the past decade, multi-award-winning author Josh Lanyon has written numerous novels, novellas and short stories as well as a definitive M/M writing guide. In June 2009 Somebody Killed His Editor, the first book in a brand new mystery-romance series, will be published through Samhain. Josh is a Lambda Literary Award finalist.

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